I was hoping to be back to publishing by now

I cannot believe the last update I published was back in February. Where did the year go?

I was in so much pain from the wound in my leg then. While the wound is almost healed now—it may take another month or two or three—the pain is gone but wish I could say the same about my arthritic knees. Getting up and down or sitting for an hour or more is painful. The hyalurontic acid injections in my right knee lasted for only three months. C’est la vie. My wonderful medical team that has been treating me at home called the other day about sending someone to put cortisone injections in my knees. Yes!!

Overall, Murphy’s Law has been plaguing me but I will spare you the details. On top of everything, my Intrepid Report email is mucked up and will not download on either my editor or Bev accounts. The good thing about this whole experience is the friends I have made. My dear neighbor collects my snail mail and brings it down to me plus bringing me holiday meals. The fella who does my grocery shopping even puts it away when he delivers it. He even helped getting an access ramp built for me and his wife comes over and does the things I cannot do. Moreover, we are on the same page politically in DeSatan’s—aka DeDantis—Florida. There are many good people in this world and I am privileged to have met so many of them.

Thanks to my smartphone, I have been able to keep up with the news. It would be an understatement to say we are in a mess. The goings on with Trump and the Republicans would be funny if the potential outcome were not so frightening. We are heading for fascism the way things are going unless the major media find their spines and take on those destroying what is left of America.

For one, they could hurt Trump more by ignoring his insane antics. I wonder if he regrets coming down the escalator in Trump Tower back in 2015 due to all that has happened since: being exposed as a liar about being a billionaire, being impeached twice, being tried in a civil case that could cost him every penny he has and the loss of his properties plus being forbidden to again do business in New York, being indicted 19 times that could land him in prison for the rest of his life. His cousin, Mary Trump, would say he does not have the capacity to regret.

The Republican majority in the House has no ability to govern. It took 15 votes to elect a speaker who agreed, to get the job, to allow one member to call for his ouster. And it was Florida Republican Matt Gaetz who did because of Speaker Kevin McCarthy obtaining Democratic help to prevent a government shutdown. It took three votes to name theocrat Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) practically unknown to his House colleagues, speaker. Johnson believes he was chosen by God (didn’t Trump also say God chose him to be president?) to turn the US into a Christian country.

Then there is the US Supreme Court to which Trump chose three far right-wingers to give the court a 6-3 conservative majority. And what did those six do? They overturned a nearly 50-year precedent taking away women’s rights to control their bodies. Never before in US history had a right been taken away. Now women’s lives are being put in jeopardy in states that have nearly taken away the right to abortion unless the woman is on the verge of dying. While the majority of Americans believe a woman has the right to choose, the anti-abortionists passing these laws and ironically call themselves pro-lifers want nothing to do with the fetus carried by poor women after it’s born. The child is looked upon as a parasite sucking on the government’ tit and the woman is berated for being poor and seeking government help in feeding, clothing, housing, and necessary medical care.

And those are just a few things destroying America. Those who won the battle to overturn Roe V. Wade are now looking to have the Supremes take away the right to gay marriage, doing away with laws that help LGBQT, sodomizing love between same sex couples, banning transexuals from receiving the treatment they need (many states have already passed laws banning transexuals under the age of 18 from receiving medication to help them). Let us no leave out those who would make contraceptives illegal.

There is never any lack of money for wars but there is none for helping the people. But tax cuts for the rich are just fine.

By pulling together we can right all that is wrong. So in that spirit, I wish you a Happy Chanukah, a Merry Christmas, a happy Winter Solstice or whatever you celebrate. I hope to be back to publishing as soon a possible.

Bev Conover is the editor and publisher of Intrepid Report.

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