Trump takes another shot at seniors: Medicare and Medigap costs increasing in 2021

Not content with referring to the 200,000 Americans who have perished from Covid-19 as “virtual nobodies,” Donald Trump has a particularly damaging surprise in store for senior citizens. Trump’s category of “nobodies,” who he classed as “elderly people with heart problems and other problems,” are going to see costly rises in Medicare and Medigap costs in 2021. Once considered an essential component of Trump’s base, senior citizens are fleeing away in droves from Trump, particularly in key states with large numbers of retirees, including Florida, Arizona, and Texas. Continue reading

Justice sleeps and ‘we the people’ suffer: No, the U.S. Supreme Court will not save us

The U.S. Supreme Court will not save us. Continue reading

Trump openly admits he wants to fill RBG vacancy before election day so his justice can help fight mail-in ballots

‘They aren't hiding that they want to confirm a new Trump justice so that justice can steal the election.’

Speaking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump frankly stated his motive for rushing to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: To help him dispute the legitimacy of mail-in ballots in the November election. Continue reading

Palestinians are not numbers: On the future of the Palestinian discourse

Palestine can never be truly understood through numbers, because numbers are dehumanizing, impersonal, and, when necessary, can also be contrived to mean something else entirely. Numbers are not meant to tell the story of the human condition, nor should they ever serve as a substitute for emotions. Continue reading

Time to put an end to the nuclear age

2020 has been hard enough. The last thing the world needs this year is nuclear weapons.

On September 26, 1983, Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov got an alert that a U.S. missile attack was imminent. Continue reading

Will Michele Flournoy be the Angel of Death for the American empire?

If the Democrats manage to push Joe Biden over the finish line in November’s election, he will find himself presiding over a decadent, declining empire. He will either continue the policies that have led the American empire to decadence and decline, or seize the moment to move our nation into a new phase: a transition to a peaceful and sustainable post-imperial future. Continue reading

Trump and Barr make unconstitutional threat to withdraw funds from ‘anarchist jurisdictions’

Local and state leaders are blasting GOP White House occupant Donald Trump’s demand to yank federal dollars from New York, Seattle, and Portland, Ore.—cities Trump says are consumed by anarchy—as a campaign gimmick. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Democrats’ supreme failure

The corporate Democrats refuse to back measures that appeal to huge majorities of their base, preferring instead to campaign against one evil man and his appointees. Continue reading

America’s global reputation isn’t bouncing back anytime soon

Even if Trump loses, his administration may have permanently damaged our standing abroad. But there’s a silver lining: it makes Trumpism an ideological dead-end.

Donald Trump used to care what the world outside America thought of him. Continue reading

When men legally controlled women

In this 100th year after the 19th Amendment, we have so much to lose. But if we fight, how much more can we accomplish?

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, when women got the right to vote in all 50 states. Limiting voting to men at the nation’s founding was part of the legal doctrine of coverture, in which a woman was legally represented first by her father and then by her husband. Continue reading

FinCen Files shine spotlight on suspicious bank transfers

The reporters behind the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers have more to share. We should pay attention.

On September 20, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) –the reporters who brought us the “Panama Papers” and the “Paradise Papers”—released the “FinCEN Files,” in collaboration with Buzzfeed News. Continue reading

Trump says he is ‘counting on the federal court system’ to declare winner on Election Night—before many ballots are tallied

‘This is an open admission that Trump hopes to use the Supreme Court to steal the election.’

President Donald Trump said during a campaign rally over the weekend that he is “counting on the federal court system”—which he has packed with right-wing judges—to declare a winner of the presidential election on the night of November 3, a statement that one journalist described as an “outright pledge to use the courts to stop votes from being counted.” Continue reading

For RBG it was all principle, for Mitch McConnell it’s all power

People in public life tend to fall into one of two broad categories—those who are motivated by principle, and those motivated by power. Continue reading

RBG’s death means two-headed uniparty will threaten Americans with removal of civil rights

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, which means the US election is going to revolve around abortion and other civil rights for the foreseeable future. Which won’t change much since this presidential race hasn’t really been about anything since the end of the Democratic primaries. Continue reading

Questions unlikely to come up during the debates in the most important election in the history of the U.S.A. since the last one

Is private profit achieved by selling at the market the best way to benefit the greatest number of people and if so, how come so many people are homeless, unemployed, poor, without health care, while market forces accumulate trillions for war and billions for pets? Continue reading

Trump’s caudillismo support among wealthy Latin American expatriates

The U.S. political class of pundits, pollsters, columnists, and endless cable news blathering talking heads are currently putting forth the notion that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is having a problem with support from the Hispanic community. This argument is based on a disingenuously false premise that the Hispanic community is a political monolith that is gravitating, as it has in recent years, to Republican candidates. To be sure, there is a conservative base to the Hispanic vote among the mostly white European exiles in South Florida, who came to the United States to flee, along with their offshore bank accounts, socialist and progressive governments that came to power after overthrowing Central Intelligence Agency-nurtured dictatorships of “caudillos” in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Continue reading

Federal judge orders rollback of Trump and DeJoy USPS cuts

YAKIMA, Wash.—GOP President Donald Trump and his handpicked postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, deliberately disenfranchised voters nationwide through DeJoy’s mail slowdowns, machine removal, and other measures, a federal judge in Washington state ruled. In a blistering opinion, Judge Stanley Bastian ordered a national reversal of DeJoy’s moves. Continue reading

Public docility gives Boris Johnson a free pass

The manner with which British government is treating Brexit is cavalier

Forgive me for using a broad brush but I cannot help but conclude that Britons may moan about government policies but are ultimately accepting. We are stereotypically known for our stiff upper lips and ability to weather all storms with our calm demeanours, unlike those emotional Latin types poised to revolt en masse over the price of spaghetti. Continue reading

How do Democrats and Republicans differ on Palestine and Israel?

