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We need universal mail-in ballots for the 2020 election

We’re all now party to the most critical election protection debate in U.S. history, one that has entered the coronavirus stimulus package to the tune of $400 million, which may be just a fraction of what’s really needed. Continue reading

The opposite of progressivism? Pessimism

Polls show broad support for progressive ideas. So why aren’t more progressives voting for them?

There’s a short-circuit in the political convictions of some progressive-minded voters these days. Continue reading

Mission accomplished: How America has been slowly shutting down since 9-11

Are you planning to vote for Joe Biden? Sure, why not, go for it. Since 2001, you’ve already voted for Bush, Obama and Trump—so Joe is totally the logical next choice. Like his three predecessors before him, Biden is totally willing to escort America’s oligarchs just one more giant step up their fabulous Stairway to Heaven. Apparently Americans just love them some Deep State. Continue reading

Dirty system triumphs on mini-Super Tuesday

Tuesday results in six states for Dems largely replicated Biden’s pre-scripted week ago Super Tuesday triumph over Sanders. Continue reading

‘In a dark time, the eye begins to see’: The 2020 Bernie campaign represents a fight that must continue

Corporate media and corporate Democrats want the Bernie 2020 campaign—and the grassroots energy behind it—to melt away. That's not going to happen.

“In a dark time,” poet Theodore Roethke wrote, “the eye begins to see.” Continue reading

The president as political hit man

Donald Trump attempts to take out his electoral adversaries one by one, Mafia-style.

Donald Trump filed his paperwork to run for reelection only hours after his inauguration in January 2017, setting a presidential record, the first of his many dubious achievements. For a man who relished the adulation and bombast of campaigning, it should have surprised no one that he charged out of the starting gate so quickly for 2020 as well. After all, he’d already spent much of the December before his inauguration on a ”thank you” tour of the swing states that had unexpectedly supported him on Election Day—Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin—and visited Florida for a rally only a couple of weeks after he took the oath of office. In much the same way that Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky once embraced “permanent revolution,” Donald Trump embarked on a “permanent campaign.” Continue reading

Dems rigging things for establishment figure Biden?

The myth of moderate Joe belies his hardline agenda throughout a near-half century of public life as US senator and vice president. Continue reading

Joe Biden in 2020 duplicates Hillary Clinton in 2016

Hillary Clinton, of course, received the Democratic Party nomination in 2016 and was widely expected to beat Trump but she lost to him (though she won California by 4,269,978 in the popular vote, and so beat Trump by 2,864,974 in the nationwide popular vote, while she lost all other states by 1,405,002 votes, and so she would have been California’s president if she had won, but the rest of the nation wouldn’t have been happy). Continue reading

The greatest threat to the radical left is the radical left

The political left in the US is a political minority that is constantly misrepresented and abused. While the capitalist has captured the media and the political arena, flooding the country with its messages about the wonders of capitalism and the “American Dream” and the dangers of socialism and communism, the left has struggled to get its message out to the American people. Continue reading

Final Israeli election results

Tabulating March 2 election results took time to include absentee ballots. Continue reading

Bernie bashing

In a free, fair and open process, Bernie Sanders would be odds on favorite to become Dem standard bearer against Trump in November. According to polls, he’d likely defeat DJT and become the 46th US president. Continue reading

Trump vs. Sanders: A concise comparison for voters (and why Bernie wins hands down)

When there is a conflict between big business and the public good, on labor rights, consumer rights, small taxpayer respect, and environmental protections, Bernie has stood with the people.

It isn’t un-American for voters to do some homework before voting. Here’s a “concise guide” for the voter with limited time who might want more information. Continue reading

A profound and historic question for Elizabeth Warren: Which side are you on?

How Warren answers that question might determine the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. In the process, she will profoundly etch into history the reality of her political character.

The night before Super Tuesday, Elizabeth Warren spoke to several thousand people in a quadrangle at East Los Angeles College. Much of her talk recounted the heroic actions of oppressed Latina workers who led the Justice for Janitors organization. Standing in the crowd, I was impressed with Warren’s eloquence as she praised solidarity and labor unions as essential for improving the lives of working people. Continue reading

Bernie vs. Biden

As the Democratic Party’s “moderate” (or shall we say “establishment”) wing coalesces around Joe Biden to stop Bernie, the primary contest is starting to look a lot like 2016, when the same wing rallied around Hillary Clinton. Continue reading

Electoral dirty tricks in play on Super Tuesday?

How is it possible for a Dem presidential aspirant ahead in most Super Tuesday states (according to polls), including California and Texas, to lose overall to a challenger? Continue reading

Bernie or Biden?

As the Democratic Party’s “moderate” (or shall we say “establishment”) wing coalesces around Joe Biden to stop Bernie, the primary contest is starting to look a lot like 2016, when the same wing rallied around Hillary Clinton. Continue reading

Fear and the Democratic Party

It became clear during the 2016 presidential election process that Bernie Sanders was successful in getting the attention of tens of thousands of potential voters thus challenging the candidacy of the darling of the party, Hillary Clinton. The Democratic National Committee felt so threatened by Sander’s success that they conspired with the Clinton election staff to withhold support to and undermine Sander’s candidacy. Continue reading

The Democratic establishment is freaking out about Bernie. It should calm down.

