Don’t spy for me, Argentina

When an incompetent US president hires as his “special envoy” for regime change in Venezuela the very same buffoon who fumbled his way into helping to expose the Iran-Contra scandal, one can expect anything. Continue reading

Media blackout as Israel’s largest banks pay over $1 billion in fines for US tax evasion schemes

Similar revelations about other banks and offshore tax-evasion schemes—such as those contained in the Panama Papers—led to global protests and even the resignations of some world leaders.

WASHINGTON—Israel’s three largest banks—Hapoalim Bank, Leumi Bank and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank—have all been ordered to pay record fines, which collectively are set to total over $1 billion, to the U.S. government after the banks were found to have actively colluded with thousands of wealthy Americans in massive tax-evasion schemes. Continue reading

The Supreme Court and dual citizenship

As AIPAC prepped for its annual policy conference, entitled “Connected for Good,” with an expected attendance of 20,000 committed Zionists, its most zealous Zionist congressional supporters would also likely be in attendance; that is, those who have signed the loyalty oath as well as those who retain dual citizenship to Israel and are thereby entitled to AIPAC campaign support. Continue reading

Truth v. fiction in Venezuela

Followers of independent alternative media know Venezuela is the hemisphere’s leading social democracy. Continue reading

There’s plenty of wealth to go around—it just doesn’t

We've ‘grown the pie’ massively since the 1980s, but it hasn't resulted in ordinary Americans getting a bigger slice.

Get ready to hear a lot about baking this campaign season. Continue reading

Monetary policy takes center stage: MMT, QE or public banks?

As alarm bells sound over the advancing destruction of the environment, a variety of Green New Deal proposals have appeared in the US and Europe, along with some interesting academic debates about how to fund them. Monetary policy, normally relegated to obscure academic tomes and bureaucratic meetings behind closed doors, has suddenly taken center stage. Continue reading

Goodbye to the Internet: Interference by governments is already here

There is a saying attributed to the French banker Nathan Rothschild that “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” Conservative opinion in the United States has long suspected that Rothschild was right and there have been frequent calls to audit the Federal Reserve Bank based on the presumption that it has not always acted in support of the actual interests of the American people. That such an assessment is almost certainly correct might be presumed based on the 2008 economic crash in which the government bailed out the banks, which had through their malfeasance caused the disaster, and left individual Americans who had lost everything to face the consequences. Continue reading

Don’t shoot the dogs: The growing epidemic of cops shooting family dogs

The absurd cruelties of the American police state keep reaching newer heights. Continue reading

Uniting Fatah, not Palestinians: The dubious role of Mohammed Shtayyeh

Political commentators sympathetic to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Fatah Movement, in particular, fanned out as soon as the news was announced of Mohammad Shtayyeh’s appointment as the new Palestinian prime minister. Continue reading

A conspiracy theorist confesses to his petty crimes

Let me be perfectly clear from the outset. Continue reading

Social media companies ‘struggle’ to help censors keep us in the dark

According to CNN Business, “Facebook, YouTube and Twitter struggle to deal with New Zealand shooting video.” Continue reading

Marty Gottesfeld: Another whistleblower in solitary confinement

Last year, I wrote about a whistleblower from New England who took direct action to save a child’s life and who paid for it with his freedom. Marty Gottesfeld is now serving 10 years in prison for trying to save Justina Pelletier from abuse at the hands of her doctors at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The permanence of white supremacy

Discussions about white supremacy should amount to more than kumbaya moments of interpersonal harmony or hand wringing when lone gunmen go on the periodic racist rampage. Self-identified white people have always posed dangers to every other group. Most of them living today haven’t carried out murder with their own hands but that does not mean that they or their countrymen and women can’t be held to account. Continue reading

Silicon Valley’s next target: America’s farmers

They're building robots to siphon farm profits out of local communities and into the pockets of rich investors.

How’re you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm after they’ve seen… Angus? Not the cattle breed, but the 1,000-pound “farmer of the future.” Continue reading

America needs a stronger defense industry?

Post-WW II, America’s only enemies were and remain invented ones. Continue reading

Trump’s CIA now unbound and back to its traditional hijinks

Under the directorship of torture and black site maven Gina Haspel, Donald Trump’s Central Intelligence Agency has returned to its traditional roots of conducting “black bag” operations and disrupting electrical grids through cyber-attacks. Continue reading

The Beto O’Rourke campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination: ‘Nothing will come of nothing’

In ridiculously crowded field, Democrats field yet another POS politician. Gigantic egotistical nincompoop O’Rourke to waste people’s time and even money.