The polarized nature of American politics often makes it difficult to address fundamental differences between the country’s two main political rivals, Republicans and Democrats. As each side is intent on discrediting the other at every opportunity, unbiased information regarding the two parties’ actual stances on internal and external issues can be difficult to decipher. Continue reading

UAE, Bahrain, US-Israel: drunkard’s search principle

A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what the drunk has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight together. After a few minutes the policeman asks if he is sure he lost them here, and the drunk replies, no, and that he lost them in the park. The policeman asks why he is searching here, and the drunk replies, “this is where the light is”. Continue reading

We finally have the October Surprise—in death, Ginsburg provides

We’ve waited patiently to find out what would be the Trumpster’s October Surprise. Would he fake a video of Joe Biden in bed with a sheep? Would he wag the dog in starting a war with Canada, citing Canukistan’s icicles of mass destruction? Continue reading

Do the right thing, fulfill RBG’s last wish

Give Justice Ginsburg the proper sendoff and let the election winner choose.

Two memories: in February, I attended a public conversation my friend and colleague Bill Moyers conducted with Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Union Theological Seminary on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She was there for the Judith Davidson Moyers Women of Spirit Award Lecture, and had postponed attending the year before because of health concerns. She was recuperating from the latest of her bouts with cancer. Continue reading

Civil libertarian, gender equity champion Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes

US Supreme Court Justice John Roberts announced Ginsburg’s death on Friday, saying, “Our aation has lost a jurist of historic stature”—one of only four women appointed to the High Court, Sandra Day O’Conner (Ret.), Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan the others. Continue reading

Poisonous gas not tear gas

For many decades, governments around the world, especially in the USA, have fired tens of thousands of rounds of CS gas at their own people in an attempt to control “civil unrest”. The media falsely labels CS gas as “tear gas” rather than calling it what it is, poisonous gas. The original tear gas was relatively benign, irritating the eyes and mucus tissues but was not poisonous. CS gas, on the other hand, will kill you if you are exposed to enough of it. Continue reading

Beware corporate COVID propaganda

CEOs say they’re cutting their own pay in solidarity with laid off or hurting workers—only, not really.

COVID-19 has been a doubly-deadly disaster for millions of Americans, destroying both life and livelihoods. But one of the most heartening responses to the crisis has come from the least-expected place: corporate executive suites. Continue reading

Virtual school dangers: The hazards of a police state education during COVID-19

Once upon a time in America, parents breathed a sigh of relief when their kids went back to school after a summer’s hiatus, content in the knowledge that for a good portion of the day, their kids would be gainfully occupied, out of harm’s way, and out of trouble. Continue reading

To provide public alternative to ‘predatory’ Wall Street banks, Sanders and Gillibrand unveil Postal Banking Act

The new legislation, according to Sanders' office, would help ‘families generate savings, wealth, and credit, while bringing millions of American workers into a more fair banking system.’

With the goal of providing a robust public banking alternative to abusive Wall Street institutions, Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Bernie Sanders unveiled legislation Thursday that would make “low-cost basic financial services” available at tens of thousands of U.S. Postal Service locations across the country. Continue reading

William Barr is worse as AG than Nazi Germany’s first justice minister

Attorney General William Barr is less independent of aspirant dictator Donald Trump than Nazi Germany’s first Justice Minister, Franz Gurtner, was of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Barr has systematically turned the Justice Department into a political weapon designed to protect Trump from the Congress, the courts, and individual U.S. citizens exercising their rights under the Constitution. Barr has trashed the rule of law that has ensured that America’s system of democracy has prevailed since the birth of constitutional government. Continue reading

The ‘desaparecidos’ of Palestine: Gantz escalates Israel’s war on the dead

On September 2, the Israeli government approved a proposal that allows the military to indefinitely withhold the bodies of Palestinians who have been killed by the Israeli army. The proposal was made by the country’s defense minister, Benny Gantz. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Democrats’ climate change lies

The Republicans lie about the harm they do to the planet, and the Democrats lie and pretend they’re not doing the very same things. Continue reading

Trump’s scorched-earth doctrine

Trump is doing whatever he can to make it impossible for his successor to resolve some of the world’s most intractable problems.

It is a recent tradition among occupants of the White House, as they head out of office, to play a few practical jokes on their successors. The Clinton administration jesters, for instance, removed all the Ws from White House keyboards before handing over the keys to George W. Bush’s transition team. The Obama administration left behind books authored by Barack Obama for Trump’s incoming press team. Continue reading

‘A matter of life and death’: After 175 years, Scientific American backs Biden with magazine’s first-ever endorsement

The editors blast Trump's rejection of ‘evidence and science,’ especially ‘his dishonest and inept response to the Covid-19 pandemic.’

With unprecedented wildfires burning across western states, the Gulf Coast bracing for a hurricane, and the coronavirus pandemic still raging, Scientific American on Tuesday gave Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden its first-ever endorsement in the magazine’s 175-year history. Continue reading