We are taking a holiday break

Intrepid Report will resume publishing on December 29. Continue reading

Israeli role in Syrian conflict brought into the open

Overtly, the Israeli superpower of the Middle East has been keen to posture as having no role whatsoever in the four-year old devastating conflict in Syria, where all major regional and international powers are politically and militarily deeply involved and settling scores by Syrian blood. Continue reading

The unspeakable in Afghanistan

2014 marks the deadliest year in Afghanistan for civilians, fighters, and foreigners. The situation has reached a new low as the myth of the Afghan state continues. Continue reading

The CIA-engineered oil glut to bring down Putin and Maduro

John Brennan’s long familiarity with Saudi Arabia, owing to the time he spent there as the CIA station chief in Riyadh in the 1990s and his knowledge of Saudi oil operations, has paid off. WMR has learned that Brennan’s agents inside Saudi Aramco convinced the firm’s management and the Saudi Oil Ministry to begin fracking operations to stimulate production in Saudi Arabia’s oldest oil fields. Continue reading

Financial market manipulation is the new trend: can it continue?

Financial imperialists attack Russia

A dangerous new trend is the successful manipulation of the financial markets by the Federal Reserve, other central banks, private banks, and the US Treasury. The Federal Reserve reduced real interest rates on US government debt obligations first to zero and then pushed real interest rates into negative territory. Today the government charges you for the privilege of purchasing its bonds. Continue reading

Whitewashing CIA torture: ‘We are [not so] awesome’ after all

“This is not who we are. This is not how we operate,” were the words of President Barack Obama, commenting on the grisly findings of a long-awaited congressional report on the use of torture by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Continue reading

Which Democracy?

Which Democracy? There are so many to choose from: Rhetorical Democracy (R.D.), Civic Democracy (C.D.), Economic Democracy (E.D.), Political Democracy (P.D.), Social Democracy (S.D.). Let’s start with rhetorical democracy. Continue reading

And to all, a good night

A contemporary Christmas tale

It was only a matter of time before Santa Claus himself came under the Neanderthal-eyed scrutiny of American intelligence. After all, Santa’s citizenship is unknown, and he crosses borders with no passport or other form of identification. No one knows whether he even has a valid pilot’s license. Continue reading

NATO’s General Breedlove’s equivocal replies to softball questions about the long war

Evan Solomon, of CBC’s The House, recently had an interview with NATO’s current leading figure, four star General Philip Mark Breedlove, the seventeenth Supreme Allied Commander Europe. It was a fairly benign interview with no hard questions posed to the most powerful person in Europe. The answers were much more rational than someone from the Republican right domestically may have provided, but they demonstrate the understandable bias of the ‘Western’ views vis a vis NATO, ISIS, and Russia/Ukraine. Continue reading

Washington’s master plan: World conquest

Hitler’s master plan included removing all internal opposition. Genocide. Ethnic cleansing. Continue reading

The tragic ends of the CIA’s madams

Many readers may be familiar with the late “DC Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who reportedly committed “suicide” in 2008 prior to her revealing more details about her top flight clientele, which ranged from Vice President Dick Cheney to top officials of the Central Intelligence Agency. Most have likely never heard of Heide Rikan. Continue reading

Thinking out loud

A new movie is opening on Christmas Day titled “The Interview.” Being a comedy, one would assume that it’s an appropriate film for the celebration of the holiday season. Continue reading

This cruel and stupid charity needs transparency

Heifer International is a Little Rock-based Christian charity that “ends hunger and poverty” through sending live animals to poor people overseas. Despite its Unicef style photos of cute kids hugging cute animals which will soon be dinner, its projects have ended in sickness and death for the animals. Continue reading

At what point will Putin bend under Obama’s Ukraine extortion?

Have we reached the point where American economic warfare against Russia has become so painful that Putin has to stop standing between Bashar Assad and Obama? With the “one-two punch” of punitive banking and oil industry sanctions, followed by plunging oil prices, the American aggression is starting to bear evil fruit. Continue reading

The U.S. congressional declaration of war against Russia

The sixteen-page anti-Russian House Resolution 758, which was recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in an overwhelming vote, is a recipe for active U.S. military and intelligence operations against Russia. Continue reading

U.S. Supreme Court rules 8-1 that citizens have no protection against Fourth Amendment violations by police officers ignorant of the law

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a blow to the constitutional rights of citizens, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 8-1 in Heien v. State of North Carolina that police officers are permitted to violate American citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights if the violation results from a “reasonable” mistake about the law on the part of police. Acting contrary to the venerable principle that “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” the Court ruled that evidence obtained by police during a traffic stop that was not legally justified can be used to prosecute the person if police were reasonably mistaken that the person had violated the law. Continue reading

