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How America became an oligarchy

According to a new study from Princeton University, American democracy no longer exists. Using data from over 1,800 policy initiatives from 1981 to 2002, researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page concluded that rich, well-connected individuals on the political scene now steer the direction of the country, regardless of—or even against—the will of the majority of voters. America’s political system has transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy, where power is wielded by wealthy elites. Continue reading

Trumping political success through an irate silent majority

Four years ago Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga rebirthed the musical-cicada of the 1937 song, “The Lady Is a Tramp” . . . which makes me think that maybe we could be facing in 2016 a reenactment of the 1968 presidential election, this time Donald Trump taking the role of George Wallace; a political musical that could appropriately be given the lyrical title, “The Politician Is a Trump.” Continue reading

Netanyahu’s ‘us or them’ is nothing but trouble

For a long time now, American political consultants have benefited from a lucrative sideline, selling their alleged expertise to politicians in Israel. (It was Democratic strategist James Carville who, after working on a campaign for former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, joked that the key to victory in Israel was who won “that all-important Jewish vote.”) Continue reading

Netanyahu the mythbuster: ‘Special relationship’ no more

Imagine if an American presidential candidate made a plea to his supporters on election day with the following statement: “The Republican administration is in danger. Black voters are going en masse to the polls. Liberal NGOs are bringing them on buses.” Continue reading

Hillary or Bush III?

There are thousands of US citizens who could do a better job as president than either one of these two, but they can never have a chance because of not being related to previous presidents, or other types of politicians or public figures giving them recognition, connections and inside information. Continue reading

Do away with elections?

Do away with elections? To even think such a thought is treasonous. An election, or should I say a presidential election, is one of the few occasions, or should I say the only occasion, on which we take a genuine interest in government. We are spectators at a sporting event, a mix of a bullfight, prizefight and a barroom brawl. We get into heated arguments about which team is “better” about who deserves to win, about which gladiator will be the best for the country. There is an uppercut, a right cross, a roundhouse and he or she (not too often) is down for the count. No, he is not out. He is on his knees, struggling to his feet. The crowd roars. Continue reading

Israeli election postmortems

Propaganda works. Israelis got the best electoral results fear-mongering can sell. Continue reading

SYRIZA: Uniting Greece and demanding justice

What is one to make of the fact that SYRIZA, a progressive party with socialist values, formed a government with Independent Greeks (AN.EL), a populist right-wing party that opposed immigration and was accused of racism? Has it gone mad? Betrayed its initial promises? Continue reading

Austerity or how the European Union and the Greek governing class destroyed Greece’s economy

An anecdote: in our travels through Greece in the 1980s, our daughter suffered from car-motion sickness. She wrote in her diary: “We left Delphi, and I felt sick. Mom stuffed me with bread, and I threw up. Dad told me a Greek tragedy, and I felt better.” She was twelve but understood catharsis. Continue reading

Trojan hearse: Greek elections and the Euro leper colony

Europe is stunned, and bankers aghast, that polls show the new party of the Left, Syriza, will win Greece’s parliamentary elections to be held this coming Sunday, January 25. Continue reading

Bush versus Clinton again?

In the US, a Western democracy with a population of 316 million, it’s astonishing that whenever there’s a presidential election in the offing, the same old familiar names are trotted out time and time again. And when one of them has a dynastic ring about it, the American public hardly blinks. Can it be mere happenstance of fate that candidates have been plucked from a handful of mega-wealthy establishment families more often than not? Continue reading

Voting as an indicator of democracy?

For decades the working stiff has looked to the Democratic Party for salvation and protection from the Republican Party. And, let’s face it, we do need protection from a party that has claimed the rich and famous as its constituents. Continue reading

The next presidential election will move the world closer to war

Glenn Greenwald has revealed that Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate of the banksters and warmongers. Pam and Russ Martens note that Elizabeth Warren is the populist alternative. I doubt that a politician who represents the people can acquire the campaign funds needed to run a campaign. If Warren becomes a threat, the Establishment will frame her with bogus charges and move her aside. Continue reading

The inevitable rightward march of America

Midterm election debacle promises right-wing future

Every two years, the deck chairs rearrange on the Titanic known as American democracy, as it continues to head towards certain disaster. The 2014 midterm election was another harbinger of calamity. Continue reading

How the GOP bought, rigged, stole and lynched the 2014 election

First in a series

Since the Bush-Cheney-Rove theft of the 2000 election in Florida, the right of millions of American citizens to vote and have that vote counted has been under constant assault. Continue reading

