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Russia invades Ukraine. Again. And again. And yet again . . . using Saddam’s WMD

“Russia reinforced what Western and Ukrainian officials described as a stealth invasion on Wednesday [August 27], sending armored troops across the border as it expanded the conflict to a new section of Ukrainian territory. The latest incursion, which Ukraine’s military said included five armored personnel carriers, was at least the third movement of troops and weapons from Russia across the southeast part of the border this week.” Continue reading

Talk of a Third Intifada: Where to from here, Palestine?

When a journalist tries to do a historian’s job, the outcome can be quite interesting. Using history as a side note in a brief news report or political analysis oftentimes does more harm than good. Now imagine if that journalist was not dependable to begin with, even more than it being “interesting,” the outcome runs the risk of becoming a mockery. Continue reading

It’s not what Obama says, but what he does

Four rabbis, three of them American citizens, plus a police officer were killed by two Palestinian “terrorists” on Tuesday, November 18. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Jackson, Sharpton, Holder and Ferguson

If a picture is worth 1,000 words the photo above proves the old adage to be true. This image encapsulates so much that is wrong with the so-called leaders of the black political class. Each of the three men depicted make a mockery of any claim to be allies of black people. Continue reading

The white man as weapon of mass destruction—part 4

When does perception become reality? Continue reading

21st century Amerika: The Fourth Reich

In Joachim Fest’s fine biography of Adolf Hitler, aptly titled ‘Hitler,’ we learn many things never before taught in our World History classes here. To delve into it now with the needed detail from this 700+ page masterpiece would be futile for me the columnist. There is just so much to digest and comprehend about this Austrian of little education and no professional calling who became the Fuhrer. Yet, throughout the book one cannot help but realize just how much the movers and shakers of our Amerikan empire copied tactics and outright propaganda from the Hitler gang. Continue reading

Beware of evil beings in cyberspace

Internet users are plagued by viruses, spam and government spying, which we know is happening thanks to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. But you may not be aware that there are gangs of cheats and blackmailers prepared to ruin your reputation, if not your life, for a whole lot more than a fistful of dollars. Continue reading

Living with insanity

Harper, Abbott, and Cameron at the Brisbane G-20

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is reported by a spokesman, to have had the following exchange with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Brisbane G-20 summit: “Well, I guess I’ll shake your hand, but I only have one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine.” Putin is said to have replied, “Impossible. Since we are not there.” Continue reading

The white man as weapon of mass destruction—part 3

And now, we come to the 21st century where the white man, under the leadership of the United States, continues his journey toward global destruction. Continue reading

The Devil’s bargain: The illusion of a trouble-free existence in the American police state

It’s no coincidence that during the same week in which the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in Yates v. United States, a case in which a Florida fisherman is being threatened with 20 years’ jail time for throwing fish that were too small back into the water, Florida police arrested a 90-year-old man twice for violating an ordinance that prohibits feeding the homeless in public. Continue reading

What we truly learned from the Great War and the absurdity of Remembrance Day

No matter what high-blown claims the politicians make each year on Remembrance Day, the Great War was essentially a fight between two branches of a single royal family over the balance of power on the continent of Europe, British foreign policy holding to a longstanding principle that no one nation should ever be permitted to dominate the continent. Continue reading

The white man as weapon of mass destruction—part 2

“The history of U.S. and European white power is a history of war and violence inflicted upon the peoples of the world. It is a history of land theft and slavery that gave rise to the dominant world capitalist economy. Continue reading

Looming US ground wars in Iraq and Syria

Current US direct and proxy wars aren’t enough. Obama has more death and destruction in mind. Continue reading

The white man as weapon of mass destruction—part 1

To understand the impact the white man has had on world history, we must take a look at the deaths, destruction, and chaos that the white man has created. Continue reading

Perpetuating a myth

Because I call out voting as futile, I’m not allowed to complain. At least that’s what a few readers have expressed, some outraged, admonishing, pressuring, writing: “People have died for the right to vote.” Continue reading

World survival requires European uprising

Don’t count on the United States to be politically prudent in dealing with other nations of the world at any level. Maintaining hegemony, the American ruling-elite feels, is accomplished best not through overly cautious or moderating discussion, but through a strong, unrelenting campaign of discrete belligerence: showing your teeth but holding your bite. Continue reading

