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How should White America relate to Black History Month?

Some European Americans openly admit to being white supremacists. Their awful remarks can be seen on neo-Nazi websites. A greater societal danger, however, emanates from far more numerous crypto-racists who hide their bigotry behind dog-whistle code words. Continue reading

Vote as the class you are, not the race you aren’t

As the incumbent occupier of subsidized housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue works on his legacy by fending off mad dogs of the neo-zio-con right and still bringing us closer to provoking war with Russia, a seemingly eternal presidential race for the next tenant continues while the nation passes through a critical period of confusion, disinformation and social-economic disorder. All this is part of the divide and rule politics to reinforce the weakening foundation of a political economic structure that threatens a global as well as national population if it ever collapses. Continue reading

Who does Our Soldiers Speak speak for?

Our Soldiers Speak claims to be an organization that is an independent, U.S. based, non-governmental organization (NGO). Continue reading

Freedom Rider: America’s endless wars

America’s grand fantasy of a Project for a New American Century has experienced a serious setback. Yet this country still isn’t dissuaded from pursuing the imperial effort. For five years, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad stood his ground and ignored Barack Obama’s refrain that he “must go.” Fortunately Assad didn’t leave or give up the fight. Russian president Vladimir Putin finally stood beside him in deed and not just in words. The alliance is a textbook case of how nations ought to behave within the parameters of international law. Continue reading

Dangerous speech: Would the founders be considered domestic extremists today?

Not only has free speech become a four-letter word—profane, obscene, uncouth, not to be uttered in so-called public places—but in more and more cases, the government deems free speech to be downright dangerous and in some instances illegal. Continue reading

Landslide New Hampshire primary results

Iowa caucuses portend little, rarely if ever determining what’s to follow. New Hampshire was the first primary. Continue reading

The Kochs are ghostwriting America’s story

Progressives need to fight back with their own "metanarrative" against the tall tales of the right wing.

Gather round for the word of the day: metanarrative. Definitions vary but let’s say it’s one big narrative that connects the meaning of events to a belief thought to be an essential truth, the storytelling equivalent of the unified field theory in physics. Continue reading

Are the payroll jobs reports merely propaganda statements?

US economics statistics are so screwed up that they do not provide an accurate picture. Continue reading

Next onslaught in Gaza: Why the status quo is a precursor for war

It is not true that only three wars have taken place since Hamas won parliamentary elections in 2006 in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Other wars that were deemed insignificant or ‘skirmishes’ also took place. Operation Returning Echo in March 2012, for example, killed and wounded over 100 people. But since the death toll, relative to the other major onslaughts seemed trivial, it was not cited as ‘war’, per se. Continue reading

Marching bands and high school PE

The Millard Public Schools in Omaha, Neb., will not allow its students to substitute marching band for its requirement that students take three semesters of physical education. Continue reading

My unique perspective of the Russian-Turkish crisis

Born and raised in Russia I live in Germany, and my boyfriend is Turkish. I spend at least 4 months a year in Turkey but I still have my family and friends back home in Russia. So I found myself in a rather interesting position in the recent Russian-Turkish crisis. Continue reading

Assange’s detention is a farce

Julian Assange says he’s been vindicated. The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has pronounced that the Wikileaks editor, sought by the United States for publishing thousands of embarrassing documents and wanted for questioning by Swedish prosecutors in connection with rape allegations, has found in his favour. Continue reading

New Hampshire The birthplace of electronic election theft

As the New Hampshire primary lurches toward the finish line, the reality of electronic election theft looms over the vote count. Continue reading

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

“Self-described socialist” . . . How many times have we all read that term in regard to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders? But is he really a socialist? Or is he a “social democrat,” which is what he’d be called in Europe? Or is he a “democratic socialist,” which is the American party he has been a member of (DSA—Democratic Socialists of America)? And does it really matter which one he is? They’re all socialists, are they not? Continue reading

Hungarian lessons

I was surprised by how grimy and sooty Budapest was. So many of its buildings, once gorgeous, were in an advanced state of decay. This city looked better before World War II, for sure, and certainly a century ago. Since escaping Communism, Budapest is regaining its glories, though not at the same pace as Prague. There’s a peculiar local fad called ruin pubs, where hip types can drink and dance in these half wrecked buildings. Too creaky to boogie, I only glimpsed them from the outside, but they didn’t look half bad. Continue reading

America created Daesh (ISIS)

America created global terrorist groups at least since the CIA’s involvement against Soviet Russia in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Continue reading

After Iowa . . . can Bernie win a ‘strip & flip’ selection?

