Let Cuba Live—the movement standing up to Biden’s maximum pressure campaign

On July 22, U.S. President Joe Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, released a “fact sheet” on U.S. “measures” against Cuba. The release from the White House said that Cuba was a “top priority for the Biden-Harris administration.” On March 9, Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, said, “A Cuba policy shift is not currently among President Biden’s top priorities.” On July 12, NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell asked Psaki if Biden had reassessed his priorities regarding Cuba after the protests on the island the previous day. “In terms of where it ranks in a priority order,” Psaki replied, “I’m not in a position to offer that, but I can tell you that we will be closely engaged.” Continue reading

Authoritarians drunk on power: It is time to recalibrate the government

It is time to recalibrate the government. Continue reading

Escalating war on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

Founded in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the company was sold to Unilever in 2000. Continue reading

Readers didn’t give up on local news. Corporations did.

Corporations gutted local newspapers and then wondered why people stopped buying them.

Mega-investor Warren Buffett once held a big portfolio of daily and weekly newspapers. Continue reading

Hawley’s “Love America Act” is all about hate

Former-slave-state Missouri Senator Josh Hawley doesn’t want America’s white children to be exposed to the simple reality that slavery was not only legal at the founding of our country but was, in several places, written into our Constitution. Continue reading

Projection and deflection: Russia’s infrastructure

When you see a Western piece saying that Russia is deficient in this or that, it’s wise to see it as just a projection of the West’s shortcomings.

One of my most reliable guides to finding subjects to write about in these essays is to see what crimes the West is committing. It’s a very good bet that Russia will be accused of them. If the U.S. “accidentally” destroys an MSF hospital in Kunduz, then Russia must be routinely and intentionally bombing hospitals in Syria; if American officials pick the future prime minister of a foreign country, then Russia must be doing it more often and bigger; if Washington condemns reporters on dodgy evidence than Russians must do worse things. Likewise, Western deficiencies are minor at home but huge in Russia. (Admittedly it’s getting harder to say that—especially with the West’s dismal situation with COVID-19 but that doesn’t stop the trying; vide “U.S. takes the top spot on Bloomberg’s COVID Resilience Ranking as vaccine rollout speeds up return to normal.”) And so on: it’s all projection to deflect your attention. Continue reading

With Trump or Biden in the White House, Putin wins

When Donald Trump was in the White House, things could not have been better for Russia’s would-be czar, Vladimir Putin. With Joe Biden now in the White House, things cannot be better for Vladimir Putin. This seems counterintuitive, but why? Biden is such a fossilized politician of the past when it comes to 21st century diplomacy, he does not understand, nor do his staff of academician and think tank foreign policy and national security wonks, that the way to marginalize Putin is not by supporting dodgy characters like Alexei Navalny. Navalny has, in the past, made common cause with Russian far-right nationalists, including neo-Nazis. Nor is backing sexual deviants like the Pussy Riot group a way to hit back at Putin. What people like Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, CIA director William Burns, and others fail to realize is that the strongest pro-democracy and pro-ethnic rights party in Russia is the Russian Federation Communist Party, the only force that Putin continues to fear. Continue reading

Coronavirus surge again exposes U.S. for-profit health care ‘system’

WASHINGTON—The new surge in positive coronavirus cases, caused by the viral plague’s Delta variant and a slow-down in the vaccination rate, is again exposing the fatal—literally—flaws in the U.S.’s profit-oriented health care “system,” critics say. Continue reading

Avoiding the robot apocalypse

We'd better control machines before they control us.

My wife and I were recently driving in Virginia, amazed yet again that the GPS technology on our phones could guide us through a thicket of highways, around road accidents, and toward our precise destination. The artificial intelligence (AI) behind the soothing voice telling us where to turn has replaced passenger-seat navigators, maps, even traffic updates on the radio. How on earth did we survive before this technology arrived in our lives? We survived, of course, but were quite literally lost some of the time. Continue reading

Don’t expand draft registration. End it.

In a rare moment of moral clarity, US Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) points out that “America’s daughters shouldn’t be drafted against their will.” Continue reading

Just do it, PBS: Carry the January 6 insurrection hearings in prime time

Throw away the regular nighttime schedule and let every American see the truth.

