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Senate committee had authority to expose NSA all along

Provision allows committee to push for more declassified documents, they just never employ it

Despite claims by members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that they are barred from publicly exposing dragnet surveillance practices at the National Security Agency, a closer look at Senate rules shows that the group actually has it in their power to actively push for greater transparency. They have just opted not to use that power. Continue reading

‘You Are Being Tracked’: License plate readers capture millions of innocent Americans’ data

Private companies utilized to capture location info, with little to no oversight

Tens of millions of innocent Americans are being tracked by the police through vast license plate scanning systems, according to new documents obtained by the ACLU. Continue reading

Think fracking is bad? Wait Until You hear about the gas industry’s ‘acid jobs’

It is a scandal how little the public knows about the 'rock melting' extraction process

Think fracking is bad? You should know about ‘acid jobs,’ environmental groups are warning. Continue reading