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Eric Emerson Schmidt wants your room to be his room

Eric Emerson Schmidt is the former chief executive officer of Google (2001-2011) and of Google’s parent, Alphabet (2001-2017). He oversaw the growth of Google from $20 million and no earnings in 2001 to a market-value of $202 billion in 2011, then the fifth-largest among Corporations based in the U.S. Google/Alphabet is now among the five Corporations grouped as the biggest of ‘Big Tech’ and known by the awkward acronym of ‘FAAMG’—Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google. Sometimes Netflix is added or substituted among this quintet to form the sightly FAANG. Each of the five has a Stock Market value near $1 trillion. Together these five ‘Big Tech’ Corporations’ value in our speculative U.S. economy, $4.36 trillion, is very close to the United States’ 2019 Federal Budget of $4.41 trillion. The five of FAAMG’s Stock Market value far exceeds the U.S. Government’s anticipated revenue of $3.422 trillion for 2019, a Deficit of $985 billion. Continue reading

9/11: The 10th anniversary is a time to declare that truth is winning

The 10th anniversary of the great sacrifice known as 9/11 compels media and people of the world to look back on the day of attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people in the United States at the same time as it precipitated the wars of invasion which have killed many more than one million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and elsewhere since September 11, 2001. Continue reading