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America! There’s no best in this bad bunch

This just has to be the worst line-up for the presidency in living history. The race for the White House has evolved into an undignified slanging match especially within the Republican camp. Trump refers to the Democratic front-runner as “Crooked Clinton” and his closest rival Ted Cruz “Canada Ted,” “an anchor baby” and “a liar.” Yet when compared to former House Speaker John Boehner’s description of Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh,” Trump’s insults sound mild. Continue reading

Blacks and Latinos misread their suicidal allegiance to Hillary

Forget about the number of super delegates; or the several undemocratic manipulations by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The reality that stands out loud and clear at the end of April, with almost two-thirds of the primary-caucus vote having been cast, is that Hillary Clinton is commandingly leading Bernie Sanders in the democratically-chosen delegate count by a tally of 55 percent against 45 for the senator. Continue reading

The slow-learning retired admiral with a Ph.D.

Joe Sestak, a liberal Democrat with a commitment to social and economic justice, is a slow learner. Continue reading

Is Hillary stealing the nomination? Will Bernie birth a long-term movement?

At this delicate moment in the primary season, we all need to take a deep breath and evaluate what comes next. Continue reading

Amerika: The Mad Magazine of 2016

The world has always been somewhat crazy. Each century has had its share of violence, greed, exploitation, etc. Yet, as most philosophers and spiritual thinkers tell us, the more we proceed into the future, the more we should evolve and progress, not regress. Well, the 20th century sure killed that theory, didn’t it? Two major world wars, with the disgraceful phenomenon of a Nazi regime in one of the most industrialized nations sure upset that apple cart. Then, a Cold War between the two major 20th century powers held the entire planet back from real and fruitful progress. Alas, this new century, only a mere 16 years old, seems to be regressing upon that same terrible path. Continue reading

Donald Trump, the emperor of social media

As FDR mastered radio and JFK conquered TV, Donald Trump rules the Internet like no other candidate.

By now I must be at least the millionth commentator to observe that Donald Trump is the candidate for whom social media have longed. What FDR was to radio and JFK to television, Trump is to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, et al. Continue reading

Cruz-Fiorina alliance shows desperation

Sunday’s announced Cruz-Kasich alliance to stay out of each other’s way in upcoming primaries as a way of challenging Trump faltered straightaway—Kasich urging supporters to stick with him. Continue reading

Requiem for American foreign policy change

It was expected to happen and, true to course, it did. On Tuesday, April 26, presidential primaries in five northeastern states hermetically, and silently, sealed the fate of how the US will be dealing with the rest of the world on all issues, geopolitical or economic, for another four, perhaps eight years. Continue reading

The endgame of 2016′s anti-establishment politics

Will Bernie Sanders’s supporters rally behind Hillary Clinton if she gets the nomination? Likewise, if Donald Trump is denied the Republican nomination, will his supporters back whoever gets the Republican nod? Continue reading

Disenfranchising large segments of Americans

Several hundred thousand American citizens won’t be voting in presidential primary elections—and it’s not their fault. Continue reading

Desperate GOP attempt to stop Trump

Trump remains overwhelmingly popular among GOP voters, way outdistancing his rivals. Cruz and Kasich alone remain—allying in a desperate bid to stop him. Continue reading

Why is the progressive left helping the elite elect Hillary?

Have you noticed that it is not only the presstitute media and the two establishment political parties that are beating up on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump but also the progressive left? Sometimes the messages overlap so much that the progressive left sounds like the One Percent. But mainly the progressive left is down on Sanders because he is “not pure,” and they don’t like Trump because he hurts people’s feelings and doesn’t apologize. Continue reading

Bernie Sanders has qualified as a rabbi

The Times of Israel explained earlier this week “How Bernie Sanders just became the rabbi of the Jewish left.” Continue reading

Media scoundrels ignore NY primary irregularities

America resembles a banana republic. Its sham political process has no legitimacy, democracy in name only, voters with no say whatever. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Not feeling the Bern

“Only Bernie Sanders can break the power of capitalism in the U.S.” So read a bizarre headline in an online edition of the Guardian. It is just one example of the drivel, magical thinking, misplaced concerns and out and out lies produced by liberal love for Bernie Sanders. Continue reading

This election’s teaching our kids bad habits

The gutter-level of this year's campaign rhetoric is dragging all of us down—and that includes America's children.

On the day before Easter, PEZ Candy USA had to cancel its annual egg hunt in Orange, Connecticut. Adults rushed the fields where the eggs and candy had been put out, pushing aside and trampling the little ones in a mad scramble to grab the goodies for their own children. Noses bled, tears were shed and next time—if there is one—PEZ will have to have lots of security guards on hand to keep the grown-ups from behaving like idiots. Continue reading

Did Clinton steal the NY primary?

So-called elections in America are farcical by any standard, mocking real democracy—Tuesday’s NY primary the latest example, a travesty of electoral legitimacy for Democrat Party voters. Continue reading

Why can’t The Nation & the left deal with election theft?