There’s an argument to be made that President Richard Nixon’s downfall in 1974 wasn’t only because his illegal behavior was called out by intrepid journalists and prosecuted by Congress and the Supreme Court. Another important factor was the role of public broadcasting. Continue reading

Why opposing Zionism is not anti-Semitic: The Christian roots of Zionism

When Naftali Bennett, the first yarmulke-wearing Israeli prime minister, refers to the Bible to justify his claim to the Land of Israel, he is not referring to Jewish scripture but to Protestant religious doctrine.

JERUSALEM—Naftali Bennett once stated in an interview with Mehdi Hassan that, according to the Bible, Palestine—or, as he calls it, Israel—belongs to the Jewish people. Palestine is referred to as “The Land of Israel” by some people and, in this interview from 2017, Bennett insists that if Hassan wants to claim that “the Land does not belong to us, I suggest you go change the Bible.” Continue reading

Healthcare parasites are sucking Americans dry

Parasites attach themselves to your body and suck your blood to feed themselves. Most, like ticks and mosquitos, while they may provide food for birds, bats and other animals, seem to provide no direct benefit at all to humans. Continue reading

UN experts warn US sanctions endangering lives of Venezuelan cancer patients

The United States' attempt "to control the political agenda of Venezuela has had devastating consequences for hundreds of people undergoing treatment."

Six independent experts appointed by the United Nations’ Human Rights Council on Wednesday warned that “hundreds of Venezuelan cancer patients could die” as a result of illegal U.S. sanctions imposed on Venezuela and its state-owned oil company. Continue reading

Was Pegasus used by Trump and Kushner to blackmail U.S. politicians?

Revelations by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that Israeli sales of NSO Group’s Pegasus smart phone surveillance program closely matched the foreign trips of former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu have raised the possibility that Jared Kushner, who participated in Netanyahu’s diplomatic trips to countries using Pegasus, also used Pegasus to eavesdrop on the communications of Republicans who, virtually overnight, became loyalists of Donald Trump. Continue reading

Mossad has a “Who’s Who?” communications file of world leaders and businessmen thanks to Pegasus malware program

Chalk it up as a given that Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency has back door access to smart phone users whose devices were penetrated by the malware Trojan horse called Pegasus by its Israeli vendor, NSO Group. As is always the case when Israel gets caught spying, they have denied doing anything wrong in selling Pegasus to various brutal regimes around the world to spy on journalists, opposition politicians and activists, and businessmen. Continue reading

Meet Toka, the most dangerous Israeli spyware firm you’ve never heard of

The mainstream media’s myopic focus on Israel’s Pegasus spyware and the threats it poses means that other companies, like Toka, go uninvestigated, even when their products present an even greater potential for abuse and illegal surveillance.

LONDON—This past Sunday (July 18), an investigation into the global abuse of spyware developed by veterans of Israeli intelligence Unit 8200 gained widespread attention, as it was revealed that the software—sold to democratic and authoritarian governments alike—had been used to illegally spy on an estimated 50,000 individuals. Among those who had their communications and devices spied on by the software, known as Pegasus, were journalists, human rights activists, business executives, academics and prominent political leaders. Among those targeted political leaders, per reports, were the current leaders of France, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Iraq. Continue reading

Who will hold the U.S. accountable over Cuba?

An intentionally misinformative outreach is what the U.S. government is relying on to justify its punitive measures on Cuba

Anyone who believed the departure of former U.S. President Donald Trump would constitute a return to more effective diplomacy has been grievously mistaken. The Biden Administration is not even close to replicating the slightest approach towards Cuba which former U.S. President Barack Obama moved towards, following the release of the Cuban Five. On the contrary, not only has U.S. President Joe Biden not reversed Trump’s policies, but extended them to include further punitive measures. It is becoming clear that the U.S. was only biding its time to declare openly aggressive policies against Cuba. Continue reading

Sex workers and COVID-19: Resisting the pandemic and criminalization

Georgina Orellano, secretary-general of the Association of Women Sex Workers of Argentina (AMMAR), says that “the pandemic has highlighted the inequality” in society and deepened the problems faced by sex workers. Sex work, which is not recognized in Argentina, has become more precarious, she says. Continue reading

Is Sen. Ed Markey a war hawk in progressive clothing?

