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The morality of hypocrites . . .

What? Hypocrites have morals? Well yes, they pretend to have morals—I call it a fake morality. Continue reading

A glimpse into Shi’ite sectarianism—Iraq and beyond

The message of Islam is first and foremost a message of Unicity of the Creator and by correlation Unity of the Creation. In that particular context, the unity of the believers and that of Muslims specifically. Continue reading

The new Iraq: The Iranian-American concubine

I happen to like my own company, so I muse with myself. I play around with words in my head . . . I like to get to their roots, their essential meaning . . . words are windows, doors and gates . . . Continue reading

Iraq again, over and over . . .

I type in this title but inside of me a voice has died . . . a part of me is already dead and buried. Yet I still find myself typing . . . Iraq. Continue reading

Eyes wide open . . .

Damn it, it’s very late here . . . it’s actually morning but Insomnia beat me to it. Continue reading

It’s all in a scent . . .

I haven’t written in quite some time . . . it’s not that I am uninspired . . . or maybe I am uninspired. . . . or maybe too much is going on and an overflowing jar has the same effect as a jar with too little . . . besides I don’t like to fill pages for the sake of filling pages . . . so I abstain. Continue reading

Narrated by an invisible thread

I am stuck with words, a horrible feeling that feeling of being stuck . . . with words. Yet at the same time that gut feeling, like some stone, a rock lodged in my plexus needs to be dealt with, needs to be narrated, a short story maybe . . . that won’t give it justice. Continue reading

Intentions . . .

There is no such thing as Forgiveness. Continue reading

Pissing contests . . .

I’ve been reading quite a bit about the politics of “Urination,” a series of articles expressing “indignation” at the video that proudly circulated, about some of your brave boys “urinating” on dead corpses of Afghans after being murdered by you. Continue reading

Lost . . . lost homes

Women are peculiar beings . . . whoever, whatever they are . . . they are always attached to home. Continue reading

Impasse . . .

Not a very nice title to start the new year. But an Impasse it is. And it shall remain so. Continue reading

A new Iraq

The New Iraq is a pathetic non entity of a nothing . . . a mediocre product of a new world order . . . a country that can’t tell what is what, who is who, which is which . . . a country where every moron becomes a spokesman for something he understands nothing about . . . and behind all this facade of verbal diarrhea, the diarrhea of Freedom and Democracy, lies an autocratic rule, run by Shiite parties and Shiite militias where black chadors and black flags adorn every street, every neighborhood, where not one poster, but thousands of posters are plastered on every corner, the same faces, the same turbans, the same titles. . . . titles, all forged titles, forged diplomas, forged ministries, forged identities, forged history, forged . . . Continue reading