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Foreshadowing the Trump legacy and what the genuine left must do to counter

President Trump has eluded predictions since he began his quest for the White House, most not imagining he would ever govern. Now it is possible to see where all of this is going, but, before that, we must assess how he got there. Continue reading

Has Britain jumped the gun on Russia’s culpability?

UK should produce convincing proof that Russia carried out the Salisbury nerve gas attack

Britain is justifiably angry at the attempted assassination of a Russian double agent and his daughter currently critically ill in a Salisbury hospital and the fact that a Russian nerve agent was the deadly contaminant is cause for serious consternation. That said, Prime Minister Theresa May’s rush to point a finger at Moscow with which her government has long had a frosty relationship, is open to question; except those who do ask inconvenient questions are shouted down as being unpatriotic in an atmosphere reminiscent of Cold War ‘Reds under the bed’ hysteria. Continue reading

The mad King Donald

Trump is moving into a new and more dangerous phase. Continue reading

Trump’s witch hunt

Remembering two politicians of conscience as the president dismantles democracy.

What a petty, venal, corrupt and foul thing it is. More media-generated homunculus than man, every day, Donald Trump behaves more and more like the cornered animal desperately trying to save itself by viciously biting in every direction, pulling out every nasty trick that has worked for him before. But now he gnashes his teeth on a global stage so vast that the pettiness of his vindictiveness is unconcealed, cast in a spotlight that diminishes every American. Continue reading

The Cold War forever

On March 7, British police said that a former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia were found unconscious on a bench in Salisbury, a city southwest of London. The police said that Skripal had been “targeted specifically” with a nerve agent. Skripal was jailed in Russia in 2006 for passing state secrets to Britain. He was released in 2010 as part of a spy swap. Continue reading

The rise of fascism . . . the rise of anti-Jewish sentiment once again

Approximately 82 years ago I was born in New York City to Jewish parents. Therefore, I am a Jew by birth but an atheist by choice. However, as far as the fascists are concerned, as demonstrated in the 1930s and 40s, I am a Jew regardless of my beliefs or lifestyle. Continue reading

Inside the medical device racket

Millions of Americans have under-regulated and overhyped devices in their bodies.

Imagine a TV ad for a hip replacement device. Over scenes of the puppies and sunsets, a voiceover warns, “Hip replacements may cause tissue death, the destruction of muscles, bones and ligaments, nerve damage, mental changes, thyroid disorder, vision and hearing problems and heart failure.” Such ads may soon be part of primetime viewing, not just because the device industry is starting to advertise but because medical device side effects are as scary as, if not worse than, drug side effects. Continue reading

Further signs of more war: A most dangerous game

Donald Trump’s days of playing the passive-aggressive host of a reality-television game show are coming to an end. Either he fires all the apprentices who might slightly hesitate to wage a much larger world war and lets the bombs fly, or he will be replaced by one who will. Signs are that he has learned what his job entails and the world will suffer more death and destruction as a result. Continue reading

The most perilous time in world history got worse

Events ongoing should terrify everyone—things likely heading for greater war than already. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Talking to North Korea

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly referred to as North Korea, has every right to develop nuclear weapons. It is a sovereign state and should be able to produce weapons that the United States or other nations already possess. In any case the Koreans would be very foolish not to have the protection that may keep the empire at bay. The DPRK is acutely aware of the fate that befalls nations that do not possess these arms. Iraq attempted to create a nuclear program but it was destroyed by Israel in an airstrike. Libya didn’t have a nuclear program and neither did Syria. All were attacked by the United States and NATO because they were naked in the face of aggression. American hysteria over North Korean nuclear development is a fraud that must be ignored. The DPRK’s right to self-determination must be defended. Continue reading

Say no to “hardening” the schools with zero tolerance policies and gun-toting cops

Just what we don’t need: more gun-toting, taser-wielding cops in government-run schools that bear an uncomfortable resemblance to prisons. Continue reading

Will Israeli policies change if Netanyahu leaves office?

If scandal-plagued Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exits his country’s political scene today, who is likely to replace him? And what does this mean as far as Israel’s Occupation of Palestine is concerned? Continue reading

What Secretary of State Tillerson’s firing means

Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY) says Tillerson’s firing indicates that the Trump administration is disintegrating. I understand why Senator Schumer sees it that way, especially following all the other dismissals and resignations. Continue reading

6 ways millennials will clean up the mess boomers left them

Baby Boomers—my generation, born between 1946 and 1964—dominated politics and the economy for years. There were just more Boomers than people of any other generation. But that’s no longer the case. Now, the biggest generation is the Millennials, born between 1983 and 2000. Continue reading

Forget the Dow Jones. How’s Doug Jones?

The stock market is owned by the rich. It tells you little about how ordinary Americans are doing.

