The karma of terror

Those terrible terrorists are killing our soldiers in their countries and killing us here at home. How can we stop them? Continue reading

Can evil be beautiful?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a popular idiom actually simplified from Plato’s, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” While it may seem an accident, removing the word, “lies,” and paring down “eyes” to just one, “eye”; when it comes to power, there are very few, if any, accidents. The change, especially from “eyes” to one “eye,” seems to be strategy regarding “The All-Seeing Eye.” An evil eye peering at you from above the Pyramid of Power (POP) on the back of a $1 bill. Continue reading

Defeating terrorism—theirs and ours

France and Russia’s military responses to mass murders in Paris and Egypt echo the United States’ response to mass murders in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania in 2001. As Oxford University researcher Lydia Wilson told Democracy Now on November 17th, Islamic State (IS) is “seemingly delighted” by this warlike response to its latest atrocities. Continue reading

Capitalism at work

Zero Hedge reports a story from “Keep Talking Greece” that first appeared in The Times (London). Continue reading

‘Spotlight’ celebrates heroes of investigative reporting—and democracy

Long before I ever set foot in an actual, working newsroom, I was a sucker for movies and TV shows about journalism and reporters: the snappy dialogue, the nose for a scoop, the determination to get at the truth and expose the bad guys. Continue reading

It’s okay, relax, he’s one of us

A sarcastic accounting of the events in Colorado

When I first became aware of the shooting in Colorado Springs, inside a Planned Parenthood facility, I thought that this was another act of terrorism. But, lo and behold, to my relief, this was not terrorism, it was a shooting spree by a white, Christian man. Continue reading

Terrorism on American soil

During this past week a 3-year-old boy in Rock Hill, S.C., killed himself when he was playing with a loaded gun in his house. Continue reading

An American in Brighton, England

Born in Kansas City and raised in Midland, Michigan, Dan has also lived in Myrtle Beach, Vail, Martha’s Vineyard, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Taos, Durham, New York, Albuquerque and Denver in the US. He taught English in Seoul for three years, moved furniture in Barcelona for two and, for five years now, has been miserably ensconced in Brighton, England. Continue reading

The rise and fall of the blockbuster antipsychotic Seroquel

The advent of direct-to-consumer advertising made billion dollar blockbuster drugs possible for the first time. Often the drugs were rushed to market before their side effects were fully known or admitted like the cardiac side effects with COX-2 inhibitors like Vioxx and osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) side effects with bone drugs like Fosamax and Boniva. Continue reading

Daesh/ISIS is not Israel’s problem—for now

Maybe I didn’t get the memo, but I hadn’t heard the word “Daesh” used to describe ISIS until our recent trip to Israel and Jordan. Now, since the attacks in Paris, even President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have been saying it. Continue reading

Daesh is a global insurgency, not a terrorist group

Structural changes needed to counter ISIS-ISIL

The system is broken. Continue reading

The killers are everywhere, but love endures

I am writing this on the afternoon of the anniversary of the cold-bloodied murder of President John F. Kennedy by a conspiracy organized and led by the CIA on November 22, 1963. Continue reading

Forget ISIS, humanity is at stake

I still remember that smug look on his face, followed by the matter-of-fact remarks that had Western journalists laugh out loud. Continue reading

Fear is changing who we are

The iconic Champs Elysees is beautifully lit up for the coming holidays. The city resonates with impromptu renditions of “La Marseillaise” and the slogan “Go out to the Bistrot!” Continue reading

TSA fails to spot loaded gun, it and owner sail through security

Anybody who thinks the TSA is doing anything to prevent an attack needs his head examined (but hey, that’s only about half the population of the U.S.). While they’re confiscating breast milk, peanut butter, perfume, and cupcakes, strip-searching Granny, and sticking their hands down your pants, they’re letting loaded weapons on planes. This isn’t the first time, and it sure as hell won’t be the last. Continue reading

This Thanksgiving, let’s say ‘no thanks’ to the tyranny of the American police state

Thanksgiving is not what it once was. Continue reading

’Twixt the cobwebs of Halloween and the lights of Christmas

At one time, people placed carved pumpkins with a candle inside on their front porches to announce the beginning of the Halloween season. Continue reading

