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Chomsky says Trump a ‘sociopathic megalomaniac’ who made US ‘singularly unprepared’ for pandemic

New comments from the renowned academic come after he accused Trump of wanting "to destroy the prospects for all organized human life... in the near future."

World-renowned intellectual and author Noam Chomsky called U.S. President Donald Trump a “sociopathic megalomaniac” whose leadership drove the U.S. to become “singularly unprepared” for the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading

GOP ‘plot to gut Social Security behind closed doors’ gains steam in Senate Covid-19 talks

‘With seniors most at risk from Covid-19, we need to be increasing Social Security's modest benefits, not creating secret commissions to cut them.’

A proposal by Sen. Mitt Romney to establish congressional committees with the specific goal of crafting legislative “solutions” for America’s federal trust fund programs has reportedly resurfaced in GOP talks over the next Covid-19 stimulus package, sparking alarm among progressive advocates who warn the Utah Republican’s bill is nothing but a stealth attack on Social Security and Medicare. Continue reading

Civil rights groups vow to fight back as GOP builds massive voter suppression machine for 2020 election

‘We will use every tool in our arsenal to block efforts aimed at discouraging participation by eligible voters this election season.’

Civil rights groups are vowing to fight back against what they are calling a nationwide voter intimidation and suppression campaign by the national Republican Party and President Donald Trump that could have a “chilling effect” on voting rights and November turnout. Continue reading

Back to work, or else: Trump administration tells states to pull unemployment benefits

WASHINGTON—GOP President Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary, Eugene Scalia, and his #2 who runs the agency that oversees jobless benefits want employers to report—and states to bar benefits from—workers who fear returning to their old jobs because their employers won’t protect them against the coronavirus. Continue reading

Supreme Court election year vacancy ‘would be different’ this time from Merrick Garland in 2016, says Lindsey Graham

‘These people don't even have an ounce of shame.’

Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Sen. Lindsey Graham said in an interview airing Sunday that the public should not expect a vacancy on the Supreme Court to remain open this election year, despite what happened last time. Continue reading

Again finding US permit invalid, federal court upholds block on ‘climate-busting’ Keystone XL construction

‘Our courts have shown time and time again that the law matters.’

A federal judge on Monday denied the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ request to amend his earlier ruling regarding TC Energy’s Keystone XL pipeline, reaffirming that a permit issued by the Army Corps was invalid. Continue reading

The Trump administration’s “monstrous idea”: Direct payments in exchange for cuts to Social Security benefits

‘Donald Trump and his administration will stop at nothing to cut Social Security.’

Suddenly concerned about the growing national debt now that corporations have secured access to trillions of dollars in COVID-19 bailout funds with little oversight, Trump administration officials are reportedly considering several proposals purportedly aimed at reducing government spending—including a pair of plans that would provide Americans with cash payments in exchange for delays or cuts to their Social Security benefits. Continue reading

‘Just straight cronyism’: Top Trump and GOP donor picked to lead US Postal Service in time of crisis

‘President Trump rewards a partisan donor by installing him at the United States Postal Service. This crony doesn't cut it.’

The U.S. Postal Service’s Board of Governors—which is controlled by appointees of President Donald Trump—announced late Wednesday that it has unanimously selected a top Trump and GOP donor to serve as postmaster general, installing an ally of the White House to lead a popular agency that has long been a target of right-wing reforms and is currently under severe threat of collapse due to the Covid-19 crisis. Continue reading

About as evil as it gets’: As state reopens, Ohio urges employers to snitch on workers who stay home due to COVID-19 concerns

Less than a week after some industries reopened, about 1,200 workers across the state have been reported to the government.

Ohio officials are encouraging employers to report what they’ve designated “COVID-19 fraud” as the state begins reopening some industries. Workers who refuse to report to work in light of the pandemic, which has killed more than 1,300 Ohio residents so far, can be reported via a government website and have their unemployment benefits taken away. Continue reading

‘Simply unacceptable’: Progressives condemn apparent mercenary coup attempt on Venezuela in midst of pandemic

‘The U.S. is looking for excuses to invade Venezuela, and that is why it uses mercenaries.’

Critics decried a failed attempt Sunday by a group of mercenaries, including two Americans, to invade Venezuela as an “unacceptable” act of aggression by the U.S. and Colombia in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading

Trump says he won’t approve COVID-19 package without tax cut that offers zero relief for 30 million newly unemployed

"'Payroll tax cut' is code for 'gut Social Security and Medicare's dedicated funding, then demand benefit cuts.' Democrats must stand strong and continue blocking Trump's terrible idea."