Thanksgiving air travel expands or why we’ll never get rid of the TSA

I know I sound like a broken record. That’s why, as the years have gone by, I’m writing less and less about the TSA. Because I increasingly see it as pointless. And judging by the activity of our other writers here at TSA News, I’m not alone. Continue reading

Political Bunraku

For those who are not familiar, Bunraku is an old form of Japanese puppet theater, its distinctive characteristic being that the puppeteers are on the stage with their puppets, dressed in black so that the audience can pretend not to see them. Continue reading

The coming neocon troublemaking for U.S. foreign policy

(WMR)—Perhaps already anticipating pressure from Senator John McCain and other pro-Israeli Republican neocons, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey, only days after the Republican electoral victory, told the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs that he thought that “Israel went to extraordinary lengths to limit collateral damage and civilian casualties” in Gaza. Dempsey’s opinion was in marked contrast to previous statements in which he said the U.S. must not fight Assad in Syria while also battling the Islamic State. Continue reading

The vicious politico-religious Sunni-Shi’ite civil war that the U.S. has ignited in Iraq and in Syria

When the U.S. administration of George W. Bush (2001-2009) decided to illegally invade militarily the country of Iraq and overthrow the Sunni government of Saddam Hussein, against the advice of many thinking persons, it opened a “Pandora Box” of woes that is still spewing out its calamities today, and probably will for many years to come. This is the first and foremost cause of the current quagmire prevailing in Iraq and in Syria today. Continue reading

Political prophecies: Sealing the fate of al-Aqsa

Israel’s decision to shut down al-Aqsa Mosque on Thursday, 30 October, is not just a gross violation of the religious rights of Palestinian Muslims. Continue reading

The FBI: America’s Secret Police

Secret police. Secret courts. Secret government agencies. Surveillance. Intimidation tactics. Harassment. Torture. Brutality. Widespread corruption. Entrapment schemes. Continue reading

A nation of fear

Maintenance workers at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa., airport shot and killed a bear and her three cubs. Continue reading

Another cremation debacle thanks to TSA

Actually, debacle is too tame a word. Crime is more like it. Continue reading

Sanctions: Diplomatic weapons of mass criminality

Mid-term elections are over, and the anticipated trouncing of Democrats in Congress took place without a hitch, even if the media selfishly played the uncertainty card. Continue reading

The knives are out for Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself in unfamiliar territory. He has tumbled from his once set-in-stone international pinnacle and how! Netanyahu is increasingly feeling the cold and this time it is emanating from Israel’s tried and true allies. Continue reading

Zombies are us: The walking dead in the American police state

Fear and paranoia have become hallmarks of the modern American experience, impacting how we as a nation view the world around us, how we as citizens view each other, and most of all how our government views us. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The world must judge America’s human rights abuses

Black people in this country are brutalized by police on a daily basis. That has always been true but thanks to modern technology there is a steady stream of proof caught on video. Accessing the Internet means inevitably being confronted with awful imagery such as Marlene Pinnock being beaten by a highway patrolman in California. We see Eric Garner murdered by the NYPD, pleading that he couldn’t breathe. Continue reading

Fighting for survival in the Sinai: Egypt’s convenient war

Sinai is both heaven and hell. This triangular desert boasts an arid landscape of hopeless horizons often interrupted by leftover military hardware from previous wars. The land is comprised of breathtaking beaches, incredible history, and a fusion of fascinating cultures that reach back into the past as far as ancient times can possibly go. This thrilling land of contradictions is amazing, yet lethal. Continue reading

The Tyrant Party

The United States appears to be controlled by an oligarchy in which the American Israel Public Affiars Committee (AIPAC) is a major player, accompanied by many of the major corporations in the United States and elsewhere. That there is such a party is pure conjecture, but it is conjecture that is motivated by an abundance of facts. Call it the Tyrant Party because it rules independently of the will of the people. Continue reading

Israel is sworn enemy of Latin America’s progressive women presidents

(WMR)—Through its actions in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, the so-called “ABC” countries all currently governed by progressive women presidents, Israel has identified itself as an enemy of not only progressive governments in Latin America but particularly those with female leaders. Continue reading

Cowardice plagues Pennsylvania House of Representatives

The Institute for Legislative Action of the National Rifle Association (NRA-ILA) gives politicians Defender of Freedom awards. The award, accompanied by a glowing press release, has little to do with freedom; it has everything to do with legislators advancing the NRA agenda. Continue reading