Selling fear

Fear-mongering is longstanding US policy, facilitated by false flags—state-sponsored terrorism, 9/11 Exhibit A, perpetrated with an agenda in mind. Continue reading

Official vote tally on Ohio’s pot issue deemed ‘statistically impossible’

The “stolen election” controversy over this month’s officially defeated Ohio pot legalization referendum has gone to a new level. Continue reading

In Israel, searching for sanity

The Israeli journalist and TV producer Avi Issacharoff looked around our Tel Aviv meeting room and sighed. “The reality is so complex to understand, it’s so difficult, that for someone who comes from abroad, it’s Mission Impossible,” he said. Continue reading

Hang onto your wallets: Negative interest, the war on cash, and the $10 trillion bail-in

Remember those old ads showing a senior couple lounging on a warm beach, captioned “Let your money work for you”? Or the scene in Mary Poppins where young Michael is being advised to put his tuppence in the bank, so that it can compound into “all manner of private enterprise,” including “bonds, chattels, dividends, shares, shipyards, amalgamations . . .”? Continue reading

Who started this ‘terrorist’ war? When?

After the latest tragedy in Paris, the outpouring of heartfelt sympathy from ordinary human beings and cynical posturing from political leadership, it is time for people to stop, think and take democratic action before it gets much worse. And in the short run it will get worse. Continue reading

More Paris puzzles

Some people who are not inclined to believe the official story of the Paris attack are troubled by the question why Muslim suicide bombers would blow themselves up for a false flag attack. The answer to this question is very simple. But first we should dispose of the question whether suicide bombers did blow themselves up. Is this something that we know, or is it part of the story that we are told? For example, we were told that during 9/11 passengers in hijacked airliners used their cell phones to call relatives, but experts have testified that the technology of the time did not permit cell phone calls from airliners at those altitudes. Continue reading

France’s response to Paris attacks encourages ISIS caliphate fantasy

France’s emotional response to the recent tragedy, devoid of reason and ignoring history, just makes matters worse. Continue reading

Rohingya and the Burmese generals: How to forge a democracy and get away with it

Writing in the New York Times, in an article headlined “Myanmar Generals Set the State for Their Own Exit,” Thomas Fuller expressed his and the media’s failure to recognize the total fraud that is Burmese democracy. Continue reading

What really happened on Friday the 13th?

On Friday, November 13, well over 100 people were killed in Paris. People around the world were rightfully devastated by this event. Continue reading

Every position on the spectrum supports the government’s propaganda

This excellent article by Glenn Greenwald reminded me that I have meant to write about how every sort of interest attaches to the government’s propaganda in order to make its point. Continue reading

A young Frenchman reflects

I gave a reading, slide talk in Leipzig. You can’t count on too many people coming to such an event. It is said that a favorite line at any poetry reading is, “And this is my last poem.” Around 40 people actually showed up, however, with some even having to sit on the floor. They were students, academics, American expats and at least one man who had seen me on Iran’s Press TV. Filmmaker Elisa Kotmair came down from Berlin. Continue reading

Is crony capitalism a big reason for America’s dental health care crisis?

For an example of how Big Money in politics is causing real harm to average Americans, look at the practice of dentistry in this country. Continue reading

TSA blows it again, terrorizes passengers in Miami

On Monday, November 9, 2015—in other words, well before the attacks in Paris—the TSA, combined with the paramilitary forces of its parent agency DHS (Department of Homeland Security) did again what it does best: overreact, in an almost certifiably insane way, to a security “breach” at an airport, and then terrorize scores of ordinary passengers just trying to go about their business. Continue reading

Steering the masses towards total war

It goes without saying that the atrocities of Paris on November 13, 2015, were unspeakable and sickening. But what is not being said in the wake of the incident—what has been ignored by the mass media—is predictably telling and ominous. Continue reading

Washington refines its false flag operations

Washington and its French vassal have refined how they conduct their false flag operations. With the Charlie Hebdo operation, they knew to immediately set the story in stone in order to avoid any questions from the print and TV media and in order to use the set story to take the place of an investigation. Continue reading