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New MAGA coup evidence revealed in GOP texts: Be scared!

Host of Republican lawmakers pushed for the Jan. 6 coup and are about to become leaders of the government they wanted to overthrow.

It is a well-accepted maxim that elections have consequences. Voters may not have fully realized, however, that by putting Republicans in control of the House, even by the slimmest of margins, they were granting enormous power to people who openly plotted to overthrow the government. Continue reading

Republicans double down on MAGA extremism

Evoking memories of the days when Republicans in control of the House used non-stop investigations and the Tea Party to almost bring down then-President Barack Obama’s historic agenda, the leaders of the GOP in the House made it clear Thursday that they intend to do the same thing to President Joe Biden. Continue reading

Media relies on Republican propaganda tools when predicting GOP victory

While no one has a crystal ball that can tell for sure what will happen in the elections next week, one thing is certain. There will not be the Republican, or “red,” wave that both the GOP and huge sections of the media are hyping. Continue reading

Supreme Court handing GOP seven congressional seats it otherwise wouldn’t have

In an under-the-radar move to boost the GOP’s chances in November, the right-wing Supreme Court has told four states where lower courts found Republican legislators illegally drew congressional boundaries to exclude both Black and Democratic voters that they can go ahead and use those illegal maps in the November election. Continue reading

Women and their supporters rise up against anti-abortion tyranny in Kansas

Kansas voters Tuesday reflected the refusal of people across America to accept the tyranny of right-wing Republicans determined to tell them when, where, and how to have and raise their families. The message was clear: No politicians, women said as they streamed to the polls in record numbers in Kansas, are going to make the decision about what they do with their bodies. Continue reading

Major media in the U.S. become cheerleaders for war in Ukraine

We can all agree that a free and independent press, such as we believe we have in the United States, must do more than simply question government narratives that are handed to it daily. It must, on a continual basis, show how corporate-driven propaganda for war can force us into making false choices. Continue reading

Mass suffering in Ukraine amidst historic refugee crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin this past weekend turned down numerous requests from foreign leaders that he agree at least to cease fire in his war against Ukraine as the number of Ukrainians fleeing across the border into Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Russia ballooned to 1.5 million of the nation’s population of 44 million. The refugee crisis is the worst in Europe since World War II when many millions were uprooted in the wake of the war and Holocaust instigated by the Nazis. Continue reading

War danger rises after continued U.S. fearmongering on Ukraine

Ukrainian troops step up attacks on civilians in the east as the U.S. sends more missiles, tanks, and troops to Ukraine and Poland.

After U.S. credibility was strained again Thursday by yet another declaration coming from President Joe Biden that he expects a Russian invasion of Ukraine in the next few days, Secretary of State Antony Blinken rushed to the U.N. to assure the Security Council that “I am here today not to start a war but to prevent one.” He followed his declaration with a string of provocative remarks and claims that Russia is on the verge of invading Ukraine. Russia insisted, once again, that it has no such plans. Continue reading

Ukrainian fascists say they will sabotage any peace deal with Russia

While much of the world struggles to find a way out of the Ukraine crisis, influential fascist groups inside and outside the government there are vowing to stop any peace deal with Russia that they don’t like. Even more worrisome is that the Ukrainian government, led by President Volodymyr Zelensky is trying to use its ties to the far right as leverage against peace efforts underway by urging the fascists and nationalist groups to arm themselves more heavily. Continue reading

U.S. continues to foment war hysteria in Ukraine crisis

Over the weekend, on Saturday, Americans heard on corporate news media reports that anonymous U.S. government officials confirmed the Russians are “70 percent ready” for an immediate invasion of Ukraine. Only a day later, they heard that the invasion, which had been described as almost a certainty, would come instead in late February when the ground in Ukraine is frozen enough so that Russian tanks won’t sink in the mud. Continue reading

Who is invading whom? U.S. forces already in Eastern Europe

While major media in the U.S., both conservative and liberal, have everyone on edge waiting for a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine, they ignore the reality that the U.S. has already “invaded” not just Ukraine but numerous other countries in the region. Continue reading

Memo proves real Trump coup was underway Jan. 6

Thanks to the work of the congressional committee investigating Jan. 6 and journalists connected with the Washington Post and other outlets, we now know that an actual coup was underway before and on Jan. 6 when the Capitol came under siege from right-wing mobs. The conspiracy went far deeper than just the thugs and gangs that laid siege to Washington, D.C., that day, however. Continue reading

Germans choose center-left over center-right by big margin

The center-left candidate fighting to succeed Angela Merkel as Germany’s chancellor declared that his Social Democratic Party (SPD) intends to forge a “social-ecological-liberal coalition” after coming in first in Sunday’s election. With 25.7%, the SPD beat the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), currently in power, which garnered 24.1%, its worst showing in the 70-year history of the party. Continue reading

A question for so-called Democratic ‘moderates’: Have you no shame?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has only a three-vote Democratic margin in the House, and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has no margin in the 50-50 Senate—meaning Vice President Kamala Harris to break any tie vote when it comes to passing progressive legislation. The result, understandably, is that the Democrats have to use the reconciliation process to get their entire agenda approved because Republicans won’t support anything. Continue reading

