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The biggest threat to US national security is the US government

A dictatorship does not represent the public but only the aristocracy that, behind the scenes, controls the government. Continue reading

You want to make America great again? Start by making America free again

Living in a representative republic means that each person has the right to take a stand for what they think is right, whether that means marching outside the halls of government, wearing clothing with provocative statements, or simply holding up a sign. Continue reading

A global people’s bailout for the coming crash

When the global financial crisis resurfaces, we the people will have to fill the vacuum in political leadership. It will call for a monumental mobilisation of citizens from below, focused on a single and unifying demand for a people’s bailout across the world.

A full decade since the great crash of 2008, many progressive thinkers have recently reflected on the consequences of that fateful day when the investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed, foreshadowing the worst international financial crisis of the post-war period. What seems obvious to everyone is that lessons have not been learnt, the financial sector is now larger and more dominant than ever, and an even greater crisis is set to happen anytime soon. But the real question is when it strikes, what are the chances of achieving a bailout for ordinary people and the planet this time? Continue reading

Trump and Bannon lead a worldwide Nazi movement

The actual reason why Donald Trump praised neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members who marched in the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, as “fine people” is that Trump actually believes in the global goals of the neo-Nazi and white supremacist cause. This is now seen in Trump’s support for the efforts of his erstwhile White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, in creating an alliance and secretariat of far-right racist political parties in Europe and beyond. Bannon’s operation is called “The Movement.” Continue reading

Creating a suspect society: The scary side of the technological police state

It’s a given that Big Brother is always watching us. Continue reading

Best government money can buy

Very few Americans know who Sheldon Adelson is and fewer still appreciate that, as America’s leading political donor, when he speaks the Republican Party listens. By virtue of his largesse, he has been able to direct GOP policy in the Middle East in favor of Israel, which might well be regarded as his true home while the United States exists more as a faithful friend that can be produced at intervals whenever Israel finds itself in need of a bit of cash or political cover. Continue reading

Empire of lies: Are ‘we the people’ useful idiots in the digital age?

“Who needs direct repression,” asked philosopher Slavoj Zizek, “when one can convince the chicken to walk freely into the slaughterhouse?” Continue reading

Beyond Bolton: The path to a progressive foreign policy

Across the arc of chaos and instability caused by U.S. wars, interventions and sanctions around the world, the past several weeks have seen new flare-ups of deadly violence and worsening humanitarian crises. Continue reading

Trump’s extortion racket on visas, US assets, and tariffs

It did not take long for Donald Trump to transform the US government into a mob operation, where administration officials use the threat of US travel bans, asset freezes and forfeitures, and punishing trade tariffs to bring other nations and their leaders to heel. Continue reading

Suspending the Constitution: In America today, the government does whatever it wants

We can pretend that the Constitution, which was written to hold the government accountable, is still our governing document. Continue reading

Political fragmentation on the homefront

The United States is politically fragmenting. It would seem that the various cultural and ideological stresses impacting the nation are destabilizing the country’s two traditional political parties. Continue reading

Trump’s declassification will aid Eurasian Mafia

Donald Trump’s order to declassify cherry-picked classified documents, including the 2015 secret court order that authorized U.S. intelligence surveillance of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, will enable Russian and other Eastern European and Eurasian organized crime syndicates to understand how they are targeted by the FBI, National Security Agency, and the CIA. Continue reading

In defence of conspiracy theories (and why the term is a misnomer)

Before 2012, if you had voiced suspicions that the Australian government had been anything but open and honourable in dealing with East Timor—its newly independent but impoverished neighbour—you would likely have been dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. But it was then revealed Australian Secret Intelligence Service agents had bugged East Timor’s cabinet office during treaty negotiations over oil and gas fields. Continue reading

Insanity of political leaders more common than thought

Political scientists would argue that the rigors of running for political office coupled with the glaring microscope of press attention would normally weed out any candidate suffering from mental illness. Whether political leaders gain office democratically or from unconstitutional means, the degree of mental illness among the top leadership of nations around the world in recent history has been remarkably high. Continue reading

Back to the future: From Jackson to ‘the Donald’

Who in US presidential history even comes close to Trump? While corporations run America for all intents and purposes, it has been unusual for a hardcore businessman to take the helm. Founders like Washington and Jefferson were plantation owners. Most were lawyers, military (9 generals), political hacks (including lots of governors, senators and VPs), even a university president (Wilson, Yale). But businessman? Who bragged of making and losing and making a fortune? Continue reading

Criminalizing childhood: School safety measures aren’t making the schools any safer

It used to be that if you talked back to a teacher, or played a prank on a classmate, or just failed to do your homework, you might find yourself in detention or doing an extra writing assignment after school. Continue reading

What lies beneath: The US-Israeli plot to ‘save’ Gaza

Israel wants to change the rules of the game entirely. With unconditional support from the Trump administration, Tel Aviv sees a golden opportunity to redefine what has, for decades, constituted the legal and political foundation for the so-called ‘Palestinian-Israeli conflict.’ Continue reading

Anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism: The invidious conflation

I and others have warned that enactment of the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act now before Congress would threaten free speech and free inquiry on America’s college campuses and beyond. Continue reading

