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The illusion of freedom: The police state is alive and well

Brace yourself. Continue reading

Coming soon to a city near you: The U.S. military’s plan to take over America

The U.S. military plans to take over America by 2030. Continue reading

The FBI: The silent terror of the Fourth Reich

Lately, there’s been a lot of rhetoric comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. The concern is that a Nazi-type regime may be rising in America. Continue reading

Rule by brute force: The true nature of government

The torch has been passed to a new president. Continue reading

Has the American dream become the American nightmare?

For too long now, the American people have allowed themselves to be persuaded that the government’s job is to take care of us: to feed us, clothe us, house us, educate us, raise our children, heal our infirmities, manage our finances, protect us from our enemies, guard us against all dangers (real and imaginary), and provide for our every need. Continue reading

Nothing is real: When reality TV programming masquerades as politics

Donald Trump no longer needs to launch Trump TV. Continue reading

We all lose: Obama’s legacy and what it means for a Trump presidency

Let’s talk about President Obama’s legacy, shall we? Continue reading

The Titanic sails at dawn: Warning signs point to danger ahead in 2017

Despite our best efforts, we in the American police state seem to be stuck on repeat, reliving the same set of circumstances over and over and over again: egregious surveillance, strip searches, police shootings of unarmed citizens, government spying, censorship, retaliatory arrests, the criminalization of lawful activities, warmongering, indefinite detentions, SWAT team raids, asset forfeiture, etc. Continue reading

The Radical Jesus: How would the baby in a manger fare in the American police state?

Jesus was good. He was caring. He had powerful, profound things to say—things that would change how we view people, alter government policies and change the world. He went around helping the poor. And when confronted by those in authority, he did not shy away from speaking truth to power. Continue reading

How to beat the post-election blues and recapture the true spirit of Christmas

I keep waiting to encounter the “kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant” Christmastime environment that Charles Dickens describes in A Christmas Carol: “when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow-passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys.” Continue reading

Power to the people: John Lennon’s legacy lives on

Militant nonviolent resistance works. Continue reading

When it comes to fake news, the U.S. government is the biggest culprit

Let’s talk about fake news stories, shall we? Continue reading

The tyranny at Standing Rock: The government’s divide-and-conquer strategy is working

Divide and conquer. Continue reading

Stay alert, America: The worst is yet to come

Stay alert, America. Continue reading

‘We the people’ against tyranny: Seven principles for free government

As history teaches us, if the people have little or no knowledge of the basics of government and their rights, those who wield governmental power inevitably wield it excessively. After all, a citizenry can only hold its government accountable if it knows when the government oversteps its bounds. Continue reading

Not guilty: The power of nullification to counteract government tyranny

How do you balance the scales of justice at a time when Americans are being Tasered, tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed, hit with batons, shot with rubber bullets and real bullets, blasted with sound cannons, detained in cages and kennels, sicced by police dogs, arrested and jailed for challenging the government’s excesses, abuses and power-grabs? Continue reading

The path to total dictatorship: America’s shadow government and its silent coup

Unaffected by elections. Unaltered by populist movements. Beyond the reach of the law. Continue reading

American psycho: Sex, lies and politics add up to a terrifying election season

When it comes to sexual predators, there should be no political bright line test to determine who gets a free pass and who goes to jail based on which candidate is better suited for office. Continue reading

The imperial president’s toolbox of terror: A dictatorship waiting to happen

Presidents don’t give up power. Continue reading

All the ways you can comply and still die during an encounter with police

How do you protect yourself from flying fists, choking hands, disabling electrified darts and killing bullets? Continue reading

A few uncomfortable truths you won’t hear from the 2016 presidential candidates

The final countdown has begun to the 2016 presidential election, and you can expect to be treated to an earful of carefully crafted sound bites and political spin. Continue reading

Wards of the Nanny State: Protecting America’s children from police state goons, bureaucratic idiots and mercenary creeps

It’s not easy being a parent in the American police state. Continue reading

Your money or your life: What’s behind the latest government scam to rob you blind?

If a cop wrongfully attacks you, you cannot fight back. Continue reading

The tyranny of 9/11: The building blocks of the American police state from A-Z

We’ve walked a strange and harrowing road since September 11, 2001, littered with the debris of our once-vaunted liberties. Continue reading

The election has been hacked: The dismal reality of having no real electoral choices

The FBI is worried: foreign hackers have broken into two state election databases. Continue reading

Children of the American police state: Just another brick in the wall

The nation’s young people have been given front-row seats for an unfolding police drama that is rated R for profanity, violence and adult content. Continue reading

The greatest threat to our freedoms: A government of scoundrels, spies, thieves, ruffians, rapists and killers

The U.S. government remains the greatest threat to our freedoms. Continue reading

Killer instincts: When police become judge, jury and executioner

Any police officer who shoots to kill is playing with fire. Continue reading

If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it

No, America, you don’t have to vote. Continue reading

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, America: Political fiction in an age of televised lies

Politics is entertainment. Continue reading

There will be no second American Revolution: The futility of an armed revolt

America is a ticking time bomb. Continue reading

Don’t just blame the cops: Who is responsible for America’s killing fields?

The latest shootings—in Texas, Minnesota, Louisiana, Illinois, New York, Missouri and every other state in the nation—are symptomatic of a psychotic outbreak by a nation that has been waging a war against its own citizens for too long. Continue reading