Why the massive Women’s March will fail

Like Mark Twain, “I am always on the side of the revolutionists, because there never was a revolution unless there were some oppressive and intolerable conditions against which to revolute.” I do support Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington and its offshoots around the nation and the planet. Continue reading

Trump advisor calls press secretary’s falsehoods ‘alternative facts’

‘Sean Spicer gave alternative facts,’ Kellyanne Conway said, in response to outrage over White House press secretary's false claims about inauguration crowd size

After President Donald Trump spent his first full day in the White House attacking the press, deploying White House press secretary Sean Spicer to falsely claim the media underreported the size of his inauguration crowds, top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway doubled-down on those statements on Meet the Press early Sunday. Continue reading

It’s not what they say; it’s what they do!

“How do you know a politician is lying? His lips are moving.” Continue reading

‘Billion-year’ Gambian president was installed by the CIA

Gambian President and dictator Yahya Jammeh, facing a combined military force composed of Senegalese army troops, the Nigerian air force, and troops from Mali, Ghana, and Togo, has agreed to relinquish the presidency of Gambia. On December 1, 2016, Jammeh was defeated for re-election in a surprise upset by his little-known rival Adama Barrow. Jammeh received only 45 percent of the vote. Continue reading

Obscured American: Peter the food service worker

An American president has become a cartoon hero or villain. Like Obama, Trump is an inconsequential yet lurid target for worshippers and detractors to unload emotions. As we rejoice or rage at this figurehead, the Military Banking Complex will continue to serve the elites at our expense. Continue reading

A valiant verbal warrior demythologizes the CIA

Like Odysseus, Douglas Valentine is a wily warrior who managed to enter the enemy’s stronghold disguised as a gift. Not Troy, and not within a wooden horse, but in the guise of a nice young “Nobody,” he was able, thirty or so years ago, to breach the walls of the CIA through William Colby, a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The guileful thing he brought was his proposal to demystify the Phoenix program, “the controversial CIA assassination program that resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians during the Vietnam War,” with which Colby was notably associated. Continue reading

At Trump inauguration, his hollow rhetoric collides with reality

The contrast between his promises to America's forgotten and the greed of the new president and his circle of fat cat appointees is horrible.

Throughout the campaign and the transition period leading up to the inauguration, whenever Donald Trump was caught lying or tweeting something outrageous we were told by his acolytes that we should ignore his words and instead pay attention to his deeds. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s Queen of Bull, who has moved from campaign manager to White House counselor, actually has argued that what he says should not be taken literally, even telling CNN’s Chris Cuomo, “You always want to go with what’s come out of his mouth rather than look at what’s in his heart.” Continue reading

In first hour, President Trump delivers ‘punch in the gut to middle class’

‘Today's action is all the proof we need to know whose side the Trump administration is on’

About an hour after President Donald Trump was sworn in on Friday, his administration suspended indefinitely a scheduled cut in mortgage insurance premiums—effectively raising costs for middle-class borrowers by about $500 a year. Continue reading

We are mourning . . . but we are marching & organizing for democracy & the Earth

In the midst of a terrible national illness, we organize and march for the known and solid cures. Continue reading

The balancing act is over: What Elor Azaria taught us about Israel

For some, the ‘manslaughter’ conviction—following the murder by Israeli army medic, Elor Azaria, of already incapacitated Palestinian man, Fattah al-Sharif—is finally settling a protracted debate regarding where Israelis stand on Palestinian human rights. Continue reading

A presidential inauguration that will live in infamy

Before this day is over, Donald Trump will be sitting behind the cash register . . . er, desk in the Oval Office but who will be running the store, if anyone, since he hasn’t bothered to fill even the key jobs crucial to running the country? Continue reading

Crumbling reactors and other nightmares of a Trump-Perry energy policy

In the area of energy policy under the presidency of Donald Trump, two concerns loom above all others. Continue reading

Pavor nocturnus during the fortnight of Trump’s inauguration

Entering 2017 in political America has been a true centennial celebration of surrealism, American style . . . at least in ideology and politics, if not in art. We may not quite have the quality-legacy of surrealism provided by Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx or Pablo Picasso to Europeans a century ago, but we are poised to receive an overdose of new political reality shortly after Donald Trump is installed as our 45th president today, January 20. Plan on it . . . count on it! Continue reading

Yemen: Obama’s parting gift to terror

Barack Obama saved his parting gift to terror, his worst crime, for last, the war on the Yemeni People. Obama’s last war has institutionalized a failed state and which will continue to inflict terror and suffering on 25 million Yemenis for generations to come. Continue reading

Remember Don Siegelman

I hope that President Obama commuted Manning’s unjust sentence not as a sop to transgenders, but as a sign that a bit of humanity still remains in the outgoing war criminal president. Manning did his duty and reported US war crimes by releasing the astounding video of US troops murdering innocent people and journalists walking along a street and then murdering a father and his two young children who stopped to help the wounded left on the street by the US helicopter gunship or drone or whatever the murder device was. The video reveals US troops playing video kill games with real people. Continue reading

What to expect from the Trump administration: A protectionist and pro-corporate American government

Presidential candidate Donald Trump raised the hopes of many Americans when he criticized his political opponents for their close ties to Wall Street and, above all, when he promised to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, D.C. He may still fulfill that last promise, but as the quote above indicates, he may have to fight House Republicans on that central issue. Candidate Trump also raised the hopes of many when he promised to end costly wars abroad and to concentrate rather on preventing jobs from moving offshore, on creating more middle-class jobs at home and on preventing the American middle class from shrinking any further. Continue reading

A future for the Democratic Party?

