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The Russians are coming . . . again?

When I was a kid there were no two ways about it: Russians were bad, in fact, they were positively evil, and the emergency drills we practiced in grade school for a nuclear attack struck this truth home. Whether or not putting our heads under our desks would have done much for our safety is another thing altogether. The main point was that we should be afraid and that the Russians were the indisputable reason why. And there was no reason to question this. In my neighbourhood of second generation Italian immigrants who made it a habit to disagree about everything, this was something everybody agreed on. Continue reading

Lesser Evil: America’s winningest political candidate

Why, I am constantly being asked by my overseas peers, do you Americans have such affection for a creepy old pretender, a political candidate who’s been around forever, and all he has done is have his way with you? Does the “me-or-else” political ultimatum award Lesser Evil license to govern and rape? Whether dressed as Tweedledee or as Tweedledum, Lesser Evil righteously appears to so think; adding one more rosary bid in our march towards the 2016 presidential election . . . just as it happened in 2012 and, as I tap into my memory, to all other quadrennials before then. Continue reading

Oliver Stone: Americans have become truly barbaric

Did you know that Oliver Stone is a Vietnam vet? That explains a lot. No wonder he has come out so strongly against all the various American “war” fiascos since then. If you had suffered through all the shite that he did while fighting in Vietnam, you would most likely be anti-war as well. Continue reading

Brexit unmasks EU arrogance

Well done, Brexit! Congratulations and thank you! Continue reading

What makes a hate group?

“As a matter of fact, you have had a person attend your protests in Camp Douglas who has threatened to kill our Deputies.” This piece of startling news was revealed to me in a letter from Juneau County, Wisconsin, Undersheriff Craig Stuchlik, dated July 25. Continue reading

Vive la difference?

In a few brief brilliant lines the poet Burns conveys a paradox as profound as it is essential, as mysterious as it is misunderstood. Since the dawn of human consciousness, we have described ourselves as being intrinsically apart from Nature, whether by dint of divine creation or superior intelligence or the ability to laugh. We have christened ourselves the stewards of our habitat, and we have taken no prisoners during our mission to go forth, multiply and create dominion. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Clinton and Powell war criminal charade

Despite her best efforts and those of her friends in the corporate media, Hillary Clinton cannot escape her email scandal. In an attempt to comingle her responsibilities as secretary of state with her influence peddling at the Clinton Foundation, she used a private server to conduct all of her official, classified government duties. Continue reading

The genocide of a land

In our days of darkness, spreading ignorance, and absence of serious debate in public forums, we can take hope from the fact that some scholars still produce serious and informative books on the most critical issues of our time. If in the future policymakers again seek the guidance of truth, they will have the information at hand. Continue reading

Pentagon threatens to down Russian and Syrian planes

Syrian land and airspace are sovereign state territory. No foreign power may deny its military or other aircraft from operating anywhere within its borders—or Russian planes and ground personnel invited by its government. Continue reading

Children of the American police state: Just another brick in the wall

The nation’s young people have been given front-row seats for an unfolding police drama that is rated R for profanity, violence and adult content. Continue reading

How the corporate food industry is taking desperate steps to fight animal reforms

The worst offenders claim factory farming is ‘green.’

From “battery” cages in egg production to excessive antibiotics, food activists are fighting some of the worst “factory farm” practices. California’s Proposition 2, for example, outlawed caged (“battery”) egg production as of 2015. “Just because they are certain to end up on a dinner plate or in a barn producing eggs . . . doesn’t obviate the need to treat them humanely during their short lives,” read a Prop. 2 LA Times editorial about chickens. Continue reading

Hats off to Mother Jones

How many Americans know that America has privatized prisons, the shares of which are listed on stock exchanges? Free market ideologues provided cover for corrupt Republican politicians to divert taxpayers’ hard-earned money to favored political insiders with the false claim that prisons run by private owners are more cost effective. Continue reading

Creating transient realities in a non-contemplative world: Has propaganda vanquished art?

It has become a cliché to speak of our ever fast, ever distractible world of tweets and Facebook posts, of video games and fast-cut visuals that make one dizzy, a world of instantaneous response, a world laconic and ‘to the point.’ A world where information must be digested immediately, and resupplied, and then forgotten as a new wave of observations, facts and slogans takes its place. Continue reading

Aleppo Boy’s photographer: Ally of US-supported terrorists

New information on the Aleppo Boy story at the very least gives it the appearance of being an elaborately staged hoax. Continue reading

Can Russia survive Washington’s challenge?

News services abroad ask me if President Erdogan of Turkey will, as a result of the coup attempt, realign Turkey with Russia. At this time, there is not enough information for me to answer. Speculation in advance of information is not my forte. Continue reading

Not voting is a vote for?

Years ago when my husband Charles and I moved to Nashville, we were feted, intro’d to the Vanderbilt Medical Center community. As I mingled, the vice chancellor’s wife approached. “Have you found your church home?” Continue reading

Invasion of the empire’s pods

Remember the famous 1950′s film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”? It was produced to show the American public just how terrible Communism was. The fear card was played by having the pods suck away knowledge, along with the very essence individualism . . . as they slept. The victims of the pods became apathetic , with no passion or rational thinking mechanisms . . . just automatons (a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being).The main character in the movie became almost mad with a drive to stay awake and escape a city filled with these creatures. At film’s end, he does escape the town, but, as he is telling his story to the authorities, we see trucks driving down the highway filled with more and more pods. Continue reading

The quotable contradictory Donald Trump

The man formerly known as The Donald is entwined in a ball of contradiction. Continue reading

What became of the left?