Language matters. For example, the words that corporate and government officials use to report on the health of America’s economy can either make clear to us commoners what’s going on—or hide and even lie about the reality we face. Continue reading

Pompeo replacing Tillerson at State

The change was unceremoniously announced by Trump with Tillerson abroad. Continue reading

World War 3 is approaching

The Russians, in their anxiety to show the West how friendly they are, left Washington with a toehold in Syria, which Washington is using to reopen the war. The Russians’ failure to finish the job has left Washington’s foreign mercenaries, misrepresented in the American presstitute media as “freedom fighters,” in a Syrian enclave. To get the war going again, Washington has to find a way to come to the aid of its mercenaries. Continue reading

In defence of the Visegrad Group

The name of a quiet medieval town in Hungary—Visegrad—has in recent times become synonymous with the word “rebellion” in Brussels. Continue reading

America: World’s leading merchant of death

The Center for International Policy’s (CIP) Security Assistance Monitor (SAM) follows US foreign security aid and arms sales. Continue reading

Kevin Love: Making a hole in denial

In his moving essay revealing his existential anxiety and panic attack, NBA star Kevin Love has touched a nerve that underlies not just sports and male experience, but life itself. He is right to say, “This is an everyone thing.” In doing so, he has performed a public service far beyond getting men and boys to open up about their fears and feelings. He has, as befits his surname, opened many people to a consideration of the marriage of love and death, and why all efforts to divorce them result in the diminishment of life’s passion and intensity. Continue reading

Putin explains why Russia’s new weapons can’t be stopped by ABMs

In a “Russia Insight” TV interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin that was uploaded to YouTube with English subtitles on March 10, NBC’s Megyn Kelly asked him why America’s ABMs wouldn’t be able to knock out Russia’s new missiles. He answered (16:40): “We have created a set of new strategic weapons that do not follow ballistic trajectories, and the anti-missile defence systems are powerless against them. This means that the U.S. taxpayers’ money has been wasted.” Continue reading

The banality of evil in the war on drugs

The New York Times published a story last week about prisoners who die while still incarcerated. Continue reading

America’s Shkreli problem

On Friday, Martin Shkreli was sentenced to seven years in prison. What if anything does Shkreli’s fall tell us about America? Continue reading

Language and empathy in Cambodia

Cambodia makes good, cheap beer, so I was sitting in some lunch place with yet another can of Angkor, after having polished off a plate of fatty pork with rice. Two tables away, a girl sat, doing her homework. She had a machine that sang out, “Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!” and so on. Suddenly, it switched to, “and girls . . . just want to have fun!” It’s all good, for it was all in English, and this girl needed a constant fix of the world’s master language, if she wanted to get ahead, that is, but what if English should wane as the lingua franca during her lifetime? It won’t matter much, as long as she can make a few bucks from her English skills. Continue reading

Dictator for life: The rise of the American imperial president

I’m not a fan of Communist China. Continue reading

Make-believe America

Americans live a never-never land existence. The politicians and presstitutes make sure of that. Continue reading

Ahed’s generation: Why the youth in Palestine must break free from dual oppression

As global voices continue to demand the freedom of 17-year-old teenage Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi, Israeli authorities have arrested nine additional members of her family. Continue reading

The only Jewish ghetto in the Middle East

Al Jazeera reported Wednesday that the Israeli parliament has passed a law that allows the Minister of Interior to revoke the residency rights of any Palestinian in Jerusalem on grounds of a “breach of loyalty” to Israel. Continue reading

Netanyahu at AIPAC’s annual Israel lovefest

Benjamin Netanyahu is a world class thug, facing possible indictment for fraud and breach of trust, his dark side ignored at AIPAC, attendees welcoming him rapturously. Continue reading

Washington is intent on destroying Iran

On February 18, the leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, declared that Iran “is trying to establish this continuous empire surrounding the Middle East from the south in Yemen but also trying to create a land bridge from Iran to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. This is a very dangerous development for our region.” Netanyahu’s presentation was dismissed by the Iranian foreign minister as “a cartoonish circus,” but it was nonetheless a reflection of the policy of the United States, which is Israel’s mentor and unconditional ally. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: ‘Black Panther’ movie: A black face in a high place

The desire to see a black face in a high place is a legacy of slavery and the century of Jim Crow segregation that followed. The psychological impact of America’s apartheid is enduring, and unlikely to end without true revolutionary change. Continue reading

Corporations are spending their tax cut—on themselves

Instead of creating jobs, big businesses are using their tax cut bonanza to hike stock value and CEO pay.

Remember last year when Donald Trump and his congressional Trumpeteers bragged that their “yuge” tax cut for corporations would spark a “yuge” corporate spending spree to create new jobs and higher wages? Continue reading