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Iran War: Countdown to Israel doomsday

“Why on earth is the Zionist regime making threats against Iran? How many missiles have they prepared themselves for? 10,000? 20,000? 50,000? 100,000? 150,000 or more?” Continue reading

Orwellian ramifications begin to unfold in Syria

There is a horrible speculation that the insurgents in Syria may have seized hold of chemical weapons. Continue reading

Iran sanctions: US war of nerves

In continuation of the US-led illegal sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran, Congress last week passed a bill that imposes more embargos on the country, including those on the parent companies of foreign subsidiaries violating sanctions, as well adding penalties for those that help Iran’s petroleum, petrochemical, insurance, shipping and financial sectors. Continue reading

US and its allies setting stage for Syria invasion

The sudden resignation of UN peace envoy Kofi Annan from the peace efforts circle in Syria, which evidently materialized under duress from the US government, has caused extreme joy in Washington officials who now see this as a sign that the international community is prone to accept that Syrian President Bashar Assad had to go and that the peace efforts would eventually reach a cul-de-sac. Continue reading

Israel, US bent on brewing Iran crisis

A report published on Sunday in Ha’aretz reveals that US National Security Adviser Tom Donilon has presented Washington’s contingency plans for a possible attack on Iran to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once the nuclear negotiations reach an impasse. Continue reading

Myanmar religious cleansing: Crime against humanity

Described as the Palestine of Asia by the UN, the Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar is currently going through an unutterable ordeal at the hands of the Rakhine extremist Buddhists in Arakan who are targeting the Muslim minority with the worst form of religious cleansing. Continue reading

Superspy confesses to MI6 black ops in Iran

Preposterously bizarre as it is, the head of MI6 foreign intelligence agency John Sawers made a rare appearance before Britain’s civil servants in London on Friday and warned that the Iranians are “determinedly going down a path to master all aspects of nuclear weapons; all the technologies they need,” and that they will by 2014 acquire a nuclear bomb. Continue reading

Elite killers kill at large for Kidon, Mossad

A new book reveals that a department known as Kidon within the Mossad has dispatched assassins into Iran in order to murder the nuclear scientists, thereby stunting the country’s nuclear energy program. Continue reading

The hand that spurs Iran sanctions

The illegal oil embargoes against Iran have begun to take effect; a precocious smile of satisfaction breaks upon the ugly face of Zionism; and the US once again proves its lapdog fidelity to the Zionist regime. Continue reading

Israel formulates tripartite plot to destroy Syria

A politically incorrect wave of labyrinthine madness is casting its heavy shadow over Syria as the country is being surrounded left and right by Zionist plots thickening beyond control. Continue reading

Unholy alliance forming against Syria

Syria is bracing for more political chaos as all antagonistic forces appear to have entered into an unholy alliance to bring the government to its knees by ingeniously choreographing massacres and attributing them to the Syrian government, thereby turning the country into fertile soil for a US-led invasion. Continue reading

Israel, US at loggerheads over Iran nuclear issue

While Iran and the six world powers wrapped up their talks on Thursday in an atmosphere apparently meant to resolve the nuclear issue, US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs and top negotiator on Iran Wendy Sherman rushed to Tel Aviv to brief the Israeli officials on the new nuclear developments and “reaffirm our [US] unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security.” Continue reading

Nuclear Israel: Image of apocalyptic horror

Imagine a world plunged in darkness and extreme cold with the sunlight screened by a thick dust cloud. Imagine a world flung back into chaos. This is an image conceived of a world abandoned to dereliction by doomsday weapons. Continue reading

Who’s behind the Shia massacre in Pakistan?

Death is whimsical these days, manifesting itself in shapes most repellent to man: men posing with the mangled parts of dead bodies; men urinating on dead bodies; men cutting out the eyes of their brothers and killing them in the name of religion. Continue reading

Israel under intelligence fire over Iran

Producing from his pocket a sheet of paper which contained a biblical quote from the Prophet Zachariah, former Shin Bet chief said, “I will tell you things that might be harsh. I cannot trust Netanyahu and Barak at the wheel in confronting Iran. They are infected with messianic feelings over Iran,” thereby dealing a heavy blow to the Israeli regime. Continue reading

The significance of Iranian leader’s fatwa against nuclear weapons

The fatwa issued by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei forbidding the production, proliferation and use of nuclear bombs is to be considered a political milestone in Iranian history and one which can salvage the Islamic nation from the spate of external threats and plots. Continue reading

Ku Klux Klan still kills at will

Once upon a time in America back in the nineteenth century, there was a far-right organization known as Ku Klux Klan that adhered to primitively radical and hidebound ideas including white supremacy and brutalized and persecuted the colored race through an act of terrorism. Continue reading

West stonewalling democracy in Bahrain

Google Bahrain and you will see how inexcusably the popular uprising in the Persian Gulf sheikhdom is being blacked out by the mainstream media and how discriminatingly the Western leaders ignore the vociferous demands of a nation for democracy and social justice. Continue reading

Western shenanigans against Syria, Iran

The volatile situation in Syria generated by the Saudi-Qatar-funded Wahhabi armed group known as the Free Syrian Army and backed by the West is now an accident waiting to happen. Continue reading

Malvinas in Britain’s imperialist claws

The simmering tensions over the Malvinas Islands, or Falkland Islands (off the coast of Argentina in the South Atlantic) as called by the British occupiers, have become a matter of great concern as the UK decided to deploy destroyer HMS Dauntless to the islands. Continue reading

Washington wages war of sanctions against Iran

Washington’s double-edged sword of policies towards the Islamic Republic is not only exhausting the patience of the Iranian nation but it is provoking the ire of international conscience as well. Continue reading

Iran war: US eyes Mideast gendarme role

The temptation of attacking Iran long entertained by Washington and Israel is gradually crystallizing into a reality of fear and angst and has already become an alarmingly worrisome idea even for those who are wont to see the glass half full. Continue reading

Nuclear assassinations just the tip of the iceberg

“I saw a motorcycle. They were wearing ski masks—black ski masks. They were two people. I saw the motorcycle speed by. I saw them. It seemed as if they had something in their hands,” this is how a female witness described the scene of the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan. Continue reading

Washington recalibrating Iran war plan

From the recent massacres happening in Iraq and Syria, one can gather that Washington has adamantly trodden on a path which is to be seen as a way to redefine the war in Iraq, an effective stratagem to bring the regime of Assad to its doom and recalibrate a comprehensive plan to topple the Islamic government of Iran. Continue reading

Gaddafi dead: What next?

The report that the evasive Libyan ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has died as a result of the wounds he sustained during a NATO attack has flung the Libyans into a jubilant frenzy while it has provoked mixed reactions from the political observers who may eye the event with ra easonable degree of suspicion. Continue reading

U.S. playing the Saudi envoy game

In a ‘united against Iran campaign,’ the US government has accused Tehran of orchestrating an assassination plot against the Saudi envoy in Washington, a move which is to be seen as part of a US stratagem to carry on with its plan of demonizing and isolating the Islamic Republic of Iran. Continue reading