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Retirees vow to ‘fight this attempt to gut Social Security’ as Trump announces executive order to suspend payroll tax

‘President Trump just betrayed seniors, ordering cuts in Social Security funding because Congress wouldn't go along with his payroll tax cut scheme.’

An advocacy group representing more than four million American retirees warned Thursday that President Donald Trump took a dangerous step toward “single-handedly” dismantling Social Security by announcing he plans to sign an executive order suspending collection of the payroll tax as early as Friday afternoon. Continue reading

Postal Union leader warns Trump assault on USPS and mail-in voting puts nation on ‘dangerous path toward dictatorship’

‘Anyone who believes in the right to vote should enthusiastically embrace voting by mail. Without it, tens of millions of voters will be denied the opportunity to safely exercise their cherished right to vote.’

The leader of the 200,000-member American Postal Workers Union warned Monday that President Donald Trump’s evidence-free attacks on mail-in voting, threat to delay the November election, and ongoing efforts to undermine the U.S. Postal Service are putting the nation on “a dangerous path toward dictatorship” and must be opposed. Continue reading

Lawmakers warn ‘onerous’ new USPS loan terms imposed by Mnuchin ‘could accelerate demise of Postal Service’

‘Mnuchin and the leadership of the U.S. Postal Service appear to be exploiting this public health pandemic to hold the Postal Service to unreasonable loan terms without even consulting Congress.’

Leading congressional Democrats are warning that an emergency loan agreement announced Wednesday by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy—a major donor to President Donald Trump and the GOP—could “accelerate the demise of the Postal Service” by giving the administration unprecedented access to the popular agency’s internal operations. Continue reading

‘History will not judge this kindly’: DNC Platform Committee votes down Medicare for All amendment

‘It's like opposing the New Deal during the Great Depression. Unforgivable

A Democratic National Committee panel on Monday voted down an amendment that would have inserted a plank supporting Medicare for All into the party’s 2020 platform, a move progressives decried as out of touch with public opinion and a slap in the face to the millions of people who have lost their health insurance due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading

GOP coronavirus relief package to include Romney bill that would ‘fast-track Social Security and Medicare Cuts’

‘They will use every opportunity and every crisis—including the mass death and economic carnage from COVID—as cover for their sick desire to destroy our Social Security system.’

Shortly after publicly ditching one attack on Social Security—the payroll tax cut—Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed Thursday that the Republican coronavirus relief package will include legislation sponsored by Sen. Mitt Romney that one advocacy group described as an “equally menacing” threat to the New Deal program. Continue reading

Maine letter carriers allege USPS leadership ‘willfully delaying’ mail to sabotage Postal Service from within

‘We're watching the deliberate destruction of the Post Office unfolding in front of us,’ said one journalist.

A formal complaint filed last week with the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General by a Portland, Maine letter carrier alleges that city Postmaster James Thornton is unlawfully mandating the delay of first-class mail in order to prioritize the delivery of Amazon packages. Continue reading

Oregon senator vows amendment to bar Trump from sending ‘paramilitary squads onto America’s streets’

‘We won't let these authoritarian tactics stand.’

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley on Saturday announced plans to introduce an amendment barring the Trump administration from deploying federal law enforcement to U.S. streets as backlash continues over the White House’s use of unidentified agents to violently crack down on protests in Portland and detain demonstrators without cause. Continue reading

‘Resounding’ win for public health and climate as judge blocks Trump attempt to gut methane restrictions

‘The judge basically rejected every attempt by the Trump administration to gut these common-sense waste prevention measures on behalf of their oil and gas industry cronies.’

Green groups celebrated a “resounding victory for taxpayers, public health, and the environment” late Wednesday after a federal judge blocked the Trump administration from rolling back an Obama-era rule designed to limit planet-warming methane emissions. Continue reading

Sanders calls on ‘Do-Nothing’ Senate to approve $2,000 monthly checks, cancel rent, and expand Medicare

‘This I know: nothing will happen unless the American people stand up, fight back, and demand, in overwhelming numbers, that the Senate act.’

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday slammed the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate for refusing to act to address the coronavirus-induced public health and economic crises that continue to intensify, throwing millions more out of work, overwhelming hospitals, and endangering countless lives. Continue reading

As COVID-19 takes toll, DeVos denounced for new ‘craven’ public school privatization scheme

‘With our country dealing with a pandemic, an economic recession, and structural racism, she's spied an opening to exploit this crisis to resuscitate her failed agenda.’

With the Trump administration planning to demand that Congress devote a large chunk of the state and local education funding in the next COVID-19 relief package to a new grant program for private and religious schools, the 1.7 million-member American Federation of Teachers on Thursday accused Education Secretary Betsy DeVos of attempting to exploit the pandemic to advance her privatization agenda. Continue reading

GOP ‘plot to gut Social Security behind closed doors’ gains steam in Senate Covid-19 talks

‘With seniors most at risk from Covid-19, we need to be increasing Social Security's modest benefits, not creating secret commissions to cut them.’

