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Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA): Canada and the EU

Most interesting watching the progress of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the EU through the various opaque backroom ministrations this past week. Continue reading

The forgotten political debate that led to America’s worldwide interventionism

The American empire is usually not spoken of as such within today’s current mainstream media discussions, but is generally recognized as such during infrequent candid moments, and within discussions in much of the alternate media. The discussion is not new, and the factors within the discussion, while changing somewhat with the times, tend to have remained the same. Stephen Kinzer’s illustrative new history, The True Flag, takes the reader back to the turn of the Twentieth Century when the first acts of overseas empire were argued and acted on. Continue reading

Canada goes to war; Trudeau postures for the UN

Wow, the world gets crazier every minute! Stephen Lewis, former socialist NDP leader from Canada’s province of Ontario was asked about PM Justin Trudeau’s letter to the UN asking for a special General Assembly meeting, as reported by the CBC Sunday. Continue reading

Canada goes to war, pretending to keep the peace

I heard the news today . . . Continue reading

Real change or nicer sounding rhetoric?

Sometimes my writing is reactive rather than proactive, but when the new government is just starting up is a great time to be proactive. The Liberals promised change and domestically—so far—seem to be living up to that change. What the future holds for foreign policy is yet to be determined, but as Canada has always been subservient to the U.S. and NATO, I hold little prospect for real change in that area. Continue reading

Justin Trudeau ends the Harper Conservative regime

Winning a significant victory, Justin Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, replaced the neoconservative Stephen Harper as Canada’s Prime Minister elect. Continue reading

The dogs are not barking: Netanyahu and Harper muzzled

Most people know the now cliché passage from Sherlock Holmes: Continue reading

Canada leaps into the empire of chaos

Canada has always been a part of U.S. imperial ambitions, in spite of our pretensions otherwise. Locked in as we are to the U.S. economy and our dollar only relevant in comparison to the US $, up until the Harper regime Canada was able to maintain that pretense. Our NATO political alignment, the NAFTA trade agreement, the North American Aerospace Defence Command—formerly NORAD—are a few big ticket acronyms that have kept us united and generally subordinated. Continue reading

Using fear and secrecy to perpetuate America’s endless wars

Following the events in Paris at Hebdo Charlie and the accompanying media frenzy concerning freedom of expression and freedom of the press, James Risen’s recent book, Pay Any Price, becomes, ironically, even more important than its original intention of uncovering the abuses of governmental power that tend to be hidden from view of the mainstream media. Continue reading

Year end interviews: Part II – Foreign Minister John Baird’s lies about Russia

Wow! After listening to the Stephen Harper’s interview with Peter Mansbridge and now having listened to Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird’s interview with Evan Solomon (CBC), it is apparent that they both have their talking points down pat. They could have exchanged places and the comments would have come out pretty much the same. Continue reading

Year end interviews: Part I – Conservative canards

It is the time of year for the mainstream media to make its lists, check them twice with the pundits, and find out who is naughty and who is nice. While not officially a year end review, I have recently commented on Evan Solomon’s interview with General Breedlove in which mostly softball questions without curves or spins were gently lobbed at the General—who did a reasonably intelligent job of responding considering the knuckleball attempts on some of the questions.(1) The next year end interview I viewed was between Peter Mansbridge, CBC’s senior correspondent, and Stephen Harper, Canada’s neo-Conservative head of state. As with the former interview, the Mansbridge interview was rather innocuous, with responses essentially reflecting Conservative canards about the economy, climate change, and foreign affairs. Continue reading

NATO’s General Breedlove’s equivocal replies to softball questions about the long war

Evan Solomon, of CBC’s The House, recently had an interview with NATO’s current leading figure, four star General Philip Mark Breedlove, the seventeenth Supreme Allied Commander Europe. It was a fairly benign interview with no hard questions posed to the most powerful person in Europe. The answers were much more rational than someone from the Republican right domestically may have provided, but they demonstrate the understandable bias of the ‘Western’ views vis a vis NATO, ISIS, and Russia/Ukraine. Continue reading