The day after Bernie Sanders’s big win in Nevada, Joe Lockhart, Bill Clinton’s former press secretary, expressed the fear gripping the Democratic establishment: “I don’t believe the country is prepared to support a Democratic socialist, and I agree with the theory that Sanders would lose in a matchup against Trump.” Continue reading

Red-baiting a key weapon in the war on the Sanders agenda

The red-baiting of Sen. Bernie Sanders has been stepped up as we near the date of the important South Carolina primary election this coming weekend. “Liberal” pundits have accused him of everything from supporting “Marxist dictators” like Fidel Castro to singing the praises of chandeliers installed in the Moscow subways by the communist dictators of old. “You don’t ever talk about the wonderful chandeliers in the Moscow subways when you have Stalin killing 30 million of his own people,” Joe Scarborough declared on Morning Joe today. “With his praise of dictators, who does Bernie remind you of?” Joe’s wife, Mika Brzezinski, then asked. Continue reading

Iowa should be a warning—it’s time to switch to paper ballots

The chaos in Iowa’s Democratic primary is nothing new. Continue reading

Iowa fiasco raises stakes for New Hampshire, where Sanders could win big

Monday night's collapse of the caucus vote-counting process in Iowa has amped up the spotlight on—and political consequences of—what will happen in the New Hampshire primary.

While journalists pick through the ashes of the Iowa caucuses meltdown, thousands of progressive activists are moving forward to make election history in New Hampshire. In sharp contrast to the prattle of mainstream punditry, the movements behind Bernie Sanders are propelled by people who engage with politics as a collective struggle because the future of humanity and the planet is at stake. As a result, the Granite State’s primary election on Feb. 11 could be a political earthquake. Continue reading

After epic ‘nightmare’ in Iowa, Democratic app built by secretive firm Shadow Inc. comes under scrutiny

‘This outfit is inexcusably secretive.’

Amid all the finger-pointing and anger that followed the nightmarish Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses Monday night, many journalists and progressive observers honed in on the smartphone app the state Democratic Party used—with disastrous consequences—to record and report the results of the highly anticipated contest. Continue reading

It should be easy to defeat Trump, but corporate Democrats look ready and willing to blow it

Trump should be the most defeatable president in history.

It is remarkable how the Democratic presidential candidates allow themselves to be pigeon-holed by the media as “moderate,” “centrist,” “extreme,” “left-wing,” and other abstract fact-deprived nomenclature. Continue reading

A well-known liberal professor who is expert on digital matters says Google and social media can easily throw elections to the candidates preferred by the elite

Dr. Robert Epstein, a Hillary Clinton supporter who happens also to be an honest expert, told Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) last Tuesday that Google and social media can manipulate votes by using tools that they have at their disposal exclusively. In the absence of regulation, no one can counteract Google and social media or even know that they have reversed an election outcome. Continue reading

How establishment hate for Sanders only fuels his rise

With just days until the Iowa Caucus, Bernie Sanders is the clear front runner in what is still a crowded primary field. Sanders has gained a lead in the polls in key states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, and California. He also leads all candidates in the number of volunteers and small donor contributions, and it’s not even close. The Democratic Party establishment is in a panic about Sanders’ recent success. Sanders has faced an intensified attack from his opponents, yet his popularity continues to rise. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Negroes for Bloomberg

Chicago’s Bobby Rush and San Francisco’s London Breed have sold themselves to super-plutocrat Michael Bloomberg, the worst stop-and-frisker in history. Continue reading

The imperative of pulling together to beat the Trump who would be king

Soon will come a time when fighting among Democrats must cease.

Hey, Sanders, hey, Warren, hey, Biden and the rest of you. Listen, I know from party divisiveness. As a very (very!) young man, I worked on the campaign staff of Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern. There now will be a slight pause as you imitate explosions and other sound effects from your favorite disaster movies. Continue reading

Bernie Sanders’ people-powered campaign is on fire

The Bernie 2020 campaign is a crucible of broader activism from the grassroots that can spark uprisings of heat and light.

To corporate media, Bernie Sanders is incorrigible. He won’t stop defying the standard assumptions about what’s possible in national politics. His 2020 campaign—with feet on the ground and eyes on visionary horizons—is a danger to corporate capitalism’s “natural” order that enables wealth to dominate the political process. Continue reading

#CNNisTrash trends as pushback grows against oligarchic election meddling

The hashtag #CNNisTrash is the number one trend on Twitter as of this writing due to the network’s appalling treatment of Bernie Sanders in Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa. Continue reading

It is remarkable—and dangerous—how little scrutiny Biden has received for supporting Iraq war

Maybe there's a reason nobody who voted in favor of that war—excluding George W. Bush—has won a presidential election.

While Biden and his surrogates like John Kerry continue to falsely claim that the former vice president and U.S. senator was not for the Iraq invasion, the Bernie Sanders campaign has rightly highlighted more documentation—such as this video—of Biden’s support for the Iraq invasion both before and after it happened. Continue reading

Biden, Buttigieg, and corporate media are eager for Sanders and Warren ‘trash talk’ narrative to take hold

It would be a serious error for progressives to buy into corporate media portrayals of the Sanders and Warren campaigns as destined to play a traditional zero-sum political game.

Corporate Democrats got a jolt at the end of last week when the highly regarded Iowa Poll showed Bernie Sanders surging into first place among Iowans likely to vote in the state’s Feb. 3 caucuses. The other big change was a steep drop for the previous Iowa frontrunner, Pete Buttigieg, who—along with Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden—came in a few percent behind Sanders. The latest poll was bad news for corporate interests, but their prospects brightened a bit over the weekend when Politico reported: “The nonaggression pact between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren is seriously fraying.” Continue reading

Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are not to be trusted

It’s understandable that corporate-backed candidates don’t want to be cornered by questions that touch on realities of political and economic power.

In a recent New Yorker profile of Pete Buttigieg, one sentence stands out: “Watch Buttigieg long enough and you notice that he uses abstraction as an escape hatch.” Evasive platitudes are also routine for Joe Biden, the other major Democratic presidential candidate running in what mainstream journalists call “the center lane.” Continue reading