Why is the U.S. so exceptionally vulnerable to COVID-19?

The United States has become the new center of the global coronavirus pandemic, with over 80,000 cases, more than China or Italy. More than a thousand Americans have already died, but this is surely only the very beginning of this deadly collision between the U.S.’s exceptionally inadequate public healthcare system and a real pandemic. Continue reading

We need universal mail-in ballots for the 2020 election

We’re all now party to the most critical election protection debate in U.S. history, one that has entered the coronavirus stimulus package to the tune of $400 million, which may be just a fraction of what’s really needed. Continue reading

Phony Trump regime narco terrorism charges against Venezuelan officials

The US is the world’s leading narco-terrorist state—an indisputable fact! Continue reading

The politics of the coronavirus

For the far right, the pandemic is a chance to enact border controls and erode the rule of law. It could also expose their utter incompetence.

The far right thrives on fear. It’s no surprise, then, that it would use the latest pandemic, which has generated widespread panic, to bolster its own agenda. Continue reading

Post-corona stress disorder: A likelihood

A likely scenario that is to follow the ending of the COVID-19 is the incredible stress that people in large numbers might go through on a global scale, symptoms of which can already be seen in the lockdowns being observed in most parts of the world. Continue reading

Lack of affordable healthcare puts millions of Americans at risk

The US is the world’s only developed country without some form of universal healthcare. Continue reading

Prosperity gospel megachurches: close them down as health risks

The City of Destiny in Apopka, Florida [right] is a de facto entertainment complex for the weak-minded and gullible. It is neither a theme park nor a cinema multiplex. The City of Destiny is one of several megachurches across the United States that always takes advantage of people during a major threat like the COVID-19 pandemic to fleece their congregations and lure into their grips the fearful. Continue reading

Suspending the Constitution: Police state uses crises to expand its lockdown powers

You can always count on the government to take advantage of a crisis, legitimate or manufactured. Continue reading

Technology of death: The not-so-shocking report on Israeli weapons exports

The Middle East region, battered by wars and adjoining humanitarian crises that have left millions of people stateless, hungry and diseased, is in urgent need for peace, security and reconstruction. Thanks to the US, Russian, French, Israeli and other weapons manufacturers, however, it is now the dumping ground for military hardware, an ominous sign for the years ahead. Continue reading

Stay in your home and stay angry

The economy's turned upside down, people are dying, and we're all cooped up because the people who are supposed to keep us safe didn’t.

Social distancing is hard, and it’s not fun. Continue reading

Now is the time to cancel sanctions on Iran

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has often declared that he considers himself to be a devout evangelical Christian, and in November 2019 told the New York Times Magazine that the Bible “informs everything I do.” Continue reading

‘This is a massive scandal’: Trump FDA grants drug company exclusive claim on promising coronavirus drug

‘It is insane and unacceptable,’ said Bernie Sanders. ‘We will not tolerate profiteering. Any treatment or vaccine must be made free for all.’

As healthcare providers across the U.S. desperately attempt to treat a rapidly growing number of patients with the coronavirus, a pharmaceutical company with ties to the Trump administration has been granted exclusive status for a drug it is developing to treat the illness—a potential windfall for the company that could put the medication out of reach for many Americans. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Revolutionary change and COVID-19

The genie has escaped from the bottle, revealing the deep injustices and cruelties that are embedded in US capitalism and its warped relationship to the peoples it rules, and the world. Continue reading

Death at the Greek border: Syrian refugees should not be used as political pawns

In a surprising move, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced on February 29 that he will be re-opening his country’s border to Europe, thus allowing tens of thousands of mostly Syrian refugees into Greece and other European countries. Continue reading

This pandemic can bring us together

The actual disease of our country is not a pathogen, but the widening separation of rich elites from the rest of us.

Suddenly, “social distancing” is our new national etiquette, abruptly supplanting handshakes, hugs, gatherings, and other forms of ingrained communal behavior by us humans. Continue reading

Coronavirus: What Newsweek failed to mention about ‘Continuity of Government’

Though often discussed in relation to nuclear war or a similarly chaotic scenario, “Continuity of Government” plans can be triggered even by popular, nonviolent opposition to an unpopular war abroad. It exists solely to keep the current system in place, regardless of the cost.

WASHINGTON DC (The Last American Vagabond)—Last week, Newsweek published a report entitled “Inside The Military’s Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus Cripples the Government,” which offers vague descriptions of different military plans that could be put into effect if the civilian government were to be largely incapacitated, with a focus on the potential of the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to result in such a scenario. Continue reading

‘Repulsive’: Outrage as Texas lieutenant gov. says seniors willing to risk coronavirus infection to protect economy

‘This crisis is really laying bare the extent to which we are ruled by completely craven psychopaths.’

Dan Patrick, the Republican lieutenant governor of Texas, told Fox News’ disproportionately older audience Monday night that he and other American seniors would be willing to risk dying from the coronavirus in order to ensure that the economy doesn’t slide into a serious recession. Continue reading

Coronavirus proves it: We need Medicare for All

Health care rationing isn’t what awaits us in a single-payer system. It’s happening now in our failed for-profit system.

