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Overhaul the USDA

For decades, the agriculture department has been indifferent to struggling rural communities. That has to change.

We can’t just settle for disinfecting the White House after four-years of Trump. A fundamental, structural rebuild is necessary, including on health care, immigration, the environment, civil rights, labor law, and infrastructure. Continue reading

Why working people spell ‘BOSS’ backwards

Grocery giants like Kroger are refusing employees hazard pay while buying their own stock with their extra profits.

What is it about billionaires and multimillionaires that make them so clueless about the impacts of their greed? Continue reading

Biden, listen to the outsiders

The new president is a lifetime insider, but his legacy now depends on working with those the status quo has failed.

The Democratic Party establishment is now issuing a go-slow warning to the new president they backed. Continue reading

Planet Plastic

The vast tonnage of this trash increases every minute, with an afterlife lasting centuries.

What do your toothbrush and your running shoes have in common? Plastic. Continue reading

The other Capitol mob

Much to the embarrassment of major corporations, their political donations were traced to the mayhem of January 6. Continue reading

Two timeless truths for these trying times

These maxims might help all of us get a grip, step back from hopelessness, and push ahead.

What’s wrong with people? Has the savagery, selfishness, and raw, animal hatred within the human species finally come out of the darkness to devour our society? Continue reading

My Christmas List

The special gifts I’ve arranged for special people.

Ho ho ho, wait till you hear about the gifts I gave to some of America’s power elites for Christmas. Continue reading

This holiday season, choose a new food future

What better symbol of agri-industry’s vision of “food” than the ubiquitous Butterball turkey so many ate for Thanksgiving?

America certainly has an abundance of food, even though many Americans do not. We face a momentous choice of whether to pursue a food future rooted in the ethic of sustainable agri-culture — or one based on the exploitative ethic of agri-industry. Continue reading

The first Thanksgiving?

Let’s talk about turkey! Continue reading

It’s not Trump’s country—even in ‘Trump Country’

Progressive ballot initiatives passed handily across the country, even in so-called red states.

Trump may have lost his bid for reelection, but many will still wonder: How has America turned so right-wing that a narcissistic, wannabe-dictator like Trump was even in the running? Continue reading

The pandemic has been a bonanza for the rich

Billionaires are letting their money make money for them, while CEOs slash jobs and reward themselves with bonuses.

Let’s say you’re a millionaire. That’s a lot of money, right? Now let’s say you’re a billionaire. That’s a lot more money! But how much more? Continue reading

Why Your CVS prescription is taking so long

The drug store giant’s CEO has been cutting corners while rewarding himself handsomely.

Sometimes I don’t know whether to weep uncontrollably, laugh hysterically, or just throw up. Continue reading

Republicans unleash their inner Jim Crow

Endangered GOP incumbents are launching increasingly racialized attacks against their challengers.

If you’re a rich Republican who’s done nothing in the House of Representatives for so long that you’re essentially seen as a piece of furniture, what do you do when faced with a popular, well-organized, grassroots opponent who’s about to overtake you? Continue reading

Florida Republicans are nakedly suppressing votes

They’ve defied the Constitution and the will of the state’s voters, but it’s not too late to stop them.

How nasty is the Republican Party’s massive campaign to thwart democracy? Ask the good people of Florida. Continue reading

COVID-19 and the reality of ‘small government’ conservatism

With 200,000 dead, Americans are concluding that a more Rooseveltian response was in order.

Amazingly, America has become a nation of socialists, asking in dismay: “Where’s the government?” Continue reading

Beware corporate COVID propaganda

CEOs say they’re cutting their own pay in solidarity with laid off or hurting workers—only, not really.

COVID-19 has been a doubly-deadly disaster for millions of Americans, destroying both life and livelihoods. But one of the most heartening responses to the crisis has come from the least-expected place: corporate executive suites. Continue reading

Republican platforms, then and now

A look back at things Republicans believed before they lost their minds.

Wow, what a surprise! Have you seen the National Republican Party’s official platform? Continue reading

Where did the GOP go?

