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America’s coronavirus: Containing the outbreak of Trumpism

The banality of President Trump’s evil has infected huge swaths of the electorate as well as the federal government. Can it be treated?

The epicenter of China’s coronavirus outbreak is widely thought to be a wet market in Wuhan. At such markets, seafood, chicken, and other conventional foodstuffs are on sale alongside live animals. You can buy more than just dogs and cats there. Local epicures also shop for more exotic fare like foxes, badgers, civets, and snakes. Continue reading

Trump: Make space great again

The U.S. military is creating an imaginary 'space gap' to pour money into closing, wasting funds while increasing the risk of conflict.

With a stroke of a pen, Donald Trump created an entirely new branch of the armed forces last year. It’s the first new branch of the U.S. military since 1947. Continue reading

The endless war with Iran

The current crisis might be averted, but the longer U.S. war with Iran continues

The United States has been in a 40-year cold war with Iran. Continue reading

Inside the battle for another world

Understanding how the new right went global—and how to stop it—is key to keeping our planet habitable.

A succession of social upheavals over the last decade has radically realigned political power throughout the world. Continue reading

How to displace the great replacement

The far right’s war on culture is capturing the hearts and minds of mass shooters and populist politicians.

The far right is on a roll. Just a few years ago, liberals and conservatives would have considered its recent political victories a nightmare scenario. Right-wing extremists have won elections in the United States, Brazil, Hungary, India, and Poland. They pushed through the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom. In the most recent European Parliament elections, far-right parties captured the most votes in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Hungary. Continue reading

Trump’s undeclared state of emergency

Trump is counting on his base to endorse his increasingly open law-breaking. It may not end well.

Trump’s public appeal to China last week to help with uncovering dirt on the Biden family was both a brazen flouting of the law and (it pains me to say) an astute political tactic. Continue reading

For Trump, regime change begins at home

Trump has been enlisting foreign leaders in his fight against the U.S. state. Is impeachment a moral necessity or political trap?

A month after he won the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump gave a speech in North Carolina where he declared that “we will stop racing to topple foreign regimes that we know nothing about, that we shouldn’t be involved with.” Continue reading

The threat of Bolton has receded—but not the threat of war

Bolton’s bellicose worldview is the basic operating system of the Trump administration.

John Bolton tried his best. Continue reading

Burning down the house

Far-right governments in the U.S., UK, and Brazil are laying bare their nihilistic roots and full destructive potential.

Doesn’t idiocy ever take a vacation? Continue reading

Is America crazy?

Mass shootings, economic inequality, a racist president: have we grown dangerously accustomed to a country gone mad?

The United States witnessed three mass shootings in one week recently in California, Texas, and Ohio. There have been more than 250 mass shootings so far in 2019, more than one a day. This year in America, more than 33,000 shooting incidents have killed more than 8,700 people. Continue reading