An election—and a nation—lost in Afghanistan and Vietnam

The GOP/corporate coup d’état is nearly complete. Continue reading

US midterm electoral results

Ignore scoundrel media who won, who lost horserace rubbish. US electoral politics is too debauched to fix. Big money corrupts it. Continue reading

Ukrainian electoral postmortems

Obama reacted as expected. He “congratulated the people of Ukraine on holding successful parliamentary elections . . .” Continue reading

Farcical Ukrainian parliamentary elections

So-called Ukrainian democracy is pure fantasy. Tyranny masquerading as rule by the people. Continue reading

Don’t let them silence you: Vote, dammit

Our country’s oldest and longest struggle has been to enlarge democracy by making it possible for more and more people to be treated equally at the polls. The right to participate in choosing our representatives—to vote—is the very right that inflamed the American colonies and marched us toward revolution and independence. Continue reading

Al Franken, the liberals’ darling

I receive a continuous stream of emails from “progressive” organizations asking me to vote for Senator Franken or contribute to his re-election campaign this November, and I don’t even live in Minnesota. Even if I could vote for him, I wouldn’t. No one who was a supporter of the war in Iraq will get my vote unless they unequivocally renounce that support. And I don’t mean renounce it like Hillary Clinton’s nonsense about not having known enough. Continue reading

Chevron greases local election with gusher of cash

When the Citizens United decision came down in 2010, many feared the Supreme Court had unleashed vast and unfettered campaign contributions from corporations bent on tightening their hammerlock on government and politics. Continue reading

CIA big guns still aiming for Rousseff prior to second-round election

(WMR)—After the corporate media and the CIA and George Soros manipulators tried to engineer Green Party-turned-Brazilian Socialist presidential candidate Marina Silva into the Brazilian presidency after the classic CIA textbook aerial assassination of Socialist Party presidential standard bearer Eduardo Campos, these same forces are at it again on behalf of Social Democratic Party candidate Aecio Neves. Neves finished second ahead of Silva, who came in third, in the first-round of the Brazilian presidential election that has seen the CIA, Soros, and the other agents of Wall Street try every trick in the book to ensure that President Dilma Rousseff fails to win a second term. Continue reading

A Swift Boatload of lies

“Gov. Tom Corbett, who claims he opposes legalization of marijuana, was seen behind a barn smoking weed. Just a-puffin’ and a-grinnin.’” Continue reading

Politicians show their gratitude where it count$

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart, a poet wrote, and as this year’s summer winds toward its end and elections approach, gratitude is indeed what our politicians have flowing from that space where their hearts should be. Continue reading

Boycott the vote

Go to and enter—never mind. Just click this to see a new synonym for voting, the word juggernaut. Continue reading

The people struggle to find and retain representation

Dave Brat, a professor of economics at Virginia’s Randolph-Macon College, is a marked man. Professor Brat defeated Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a prime trophy of the Israel Lobby. I doubt that Eric Cantor ever lost an opportunity to place Israel’s interests above the interests of his constituents. Under US laws, Cantor should have been required to register as a foreign agent. Continue reading

California’s Top-Two Primary eliminates third-party rivals

Primary elections originated in the American progressive movement and were intended to take the power of candidate nomination away from party leaders and deliver it to the people. California’s Top Two Primary takes power away from those third parties representing the 99% and delivers it to the 1%. Continue reading

The sounds of silence—political style

A hush has fallen over our house. Continue reading

All onboard the EU gravy train

In a very short time, voters across the EU (that is those who decide to vote) will head to the polls to elect the new European Parliament. And obviously without any doubt, here in Malta, we are having a good serving of this whole charade, with the typical pageantry. Continue reading

Votes, not assumptions, will decide Egypt election

There are no ifs or buts about it. The word on the street is “When Al Sissi comes . . .” the operative word being “when.” This hypothesis is supported by polls indicating the former army chief can expect to garner between 72–82 percent of the vote that is scheduled for May 26 and 27, while his only rival, the veteran leftist politician and leader of the Nasserist Party, Hamdeen Sabahi, can expect no more than two percent. Such assumptions come with their own risks. Continue reading

End poverty in California

California Governor Jerry Brown is going around the world with one simple, yet simply wrong message, “California is Back.” The problems with this statement is that it is false and that Jerry Brown is obviously out of touch with the people of the state that he “governs.” Continue reading