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CIA plot to murder Assange is open season on independent journalism

If Assange is not freed then the war on truth is going to explode. All independent journalism and basic human rights are under threat.

A report that the CIA was plotting to murder or kidnap Julian Assange is credible and it should not be in the least bit surprising that the agency sometimes known as Murder Inc would stoop to such criminality. Continue reading

Thick as thieves… Steve Bannon and fugitive Chinese billionaire scam Trump base while beating war drums on China

Bannon and the Guo scammers and a host of know-nothing, bigoted Republican politicians and pundits are fueling public acceptance of Biden’s warmongering towards China.

Steve Bannon, a political guru for Donald Trump’s Republican political base, is hooked up with a Chinese billionaire whom China wants the U.S. to extradite over corruption charges. It may seem a strange pairing for Bannon given his rabid anti-China views. A few years back, Bannon was predicting the U.S. would be soon at war with China. Continue reading

Afghan lesson for Uncle Sam’s running dogs

Afghanistan is the most glaring proof of the American treachery. It’s a cautionary tale for others who incredibly still seem trusting in hitching their wagon to a U.S. alliance.

U.S. President Joe Biden said last week that he has “no regrets” about pulling American forces out of Afghanistan as the Taliban militants looked set to over-run the entire Central Asian country. The lesson here is: anyone acting as a running dog for Washington does so at the peril of ultimate U.S. betrayal. Continue reading

Destabilizing Cuba: Sanctions, pandemic hardship and social media onslaught

Uncle Sam is not going to like Moscow and Beijing making inroads into his self-declared “backyard”. But Uncle Sam has lost all moral authority to make serious objections.

A rash of public protests to hit Cuba was described by the White House as “spontaneous expressions of people exhausted with economic mismanagement and repression”. President Joe Biden said the “United States stands with the people of Cuba as they bravely assert for their fundamental and universal rights.” Continue reading

America’s worthless values

“Everyone, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex persons, deserves to live in dignity,” the State Department pontificates. Everyone? How about Palestinians?

The disproportionate deaths among Palestinians speak of a one-sided slaughter. Over 200 have been killed—almost a quarter of them children—during the past week of violence. Continue reading

Escalate to deescalate… then Biden takes escalator sideways

President Joe Biden wasn’t expecting Russia’s rapid slap back. He assumed, wrongly, that he could hit Moscow with a new round of sanctions (based on slanderous claims) and look as if he were chewing gum and acting the hard man. Continue reading

America’s decrepit nuclear industry is inviting disaster

Running decrepit power plants way beyond their design capability is setting the U.S. up for a disaster on the scale of Chernobyl or Fukushima.

Professor Karl Grossman is a renowned expert critic of the United States’ nuclear power industry. In the following interview with Strategic Culture Foundation, he highlights concern over the move currently being proposed by the regulatory authorities to extend the operating licenses of already aging nuclear reactors across the U.S. Power stations that were originally designed to have a 40-year operating lifespan are now being slated to run for up to 100 years. The move, says Grossman, is being pushed by the nuclear industry lobby as a way to salvage the increasingly unviable economics of nuclear power. There is also, he notes, a “revolving door” relationship between private nuclear energy companies and the government authorities who are supposed to regulate the industry. That means questions of public safety are being ignored in the furtherance of profits. Running decrepit power plants way beyond their design capability is setting the United States up for a disaster on the scale of Chernobyl or Fukushima, warns Grossman. Continue reading

Pentagon’s sinister role in Trump’s coup bid

The extraordinary breach of security at the US congressional building wasn’t just a “failure of planning” which allowed thousands of Trump supporters to trash the seat of government and to interrupt the electoral certification of Joe Biden as the next president. It was a coup attempt. Continue reading

Washington wired for war: Why Syria could spell world catastrophe

When Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip fatally shot the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, archduke Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914, the assassination is seen as the event that ushered in the First World War. Within a month, the Great Powers of Europe would become embroiled in a four-year war owing to a web of alliances and treaties: Russia, France, Britain on the one hand; Germany, Italy, and the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires on the other. The US would eventually enter the maelstrom in April 1917 on the side of Britain and the Entente allies against the Central Powers. Continue reading