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New Hampshire The birthplace of electronic election theft

As the New Hampshire primary lurches toward the finish line, the reality of electronic election theft looms over the vote count. Continue reading

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

“Self-described socialist” . . . How many times have we all read that term in regard to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders? But is he really a socialist? Or is he a “social democrat,” which is what he’d be called in Europe? Or is he a “democratic socialist,” which is the American party he has been a member of (DSA—Democratic Socialists of America)? And does it really matter which one he is? They’re all socialists, are they not? Continue reading

After Iowa . . . can Bernie win a ‘strip & flip’ selection?

Bernie Sanders has shown in Iowa that he’s a viable candidate . . . and more. Considering Bernie was down 50 points just a while ago, Iowa has sent a clear signal that this campaign must be taken seriously. Continue reading

Something rotten in Iowa

When establishment candidate A defeats upstart candidate B by six coin toss wins, a 1.6% likelihood or virtual impossibility, red lights flash fraud. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s deliberate deceit

Hillary Clinton is an exceptionally skillful politician. Collectively, she and her husband Bill have parlayed their political experience into at least $125 million in speaking fees alone. According to Bloomberg, Hillary was paid $12 million in the 16 months after leaving her role as US secretary of state. Knowing she’d likely run for president, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley (and other big Wall Street corporations) gladly paid her $2.9 million in speaking fees alone. The same Wall Street corporations then gave her campaign super PACs millions more. Coincidence? Continue reading

2016 presidential election: Hillary’s progressive Halloween costume

“Everybody wants to get inta da act! Inka dinka doo, a dinka dee, a dinka doo.” Our parents, our grandparents, remembering the ‘40s or ‘50s are likely to smile if reminded of that entertainer, Jimmy Durante, who traversed from vaudeville to the early days of television with his antics. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The problem of Bernie Sanders and the ‘Left’

The love that many self-described leftists have for Bernie Sanders seemingly defies logic and political sense. Or perhaps it should be said that the idol worship fits a long standing pattern that ought to die once and for all. Simply put, many people who call themselves leftists are nothing of the sort. They are merely Democrats who live in hope that their party will be a tiny bit liberalish but not actually make meaningful change. Devoid of any true political leanings they really just long for someone to love. Every four years they follow a candidate down the road to hell while declaring they are on the way to heaven. Continue reading

Were Iowa caucuses rigged?

America is notorious for electoral rigging, fraud commonplace since at least the 1824 presidential race, the outcome called the “Corrupt Bargain.” Continue reading

We need the ‘Ohio Plan’ to stop the ‘strip & flip’ of American elections

As the 2016 election approaches, we must remember that our electronic voting system as it currently stands is thoroughly rigged. The entire outcome can be flipped with a few late night keystrokes, as was done in Ohio 2004. Continue reading

Tossing the Democratic coin: Hillary’s evolution or Bernie’s revolution

We cannot help but smile at the shrill and jingoish display of fervid patriotism that the lady from the heartland of the north, Sarah Palin, brings to American politics. A faux conservatism which is made up mostly of geriatric memories celebrating America’s past glories as center of power and influence in a unipolar world. Continue reading

Demublicans vs. Republicrats: The neo-lib-con job

We started 2016 by ending 2015 with a holiday shopping frenzy falling short of what the private profiteers needed but the public losers really didn’t, foreign policy moves to more war that the military industrial profiteers need but we don’t, and the end of the first phase of a presidential campaign that like shopping and war profits the few at cost to the many, which is hardly what we need. So what else is new? Continue reading

Money men say, voters move over, it’s not your election!

David Brooks is a worried man. Continue reading

Sarah Palin’s quixotic quest for relevance

She’s back and tightly holding Donald Trump’s coattails. Continue reading

Circus politics: Will our freedoms survive another presidential election?

Adding yet another layer of farce to an already comical spectacle, the 2016 presidential election has been given its own reality show. Presented by Showtime, The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth will follow the various presidential candidates from now until Election Day. Continue reading

‘If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!’

If we reverse the headline of this article, it would read something like this: If you take the time and make the effort to vote, you have every right to complain. Continue reading

Psychopaths rule, but here’s something you can do to oppose them

In the famous myth, Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Although this didn’t, in fact, happen, Nero was documented to have been a tyrant who was insensitive to the needs of the common people, and it wouldn’t have been out of character. Continue reading

Presidentialism not serving American politics well

Here we are heralding the entrance of a new year with myriad problems confronting us; some problems appearing as daily spoken realities—those principally dealing with the economy, war and terrorism; others, subliminally present, silenced by national choice—such as bigotry, an ever-expanding income-wealth inequality and the prospect of a world without US economic and military hegemony. The subliminal topics appearing as taboo, where neither government nor most of us dare go or openly discuss. Continue reading

Not voting doesn’t work

(Been there, done that.)