Deeds, not claims, say who we are

During the past three weeks we have been living in the United States, a wakeup call to reality that heralds Americans might not be quite the people we claim to be; not in the way we treat people within and beyond our borders. Torture and racial discrimination, different issues with similar amoral results, are intermittently resurfacing; creating great distress for the pharisaic promoters of Pax Americana . . . the self-proclaimed patriots convinced that America, given its predestined godly nature, can do no wrong. Continue reading

Anti-nuke activists fight to close Diablo Canyon

California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors are surrounded by earthquake faults they were never designed to withstand. They are riddled with design flaws and can’t meet basic fire safety standards. They dump huge quantities of hot water into the ocean in defiance of state water quality standards, killing billions of sea creatures. Continue reading

Iran nuclear talks extended: A perilous, slippery slope

Soon after the Iran nuclear talks were recently extended for another seven months (beyond the November 22, 2014, deadline), President Rouhani spoke with the Iranian people in a televised address in which he sought to portray the inconclusive negotiations as a diplomatic victory for Iran, as an indication that his team of negotiators “stood their ground” in the face of excessive demands by the US and its allies. Continue reading

‘That’s not who we are’

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the torture and rendition programs sponsored by the Bush administration has caused an uproar not only in the U.S., but internationally as well. Continue reading

American values only exist in Hollywood

It is irksome to hear US presidents admonishing other countries on human rights and alleged crimes against humanity, while trumpeting their own country’s set-in-stone values. A nation either operates on a certain set of values, ethics and principles or it does not. Values cannot be cherry-picked as a matter of convenience. US administrations go out of their way to present a squeaky clean facade and when they are caught on the hop, they invariably attempt to get themselves off the hook by stating the crimes in question were committed by a few bad apples who end up getting nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Continue reading

A plan for posterity: the presidential election of 2016

Here is a plan for posterity: Bernie Sanders for president, and Dennis Kucinich for vice president. Continue reading

Practicing subsidized un-medicine

Clutching newspaper clippings in one hand and a medical bag loaded with seeds in the other, my ersatz friend Dr. Franklin Peterson Comstock III, knocking down pregnant ladies, students, the elderly, and two burly construction workers who were waiting for a bus, rushed past me, leaving me in a close and personal encounter with the concrete. Continue reading

Bail-in and the Financial Stability Board: The global bankers’ coup

On December 11, 2014, the US House of Representatives passed a bill repealing the Dodd-Frank requirement that risky derivatives be pushed into big-bank subsidiaries, leaving our deposits and pensions exposed to massive derivatives losses. Continue reading

Torture is exactly who we are

I could not read the names without weeping—a list of the tortured detainees. I stared at each name, lingering, imagining, feeling. I thought of the euphemism, enhanced interrogation, like collateral damage, a manipulation of words to mitigate the depravity by making the unacceptable sound less repugnant. Continue reading

Drones and discrimination: Kick the habit

On December 10, International Human Rights Day, federal Magistrate Matt Whitworth sentenced me to three months in prison for having crossed the line at a military base that wages drone warfare. The punishment for our attempt to speak on behalf of trapped and desperate people, abroad, will be an opportunity to speak with people trapped by prisons and impoverishment here in the U.S. Continue reading

Is the United States attempting to overthrow Mugabe?

Last week, 90-year-old Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe “reportedly alleged that [his vice president] had been conspiring with the west and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to bring Zanu-PF down,” according to Mail and Guardian Africa. Continue reading

CIA has history of blanket denials

The Central Intelligence Agency, which lives and breathes according to the mantra of “plausible deniability,” has a long history of denying wrongdoing. Continue reading

Senate Torture Report exposes bizarre sexual voyeurism of Cheney, others

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s Study of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program, otherwise known as the “Torture Report,” contains a number of references to male sexual abuse also seen in past reports about torture at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and Guantanamo. Continue reading

Missouri judge convicts and sentences two peace activists for protesting drone warfare

Kathy Kelly gets 3-month prison sentence and Georgia Walker 1 year probation

JEFFERSON CITY, MO—On December 10, a federal magistrate found Georgia Walker, of Kansas City, MO, and Chicagoan Kathy Kelly guilty of criminal trespass to a military installation as a result of their June 1 effort to deliver a loaf of bread and a citizens’ indictment of drone warfare to authorities at Whiteman AFB. Continue reading

The war for America’s soul and treasure

Investigative reporter James Risen has written a new book, “Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War,” that gets to the heart of our current American Empire. Continue reading

‘I can’t breath’: Racism and war in America and beyond

America’s ruling elites are blatant in their intentions of maintaining “white privilege” at home and economic dominance by military means abroad. Continue reading