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‘Dispelling Wetiko’: Paul levy and the future of humanity

Anyone who reads his work will quickly be made aware of the enormous amounts of study that lie behind the writing of Paul Levy—study in the form of wide and vast reading, of deep and patient thought, and, perhaps above all, a never-ending process of extraordinarily close observation. Observation of what? For the moment, the answer to that question can best be given in two parts. First, Paul Levy is an acute and close observer of the nature of life. Second, he is an acute and close observer of us, of we, of the ones who live inside of that life. Continue reading

Dr. Judy Wood and the future of the earth: Part Five—Conclusion

What in the name of all that’s holy is wrong with the otherwise seemingly normal people everywhere around us—that they can’t, or that they won’t, conduct themselves, or above all won’t conduct their thinking, in accordance with the simplest rules of logic? Continue reading

Dr. Judy Wood and the future of the earth: Part IV

In the time that has passed since Part Three of this essay, nothing has changed—except for one thing that may seem very small to most people, even unnoticeable. In actuality, though, it has enormous implications. Continue reading

Dr. Judy Wood and the future of the earth: Part III

In the previous part of this essay I asked this question: How it can possibly be the case that over a decade has passed with not one guilty person, institution, corporation, or group having been made accountable, under law, either for the monstrous and treasonous crimes themselves of September 11, 2001, or for the horrendous and on-going crimes, domestic and foreign, that have been committed with impunity—and that continue to be committed with impunity—with the mammoth and transparent lie of 9/11 as excuse, fulcrum, and catalyst? Continue reading

Dr. Judy Wood and the future of the earth: Part II

In the part one of this essay, I examined a piece by William Rivers Pitt that looked at first like a genuine summoning of the masses to fight the destroyers of our nation and people. On closer study, however, as a rallying cry, the piece, showed itself to be weak, empty, outmoded, and doomed. Continue reading

Dr. Judy Wood and the future of the earth: Part I

Everyone knows what’s wrong with the poor remnant of news and analysis that the mainstream media still manages to provide—that it’s untrue, servile to its corporate masters, and intended to deceive rather than reveal. Continue reading

Delusional America and 9/11

Five years ago, discussing (in A Nation Gone Blind) the phenomenon of the half-truth and the nature of commercial television, I wrote, “The repugnance of this form of lying—called bigotry in the ignorant, propaganda in the purposeful—is evident to all, and I would skip the entire subject if I could. But the fact is that the subject of television is the subject of lying, and, further, that the subject of our media-drenched culture is the subject of lying. The sixty years [from 1947 on] that have brought us the new America have brought us also a virtually perfected socio-political culture of lies and lying, a culture built on a foundation of lying, framed by walls of lying, covered by a roof of lying.” Continue reading

Serpent-songs in America

Signs are that the battle against 911-Truth is growing desperate: Those who are interested—and all humanity should be very interested—can tell that the fight is heating up and coming to a head. How can they tell? By opening their ears and listening to the serpents singing in America. Continue reading

An important book for understanding what did and did not happen on 9/11

What a complete, unmitigated disaster 9/11 and the ten awful years following it have been—ten years of murder, crime, lawlessness, deceit, stupidity, and blindness that are only now meliorated, at long last, by the publication of Dr. Judy Wood’s unique, revelatory, and unequivocally welcome book, Where Did the Towers Go? The Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11. Continue reading