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Hitler would have had Ye sterilized and gassed

The artist formerly known as Kanye West has told Tucker Carlson he sees “good things” in Adolph Hitler. Continue reading

Nukes on the brink in Ukraine and California

The latest “Nuclear Power Renaissance” is on the brink of creating radioactive Dark Ages in Ukraine, California and at more than 400 other atomic reactors worldwide. Continue reading

‘President’ Newsom goes anti-solar and pro-nuke with a ticking clock

“Green” Gavin Newsom, the California governor who would be president, has gone intensely anti-solar and pro-nuke. Continue reading

Newsom wants to keep dangerous California nuclear power plants open

As he begins to campaign for the White House, Gov. Gavin Newsom is toying with extending operations at two of the world’s most dangerous atomic reactors, sited at the aptly named Diablo Canyon, nine miles west of San Luis Obispo. Continue reading

The blood-soaked lie about the Second Amendment

The blood-soaked lie about the Second Amendment is simple. Continue reading

Our original founders were indigenous women who controlled their own bodies

The real Founders of American society were not the 55 rich, white, male interlopers who staged a coup d’etat in 1787-9 … and whose misogynist progeny have always wanted to ban abortion. Continue reading

Nuke reactors could kill us all

The latest stab at reviving nuke power is mocked by the actual reactors. Continue reading

Putin’s ‘Peaceful Atom’ apocalypse draws closer by the minute

Minute by minute, Putin’s “Peaceful Atom” pushes us to the brink of an atomic Apocalypse…maybe as you read this… likely within hours or days. Continue reading

Nuke power at the brink of bankruptcy, war, apocalypse

Fifteen atomic reactors in Ukraine currently spew out massive quantities of radiation alongside the smoldering ruin of Chernobyl Unit 4. Continue reading

Diablo’s planet-killing nuke insanity keeps escalating

Amidst our ever-escalating climate Apocalypse, the viral insanity of atomic power gets ever worse. Now it’s spread deep into the Biden administration, with no apparent cure in sight. Continue reading

Corporate Dem formula for a fascist future: Lose, blame left, repeat

The corporate Democrats booted the Virginia governorship. Now they’re screaming (of course) at precisely those who could’ve won it for them. Continue reading

Manchin/Sinema play “The Price Is Right” while the GOP stars in “Night of the Living Dead”

The whole progressive world is screaming at Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. Continue reading

From JFK-MLK-RFK to the Brooks Brothers Mob to MAGA … America’s fascist coup escalates

America’s long-term fascist coup may have begun on November 22, 1963, with the murder of John Kennedy. Continue reading

Stop the insane nuke bailout

Buried deep in Joe Biden’s various infrastructure deals is a bailout every bit as insane as the original decision to stay in Afghanistan—up to $50 billion in handouts to keep old nuke reactors operating … at least until they blow up. Continue reading

How hippies won the culture war… and drove the evangelicals to fascism

Back when Paul Weyrich partied like it was 1999, he made a monumental admission that explains the ferocity of today’s evangelical right. Continue reading

As Roe heads toward extinction, how many “pro-life” cultists will celebrate the death penalty while refusing masks and vaccinations?

Right-wing hypocrites are lining up for an expected Supreme Court nullification of Roe v. Wade. Continue reading

Collapsed Florida condo sends a giant nuke warning

The horrifying collapse of a south Florida condo should alarm us all about the next reactor catastrophe. Continue reading

The once-proud New Yorker soils itself in radioactive offal

For decades, The New Yorker has set a high bar for journalistic excellence. Continue reading

On January 5 and 6, democracy won, fascism lost

The United States of America was redefined on January 5 and 6, 2021. Never underestimate the pivotal power of these two dates in our nation’s history. And do not believe that a Senate failure to convict Donald Trump will change any of it. Continue reading

Will a Hitlerian impeachment performance ignite Trump’s paramilitary death squads?

Lawyers galore have fled the prospect of representing Donald Trump at his upcoming impeachment trial (the sequel). Continue reading

Our “schmuck” godfather threatens us all

In his infamous one-hour shakedown of Georgia’s secretary of state, wise-guy Donald Trump TWICE calls himself a “schmuck.” It’s a gross undershot. Continue reading

Why the failed fascist coup of 1933 could succeed in 2021

Smedley Butler won’t be around next year to save us. Continue reading

Trump got dumped by paper ballots, millennials … and “socialism”

See Trump flail. Continue reading

Trump is US history’s biggest loser

It’s over!! Continue reading

Trump would be America’s Hitler

As The Donald unleashes his inner Adolf, there must be no illusions about what we face. Continue reading

America should vote this fall in our downtown sports arenas

There is a critical solution to where America can vote during the pandemic—and beyond. Continue reading

Trump’s misjudgment at Tulsa/Nuremberg just might doom him

Imagine if Adolf Hitler had staged one of his infamous 1930s fascist Nuremberg hate-fests … and the stands were less than full, his speech fell flat, his flawless phalanxes dissolved into chaos, the fighting flags failed to unfurl. Continue reading

How the Woodrow Wilson Influenza of 1918 & the TrumpVirus pandemic of 2020 brought fascism to America

The 2020 TrumpVirus pandemic that is killing so many of us today has deep roots in World War I and the Woodrow Wilson Influenza that killed 50,000,000 back then. Continue reading

How YOU can dump Trump

Grassroots action’s immense upset victory in Wisconsin shows we can overcome even a rigged election. Continue reading

Heroic angry Wisconsin Badger voters show the rest of the nation how to dump Trump Harvey Wasserman

This week’s astonishing people’s victory in Wisconsin has shattered the myth of an unbeatable Trump dictatorship. Continue reading

Terrified atomic workers warn that the COVID-19 pandemic is making a nuclear reactor disaster more likely

The COVID pandemic has thrown America’s atomic reactor industry into lethal chaos, making a major disaster even more likely. Reports from “terrified” workers at a Pennsylvania reactor indicate vital precautions needed to protect them may not even be possible. Continue reading

Ohio’s fascist pro-nuke attack on democracy comes due today

A terrifying series of gestapo-style assaults, petiton buying, bribery, mass media manipulation and systematic intimidation has smacked into the attempt of Ohio citizens to repeal a billion-dollar bailout for two dangerously failing atomic reactors on Lake Erie. Continue reading