A proposal by Sen. Mitt Romney to establish congressional committees with the specific goal of crafting legislative “solutions” for America’s federal trust fund programs has reportedly resurfaced in GOP talks over the next Covid-19 stimulus package, sparking alarm among progressive advocates who warn the Utah Republican’s bill is nothing but a stealth attack on Social Security and Medicare. Continue reading

Civil rights groups vow to fight back as GOP builds massive voter suppression machine for 2020 election

‘We will use every tool in our arsenal to block efforts aimed at discouraging participation by eligible voters this election season.’

Civil rights groups are vowing to fight back against what they are calling a nationwide voter intimidation and suppression campaign by the national Republican Party and President Donald Trump that could have a “chilling effect” on voting rights and November turnout. Continue reading

The Trump administration’s “monstrous idea”: Direct payments in exchange for cuts to Social Security benefits

‘Donald Trump and his administration will stop at nothing to cut Social Security.’

Suddenly concerned about the growing national debt now that corporations have secured access to trillions of dollars in COVID-19 bailout funds with little oversight, Trump administration officials are reportedly considering several proposals purportedly aimed at reducing government spending—including a pair of plans that would provide Americans with cash payments in exchange for delays or cuts to their Social Security benefits. Continue reading

‘Just straight cronyism’: Top Trump and GOP donor picked to lead US Postal Service in time of crisis

‘President Trump rewards a partisan donor by installing him at the United States Postal Service. This crony doesn't cut it.’

The U.S. Postal Service’s Board of Governors—which is controlled by appointees of President Donald Trump—announced late Wednesday that it has unanimously selected a top Trump and GOP donor to serve as postmaster general, installing an ally of the White House to lead a popular agency that has long been a target of right-wing reforms and is currently under severe threat of collapse due to the Covid-19 crisis. Continue reading

Trump says he won’t approve COVID-19 package without tax cut that offers zero relief for 30 million newly unemployed

"'Payroll tax cut' is code for 'gut Social Security and Medicare's dedicated funding, then demand benefit cuts.' Democrats must stand strong and continue blocking Trump's terrible idea."

President Donald Trump on Sunday said he will not approve another badly needed COVID-19 stimulus package if it doesn’t include a payroll tax cut, a policy that would strike a blow to Social Security and Medicare funding while offering no relief for the more than 30 million people who have lost their jobs over the past six weeks. Continue reading

‘We should all be alarmed’: McConnell to bring Senate back not to fight Covid-19 but to confirm more Trump judges

‘McConnell cares more about ushering his unqualified 38-year-old crony onto one of the country's highest courts than about ensuring Americans' health in the middle of a pandemic.’

Democratic lawmakers and advocacy groups are accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of endangering the health of members of Congress and Capitol Hill employees for political gain as the Kentucky Republican presses forward with plans to reconvene the chamber next week for the sole purpose of confirming more right-wing judges—including his unqualified 38-year-old protégé. Continue reading

‘A power grab’: Postal union slams Trump for holding USPS funds hostage to force ‘draconian cuts’

‘This administration is committed to fulfilling the decades-long pursuit by some to sacrifice our public Postal Service at the altar of private profit.’

The 200,000-member American Postal Workers Union accused President Donald Trump of plotting to “sacrifice our public Postal Service at the altar of private profit” after the Washington Post reported late Thursday that the White House is considering using a $10 billion relief loan approved by Congress last month to impose long-sought changes on the popular agency. Continue reading

Sanders says Congress must stop Trump from exploiting COVID-19 Crisis to ‘bankrupt and privatize the Postal Service’

‘Now, more than ever, we need a strong and vibrant postal system to deliver mail 6 days a week. Congress must act now to save it.’

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday urged Congress to act immediately to stop President Donald Trump from using the novel coronavirus outbreak “as an opportunity to bankrupt and privatize the Postal Service,” a longstanding goal of the conservative movement. Continue reading

Oversight of $4.5 trillion corporate bailout in ‘grave jeopardy’ as Trump fires independent watchdog

‘A direct insult to the American taxpayers—of all political stripes—who want to make sure that their tax dollars are not squandered on wasteful boondoggles, incompetence, or political favors.’

In a move that critics warned could put independent oversight of a multi-trillion-dollar coronavirus stimulus package “in grave jeopardy,” President Donald Trump on Monday fired the official in charge of monitoring the federal government’s implementation of the business-friendly new law. Continue reading

‘A really chilling moment’: Trump refuses to allow Dr. Fauci to answer question on dangers of hydroxychloroquine

‘This is unacceptable. Dr. Fauci, one of the world's top infectious disease scientists, was just censored live at a White House press conference.’