President Donald Trump on Sunday said he will not approve another badly needed COVID-19 stimulus package if it doesn’t include a payroll tax cut, a policy that would strike a blow to Social Security and Medicare funding while offering no relief for the more than 30 million people who have lost their jobs over the past six weeks. Continue reading

‘We should all be alarmed’: McConnell to bring Senate back not to fight Covid-19 but to confirm more Trump judges

‘McConnell cares more about ushering his unqualified 38-year-old crony onto one of the country's highest courts than about ensuring Americans' health in the middle of a pandemic.’

Democratic lawmakers and advocacy groups are accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of endangering the health of members of Congress and Capitol Hill employees for political gain as the Kentucky Republican presses forward with plans to reconvene the chamber next week for the sole purpose of confirming more right-wing judges—including his unqualified 38-year-old protégé. Continue reading

A cult within a cult: Falun Gong and the Trump administration

Falun Gong, the Central Intelligence Agency-linked Chinese cult, which is banned in China, has achieved overarching influence in the Donald Trump White House, State Department, and among Republican Party stalwarts harboring ambitions for national office. The cult’s newspaper, The Epoch Times, enjoys access to White House press conferences and is currently engaged in a campaign to cast blame on China for the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Israeli brutality against Palestinians during COVID-19 outbreaks

Instead of easing state-sponsored violence against Palestinians at a time of COVID-19 outbreaks, the racist Netanyahu regime and extremist settlers it supports are using the public health crisis to intensify viciousness. Continue reading

‘A power grab’: Postal union slams Trump for holding USPS funds hostage to force ‘draconian cuts’

‘This administration is committed to fulfilling the decades-long pursuit by some to sacrifice our public Postal Service at the altar of private profit.’

The 200,000-member American Postal Workers Union accused President Donald Trump of plotting to “sacrifice our public Postal Service at the altar of private profit” after the Washington Post reported late Thursday that the White House is considering using a $10 billion relief loan approved by Congress last month to impose long-sought changes on the popular agency. Continue reading

‘Deliberately cruel’: Millions of US citizens blocked from stimulus payments because they married immigrants

‘We're flat broke. We don't know what's gonna happen.’

Reporting out Monday shed new light on the fact that millions of U.S. citizens are not eligible to receive coronavirus stimulus checks because of who they married. Continue reading

As slaughterhouses close, a new novel coronavirus from pigs looms

Smithfield Foods, the nation’s largest pork producer has closed its Sioux Falls, SD, slaughterhouse after 238 Smithfield employees grew sick, according to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. Continue reading

ICE is deporting COVID-19 positive detainees from private immigration prisons

By continuing deportations of quarantined detainees during a pandemic, ICE is greatly increasing the risk of spreading the deadly virus to other countries officials and activists warn.

Woken in the middle of the night and marched out of a crowded, quarantined group cell by prison guards to be deported. That is the story of one D.C.-area man on Wednesday, inside of an ICA Farmville for-profit prison full of hundreds of undocumented immigrants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The unit is in the middle of a two-week lockdown due to a number of inmates showing symptoms of COVID-19, yet that did not stop guards bursting in and taking the man, who has not been named due to fears about retaliation, out to process his deportation, recklessly endangering others in the facility. Continue reading

Emerging climate-fueled megadrought in western US rivals any over past 1,200 years: study

‘We now have enough observations of current drought and tree-ring records of past drought to say that we're on the same trajectory as the worst prehistoric droughts.’

The western United States is likely being gripped by an “emerging” megadrought partly fueled by the climate crisis, says a study published Friday. Continue reading

Trump Treasury tells banks they can seize your $1,200 check

WASHINGTON—Got plans for that $1,200 federal check you’re going to get from the $2.2 trillion economic stimulus law? Think again. Continue reading

Unions back U.S. Postal Service’s $75B pandemic appeal, oppose right-wing privatization plans

WASHINGTON—Faced with a crash in mail volume and revenue due to closures to battle the coronavirus pandemic—right when the country needs the Postal Service the most to help get vital food, medicine, and other life-saving goods to everyone—Postmaster General Megan Brennan asked Congress for a combination of $75 billion in cash and credit to keep going through the financial disaster. Continue reading

Sanders says Congress must stop Trump from exploiting COVID-19 Crisis to ‘bankrupt and privatize the Postal Service’

‘Now, more than ever, we need a strong and vibrant postal system to deliver mail 6 days a week. Congress must act now to save it.’