Canada’s bizarre foreign/domestic policies entanglement

Canada’s parliament is currently embroiled in a rather weird partisan sex scandal that makes all parties look like moral disasters (listen to Harper quote “Canadian values” now). While that has attracted all the attention of the media, a small news item emerged from RT News that managed to attract some small attention from the Canadian Press. Continue reading

Canada’s heart of darkness

Once upon a time, Canada was able to create the illusion that it was the “peaceable kingdom,” an illusion accepted domestically and arguably by most of the rest of the world. This history has been well discredited with newer historical research outlining how Canada’s position as a “peacekeeper,” generally under UN auspices, remained effectively within the realm of U.S. foreign policy, just with a kinder gentler face. Continue reading

A too brief history of the CIA

This indeed is a brief history of the CIA, a topic that could command volumes of information encompassing much if not all of post World War II history. Continue reading

Canada and Israel: Partners in racial and humanitarian crimes

As most of the world has duly noted, Canada under the neo-Conservative Harper regime has been a front-runner in supporting Israel in its racial apartheid policies in Israel. Also, recently a discussion comparing South Africa’s apartheid system with that of Israel has occurred with South African testimony indicating that while they are not the same, they are very similar, and in some circumstances, Israel’s apartheid is worse. What is not seen is Canada’s role in modeling apartheid for South Africa under the Afrikaner-dominated National Party. Canada’s role in developing these systems of apartheid has been seldom noted academically, and is given very little attention either domestically or internationally. Continue reading

Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Israel reveals its true colours and true aspirations every time it attacks Gaza (or any other self-perceived enemy) as being the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, even to the degree—as the references above indicate—to the act of genocide. The Western world/Washington consensus group are guilty of enormous war crimes in their full complicit support of Israel, regardless of the rhetoric expressing their concern over the deaths, while they continue to supply Israel with its military needs. Continue reading

The myth versus the reality of Israel

This is a powerfully written unsettling work that relates the story of Israel from the perspective of how ideas are changed and manipulated for the benefit of the state. Unfortunately the majority of citizens of most countries are susceptible to the ideation/ideology of the mainstream of political thought as it is supported by the mainstream press. In the case of Israel, image and ideation, its narrative and ideology, are of paramount importance for the survival of the state beyond its military strength and relatively successful integration into the globalized corporate governed world. Continue reading

Negative view of Israel is increasing

With the peace talks being dead, what happens in Israel/Palestine? Settlements will continue to be built, dispossession will continue against Palestinians, slowly the “apartheid” context of Israel will become more and more obvious. Continue reading

Harper rants against Russia

It is aggravating to see our little banty rooster chicken-hawk Stephen Harper strut his stuff while he spouts the false corporatist philosophy about freedom and democracy in the Ukraine. Continue reading

The new New World Order

It was a different world two decades ago. The Soviet Union under Yeltsin’s hand capitulated to the West and the slow march away from a democratizing state began. The West had ‘won’ the Cold War and had it within its range to make a global ‘peace dividend’ with promises to not extend NATO into eastern Europe. The U.S. economy, although already on the path to serious economic debt problems, had worked side by side with China for a new era of global prosperity, at the same time that the economic tide in Russia was all about asset stripping and the rise of the oligarchs. Continue reading

A historical and philosophical perspective on Islam

In his introduction, Eric Walberg states, “The main purpose of this book is to help the reader to understand the alternative map which Islam offers.” This is both a literal and figurative map, an alternative to the imperial and neo-colonial boundaries that divide the Islamic world, and an alternative viewpoint to that of the imperial driver of capitalism. This offer includes “realigning ourselves with Nature, and rediscovering humanities’’ spiritual evolutionary path . . . without abandoning the vital role of reason.” Continue reading

