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Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review: Planning for nuclear war?

In December 2016, President-elect Trump on nuclear weapons ominously tweeted, “Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.” Continue reading

Toxiphobe leaders tend to be paranoid tyrants

Recent revelations about President Donald Trump’s fear of poisoning from food or from his toothbrush are the fodder of political thriller novels or motion pictures. Trump’s alleged fears were revealed in the newly-published political kiss-and-tell book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” written by journalist Michael Wolff. There have been leaders throughout history who have fretted about being poisoned to death by political opponents. In some cases, these leaders had good reason to be worried, because poisons introduced into their food and drink is how they were ultimately dispatched by their political adversaries. Continue reading

It’s all right, Ma . . . I’m only bleeding!

Many thanks to Bob Dylan’s great song of the same name. What rankles me is how so many of my friends, neighbors and acquaintances seem to accept how far down the rabbit hole our Amerikan society has fallen. Continue reading

The ugly American: It’s not really about Trump

First, let me get this out of the way . . . Donald Trump is a loudmouth, arrogant, narcissistic, racist, misogynist pig. Have I made my feelings clear? Continue reading

‘New World Order’ is falling apart

One of the more welcomed outcomes of the paring back of the U.S. State Department bureaucracy is the elimination of scores of “status quo enthusiasts.” Since the end of World War II, the State Department’s ranks have been populated by foreign service officers and career diplomats who have championed the international status quo. Continue reading

Scandal-ridden Trump crosses red lines unchallenged

It is hard to keep up with the US president’s insults and shock policy decisions yet the Republican Party is sticking with him. He has labeled Mexicans as rapists. He did his best to enact a Muslim entry ban. He gleefully threw rolls of paper towels at traumatised Puerto Ricans, many without food, water and shelter in the aftermath of a hurricane. He insisted a crowd of white supremacist protesters in Charlottesville included good people. Continue reading

41 hearts beating in Guantanamo

January 11, 2018, marked the 16th year that Guantanamo prison has exclusively imprisoned Muslim men, subjecting many of them to torture and arbitrary detention. Continue reading

Another step toward Armageddon

The US military/security complex has taken another step toward Armageddon. The Pentagon has prepared a nuclear posture review (NPR) that gives the OK to development of smaller “usable” nuclear weapons and permits their use in response to a non-nuclear attack. Continue reading

Trump is an embarrassment to the office he holds

Trump’s not unique. So were the Clintons, Bush/Cheney, Obama and other past US presidents—hostile to peace, democratic values, rule of law principles and social justice. Continue reading

World War I: Crime and punishment

In 1887, Frederick Engels made a chilling prediction of the war that would come in 1914: “The only war left for Prussia-Germany to wage will be a world war, a world war, moreover of an extent of violence hitherto unimagined. Eight to ten million soldiers will be at each other’s throats and in the process they will strip Europe barer than a swarm of locusts. The depredations of the Thirty Years’ War compressed into three to four years and extended over the entire continent; famine, disease, the universal lapse into barbarism.” Continue reading

Describing Trump: 6 euphemisms for conduct unbecoming a president

Now that Trump has been president for almost a year, it’s time the media called his behavior for what it is rather than try to normalize it. Here are the six most misleading media euphemisms for conduct unbecoming a president . . . Continue reading

Election 2020 foresight

The Golden Globes: Hollywood’s most prominent women, costumed in black to support the #MeToo movement, were misty eyed, wonderstruck when Oprah Winfrey delivered her first campaign speech, inspiring liberals throughout the USA! USA! USA! to an orgasmic shattering-of-the-glass-ceiling altitude. Some among the crowd appeared transfixed, transcending the secular. Their faces rapt, as if they were witness to the birth of a saviorette. This time, one beloved enough to defeat Donald Trump. Fast forward to when there would be no need for a post-inauguration multitude of pussy-hat wearers from towns and cities throughout the country, walking, driving, busing, flying, raging to Washington, D.C., to protest the defeat of a neoliberal, regime-change warmongering, homogametic narcissist by a pussy grabbing, white nationalist, soon-to-be warmonger, heterogametic narcissist. Continue reading

Justice denied: The government is not going to save us

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled: it will not hear the case of Young v. Borders. Continue reading

Tyranny in America

America was never the land of the free and home of the brave from inception—far from it. Continue reading

Trump already fading into irrelevance

Key factors are now coming together to indicate that Donald Trump’s presidency is already doomed, even if he survives to the end of his term as president. His remaining chances of being elected to any public office are near zero; even his success with the Republican Party has doomed—tainted for years, if not ended—that party, made it not just repulsive, but increasingly repulsive, both inside and outside the United States; and, here is how, and why, this extraordinary phenomenon is happening . . . Continue reading

What should we be fighting for?

