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Republicrats: Begin anew! fix infrastructure! Work together on 2 crises now: the porous US border and archaic gun laws!

We have not yet reached the horrific insanities of the American Civil War…but we seem hell-bent on approaching that precipice and tumbling over like lemmings following manic “leaders,” disguised as politicians, “educators,” celebrities, journalists and the commentariat, et. al. We are not yet engulfed in civil war, but we are certainly “testing” whether our nation, “or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.” If it were to come to actual civil war, given a population that is 10 times what it was 158 years ago, given our dependence on our modern “grid,” our reliance upon drone weapons, and a vulnerable World Wide Web where deadly information spreads like cyclonic fires, the horrors we are facing could be many times what America’s soldiers/patriots/and misguided citizens faced back then. Continue reading

Space alien reveals Trump romp


I know it sounds incredible, but this is how it happened. . . . Continue reading