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday urged Congress to act immediately to stop President Donald Trump from using the novel coronavirus outbreak “as an opportunity to bankrupt and privatize the Postal Service,” a longstanding goal of the conservative movement. Continue reading

Terrified atomic workers warn that the COVID-19 pandemic is making a nuclear reactor disaster more likely

The COVID pandemic has thrown America’s atomic reactor industry into lethal chaos, making a major disaster even more likely. Reports from “terrified” workers at a Pennsylvania reactor indicate vital precautions needed to protect them may not even be possible. Continue reading

It’s now the very ugly American pandemic

The world will not soon forget the despicable nature of the Trump administration during the worst global pandemic since the 1918 flu. Trump, aided and abetted by a rogues’ gallery of misfits, hyper-xenophobes, and egotistical homosexuals, has all but ruined any good will the United States still maintained in the world prior to the coronavirus outbreak. Continue reading

Exposing ‘folly of tying health coverage to jobs,’ new study estimates 7.3 million more uninsured in US by June

Employer-based health insurance during the current coronavirus outbreak, said one researcher behind the study, ‘is like an umbrella that melts in the rain.’

A new study out Tuesday estimates that worker layoffs unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic in the United States have already caused more than 1.5 million people to lose their employer-provided health insurance in recent weeks, with another 5.7 million likely to become uninsured by the end of June. Continue reading

Kushner’s Grand Theft Ventilator scheme

The government of Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley was shocked when the Trump administration seized over 150 ventilators ordered and pre-purchased by Barbados from five different foreign sources. Although Barbados Health and Wellness Minister Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic said there are no shortage of ventilators in the country to deal with its current level of Covid-19 cases, the seizure by the U.S. has resulted in icy relations between Barbados and the United States. Continue reading

Oversight of $4.5 trillion corporate bailout in ‘grave jeopardy’ as Trump fires independent watchdog

‘A direct insult to the American taxpayers—of all political stripes—who want to make sure that their tax dollars are not squandered on wasteful boondoggles, incompetence, or political favors.’

In a move that critics warned could put independent oversight of a multi-trillion-dollar coronavirus stimulus package “in grave jeopardy,” President Donald Trump on Monday fired the official in charge of monitoring the federal government’s implementation of the business-friendly new law. Continue reading

Lost in the mail

The pandemic threatens letter carriers, their customers, the US Postal Service itself—and even the November election.

We finally got the mail on Thursday. None had arrived for a week, except for some packages. Our main local post office downtown, at the southern end of Manhattan’s West Village, has been hit hard by COVID-19. Continue reading

‘A really chilling moment’: Trump refuses to allow Dr. Fauci to answer question on dangers of hydroxychloroquine

‘This is unacceptable. Dr. Fauci, one of the world's top infectious disease scientists, was just censored live at a White House press conference.’

During a press briefing Sunday night purportedly aimed at providing the U.S. public with crucial information amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump refused to allow the nation’s top infectious disease expert to answer a reporter’s question about the efficacy of an anti-malaria drug that the president has recklessly touted as a possible COVID-19 treatment despite warnings from medical professionals. Continue reading

Medicare for All support surges to 9-month high in new poll after coronavirus exposes horrors of private insurance

‘How can it be that we spend 18% of our GDP on healthcare but still lack the beds, masks, ventilators, gowns, gloves, and test kits we need to adequately respond to this crisis?’ asked Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Support for Medicare for All among U.S. voters has reached a nine-month high in a Morning Consult/Politico tracking poll as the deadly and ongoing coronavirus pandemic lays bare the horrors and systemic inefficiencies of America’s profit-driven healthcare system. Continue reading

Trump throws up ‘outrageous’ roadblock for seniors, people with disabilities in need of $1,200 relief checks

"The Trump administration is throwing up an unnecessary barrier that will make it harder for seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans to get the payments they desperately need."

As millions of Americans await the $1,200 cash payments authorized by the latest coronavirus stimulus package, experts and progressive advocates are condemning a move by the Trump administration which would force millions of seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities to jump through unnecessary hoops to receive money they are entitled to under law. Continue reading

Technology of death: The not-so-shocking report on Israeli weapons exports

The Middle East region, battered by wars and adjoining humanitarian crises that have left millions of people stateless, hungry and diseased, is in urgent need for peace, security and reconstruction. Thanks to the US, Russian, French, Israeli and other weapons manufacturers, however, it is now the dumping ground for military hardware, an ominous sign for the years ahead. Continue reading