Many years ago, when I was young, vibrant and, I thought, sexy, I learned an important political lesson . . . the powers that be couldn’t care less what we, the people, felt, wanted, or needed. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Trump love endures

The recently published book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” is an inside account of the Donald Trump campaign and presidency. One of its more stunning revelations confirms what informed people said about Donald Trump in 2016. He did not think he would win, indeed he had not intended to win. His campaign was a self-promotion extravaganza gone wrong. He went to bed early on election night because he thought the night would belong to Hillary Clinton. Continue reading

The rise and fall of America’s middle class

The middle class was built by movements—and can be rebuilt by movements.

Ever since 1776, the “common yeoman”—America’s middle class—has been hailed as the virtuous heart and backbone of our nation. Continue reading

A football game ain’t no war, Big Daddy

Burl Ives, playing Big Daddy, told Paul Newman, playing his son Brick Pollitt, “Life ain’t no football game, boy” in the movie adaptation of Tennessee Williams’s play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which I saw in 1958. Continue reading

Trump to deport Salvadoran refugees

The US 1990 Immigration Act established a procedure for granting temporary protected status (TPS) to refugees and asylum seekers unable to be safe in their home countries because of armed conflict, extreme violence, an environmental disaster, or other extraordinary conditions. Continue reading

How Jeff Bezos’s Washington post became the U.S. military-industrial complex’s chief propagandist

It used to be that the New York Times and the Washington Post competed against each other to be the chief propagandist for the hundred or so top firms who sell to the U.S. federal government—the 100 top “federal contractors,” almost all of which are Pentagon contractors—mainly these are weapons-manufacturing firms, such as the biggest, Lockheed Martin. Continue reading

Haley takes her orders from Adelson, Kushner, and pro-Israeli Sikh clerics

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is taking her cues on U.S. Middle East policy from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and pro-Israeli Sikhs clerics. Haley, an Indian-American whose Sikh parents were born in India, considers herself a Christian, but practices a hybrid religion, one in which she also attends Sikh religious services. Continue reading

The imperialist’s playbook

All football fans know that every team has its own playbook. Every player on the team gets a copy of the playbook and learns what his role and responsibility is on every play his team runs. Key elements to a team’s playbook is the use of deception and misdirection. This allows the team to attempt to defeat the other team with a well organized, disciplined game plan. Continue reading

Seriously, how dumb is Trump?

For more than a year now, I’ve been hearing from people in the inner circles of official Washington—GOP lobbyists, Republican pundits, even a few Republican members of Congress—that Donald Trump is remarkably stupid. Continue reading

Communists vs. fascists

Two blocks from my front door, there are two signs in a house window, “FASCIST SCUM YOUR TIME IS DONE,” “WHITE SUPREMACY IS TERRORISM.” Seeing them, my 71-year-old friend, Felix, snarled, “I feel like throwing a rock through that window! How dare he comes into this neighborhood and calls us fascists!” Interesting, Felix’s immediate assumption that the man was a newcomer, that is, an outsider who had intruded to find the locals more than deplorable. Continue reading

Happy New Year

2018 is going to be a fun, fun year. And to better prepare yourself for all the merrymaking here is a calendar of some of the more delightful things to look forward to. Continue reading

Don the Con’s excellent neocon adventure

Donald Trump, under the influence of three of the most rabid Zionists and pro-Israeli expansionists serving in the U.S. government, has adopted a foreign policy that could only have been dreamed about during the George W. Bush-Dick Cheney administration. Continue reading

Trump & Co.’s vile anti-immigrationism

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director L. Francis Cissna displayed an odious hostility to liberty at a press briefing this week when he tried to associate immigration with terrorism. Continue reading

Will 2018 bring greater US fire and fury?

Only Cassandra was good at predicting future events. I dislike predictions, but here goes. Continue reading

Iran in 2018

In 1953 Washington and Britain overthrew the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mosaddegh and installed a dictator to rule Iran for the benefit of Washington and the British. In declassified documents, the CIA has admitted its role in overthrowing the Iranian government. The overthrow pattern is always the same. Washington hires protesters, then introduces violence, controls the explanation, and unseats the government. Continue reading

2018 US foreign policy: Expect continuance of cataract vision

Changes in US administrations, whether they occur quadrennially or extend a full eight years, only have an atmospherics’ impact on foreign relations but seldom, if ever, on foreign policy. At least, that appears to be the case from the time Ronald W. Reagan assumed the presidency (1981) and, more obviously, since Mikhail (Herod Antipas) Gorbachev gifted to (Salome) America the Soviet Union on a silver platter a decade later, as the head of baptismal communism in the Western world. Continue reading

Getting ahead of the Ahed Tamini story. . .

Did a sixteen-year-old Palestinian girl named Ahed Tamimi actually dare to slap an Israeli soldier? Yeah she did. And not only once but a bunch of times too. How and why? Listen up. Here’s the true story. You heard it here first. Continue reading