His latest China gambit points to yes

On June 8, 2021, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey voted for The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 (S. 1260), which calls for increased “combat ready troops” and missile shipments to the Asia-Pacific region and undermines Climate Envoy John Kerry’s climate deal with China. The bill also urges U.S. universities and governments to conduct McCarthyist investigations into Chinese and Chinese American people while appropriating at least $500 Million to fund racist and xenophobic anti-China propaganda. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Standing with the Cuban people

The current Black-centered Cuban protest operation is very well orchestrated and if Black people in this country are not careful, they will end up amplifying the dictates of U.S. imperialism. Continue reading

Arizona Republicans are fanning Trump’s 2020 big lie, and spreading confusion about how votes are counted

A lack of an easily understood vote-counting process creates a void filled by disinformation.

The “big lie” that President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected is not going away. One reason is Americans who care about their democracy are not learning how votes for president in 2020 were counted and verified—neither from the big lie’s promoters nor from most of its fact-driven critics. Continue reading

As Roe heads toward extinction, how many “pro-life” cultists will celebrate the death penalty while refusing masks and vaccinations?

Right-wing hypocrites are lining up for an expected Supreme Court nullification of Roe v. Wade. Continue reading

Inside Bezos—a five-year old boy—outside, a cunning extraterrestrial profiteer

Jeff Bezos touched down after his 10 minutes, 10 second vertical 66 mile zoom above Earth. He felt so on top of the Earth that he agreed to one-on-one interviews with a gaggle of salivating reporters. Looking over a list of their names, he spotted journalist Greg Galaxy and picked him first. Continue reading

Progress or war: On Islamophobia and Europe’s demographic shifts

Europe’s identity crisis is not confined to the ceaseless squabbles by Europeans over the EU, Brexit or football. It goes much deeper, reaching sensitive and dangerous territory, including that of culture and religion. Once more, Muslims stand at the heart of the continent’s identity debate. Continue reading

If you grew up with the U.S. blockade as a Cuban, you might understand the recent protests differently

During the early morning of July 17, Johana Tablada joined tens of thousands of Cubans as they gathered along the Malecón boulevard in Havana to stand with the Cuban Revolution. “We are human beings who live, work, suffer, and struggle for a better Cuba,” she told us. “We are not bots or troll farms or anything like that.” She referred to what has been called the Bay of Tweets, a social media campaign developed in Miami, Florida, that attempted to inflame Cuba’s social problems into a political crisis. Continue reading

Cubans are suffering, Biden needs to end the embargo

Biden should reverse Trump’s sanctions and call an end to 60 years of brutal economic warfare.

The anti-government protests that erupted in various Cuban cities this July received enormous coverage in the U.S. press. But most of the coverage either underplayed or failed to mention the critical role played by the U.S. embargo in creating the blackouts and shortages of food and medicines that fueled those protests. Continue reading

The state of our nation: Still divided, enslaved & locked down

History has a funny way of circling back on itself. Continue reading

Republicans believe lying will make it so—and they may be right

But a party morally corrupted by Donald Trump and its own rotten behavior must not stand.

I had a friend who was a pathological liar. I do not use that term lightly; he really was. We met in college and then through an odd set of circumstances wound up working for the same television station in New York—in fact, our offices were right next door to each other. Continue reading

The US is the absolute worst: Notes from the Edge of the Narrative Matrix

America has the single worst government in the world. Shut the fuck up about Cuba. Continue reading

Biden’s policy on Cuba reveals itself

The assumption that military intervention would fix Cuba only illustrates how the interests of the Miami dissidents are aligned with those of the U.S.

As protests erupted in Cuba over shortages of basic necessities, the decades-long illegal U.S. blockade on Cuba was no longer a part of mainstream media narratives. In 2020, media focus was on the Cuban contribution to the fight against Covid19 and how, despite the blockade, Cuba had still managed its internationalist approach, while manufacturing its own vaccines. For a brief period, talk about lifting the illegal blockade on Cuba was also part of the international narrative, even as the medical brigades were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Continue reading

Cuba reflects Fidel’s redoubtable spirit

Hostile to what just societies hold dear, establishment media march in lockstep with flagrantly illegal US/Western policies. Continue reading