So-called Democratic ‘moderates’ trying hard to sink Biden agenda

Nine “moderate” House Democrats have joined powerful conservative forces trying to undo President Joe Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar domestic agenda. Continue reading

Supreme Court guts what’s left of the Voting Rights Act

WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court early Thursday morning gutted the little that is left of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by upholding two racist election laws enacted in the 2020 battleground state of Arizona that make it much more difficult for minorities in that state to vote. Continue reading

Republican election ‘fraudits’ a key part of their plan to destroy democracy

The GOP “fraudits” underway now in Arizona and elsewhere were never about a belated installation of Donald Trump as the real president of the United States. They are not mere silly exercises designed to keep a sore loser ex-president happy and therefore supportive of certain Republican candidates. They are instead a purposeful part of a multi-pronged plan by a now clearly neo-fascist GOP to destroy elections and with them democracy itself in America. Continue reading

GOP offers inadequate infrastructure plan that lets the rich off free

Their plan makes it clear yet again that, for them, protecting the wealthy trumps fixing infrastructure.

WASHINGTON—Republican senators outlined a $928 billion infrastructure proposal Thursday that drastically slashes what President Joe Biden has proposed and sets things up so that the wealthy, unlike the rest of the country, will pay nothing toward fixing the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. In fact, in what is perhaps the most unacceptable part of their “counter-offer” to Biden’s plan, which the president has already cut from $2 trillion-plus to $1.7 trillion, the Republicans want to pay for their plan by taking away money intended for coronavirus aid. Continue reading

Big biz answer to low April job numbers: End unemployment benefits!

The Chamber of Commerce and the Republicans are seizing on what they say is a poor April jobs report to call for ending unemployment benefits they say are too generous. Their idea is that by heaping more pain and suffering on U.S. workers they will be forced to go back to work even if only to jobs that pay sub-human wages. The logical conclusion that this would be a good time for corporations and businesses to finally increase pay to living wage levels is one they want to avoid coming to at all costs. Continue reading

Conservative Democrat Joe Manchin playing a dangerous game

The press is talking about how a conservative Democratic senator from West Virginia is now allegedly one of the most powerful movers and shakers in the nation’s capital. Continue reading

It will take more than dumping Trump to stop the neo-fascists

At the end of World War II, we saw a worldwide defeat of fascism. Millions in countries around the planet rejected what their fascist overlords had to offer—racism, genocide, economic austerity, and war. U.S. and Soviet soldiers marched for the same cause as they defeated fascism in one country after another. Continue reading

Even Trump’s impeachment lawyers are not defending his attempted coup

WASHINGTON—Sunday Donald Trump hired two new lawyers to be his impeachment defense team after he got rid of his prior group of legal defenders. Continue reading

Legislation opens path to removing insurrectionist Senators Hawley and Cruz

At least partially under the radar Monday was a move by a newly elected member of the House that has opened the door to use of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution to remove from office two top instigators of the fascist insurrection at the Capitol last week. Continue reading

Home of Florida virus truth teller raided by law enforcement

The home of Rebekah Jones, a Florida state official who was fired for refusing to manipulate coronavirus data to justify premature re-opening of the economy, was raided Monday by the Florida Department of Law enforcement. Continue reading

Trump pardon swamp gets deeper and deeper

As news leaked that outgoing President Donald Trump is discussing pardons for all of his adult children and for his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, a story broke Tuesday that the Justice Department is investigating a scheme in which a presidential pardon would be granted in exchange for a huge campaign contribution. Continue reading

Trump’s push to overturn election puts lives in danger

“Enough is enough,” an emotional George Sterling of Georgia’s Election Commission declared at a nationally televised press conference Tuesday. Continue reading

Trump steps up terror threats in leadup to Biden inauguration

A top lawyer for Donald Trump called on national television Monday for the execution of Chris Krebs, the former U.S. cybersecurity chief in charge of protecting the 2020 election from cyberattacks. The president fired Krebs, a lifelong Republican that he appointed, after Krebs described the 2020 election as “the most secure in the country’s history.” Continue reading

Sen. Graham’s attempt to overturn Georgia results confirm soft coup plans

Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s revelation that Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., pressed him to toss out thousands of valid ballots and urged blocking entire counties from having their mail-in ballots counted at all have raised concern that top GOP lawmakers are in on a plan to try a soft coup denying Joe Biden the presidency he won on Nov. 3. Continue reading

Red-baiting a key weapon in the war on the Sanders agenda

The red-baiting of Sen. Bernie Sanders has been stepped up as we near the date of the important South Carolina primary election this coming weekend. “Liberal” pundits have accused him of everything from supporting “Marxist dictators” like Fidel Castro to singing the praises of chandeliers installed in the Moscow subways by the communist dictators of old. “You don’t ever talk about the wonderful chandeliers in the Moscow subways when you have Stalin killing 30 million of his own people,” Joe Scarborough declared on Morning Joe today. “With his praise of dictators, who does Bernie remind you of?” Joe’s wife, Mika Brzezinski, then asked. Continue reading