Hegemon USA doesn’t negotiate, it demands

Negotiating with the US on major issues is an exercise in futility.

Both right wings of the one-party state, and dark forces controlling them, operate the same way on the world stage — demanding other countries bend to Washington’s will, in return for empty promises to be breached at its discretion.

Time and again, when one US ruling regime strikes deals with other nations and the world community, a successor one walks away from.

On Monday, Iranian IRGC deputy commander General Mohammad Reza Naqdi said “(t)alks and negotiations with the US over the past few years have been fruitless,” adding:

“The assassination of Martyr Hajj Qassem Soleimani has also been one of the effects of negotiating with the US.”

“Because whenever we spoke (to the US) in a language other than resistance, we were struck, and this makes the enemies of the Islamic Revolution even more bold.”

“Unfortunately, some domestic political groups continue to speak of negotiation, while the criminal America never complies with any international treaty.”

The historical record bears out General Naqdi’s assessment.

Post-9/11 alone, the Bush/Cheney regime abandoning the Kyoto protocol, the Biological Weapons Convention and ABM Treaty.

It breached the NPT and refused to adopt a proposed Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty (FMCT) to pursue unrestrained nuclear weapons development.

Trump abandoned the INF Treaty, JCPOA, the Open Skies Treaty, the Paris (climate) Agreement, and expressed unwillingness to negotiate extending New START.

Far more serious has been US abandonment of international, constitutional, and its own statute laws across the board, the one-party state operating exclusively by its own rules.

It treats the UN and NATO like wholly-owned subsidiaries while walking away from the Human Rights Council and UNESCO, along with ending US contributions to UNRWA, providing aid for Palestinian refugees.

The only language the US understands is toughness. Appeasing hegemons to get along doesn’t work.

US rage for dominance by whatever it takes to achieve its aims makes unthinkable nuclear war possible, maybe inevitable if its ruling regimes aren’t challenged by the world community of nations, especially key ones.

When will China and Russia say enough is enough? When will they no longer accept US bullying and other hostile actions?

When will they stop pretending diplomacy is the only way to deal with Washington?

When will they cease calling the US their partner and accept reality?

Trump is a geopolitical know-nothing, manipulated by dark forces controlling him.

His bombast, bravado, serial lying aside, and contempt for ordinary people aside, the key problem isn’t him. It’s the dirty system no matter who’s president and holds other senior positions in Washington, elected or appointed.

Notably since the neoliberal 90s during the Clinton co-presidency, the US has been at war on humanity at home and abroad nonstop — escalated by Bush/Cheney, further by Obama, accelerated by Trump, and likely to worsen by whoever succeeds him.

That’s why the only effective strategy against its imperial madness is toughness — short of launching WW III, risking humanity’s doom if occurs, along with all other life forms.

Over the weekend and on Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif slapped Trump down, tweeting: “@realdonaldtrump is better advised to base his foreign policy comments & decisions on facts, rather than @FoxNews headlines or his Farsi translators.”

“To be better informed, he can read my entire (Der Spiegel) interview (in English).”

“Too many words (for a non-reader)? Then just read this:”

DER SPIEGEL: Do you rule out the possibility of negotiations with the US following Soleimani’s murder?

Zarif: No, I never rule out the possibility that people will change their approach and recognize the realities.

For us, it doesn’t matter who is sitting in the White House. What matters is how they behave.

The Trump (regime) can correct its past, lift the sanctions and come back to the negotiating table.

We’re still at the negotiating table. They’re the ones who left. The US has inflicted great harm on the Iranian people. The day will come when they will have to compensate for that. We have a lot of patience.

DER SPIEGEL: Mr. Zarif, we thank you for this interview.”

Zarif also said: “It’s a disaster for Europe (or any nations) to be subservient to the US,” adding that Trump regime officials falsely believed they could improve their bargaining position with Iran by assassinating General Soleimani.

They were wrong. They succeeded only in transforming millions more people in the region and elsewhere into raging US haters, weakening its standing, not improving it.

Zarif called Pompeo “not a very good diplomat.” He’s a thug masquerading as one, not the real thing. The same goes for other Trump regime officials.

“[R]ealities in the region are incomprehensible to the US… [T]he entire international community is indebted to General Soleimani for the victory over” ISIS, Zarif explained.

It’s a key reason why Trump regime hardliners wanted him eliminated — ahead of their scheme to revive the jihadist group in Iraq, a way to continue occupying the country.

Trump has no understand about nations he’s waging war on as US commander-in-chief.

He was manipulated and deceived into escalating war by other means (economic terrorism) on Russia, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, and other countries.

His geopolitical agenda weakened the US politically and economically, exceeding the counterproductive agendas of his predecessors.

Whether serving one term or two, he’ll be remembered one day as going a long way toward shoving imperial USA into the ash heap of history by its self-destructive agenda — making enemies, losing allies.

Zarif’s full January 24 Der Spiegel interview can be accessed through this link: www.spiegel.de/international/world/it-s-a-disaster-for-europe-to-be-so-subservient-to-the-u-s-a-fdf6a4d6-6b5f-4a10-860e-4c41f591a74b

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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