Intrepid Report is still on hiatus

I had hoped to be back to publishing no later than January 9. As you know that didn’t happen. I am not only dealing with osteoarthritis in both knees but a nasty, super painful, wound on the left leg as well.

My weeks have been filled with trips to the HCA Wound Center and nurses who come to my house to change the dressings. My insurance company won’t yet pay for an unbelievably expensive biological graft because the wound is still too big.

To add insult to injury, I am going through both email and web hell. It’s taking forever to get email to download and websites don’t load properly. Whenever I and my techs think the problems are fixed, the fixes don’t last. Those problems, in addition to the pain, don’t help me to concentrate on editing and publishing.

It will take more time but this too shall pass. In the meantime, we must keep our sense of humor in this nightmarish circus we’re caught up in.

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3 Responses to Intrepid Report is still on hiatus

  1. Jack Balkwill

    Best wishes for an unbelievably great recovery Bev!

  2. Gosh, Bev. It sucks. There is so much going on in the world that your valuable insights and political commentary could throw a light on.
    And, (P.S.) I had to go to M.D. NOW last week to take care of a sore throat. The wait was two hours–lots of people there with sore throats and sniffles. Then came a couple. She was a retired teacher from Rhode Island. I am not sure what his life journey had been spent as.. while she was there she kept calling her Teacher’s Retirement Fung Insurance … her husband has prostate cancer and he has to receive a monthly injection that her insurance pays for while they are in Rhode Island. But, because they are here in Florida, wintering as snow birds do, the insurance won’t pay for it. She is having to pay $757 and cents out of pocket for each injection. WHO HAS THAT KIND OF MONEY!????? I know I don’t. The thing is that his doctor here has to buy the injection and be reimburse by the insurance but, the doctor says he will not buy the injection for them because he has been previous stuck by their very own insurance. UNITED HEALTH CARE!!
    In the meantime, my throat is better and today I am going to visit a new PCP because the one I had previously did not work out for me. It is hit and hope after my very own PCP of 30 years retired about three or four years ago!
    Stay Well!

  3. My visit to this new PCP was a disaster! He started by asking me why I wanted to transfer PCPs. I explained to him that on my last visit to my previous PCP, she did not believe me when I told her that my colostomy had gotten stuck, that I had dealt with the pain throughout the night, that by morning light the colostomy had started to work again and that she was angry after she put me on the table, ascertained that my colon was painful and ordered the CT-Scan she had refused to order up until then. I had also told his nurse this before he came in.
    He proceeded to tell me that he did not think he could be of service to me since he and his wife were transitioning his practice to a new wellness program that begins with a $2,000. out of pocket a year member ship. When I asked what happens to the insurance and secondary insurances, he said, oh you still use those to pay for the visits.
    My Cuban blood boiled over right then and there. I told him Corporate Greed this is what it is all about. We might as well cancel this visit right here and right now. He said, No. because I have already allotted my time to you. and proceeded to approach me with his stethoscope to listen to my one heart beat. He said there will be other new doctors here when you go out you can ask what days they are available for you t6o schedule a visit. i told him, no. i am not asking anything. and i walked out of the office.
    When I got home I called the scheduling line, short story they said, they cannot schedule an appointment for me bevcause this would be my third request for a primary care physician in the same building.