The Republican platform—and the Republican Party itself—has been reduced to one word: Trump.

With our national election looming, someone should put up “lost dog” signs in every neighborhood saying, “Missing: Republican Party Platform.” Continue reading

Trump’s USDA is serving up diseased chicken

Federal regulators recently okayed selling chickens suffering from Avian Leukosis, which produces cancerous tumors.

Top regulatory officials in Trump’s government keep chanting the same one-word mantra: “Deregulate. Deregulate. Deregulate.” Continue reading

Save our post office—and our right to vote

Trump is willing to destroy this prized national asset to cling to power.

As the recently departed progressive champion John Lewis warned, your right to vote “is not guaranteed. You can lose it.” Continue reading

This pandemic brings out the worst in our CEOs

Last year, CEOs signed a pledge to be better corporate citizens. Then the pandemic hit.

As horrible as the COVID-19 crisis is, it has brought out the best in the American people—the selflessness of front-line nurses and doctors, for example, as well as the generous community spirit of local food businesses. Continue reading

Want to get into some ‘good trouble’? Join the fight to save our post office

And that means fighting for our right to vote.

Every now and then an enormously beneficial soul comes along—someone whose work is so productive, honest and inspirational that he or she ought not be allowed to die. That’s how I felt last month when I heard that John Lewis had slipped away from us. Continue reading

The virus that’s really killing Americans? Greed

Health care giants are taking COVID-19 relief money while cutting jobs and paying CEOs millions.

The holy mantra of health professionals was coined about 2,500 years ago by the Greek physician Hippocrates: “Do no harm.” Continue reading

Meet the lobbyists shelling out for Trump 2020

Lobbyist insiders are hoping to get another four-year ride on the corrupt money-go-round.

The Donald is in a funk. He’s been outsmarted by an inert virus, his poll numbers are tanking, and even his demagogic pep rallies are falling flat. Continue reading

The GOP’s ‘moral insanity’ on health care

Republicans are trying to throw 23 million Americans off their health care—in a pandemic.

Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the disease is raging anew because corporate-serving public officials rushed to “open the economy,” causing more infections and deaths. Continue reading

The far right’s absurd war on masks

Low-cost, low-tech masks save lives, but the nutball right has turned them into symbols of tyranny.

The chief cultural signifier of our times is this: Wearing a mask. Or not. Continue reading

Unmasking the mask profiteers

A former Trump staffer with no experience landed a $3 million federal contract for medical masks he couldn’t deliver.

Everyone should wear a protective medical mask—but some ought to be in ski masks, like those favored by bank robbers and muggers. Continue reading

Betsy DeVos wants to rob poor school districts

Times of great adversity not only bring out the best and worst in society, but they also flush out some of the stinkiest and slimiest creatures. Think of war profiteers, hucksters who prey on poor hurricane victims, or Betsy DeVos. Continue reading

How pro-Trump millionaires robbed small businesses of coronavirus aid

Thanks to a specially carved loophole, one multi-millionaire claimed 339 times more than the average small business received.

Monty Bennett was just another faceless right-wing millionaire on the long list of high-dollar donors to Donald Trump—until he suddenly surfaced in April as the nation’s biggest bagger of government cash in the emergency Paycheck Protection Program. Continue reading

CEOs aren’t pigs. That’s unfair—to pigs.

Pigs are intelligent animals with a sense of social responsibility. CEOs are looting taxpayers funds meant for small businesses.

There’s a general sentiment today that multimillionaire corporate chieftains are pigs. But I think that’s unfair. To pigs. Continue reading

Don’t let Trump gut the post office

What kind of leader thinks in a pandemic: ‘Here’s our chance to kill the Postal Service!’

What’s the gimmick in Trump’s plan to “rescue” the public Postal Service? Continue reading

The real disease is inequality

The forces of greed shoved working families to the edge—all it took was a virus to push them over.

In this horrible time of economic collapse, it is truly touching to see so many corporate chieftains reaching out in solidarity with the hard-hit working class. Continue reading