There are two things we all need to know about the upcoming 2016 election . . . Continue reading

Hillary Clinton channels Allen and John Foster Dulles

Is the Clinton Foundation the Dulles brother’s Sullivan and Cromwell?

According to Counterpunch (November 16, 2007) editors Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair: “The desire for secrecy is one of Mrs. Clinton’s enduring and damaging traits . . . Befitting a Midwestern Methodist with a bullying father, repression has always been one of Mrs. Clinton’s most prominent characteristics. Hers has been the instinct to conceal, to deny, to refuse to admit any mistake. Mickey Kantor, the Los Angeles lawyer who worked on the 1992 [presidential] campaign, said that Hillary adamantly refused to admit to any mistakes. Since Vietnam, there’s never been a war that Mrs. Clinton didn’t like. She argued passionately in the White House for the NATO bombing of Belgrade. Five days after September 11, 2001, she was calling for a broad war on terror . . .”I’ll stand behind [George W.] Bush for a long time to come,” Senator Clinton promised, and she was as good as her word, voting for the Patriot Act and the wide-ranging authorization to use military force against Afghanistan . . . Of course she supported without reservation the attack on Afghanistan and, as the propaganda buildup toward the onslaught on Iraq got underway, she didn’t even bother to walk down the hall to read the national intelligence estimate on Iraq before the war.” Continue reading

Syrian elections prove again that Washington and its presstitutes lie through their teeth

Today (April 14), Syria held parliamentary elections at 7,000 polling stations, keeping the voting open an extra five hours to accommodate the massive turnout. All were allowed to vote, even displaced Syrians from the two provinces still terrorized by Washington and Israeli backed ISIS. Continue reading

Ten reasons why Bill and Hillary Clinton do not deserve a third term in the White House

Polls indicate that most of the 2016 U.S. presidential candidates, with a few exceptions, have more than 50 % negative ratings. Also, poll after poll, after poll show that most Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are, and some are even outspokenly “angry” at the current situation. The polls also indicate a high degree of polarization. Continue reading

Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) hopes to become first Scientologist senator

If Florida Republican congressman David Jolly has his way, he will become the first Scientologist U.S. senator. Jolly, who represents the city of Clearwater, the international headquarters for Scientology, is running for senator to replace Marco Rubio, who is not running for re-election. Continue reading

Is our citizens learning?

Okay, I paraphrased George W. Bush’s awful grammar in this surrealistic electoral season of the Republican clown car and the Hillary & Bernie fracas. Continue reading

Is reform enough or do we need a revolution?

Bernie Sanders calls his candidacy a “political revolution;” hundreds of people get arrested while demonstrating in Washington, DC, to get the money out of the electoral system and to make the election process more democratic. Continue reading

If Americans elect Hillary president, the One Percent’s control will be complete

Richard C. Cook thinks that Bernie Sanders could become the next president. Continue reading

President Killary

Would the world survive President Hillary?

Hillary Clinton is proving to be the “Teflon candidate.” In her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, she has escaped damage from major scandals, any one of which would destroy a politician. Hillary has accepted massive bribes in the form of speaking fees from financial organizations and corporations. She is under investigation for misuse of classified data, an offense for which a number of whistleblowers are in prison. Hillary has survived the bombing of Libya, her creation of a failed Libyan state that is today a major source of terrorist jihadists, and the Benghazi controversy. She has survived charges that as secretary of state she arranged favors for foreign interests in exchange for donations to the Clintons’ foundation. And, of course, there is a long list of previous scandals: Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate. Diana Johnstone’s book, Queen of Chaos, describes Hillary Clinton as “the top salesperson for the ruling oligarchy.” Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Barack, Hillary and the Libya crime

Barack Obama’s last nine months in office will provide plenty of opportunity for him to spoon feed his scribes in the corporate media. Under the pretense of writing history, they will serve as one collective pro-Obama mouthpiece between now and January 20, 2017. The process is a delicate one however. The president will also have to explain those policies that did not produce the outcomes he wanted. Such is the case with any discussion of his role in destroying Libya. Continue reading

Rove backing Cruz and Hillary at same time

According to longtime Republican Party insiders, chief GOP strategist Karl Rove, dubbed “Bush’s brain” during his long service for George W. Bush, is providing campaign advice for both GOP candidate Ted Cruz and leading Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Rove, who backed the aborted campaign of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, is doing everything necessary to deny the GOP nomination to Donald Trump. Continue reading

America’s money controlled political process

From inception, America was never beautiful or democratic. Rich and powerful interests run things exclusively for their own benefit, ordinary people entirely shut out. Continue reading

Are you ready for President Paul Ryan?

Why we desperately need a Plan C

The Democratic party is teetering on the brink. The green/peace/social justice community needs a Plan C. The Republicans have one. The Democrats don’t. The impacts could be catastrophic. Continue reading

Should Hillary have the leading role?

Hillary Clinton is a wonderful leader, so some memes tell us on Facebook and some pundits tell us in mainstream media. Continue reading

Overturning inverted totalitarianism

Perhaps the most important result so far of the Bernie Sanders insurgency is how starkly it has exposed the truly totalitarian nature of the 21st century American state. Continue reading