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Having places to go and people to annoy, I am taking a few weeks off while we still have some semblance of freedom of movement and association. Continue reading

Facebook’s new censorship scheme

Anti-social media Facebook’s intention to rank what it considers “trustworthiness” of news sources is the organization’s latest censorship scheme. Continue reading

The most important election in the world!

Lebanon? . . . What Election?

In a matter of mere hours, a new election will take place. Unlike seemingly all other national elections worldwide, this election will bring real “hope” to a needlessly impoverished country. This election will see real “change” come to a country far too long restricted and controlled by external foreign powers. For this is an election that is steeped in real democracy; not the US-inspired definition—the one based solely on the archaic shards of what little is left of a desperate empire struggling to hold onto its waning influence. This election will showcase, finally and thankfully, a return to the true definition. Continue reading

The Trump administration: full neocon on steroids

Donald Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to adopting the very same neocon policies he eschewed during the presidential campaign. The Trump administration has fostered all the neocon hallmarks evidenced by the George W. Bush-Dick Cheney administration, including the proffering of bogus intelligence and documents, supporting “themed” or “color” revolutions that are intent on regime change abroad, and lying to the press and the American people. Continue reading

Dial T for tyranny: While America feuds, the police state shifts into high gear

What characterizes American government today is not so much dysfunctional politics as it is ruthlessly contrived governance carried out behind the entertaining, distracting and disingenuous curtain of political theater. And what political theater it is, diabolically Shakespearean at times, full of sound and fury, yet in the end, signifying nothing. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: How to remember lynching

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice recently opened in Montgomery, Alabama, to great fanfare. The memorial tells the stories of the more than 4,000 recorded lynchings perpetrated against black men, women and children by American terrorists for nearly 100 years. The crimes were gruesome public spectacle. Victims died by gunshots, hanging, fire, dismemberment and castration. The massacres took place mostly in the South but not entirely. Lynch law was a nationwide phenomenon and while unwritten it was defended as much as any legislation on the books. Continue reading

Gazan Gandhis: Gaza bleeds alone as ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ go mute

Three more Palestinians were killed and 611 wounded last Friday, when tens of thousands of Gazans continued their largely non-violent protests at the Gaza-Israel border. Continue reading

Though invisible to us, our dead are not absent

Those titular words were sent to me by Fr. Daniel Berrigan shortly before he died. Continue reading

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Get beyond corporate medicine to natural healing. The best medicine in the world is in John Balkwill’s The Book of Healing in a concise, easy to read, 27-page .pdf format. Continue reading

Korea remains none of the U.S. government’s business

While pundits can engage in endless debate over whether President Trump’s sanctions forced North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un to the negotiating table or whether Kim’s threat of firing nuclear weapons at the United States forced Trump to the negotiating table, one thing that the mainstream commentators are ignoring is the discomforting fact that Korea remains none of the U.S. government’s business. Continue reading

How many millions have been killed in America’s post-9/11 wars?

Part 3: Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen

In the first two parts of this report, I have estimated that about 2.4 million people have been killed as a result of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, while about 1.2 million have been killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan as a result of the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan. In the third and final part of this report, I will estimate how many people have been killed as a result of U.S. military and CIA interventions in Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen. Continue reading

‘Project Trumpmore’ raising funds to carve US president’s face on melting iceberg

‘Let's build the biggest ice monument ever to test if climate change is real,’ says Finnish group behind the effort

To expose the outsize role the U.S. president is playing in the willful destruction of planet Earth’s natural systems by dragging his feet on addressing the crisis of global warming, a climate activist group in Finland has announced plans to carve Donald Trump’s face onto a floating iceberg in the Arctic. Continue reading

Tokyo dreaming

We landed in darkness. The last time I was in Narita was 18 years earlier. With a six-hour layover, I inexplicably didn’t leave the airport. “Can I possibly die without at least a glimpse of Japan?” I’d ask myself, cringing. Continue reading

Bibi Baby

Like a raging toddler pointing to another toddler’s nappies while his own Pampers dripped from every direction.

Monday PM Netanyahu provided a fascinating glimpse into a psychotic tribal mind. A clown who sits on a huge pile of WMD, an arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons designed to kill millions, is crying foul, complaining that another state in the region may attempt to equip itself with similar weapons as a means of deterrence. Netanyahu’s performance looked like a raging toddler pointing to another toddler’s nappies while his own pampers are dripping from every direction. Continue reading

Israel’s legislature votes war against Syria

The key decision now will be made by Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Continue reading

Russia’s Seattle consulate broken into: The US openly flouts its international obligations

They did it again. On April 25, US inspectors broke into the Russian consulate in Seattle, which had been shuttered and vacated at the order of the American government, in a response to the Skripal case. The “inspection” was actually a break-in, since the locks had to be forced. The Russian staff had closed the mansion on April 24 but kept the keys, as the house is still the property of the Russian government. Officially, the Russian Federation (RF) still owns the mansion and its flag still flies from the roof, but the US owns the land and consular activities will no longer be authorized on that site. Continue reading

Netanyahu’s fake claims about Iran’s nuclear program

Like Trump, Netanyahu is a serial liar. Neither one can be trusted. Nothing they claim on vital issues is credible. Deception and Big Lies substitute for truth-telling. Continue reading