Last Thursday, former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke became the 15th declared candidate for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination. The 16th so far. There are more nonentities, hucksters and reactionaries to follow. Continue reading

Anti-Venezuela media propaganda in action

US wars of aggression, color revolutions, and coups like what’s ongoing against Venezuela wouldn’t get out of the starting gate without major media acting as press agents for Washington’s imperial plots. Continue reading

School daze: Use that bribe scandal to fight for debt-free college

This will come as no surprise to most sentient human beings but we have an education crisis in this country that begins with the Cheeto Benito in the White House and trickles down all the way to households in which a child has never had a storybook read to them. Continue reading

Why unions matter to you

As I travel around the country, I tell people: if you have a job, join a union. And if you don’t have a union, start one. Continue reading

Ilhan Omar is just another victim of Zion’s politically lethal sting

Freshman US Representative Ilhan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota and a Somali-American Muslim, is not the first nor will she be the last victim of Zion’s sting. Omar is merely the latest in a long line of US politicians who have faced the onslaught of Israel’s powerful lobbying vise grip in Washington. In fact, long before there was a state of Israel, American presidents and statesmen fell victim to the power of political Zionism to retaliate against those who failed to back the concept of a Jewish homeland in the Middle East. Continue reading

Tracing the con(tours) of the inverted narratives that bedevil ‘The West’

Those who allow seriousness to get in the way of imagination, fail to discover what they need to free themselves from. Continue reading

Trump regime’s anti-Venezuela coup plot shows signs of desperation

Seven weeks of Trump regime tactics to oust democratically elected and reelected President Maduro, along with wanting Venezuelan social democracy eliminated, failed. Continue reading

Politicians playing with lives of Britons

Unless the squabbling Parliament can get its act together, the United Kingdom could automatically crash out of the European Union on March 29, an event generally perceived as a disastrous course of action setting back the nation’s economy for years to come. Continue reading

DC’s sleazy shell game: Bad guys get the money but we get the debt

What would you do if some felonious bad guy stole your credit card and used it to buy a bazooka, an AR-15 and 20,000 rounds of ammo? Would you be pissed off? My guess would be yes—especially when you were driven into bankruptcy as a result. Continue reading

The day American activism died or The First Rule of Democracy!

5:05 AM. February 4, 2012. It’s almost pitch dark. No one has slept this night. The only morning illumination comes from scores of dimly glowing dots of blues, greens, yellows, reds or orange inside a patchwork of hundreds of still standing tents. Most sit empty for the first time in months; a lamp left on during their vacancy. Nearby, the tall, jet-black and ornate sidewalk lamp poles lining the concrete walkways of McPherson Park here in Washington, D.C., provide a few additional stage lights, their bright-white cones casting a single spotlight on their foreground. Continue reading

US war on Venezuela by other means based on big lies and mass deception

Waging war involves selling it to enlist popular support at home—or at least avoid strong opposition. Continue reading

Why calling US a ‘democracy’ is both false & dangerous to do

It’s false because it is definitely untrue, and that’s not merely because America has a higher percentage of its residents in prison than does any other nation on this planet, but also because the only scientific studies that have been done of the matter show—they prove scientifically—that the US is a dictatorship by its very wealthiest residents, against all the rest of the population. Traditionally, that’s called an “aristocracy,” not a democracy, but ever since Mussolini in the 1920s, it came to be called “fascism,” which is the successor to “feudalism” and thus is merely the modernized form of feudalism. What used to be called by such terms as “monarchy” or “aristocracy” is thus now called “fascism” but the leopard is the same regardless of what it is labeled, and what it really is a dictatorship. Continue reading

How Fukushima nukes kill our climate, our planet, ourselves

Eight years ago on March 11, apocalyptic radiation clouds began pouring out of Fukushima. Continue reading

Trump cornered

What does a megalomaniacal president of the United States do when he’s cornered? We’ll soon find out. Continue reading

Pity the Nation: War spending is bankrupting America

War spending is bankrupting America. Continue reading

Trump is the “Manchurian Candidate’-turned-president

Forget Russian oligarchs for the time being. Donald Trump and his family appear to have been co-opted by a standard Chinese intelligence operation—both mainland and Taiwanese—that uses overseas Chinese, shady dummy corporations, prostitution and blackmail, and political influence peddling to influence foreign governments. Continue reading