Bernie Sanders has shown in Iowa that he’s a viable candidate . . . and more. Considering Bernie was down 50 points just a while ago, Iowa has sent a clear signal that this campaign must be taken seriously. Continue reading

Something rotten in Iowa

When establishment candidate A defeats upstart candidate B by six coin toss wins, a 1.6% likelihood or virtual impossibility, red lights flash fraud. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s deliberate deceit

Hillary Clinton is an exceptionally skillful politician. Collectively, she and her husband Bill have parlayed their political experience into at least $125 million in speaking fees alone. According to Bloomberg, Hillary was paid $12 million in the 16 months after leaving her role as US secretary of state. Knowing she’d likely run for president, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley (and other big Wall Street corporations) gladly paid her $2.9 million in speaking fees alone. The same Wall Street corporations then gave her campaign super PACs millions more. Coincidence? Continue reading

2016 presidential election: Hillary’s progressive Halloween costume

“Everybody wants to get inta da act! Inka dinka doo, a dinka dee, a dinka doo.” Our parents, our grandparents, remembering the ‘40s or ‘50s are likely to smile if reminded of that entertainer, Jimmy Durante, who traversed from vaudeville to the early days of television with his antics. Continue reading

UN rules Julian Assange is ‘arbitrarily detained’

The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has ruled that Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained by the “democratic” governments of Sweden and the UK and is entitled to his freedom and compensation for detention by the two “democratic” governments. Continue reading

Poland looking west

In 1985, Czeslaw Milosz said in an interview, “The importance of the movement in Poland, of Solidarity, is that it is not just a Polish phenomenon. It exemplifies a basic issue of the twentieth century. Namely, resistance to the withering away of society and its domination by the state. In the Poland of Solidarity, owing to some historical forces, there was a kind of resurgence, or renaissance, of the society against the state. Continue reading

What accounts for the Saudi regime’s hysterical belligerence?

The agony of death

The purpose of this essay is to explain, not describe, the frantically belligerent behavior of the Saudi regime. The goal is not to delve into what the regime and its imperialist enablers have done, or are doing; that unsavory record of atrocities, both at home and abroad, is abundantly exposed by other writers/commentators. It is, rather, to focus on why they have done or are doing what they do. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The problem of Bernie Sanders and the ‘Left’

The love that many self-described leftists have for Bernie Sanders seemingly defies logic and political sense. Or perhaps it should be said that the idol worship fits a long standing pattern that ought to die once and for all. Simply put, many people who call themselves leftists are nothing of the sort. They are merely Democrats who live in hope that their party will be a tiny bit liberalish but not actually make meaningful change. Devoid of any true political leanings they really just long for someone to love. Every four years they follow a candidate down the road to hell while declaring they are on the way to heaven. Continue reading

Television, football and politics: Gaming spectacles designed to keep the police state in power

If there are two spectacles that are almost guaranteed to render Americans passive viewers, incapable of doing little more than cheering on their respective teams, it’s football and politics—specifically, the Super Bowl and the quadrennial presidential election. Continue reading

Both parties agree: Selling out is worth it

The lobbying industry, despite a small decline in revenue, is still the fastest way to make big bucks in Washington.

Pity poor Washington. No doubt breaking the hearts of elected and appointed government officials, their staffs and hangers-on, the Open Secrets blog at the Center for Responsive Politics reports that the “influence industry appears to be contracting, and the trend continued in 2015.” Continue reading

Were Iowa caucuses rigged?

America is notorious for electoral rigging, fraud commonplace since at least the 1824 presidential race, the outcome called the “Corrupt Bargain.” Continue reading

Can Libya survive yet more US assistance?

Daesh is losing ground and income from sales of oil in both Syria and Iraq. Foreign fighters have had their wages cut by half. Under pressure from US-led coalition, Russian and Syrian regime bombs and renewed resistance from local populations, the group is eying the area around the oil-rich Libyan city of Sirte as its new “capital.” Continue reading

Upholding our values

There appears to be some confusion in official Washington circles . . . what exactly are our values? Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Flint, Michigan, and democracy

Americans are browbeaten and propagandized into believing they live in a democracy. The word democracy is bandied about with such consistent ferocity that the expression “protesting too much” comes to mind. The story of the tainted Flint, Michigan, water supply is Exhibit A in the prosecution of the American system. The sad story reveals the lie of government by and for the people. Continue reading

Let’s ask Obama to give this speech next

It's time for the president to make federal contractors disclose their political spending.

Barack Obama once confessed to politics’ original sin but has yet to atone for it. He now has an opportunity to do so. Continue reading

Gaza speaks: This Is what the decade-long siege has done to us

Whenever Mariam Aljamal’s children hear the sound of thunder at night, they wet their beds. Their reaction is almost instinctive, and is shared by a large number of children throughout the Gaza Strip. Continue reading