For decades, critics of single-payer health care have raised the menace of rationed care, long waits, and “death panels.” Continue reading

Power in a time of coronavirus

Rather than being a respite from political power struggles, the coronavirus emergency is greatly intensifying them.

Every day now we’re waking up into an extreme real-life nightmare, while responses are still routinely lagging far behind what’s at stake. Urgency is reality. The horrific momentum of the coronavirus is personal, social and political. In those realms, a baseline formula is “passivity = death.” The imperative is to do vastly better. Continue reading

Why a sense of belonging is more useful than ‘social distancing’

The politics surrounding the arrival of coronavirus is on the way to becoming heavily reactionary. Its chief articulators are primarily governments and the corporate media, both of which enjoy enormous clout, and will use it effectively to ensure that their own private agendas are royally served. Continue reading

Debt forgiveness and nationalization are the answers to the economic crisis

The US airline companies have bankrupted themselves by buying back their stock in an enrichment scheme for CEOs and board members. With the impact of the virus on their revenues, Congress is handing them a $50 billion bailout. Instead of being bailed out they should be nationalized. Continue reading

‘This is a trap’: Progressives sound alarm as GOP attempts sneak attack on Social Security in coronavirus stimulus plan

‘Senate Republicans are using the coronavirus crisis as a cynical cover to attack our Social Security system.’

Tucked inside Senate Republicans’ gargantuan coronavirus stimulus package is a provision that progressives are warning could significantly damage Social Security’s funding in the short-term and empower right-wing lawmakers to make even deeper cuts to the vital program in the future. Continue reading

In times of crisis, how to prevent an economic meltdown and avoid privatizing profits and socializing losses

Here we go again: Another financial bubble burst and another financial crisis threatening to disrupt the real economy! This time the trigger is the health pandemic of the coronavirus crisis, the most serious in a generation, which is paralyzing the real economy and triggering crashes in the financial sector. Continue reading

Coronavirus: Humans must learn from this global shock

This assault on our way of life is a wake-up call for everyone in the world

In a world where fear of the unknown hangs over the collective consciousness of entire populations the best and the worst of human nature is on display. In Britain small stores engaged in price gouging are being named and shamed on social media — one shop was selling single toilet rolls £10 — while the ‘I’m all right Jack’ brigade are stripping supermarket shelves bare without thought for the needs of the elderly or parents with newborns. Continue reading

How to wage war, FDR-style, on our pandemic

People fight harder, Franklin Roosevelt understood, when the rich don’t get richer.

The United States president, Donald Trump, is now proclaiming, stands at “war.” We are facing, in the novel coronavirus, “an invisible enemy” that could claim the lives of more Americans than every shooting war America has ever fought. Continue reading

Socialism to the rescue after Fed’s bazooka fails

In what is being called the worst financial crisis since 1929, the US stock market has lost a third of its value in the space of a month, wiping out all of its gains of the last three years. When the Federal Reserve tried to ride to the rescue, it only succeeded in making matters worse. The government then pulled out all the stops. To our staunchly capitalist leaders, socialism is suddenly looking good. Continue reading

What the coronavirus says about us

Trump’s message to governors on lifesaving medical equipment—“get it yourselves”—is grimly appropriate in a country without national health care.

A crisis, according to self-help and leadership books, reveals much about a person’s character. The same can be said of a nation’s character. Continue reading

‘Oh hell no’: DOJ using coronavirus crisis to push for expansive emergency powers

‘This is abhorrent (also: predictable).’

The Department of Justice is using the coronavirus outbreak to ask Congress for sweeping emergency powers including suspending habeas corpus during an emergency, a power grab that was denounced by civil liberties advocates. Continue reading

For America’s urgent health and safety, Trump needs to resign!

Trump is unable to accept the ferocious reality of this pandemic.

Leaning on sober-minded experts in infectious diseases at his daily news conferences, Trump is frantically trying to look good. But the old delusionary Trump keeps resurfacing. On Monday, he rated his coronavirus performance at a perfect ten. On Tuesday, he lied to the public about his knowing it was a pandemic “long before it was called a pandemic.” The facts are just the opposite. On February 28, Trump called COVID-19 a Democratic hoax (See the March 18, 2020 article in the New York Times). Continue reading

Who’s in charge here?

‘The Buck Stops Here’ becomes ‘Hey, Don’t Look at Me!’

A number of years ago, I wrote a documentary about John Gardner, the remarkable public servant who served as President Lyndon Johnson’s secretary of health, education and welfare. He later founded the citizen’s group Common Cause and was, by the way, a liberal Republican, if you can remember a time when such people existed. We can thank him for the implementation of many of LBJ’s Great Society programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. Continue reading

‘Zionist’ Biden in his own words: ‘My name is Joe Biden, and everybody knows I love Israel’

“I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist,” current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said in April 2007, soon before he was chosen to be Barack Obama’s running mate in the 2008 elections. Continue reading

The Federal Reserve dictatorship runs amok against savers

No real explanations by the Fed; it just dictates. It is a government of its own inside our government—the epitome of corporate socialism.

If you are a saver in a money market account or in a bank, you’ve already noticed your dwindling interest income as interest rates have been at their lowest in modern American history. Well, brace yourself. Your saving account has just become little more than a lock box, thanks to the supreme dictatorship of the Federal Reserve. Continue reading