Harper drips platitudes, hypocrisy, double standards and lies in Knesset

Canada’s Conservative leader, Stephen Harper, spoke Monday in front of the Israeli Knesset. It was a short speech, beginning with homilies, platitudes, and economic references and then turned towards the righteous values he deems paramount in both Canada and Israel. Continue reading

A must read study of events within Israel and the Middle East

“Why Israel?” is a large work of enormous value for the study of events within Israel and the Middle east. The title question is answered relatively easy, as it is one of the many counters that Israeli supporters use to try and divert attention away from their transgressions. Yes, there are many other states in the world where racism is evident, where oppression and some form of apartheid is applied. Continue reading

Canada once again flies the U.S. flag

The recent aggressive talk and actions by the U.S. are being fully supported by the current Canadian government, led by Stephen Harper. In a recent telephone call reported by CBC radio, Harper announced that there should be “a firm response from the international community,” and that he “he shares the view that the recent chemical weapons attack was carried out by the Syrian regime.” There is no support provided for this, but it fits in perfectly well with Canada’s current view of the Middle East. Continue reading

With apologies from Canada, congratulations, Palestine

Once again Canada has assumed its sycophantic role of supporting the U.S. and Israel in their determination to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian territories. The reality of the vote for Palestinian participation in the UN is more realistically 138 yes to nine no: the Pacific Island countries and Panama are essentially colonial protectorates of the U.S. even though they are “independent”; Canada is a well known supporter of the U.S. acting as an independent 51st state of the union; that leaves the Czech Republic as the only European country to vote no. Continue reading

Canadian foreign minister in UN speech says forget procedure and due process

Canada’s Foreign Minister, John Baird, in lieu of Prime Minister Harper, read a prepared text to a mainly empty UN General Assembly hall during the recent gathering of world leaders. His speech was roughly divided in half, the first part criticizing the UN, the second half performing for its U.S./Israel overlords by criticizing Syria and Iran and actions related to them. Continue reading

Obama’s UN speech: On rhetoric and actions

After beginning his speech with a nice homespun heartfelt story about U.S. diplomat Chris Stevens, President Obama turned the rest of his UN speech into a series of lies that are all too common in U.S. rhetoric; lies that are concealed by fine sounding platitudes and homilies. Some of the lies are direct, but there are also lies of concealment, avoidance, willful ignorance, and perhaps, genuine ignorance. Continue reading

Canada preps for war with Iran, displaying its ignorant and malevolent foreign policy

John Baird, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, last Friday announced Canada’s position on Iran, indicating it was shutting down its embassy at the same time expelling all Iranian diplomats. His “talking point”—as all conservatives have—concerned the safety of the embassy staff in Tehran. He returned to this argument several times; however, what truly underlies the Canadian regimes’ position is its inbred Islamaphobia and its sycophantic “wannabe” pretence of being a world power. Continue reading

A dying empire

At one point in my youth, it became clear that the U.S. was a violent force in the world, probably as I watched the Vietnam war news on the local TV news. Later, it also became clear that its whole history is one of violence, at home and abroad. More recently, I had naively hoped that as the U.S. Empire goes through its death throes that it would quit the world peacefully. The latter thought was more a suspension of belief of my knowledge that I knew violence was the U.S. way of life, that I feared what the end of empire might bring. My current thinking is that through this course of historical violence to all people who oppose the corporate state—from the labourers and workers at home, to the farmers, workers, and labourers in foreign countries—the ending of the empire is in process and is and will continue to be violent. Continue reading

John Baird: in defense of ‘what is right’

A recent interview on al-Jazeera (posted March 31, 2012) with John Baird, Canada’s minister of Foreign Affairs did nothing to change the image of Canada that is tending to be current in the international arena. Continue reading

Netanyahu solicits Canadian support for Iranian position

While on his way to Washington, Benjamin Netanyahu stopped in Ottawa to confer with his patriot in arms, Stephen Harper. Following their morning meetings, of which we know little, the two held a very brief ‘press conference’ that simply highlighted the double standards under which the two operate, especially Netanyahu. Continue reading