You would think that learning from experience is a common thing to do. But, for the Democratic Party’s leadership this seems not to be the case. After the landslide victory of Trump’s version of the Republican Party in the 2016 national election, it is fair to say that the Democratic Party is in big trouble. As Senator Bernie Sanders has observed, the party needs to reform. Continue reading

Chelsea Manning has sacrificed her life

I was pleasantly surprised by the announcement that President Obama would commute Chelsea Manning’s sentence so that she may be released in May. Continue reading

Nothing is real: When reality TV programming masquerades as politics

Donald Trump no longer needs to launch Trump TV. Continue reading

Ankara’s greatest challenge is fixing the economy

Once stable and prosperous, Turkey is battling on multiple fronts, but despite the country’s woes it has escaped the specter of widespread civil discontent until now. The failed coup, and the purges of alleged sympathizers from all walks of life, served to bring the nation together, sending President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s approval rating soaring to new heights. Continue reading

Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence

Whistleblower to be released from military prison in May

President Barack Obama has commuted noted whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence, and Manning will be released on May 17 of this year. Continue reading

Is it possible that Trump will move us away from our new Cold War?

I was just watching on CNN NATO troops moving into Eastern Europe in the latest “get tough” move against Russia. This intimidating buildup is frightening to those of us who understand the significance, and why it is being done. President Obama and the rest of our National Security State players have been demonizing the Russians in the public forum. Continue reading

Trump’s plan to neuter the White House press corps, and neuter our democracy

Tyrants don’t allow open questioning, and they hate the free press. They want total control. Continue reading

‘The power to create a new world’: Capital versus humanity

Catastrophic climate change is no longer a subject for argument, at least on a mainstream level within the science community. Yet, as temperatures continue to rise, American efforts to combat global warming, sadly seem to decline. Continue reading

MLK family’s doubts about the official version of April ’68 events

Although this editor never had the opportunity to sit down with John F. Kennedy Jr. in July 1999 to discuss his offer to a small group of journalists he decided to hire to investigate his father’s assassination—Kennedy died in a suspicious plane crash shortly before the interview was scheduled—there was a surprise opportunity to discuss the matters of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination with his son. Continue reading

The smartest person in the room: Stories about fact, fiction, good, and evil

Part One

Several times in recent weeks I have been lured into clicking on Internet posts purporting to show the IQs of US presidents, including the president-elect now waiting to take over. Continue reading

America is No. 1 in all the wrong things

American exceptionalism is a great deception—except in negative terms. No nation in world history caused more harm to more people over a longer duration. Continue reading

Will Trump be handcuffed by the ‘Deep State’?

Say what you will about Donald Trump—and for sure there’s plenty to be said—he has a reputation for being his own man with a penchant for doing things in an unorthodox fashion. Nevertheless, he’s open to persuasion provided he trusts the person who’s giving advice. For instance, he’s changed his tune on waterboarding, which he now accepts is illegal, and he’s cautiously accepted that Russia was “probably” behind the DNC hacking. He’s also gone quiet on his plan to bar Muslims from entering the US which would jar with the Constitution. Continue reading

It’s not about Trump

On January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as president of the United States. A large portion of the Amerikan people are justifiably angry and disgusted by Trump’s victory. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of the disgruntled will be in Washington, DC, to make their voices heard in their anti-Trump rallies and marches. Continue reading

Rise of right-wing demagogues threatens democracy worldwide: HRW

President-elect Donald Trump's scapegoating of immigrants, minorities, and women exemplifies "politics of intolerance," Human Rights Watch's Kenneth Roth says

The rise of political populists threatens democracy worldwide, a new report from Human Rights Watch (HRW) released Thursday says. Continue reading

The ‘post-truth’ mainstream media

For several months, Western officials and media outlets repeated thousands of times that there were between 250,000 and 300,000 civilians trapped under Syrian and Russian bombardment in East Aleppo. Western reports rarely mentioned the Syrian government’s estimate that there were only one-third that number of civilians in the rebel-controlled enclave—nor that its estimates were solidly based on what it had found in Homs and other rebel-held areas after it restored state control. Continue reading

Protests in Mexico push country to brink of revolution and nobody’s talking about it

(ANTIMEDIA) San Diego, CA—Long-simmering social tensions in Mexico are threatening to boil over as failing neoliberal reforms to the country’s formerly nationalized gas sector are compounded by open corruption, stagnant standards of living, and rampant inflation. Continue reading