Acquaintances of my generation are puzzled by the disappearance of the American left. They remember when there was far less war, far less monopoly capitalist theft, a less rich and powerful elite, less police violence against civilians, less militarization, less privatization and deregulation, fewer attacks on the social safety net, less propaganda from the media, and yet, despite the milder state of affairs, the left wing was present raising hell about it all. Continue reading

War to ‘stop’ war: Libya’s ‘Operation Odyssey Lightning’

The Obama Doctrine is ravaging the Middle East

Everyone seems to have a theory on how to obliterate ISIS, or ‘Daesh.’ However, two points are rarely raised: one, concerning the origins of the group and the second, on whether there are genuine intentions to defeat it, in the first place. Continue reading

Israel planning Third Temple on Al-Aqsa Mosque site?

It’s hard imagining Israel going this far, but who knows, given its longstanding persecution of Occupied Palestinians and its own Arab citizens—20% of its population unwanted, treated like fifth column threats. Continue reading

Will human evil destroy life on earth?

The World Wildlife Fund tells us that there are only 3,890 tigers left in the entire world. Due to exploitative capitalism, which destroys the environment in behalf of short-term profits, the habitat for tigers is rapidly disappearing. The environmental destruction, together with hunting or poaching by those who regard it as manly or profitable to kill a magnificent animal, is leading to the rapid extermination of this beautiful animal. Soon tigers will only exist as exhibits in zoos. Continue reading

Bored to death

As a motivating force in human affairs, boredom is hard to beat. Hatred, envy, lust, love, anger, jealousy: these are some of the alluring emotions that are often emphasized. But boredom—it is so boring! Why go there? It seems too simple an explanation for human behavior. Continue reading

Taking the wind out of Trump’s energy policy

Black letters against a yellow background. Black letters against white. White letters against black. On yard signs. On T-shirts. On baseball caps. All with the same message: “Trump Digs Coal.” Continue reading

Militarism in Chicago

US Air Force Thunderbirds and Navy Blue Angels perform stunt flying exhibitions in US air shows nationwide—their mission to promote militarism, imperial wars, and aid recruiting. Continue reading

Professor Noam Chomsky, anarchist, lectures leftists on why they should vote for neo-liberal, imperial war hawk, Hillary Clinton

In an article worthy of the convoluted and deceptive logic of the New York Times that he is so fond of criticizing, Noam Chomsky, together with John Halle, has published a piece on his website shilling for the election of Hillary Clinton. “An Eight Point Brief for LEV (Lesser Evil Voting)” also comes with a most unusual addendum: “Note: Professor Chomsky requests that he not be contacted with responses to this piece.” Continue reading

The greatest threat to our freedoms: A government of scoundrels, spies, thieves, ruffians, rapists and killers

The U.S. government remains the greatest threat to our freedoms. Continue reading

Cementing dodgy alliances

Donald Trump has accused President Obama and Hillary Clinton of being the “co-founders of Daesh” on three separate occasions eliciting questions about his sanity. He has since backtracked saying he was being sarcastic, an excuse he has offered many times when faced with a backlash over some of his most ridiculous statements. Continue reading

Britain pokes Arab allies in the eye

Nothing much surprises me these days. It really is a mad, mad world where norms existing for decades, if not centuries, are being overturned, and taboos breached. But I must admit to doing a double take when I read that the UK Home Office is actually inviting senior Muslim Brotherhood members, activists and their propagandists masquerading as journalists to apply for asylum. Continue reading

George Soros documents leaked

Notorious international con man Soros seeks new financial world order policies controlled by and exclusively benefitting monied interests like himself—to the detriment of most others. Continue reading

Everyone in the Middle East knows where terror comes from: Made in America

It seems like almost nobody in the Middle East these day dies peacefully in his or her sleep. If you live anywhere between Afghanistan and Libya right now, your chances of getting blown up, beheaded, starved, raped, tortured to death and/or “disappeared” are really, really good—almost as good as any chance you might have of dying of old age. Continue reading

Asymmetries of applied knowledge: Do we know enough to save ourselves?

During a recent illness, which necessitated a time of relative immobility for recuperation, I passed many hours watching scores of YouTube videos on topics I have followed as a layman for many years: cosmology, particle physics, and astrophysics. Roughly speaking, these generally superb videos—from the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada), from MIT, from Stanford University, from Arizona State University, from Imperial College, London, to the World Science Festival in New York, to name a few outlets—explored in multifarious and fascinating ways, the attempts of some of the most intelligent people of our species to understand the most fundamental mysteries of nature: the birth of the universe (or multiverse?), gravity waves, a grand unified theory incorporating quantum mechanics and relativity, the very nature of time, our accelerating universe, the theory of inflation following the Big Bang, the discrete or continuous nature of space-time—and on and on. Continue reading