Many Americans are being gaslighted

How to explain the pro-Trump supporters and the anti-Biden Democrats? The answer came to me the other day: they have been gaslighted.

Donald Trump and his far right-wing coterie have convinced supporters that only he can save the country and help them.

That is what Hitler and his gang told the German people in the wake of World War 1 and the unconscionable reparations the victorious allies imposed on them.

In Hitler’s brand of fascism, also called Nazism, scapegoats were Jews, whom he blamed for the ills the country was experiencing. He also went after those he didn’t like and anyone who opposed him: journalists, educators, homosexuals, Roma, socialists, among others. His reign of terror worked to keep a majority of decent Germans, who feared for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, silent.

While racist Trump’s brand of fascism is a variation on a theme, he has already made his authoritarian plans known if his supporters vote him back into the White House, despite all his lies, two impeachments, and 91 criminal indictments hanging over his head. The fact that he wants to overturn the US Constitution to be president for life—a means to escape prison if he is found guilty of the crimes he is charged with and the Supreme Court denies him immunity for crimes he committed in his first term as president. He announced that he would go after e people who opposed him (an enemies’ list?). And let us not leave out those who oppose him and his destruction of freedom, the rule of law, and the country.

The media are complicit in Trump’s initial rise and now downplaying his danger to the country if he achieves power again, while feeding people lies about Joe Biden’s age and mental health, and portraying his successes in office as failures, thereby leading many Democrats to turn against him. Have journalists lost their minds? With Dictator Trump in the White House, what do they think will happen to them?

I am no fan of Joe Biden. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee he helped put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. While I haven’t forgiven him for that, when it comes to a presidential election between Biden and Trump, I will vote for Biden who isn’t seeking to overturning the country

No president is perfect but Biden has done more good than bad. Inflation is not his fault. It’s the fault of greedy Big Biz. COVID caused many disruptions, including supplies, that Biden can’t control and Big Biz has used to fill it pockets. With both houses of Congress controlled by Republicans, Biden gets little to no help turn things around. Right-wing Republicans cash in by bashing Biden and telling people over and over that it’s Biden’s fault. That spares them from sharing any blame.

Rising crime in another fallacy. Crime is going down but people have been gaslighted to believe it is going up. More to blame Biden for.

Time is running out. Will the American people say no to Trump, depriving him of a second term, or cower in silence in fear of what they could suffer for their opposition to him if he wins in November?

Bev Conover is the editor and publisher of Intrepid Report. Email her at

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