Unjust system condemned these tiny warriors

An angelic-faced two-year-old toddler drew his last breath at 2am on Friday. Alfie Evans fought to survive for four days shocking doctors at Liverpool’s Alder Hey children’s hospital who believed he would die once his life support was turned off. Continue reading

How to stop Trump

Why did working class voters choose a selfish, thin-skinned, petulant, lying, narcissistic, boastful, megalomaniac for president? Continue reading

Trump on Michael Cohen: ‘a businessman . . . he’s got a business’

Speaking by telephone on Fox’s “Fox & Friends” on the morning of April 26, Donald Trump interjected in his often incoherent rants that his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, is “a businessman . . . he’s got a business.” Trump added, “I don’t know his business, but this doesn’t have to do with me.” Trump did seem to worry about what prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) might discover in the gigabytes of data seized, pursuant to a court order, by FBI agents from Cohen’s office, hotel room, residence, and safety deposit box. Trump said of the law enforcement seizure, “From what I understand, they’re looking at his [Cohen's] businesses. And I hope he is in great shape.” Continue reading

Can we start telling the truth about war?

Creating a new paradigm

Most wars are fought for profit, though most war propagandists say they are fought for humanitarian reasons. U.S.-led wars profit the military industry, including weapons manufacturers, and give wealthy corporations control of more territory and money, but they cause unspeakable pain to innocent civilians. The reality of war is different from the fantasy version our political leaders sell to the public, and it is long past time both politicians and the general public speak truthfully about war. Continue reading

This is what it sounds like when a very powerful Democrat tries to force a progressive out of a primary fight

‘They squash progressive candidates,’ said Levi Tillemann, a Democratic candidate in Colorado, who was urged by Rep. Steny Hoyer and the DCCC to end his campaign

People have long known these kinds of conversations take place, but rarely is the regular voter allowed to hear exactly how it goes down. Continue reading

Speaking the unspeakable: The assassination and martyrdom of Thomas Merton

eview of ‘The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton’ by Hugh Turley & David Martin

Fifty years have elapsed since Thomas Merton died under mysterious circumstances in a cottage at a Red Cross Conference Center outside Bangkok, Thailand, where he was attending an international inter-faith monastic conference. The truth behind his death has been concealed until now through the lies and deceptions of a cast of characters, religious, secular, and U.S. governmental, whose actions chill one to the bone. But he has finally found his voice through Hugh Turley and David Martin, who tell the suppressed truth of Merton’s last minutes on earth on December 10, 1968. Continue reading

Capitalism works for capitalists

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep . . . It starts at 6:30 AM and, together with numerous other stressful construction noises, goes through breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour and dinner. In south Walton county, construction crews are permitted to work from 7 AM until 7 PM six days a week Monday through Saturday. Residents miss the white construction crews. They didn’t get going until 8 AM, knocked off at 3:30 PM, and didn’t work on Saturdays But the Mexican construction crews produce non-stop construction noise 72 hours a week. Continue reading

Why Trump will not fix the Korean situation

There has never been a peace agreement between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the United States. When the Korean War ended is was planned that both sides would work out an agreement, but it never happened. President Trump is boasting that he will fix this problem, but, ignorant man that he is, he doesn’t understand that he can’t fix it. Continue reading

The Democratic Party’s war history and the AUMF of 2018

If there is any surprise that Senate Democrats, most of whom are virtually indistinguishable from pro-war Republicans, are about to coalesce in support of the newest version of the Authority for the Use of Military Force of 2018 (AUMF), then you have seriously not been paying attention. Continue reading

With tax scam complete, GOP caucus unveils insane budget blueprint to attack safety net

Programs like Social Security and Medicare are gutted while tax cuts are made permanent in plan

An ultraconservative Republican House caucus on Wednesday put forth its spending plan that represents a draconian wish list of attacks on the social safety net and consumer and environmental protections while including a plan to further enrich the wealthy by making making permanent parts of the GOP tax plan. Continue reading

Big Pharma wants people on antidepressants for years and it’s working

Antidepressants were once considered a short-term therapy to help people get over a troubled time. All that changed with the debut of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants, drug ads on TV and the promotion of the “chemical imbalance” theory of depression. Though there is almost no evidence of the theory––that SSRI antidepressants correct deficits in brain levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter––antidepressants became blockbusters for Pharma. Continue reading

How false flag operations are carried out today

False Flag is a concept that goes back centuries. It was considered to be a legitimate ploy by the Greeks and Romans, where a military force would pretend to be friendly to get close to an enemy before dropping the pretense and raising its banners to reveal its own affiliation just before launching an attack. In the sea battles of the eighteenth century among Spain, France and Britain hoisting an enemy flag instead of one’s own to confuse the opponent was considered to be a legitimate ruse de guerre, but it was only “honorable” if one reverted to one’s own flag before engaging in combat. Continue reading

Hannity cash-washing network mirrors Trump’s, Cohen’s, Manafort’s, and the Kushners’

Fox “News” host Sean Hannity’s network of 28 limited liability shell corporations, mostly based in Georgia, mirror those established by the Trump Organization, Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump. Continue reading

Is the U.S. government evil? You tell me

Is the U.S. government evil? Continue reading

The ghost of Herut: Einstein on Israel, 70 years ago

Albert Einstein, along with other Jewish luminaries, including Hannah Arendt, published a letter in the New York Times on December 4, 1948. That was only a few months after Israel had declared its independence and as hundreds of Palestinian villages were being actively demolished after their inhabitants were expelled. Continue reading