A book for our time, a time that perhaps has run its course

American post-WW 2 supremacy, writes Andrei Martyanov in his book, “Losing Military Supremacy” just published by Clarity Press, has been destroyed by America’s narcissism. Continue reading

Regional bodies invest in rigid borders

Regional international organizations formed to keep the peace are loathe to adjusting borders, even if such changes maintain the peace. For example, when Kosovo President Hashim Thaci recently proposed “a correction” of its border with Serbia, active and retired diplomats on both sides of the Atlantic warned against the idea. Their reasoning is flawed. Continue reading

Vigilantes with a badge: Warrior cops endanger our lives and freedoms

I have known a lot of good cops, I have defended a lot of good cops, and I have been fortunate to call a number of good cops friends. Continue reading

Defining anti-Semitism, threatening free speech

In May the benign-sounding Anti-Semitism Awareness Act appeared before the U.S Congress “to provide for consideration a definition of anti-Semitism for the enforcement of Federal antidiscrimination laws concerning education programs or activities.” Continue reading

Battlefield America: The ongoing war on the American people

Police in a small Georgia town Tasered a 5-foot-2, 87-year-old woman who was using a kitchen knife to cut dandelions for use in a recipe. Police claim they had no choice but to Taser the old woman, who does not speak English but was smiling at police to indicate she was friendly, because she failed to comply with orders to put down the knife. Continue reading

Gaza without cancer medicine as Haley blames Arabs for Washington’s sins

On Sunday August 12, news from Gaza was distressing: The Ministry of Health announced that it would no longer be able to treat cancer patients in the Israel-besieged Strip. Continue reading

Trump undermining policies instituted by President Chester Arthur

Donald Trump has emaciated environmental regulations instituted by administrations from that of Richard Nixon to Barack Obama. Trump has also targeted federal social safety net programs initiated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and refined by Harry S Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson. Trump’s attack on public education negates strides made by Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Benjamin Harrison, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, LBJ, Nixon, and Gerald Ford. Trump’s exploitation of federal parks, nature reserves, and lands for oil exploration, fracking, and mining unravels the conservation efforts instituted, primarily, by Theodore Roosevelt, but supplemented by the actions of Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, Wilson, FDR, JFK, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Continue reading

How a free market inevitably produces dictatorship

Who rules the land? A deeper and truer version of this question is: What rules the land? Is it the money (the aristocracy), or is it the people (the public, the residents on that land)? (For the interest of paleoconservatives, the issue of residents’ citizenship will come later here, as “immigrants” instead of as “citizenship”; but our basic focus is not ethnicity/nationality; it’s class: the money, versus the voters; not the natives, versus the foreigners.) Continue reading

The enigma of Orwellian Donald Trump: How does he get away with it so easily?

In this day and age, with instant information, how does a politician succeed in double-talking, in bragging, in scapegoating and in shamefully distorting the truth, most of the time, without being unmasked as a charlatan and discredited? Why? That is the mysterious and enigmatic question that one may ask about U. S. President Donald Trump, as a politician. Continue reading

Trump’s environmental war on California

There is little doubt that Donald Trump despises California. California’s environmental regulations have become national and international standards. Trump, who is guided only by revenge in his decision-making process, has California in his gun sights. Continue reading

Trump’s ‘Paper Tiger Doctrine’

As a result of pressure exerted on Donald Trump by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the U.S. to withdraw from the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed between Iran and the United States, Russia, China, and the European Union on international controls over Iran’s nuclear program and the appointment of neo-con war hawk John Bolton as U.S. national security adviser, the Trump administration has imposed a set of new economic sanctions on Iran. Continue reading

The satanic nature of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

American history can only accurately be described as the story of demonic possession, however you choose to understand that phrase. Maybe radical “evil” will suffice. But right from the start the American colonizers were involved in massive killing because they considered themselves divinely blessed and guided, a chosen people whose mission would come to be called “manifest destiny.” Nothing stood in the way of this divine calling, which involved the need to enslave and kill millions and millions of innocent people that continues down to today. “Others” have always been expendable since they have stood in the way of the imperial march ordained by the American god. This includes all the wars waged based on lies and false flag operations. It is not a secret, although most Americans, if they are aware of it, prefer to see it as a series of aberrations carried out by “bad apples.” Or something from the past. Continue reading

A treason worth its weight in gold: Helsinki

The Third World War lasted 26 years. It was launched by a class of transnational financial capital in the 1990s against states unwilling to surrender sovereignty to globalization. It was, therefore, a war between two ideologies: globalization versus national sovereignty. The war began in Yugoslavia, passed through Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Libya, Yemen, and ended in Syria, with the defeat of globalization and the victory (in sight) of the Syrian nation-state. The theater of war, therefore, extended from the Balkans, to the Caucasus, to the larger “Middle East.” These hot wars were wars within a new “cold war”—the containment of Russia and China, viewed by the United States and allies as obstacles to the take-over of the world by financial capitalism. Continue reading

It is time for the government and military to be held accountable

The conduct of our military and CIA has become more than questionable. They have become a law unto themselves with no regard for the constitutional restrictions that have been placed upon them. Continue reading