During a press briefing Sunday night purportedly aimed at providing the U.S. public with crucial information amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump refused to allow the nation’s top infectious disease expert to answer a reporter’s question about the efficacy of an anti-malaria drug that the president has recklessly touted as a possible COVID-19 treatment despite warnings from medical professionals. Continue reading

Medicare for All support surges to 9-month high in new poll after coronavirus exposes horrors of private insurance

‘How can it be that we spend 18% of our GDP on healthcare but still lack the beds, masks, ventilators, gowns, gloves, and test kits we need to adequately respond to this crisis?’ asked Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Support for Medicare for All among U.S. voters has reached a nine-month high in a Morning Consult/Politico tracking poll as the deadly and ongoing coronavirus pandemic lays bare the horrors and systemic inefficiencies of America’s profit-driven healthcare system. Continue reading

Trump throws up ‘outrageous’ roadblock for seniors, people with disabilities in need of $1,200 relief checks

"The Trump administration is throwing up an unnecessary barrier that will make it harder for seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans to get the payments they desperately need."

As millions of Americans await the $1,200 cash payments authorized by the latest coronavirus stimulus package, experts and progressive advocates are condemning a move by the Trump administration which would force millions of seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities to jump through unnecessary hoops to receive money they are entitled to under law. Continue reading

‘Repulsive’: Outrage as Texas lieutenant gov. says seniors willing to risk coronavirus infection to protect economy

‘This crisis is really laying bare the extent to which we are ruled by completely craven psychopaths.’

Dan Patrick, the Republican lieutenant governor of Texas, told Fox News’ disproportionately older audience Monday night that he and other American seniors would be willing to risk dying from the coronavirus in order to ensure that the economy doesn’t slide into a serious recession. Continue reading

‘This is a trap’: Progressives sound alarm as GOP attempts sneak attack on Social Security in coronavirus stimulus plan

‘Senate Republicans are using the coronavirus crisis as a cynical cover to attack our Social Security system.’

Tucked inside Senate Republicans’ gargantuan coronavirus stimulus package is a provision that progressives are warning could significantly damage Social Security’s funding in the short-term and empower right-wing lawmakers to make even deeper cuts to the vital program in the future. Continue reading

20 top economists endorse Medicare for All as best plan to cut costs, save tens of thousands of lives each year

‘By eliminating insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, and lowering overall healthcare costs, Medicare for All will result in enormous savings for almost all households, all except the richest households who will pay more in taxes.’

Rejecting “loose talk” from corporate Democrats, the media, and insurance industry that a single-payer system would be unaffordable, twenty leading U.S. economists on Tuesday released an open letter endorsing Medicare for All as the best way to reduce soaring national healthcare costs, significantly cut expenses for most U.S. households, and save countless lives. Continue reading

‘Stealth attack on Social Security’: Trump condemned for exploiting coronavirus crisis to push payroll tax cut

‘This is a Trojan Horse attack on our Social Security system.’

Economists and progressive advocacy groups are warning that President Donald Trump’s proposal to cut or temporarily suspend the payroll tax in an effort to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus is “a Trojan Horse attack on our Social Security system” that will do little to help most U.S. households. Continue reading

Trump reportedly compiling Nixonian ‘Enemies List’ as he seeks revenge for impeachment

‘McConnell hasn't even held the final vote to launch the post-checks and balances era, and already the would-be authoritarian is escalating his abuses of power.’

President Donald Trump is reportedly compiling a Nixonian “enemies list” that includes former national security adviser John Bolton and top House Democrats as he seeks to retaliate for the congressional impeachment process, which is expected to come to a close as early as Wednesday with a Senate vote to acquit. Continue reading

After epic ‘nightmare’ in Iowa, Democratic app built by secretive firm Shadow Inc. comes under scrutiny

‘This outfit is inexcusably secretive.’

Amid all the finger-pointing and anger that followed the nightmarish Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses Monday night, many journalists and progressive observers honed in on the smartphone app the state Democratic Party used—with disastrous consequences—to record and report the results of the highly anticipated contest. Continue reading

‘Absolutely horrific’: Trump preparing to roll back restrictions on US military use of landmines

‘Trump's policy rollback is a step toward the past, like many of his other decisions, and sends exactly the wrong message to those working to rid the world of the scourge of landmines."

President Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to roll back established constraints on the U.S. military’s ability to use landmines overseas despite the weapons’ long history of killing and maiming civilians around the world. Continue reading

‘He gave away the game’: Doctors Condemn Trump threat to slash Medicare funding

‘We've long suspected he would try to gut Medicare in a second term.’

An advocacy group composed of doctors and medical professionals on Wednesday joined the chorus denouncing President Donald Trump for threatening to slash Medicare and Social Security funding “at some point” should he win a second term in November. Continue reading

Study shows Medicare for All could save us $600 billion annually on paperwork and other ‘useless bureaucracy’

‘Industry wants you to think universal healthcare is too expensive. In reality, it's our current system that's a wasteful, unsustainable disaster.’

Insurers and healthcare providers in the United States spent a staggering $812 billion on paperwork and other administrative burdens in 2017 alone, bureaucratic costs that could be dramatically reduced by switching to a single-payer system like Medicare for All. Continue reading

Sanders and Warren demand McConnell hold full and fair impeachment trial for ‘most corrupt president in our history’

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, two of the leading contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, joined grassroots progressives Wednesday night in demanding that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hold a “full and fair trial” following the House’s historic vote to impeach President Donald Trump. Continue reading