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How the Woodrow Wilson Influenza of 1918 & the TrumpVirus pandemic of 2020 brought fascism to America

The 2020 TrumpVirus pandemic that is killing so many of us today has deep roots in World War I and the Woodrow Wilson Influenza that killed 50,000,000 back then. Continue reading

How YOU can dump Trump

Grassroots action’s immense upset victory in Wisconsin shows we can overcome even a rigged election. Continue reading

Heroic angry Wisconsin Badger voters show the rest of the nation how to dump Trump Harvey Wasserman

This week’s astonishing people’s victory in Wisconsin has shattered the myth of an unbeatable Trump dictatorship. Continue reading

Terrified atomic workers warn that the COVID-19 pandemic is making a nuclear reactor disaster more likely

The COVID pandemic has thrown America’s atomic reactor industry into lethal chaos, making a major disaster even more likely. Reports from “terrified” workers at a Pennsylvania reactor indicate vital precautions needed to protect them may not even be possible. Continue reading

Ohio’s fascist pro-nuke attack on democracy comes due today

A terrifying series of gestapo-style assaults, petiton buying, bribery, mass media manipulation and systematic intimidation has smacked into the attempt of Ohio citizens to repeal a billion-dollar bailout for two dangerously failing atomic reactors on Lake Erie. Continue reading

PG&E threatens nuke holocaust while Sacramento fiddles

Why is a bankrupt utility being forced to black itself out still running two atomic reactors that could destroy California? Continue reading

What really happened to American socialism?

Despite the corporate hype, Democratic Socialism and Social Democracy are deeply rooted in the mainstream of our nation’s history. Continue reading

4 gorillas to save the Earth

The Greta/AOC generation is marching for our place on this planet. Continue reading

Pro-nuke holocaust denier Cory Booker must not be president

Senator Cory Booker has become a pro-nuke holocaust denier and must not be president or vice. Continue reading

40 ways Ohio now proposes nuclear suicide

A bought, gerrymandered Ohio legislature has just handed a much hated $150 million/year public bailout to two dinosaur nuke reactors primed to explode. Continue reading

The quake to make Los Angeles a radioactive dead zone…be afraid…be very afraid

Had Friday’s 7.1 earthquake and other ongoing seismic shocks hit less than 200 miles northwest of Ridgecrest/China Lake, ten million people in Los Angeles would now be under an apocalyptic cloud, their lives and those of the state and nation in radioactive ruin. Continue reading

We have a Trump because we have an empire

The man who would make himself dictator is with us because we have put so many like him in power in so many other places. Continue reading

Ohio’s ‘Chernobyl Socialism’ would hand $20 million to seven utility scammers

A huge proposed bailout of two Chernobyl-in-progress Ohio nukes (plus two old coal burners) would put $20 million directly into the pockets of seven utility executives. Their bankrupt company last year spent $3 million “lobbying” the legislature. Continue reading

Ohio stumbles, with a Team Trump nudge, toward nuclear and coal

Defying all laws of competitive economics, climate change, and technological progress, the Ohio House has voted in a ratepayer-funded bailout for two aging nuclear power plants on Lake Erie, and two even older coal burners, one in Indiana, but owned by the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation, based in Piketon. According to Politico, a senior adviser to the Trump reelection campaign, Bob Paduchik, pressured at least five members of the Ohio House of Representatives to vote “yes” on the bill. Continue reading

As reactors shut in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, nuke war rages in Ohio and New York

As the nuke power industry slumps toward oblivion, two huge reactors are shutting in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Continue reading

America’s ‘hole-in-the-head’ nuke suicide pact gets court approval

The Supreme Court has just now certified the deadliest and most economically destructive scam of the entire Trump catastrophe. Continue reading

Three Mile Island’s murderous legacy still threatens us all

Forty years ago on March 29, the Three Mile Island nuke began pouring lethal radiation into our air and water, lungs and livers. Continue reading

How Fukushima nukes kill our climate, our planet, ourselves

Eight years ago on March 11, apocalyptic radiation clouds began pouring out of Fukushima. Continue reading

Trump’s ‘emergency’ is about his criminality, NOT the wall

The “Desperado in Chief” wants—NEEDS!!—a diversionary “national” emergency. Continue reading

The Democrats have nowhere to go but left

The Democratic Party has nowhere to go but left. Continue reading

Is Michael Cohen Trumputin’s dead meat? Are we?

In the Trumputin world of organized crime, Michael Cohen has committed the ultimate betrayal: he’s helped Robert Mueller prove beyond doubt that don Putin in the Kremlin put his very own bagman into the White House. Continue reading

The two magical words that could have Trump gone by Earth Day

Our long-awaited “Mueller Time” has filled the punditocracy with tales of collusion and delusion. But most have missed the two-word trapdoor through which Donald Trump is likeliest to fall. Continue reading

Grassroots resistance must destroy Trump’s “RED WALL” of fraud and theft

Trump’s November 6 blitzkrieg depends on stripping our right to vote and flipping the vote count. Continue reading

Will the Caravan Coup be Trump’s ‘October Surprise’ & Reichstag Fire to cap a week of horror?

Treasonous “October Surprises” gave Republicans the presidency in 1968 and 1980. A staged 1933 Reichstag fire gave Hitler his dictatorship. Continue reading

I will be a poll worker November 6th—will you?

A Trumpist victory this November 6 could strike a terrible blow to American democracy, and to our ability to survive on this planet. Continue reading

Trump’s Space Force: Military profiteering’s final frontier

‘The heavens are going to be littered with radioactive debris.’

The commander-in-chief, President Donald Trump, has announced a new mission into the realm of martial excess. It is one is that will surely enrich the aerospace industry while spreading the global battlefield to a new dimension. Continue reading

57 unpatriotic ways the Corp/Dems have enthroned Trumputin

As we celebrated our nation’s birth, and organize to once again overthrow an illegitimate tyrant, we might pity Trump’s classic liberal enabler, Al Dershowitz. Continue reading

Supreme Court approves fascist assault on Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Japanese-Americans, whoever . . . prepare for your very own concentration cam

The US Supreme Court has approved Donald Trump’s presumed dictatorial power to ban and imprison any would-be immigrant group he does not like. Continue reading

Immigrants & Muslims are Trump’s Jews . . . until he comes for the actual Jews

Make no mistake: Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions’ assault on immigrant families and their “tactic” of separating parents from their children are right out of the Nazi playbook. Continue reading

Trump has plenty of accomplices in his reckless energy policies

Some 360,000 Americans now work in the solar industry, more than in nukes and coal combined. In fact, more Americans are now working in California’s solar industry than are digging coal nationwide. And the U.S. wind business now employs more than 100,000 people. Continue reading

Puerto Rico goes back door to Solartopia and the corporate media black it out

Puerto Rico has made history by becoming—briefly—the largest US territory or state to be powered almost entirely by renewable energy. Continue reading

Trump’s ‘policies’ on guns, drugs, Puerto Rico, golf, Mueller and Russian election theft are all about mob money

Donald Trump’s sole “philosophy” is personal profit. His real “party” is the mob. His mafia “don,” Vladimir Putin, is the world’s #1 crime boss. For the pair of them, the issues of the day all boil down to one: cash flow. Continue reading