Americans understand the elections are rigged. In the last national election, in 2014, just 36.4 percent of the voting-eligible population cast ballots. Continue reading

Donald Trump: Another schemer from the 1 percent

The New York Times and East Coast Chicken Littles would have you believe that U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump is some sort of fascist from the swamp. He is anything but. According to Forbes Magazine, his worth is estimated to be approximately $4.5 billion—the fruit of his efforts in the New York real estate industry and the U.S. mainstream media. Continue reading

Bad news for democracy is great news for TV profits

Political campaigns, as well as anonymous millionaires and billionaires, are spending more and more on ads to influence the presidential election—and network heads are cheering them on.

Television news has gone off its rocker and turned our politics into the equivalent of a freak show’s hall of mirrors. Continue reading

Let’s not scapegoat The Donald . . .

That's too easy and allows the rest of those who support and have supported our imperialist adventures off the hook.

We are all sickened by the racist and fascist rhetoric of Donald Trump. But let’s not be fooled, the Donald speaks for a large segment of people in the U.S. . . . racists, white supremacists, fascists, etc. Also, let us look at the official positions the U.S. has taken with the Muslim countries in the past two or three decades. Continue reading

Donald Trump is electable as president, but . . .

I think it entirely possible Donald Trump could be elected president. I am not in favor of it—but then neither am I in favor of any of the other candidates on offer—yet I do think his election is increasingly possible. Continue reading

Trump’s identifiable ‘supernova’ constituency

It won’t be long before Donald Trump is forced into a lifetime decision; one far more reaching than anything he has faced before. He will either have to accept the logic of exiting politics in a graceful, or even narcissistic, Trump manner . . . or seriously bet all his chips—money and brand—in the founding of an American populist movement, perhaps a stars-and-stripes’ version of Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Front National [in France]. Continue reading

Why Hillary would be a worse president than would a Republican

Hillary Clinton will be a worse president than would a Republican. For years corporate media have pounded the line that her election is inevitable, and that has millions of voters convinced. Unfortunately, many of them also believe in the “lesser evil” straw man which is also pushed by corporate media–if you don’t vote for your party’s candidate (Democrat or Republican) even though you don’t like that candidate, a more evil candidate of the other party will win, which herds the masses into continually shooting themselves in the foot. Continue reading

Official vote tally on Ohio’s pot issue deemed ‘statistically impossible’

The “stolen election” controversy over this month’s officially defeated Ohio pot legalization referendum has gone to a new level. Continue reading

The way out of the trap

Here we are once again . . . it’s election season. Being a “democracy,” we the people have our opportunity to cast our votes for the man or woman who will be our president, the “leader of the “free” world.” Continue reading

Corporate pot goes down in Ohio

Official vote counts in Ohio indicate a major defeat for the nation’s first corporate-sponsored marijuana legalization referendum. Continue reading

The real issues you won’t hear from the 2016 presidential candidates this election year

The countdown has begun. Continue reading

Justin Trudeau: Start of a Canadian legend

Canada has just lived through a fairytale decade, complete with evil jinn and youthful hero. Think of “Jack and the Beanstalk,” starring youthful naif, Justin Trudeau, and the giant raining evil down on Canadaland from the clouds, Stephen Harper. Justin bravely climbs the slippery, perilous political ladder to fight the giant . . . and wins against all odds, saving his humble home from the jinn. Continue reading

Arabs should shudder at the thought of President Donald Trump

He’s larger than life and the very antithesis of America’s current strategy-challenged Ditherer-in-Chief. On the plus side, he’s wealthy enough not to jump into lobbyists’ pockets. He insists he always gets what he wants and what he wants is to make America great again, which translates in the minds of his nationalistic base as projecting US power around the world. Been there, done that and as Dr Phil might say, ‘How did that work for you?’ Continue reading

The night the candidates were speechless

The convergence of Tuesday night’s broadcast interruption during the first game of the World Series—caused by an electronics failure and power outage—and Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate brings to mind one of the most memorable TV snafus in history: the 27-minute loss of audio during the first presidential debate between incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford and Democratic challenger Jimmy Carter. Continue reading

Canadians assess aftermath of Harper holocaust

Canada’s prime minister for the past nine years, Stephen Harper, led a charmed life until the October 19 federal election. Canada’s first-past-the-post elector system, where three parties—two left-liberal and one conservative—have split the vote election after election, allowed him to hold power with a third of the popular vote. Continue reading