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Freedom Rider: The WFP, phony outrage and black misleaders

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter has struck a cynical deal with corporate Democrats to boost Elizabeth Warren by attacking Bernie Sanders forces as racist. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The electability canard

Hapless Joe Biden has always failed in his presidential bids, but is hyped as supremely “electable” this time around because Democratic elites fear and loath Bernie Sanders. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Hollywood propaganda attack on Venezuela

The US is starving and killing Venezuelans in real life and, for your family’s viewing pleasure, on television screens. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Protest and the corporate media

The corporate media are steadfast partners with the United States government and faithfully follow the party line on foreign policy issues. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: No racism, just Russians

The absurd claim that Russians have orchestrated US racial strife is designed to nullify black outrage and discredit those who fight oppression. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Who’s a white supremacist?

Americans have an openly racist president, racist foreign policy, racist law enforcement and racist corporate media. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Trump and Baltimore

Anyone feeling the need to defend Baltimore from Trump’s opinions ought to talk about what really ails that city. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Russians are coming, for Kamala Harris

The lightweight senator hopes voters will let her party off the hook for its failures if the word Russia is repeated often enough. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Trump and Pelosi lovefest

Trump and Pelosi are birds of a feather when it comes to beating up on dissident women of color. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Time for Russiagate to end

Russiagate is a scheme meant to give Democrats popular support without doing anything the public wants them to do. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: U.S. prisons are concentration camps

There were already thousands of concentration camps in the United States before Donald Trump began his reign of terror over asylum seekers. They are called prisons. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Biden and the shame of the black misleaders

The misleaders are tacitly admitting that black people can expect little to be done in their favor even if the Democrats manage to win. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Iran and endless war

Americans are, indeed, exceptional—the most gullible public in the world, always ready to believe their leaders’ lies. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Central Park Five and the limits of suffering

Corporate media green-lights films that ratchet up an emotional response without motivating anyone to action. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: How to protest Trump

If the British really oppose Trump’s policies they should dump their own government, which backs Washington to the hilt—and then they should apologize to the world for Britain’s crimes. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: No chemical attacks in Syria

The corporate media is concealing a leaked UN agency report that shows Syrian government innocence in an alleged chemical attack. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Abortion rights and the power of protest

An abortion rights crisis looms, but Americans have lost their fighting tools, lulled to sleep by the corporate fixers of the Democratic Party. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: U.S. wages war against the world

The U.S. “troika of tyranny,” Trump, Bolton and Pompeo, are making things up as they go along, seeking to bend the planet to their lawless will. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Facebook and the Farrakhan distraction

In banning the only living person who can summon a million Black people to a meeting, Facebook is doing the bidding of the real fascists in the deep imperial state. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Pompeo’s truth about lies

The secretary of state’s candid remarks remind us that US foreign policy is intended to punish those targeted as enemies, keep friends as vassal states, and disregard international law. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The ‘Resistance’ is silent on Julian Assange

Liberals are just as much true believers in imperialism as the right wing they claim to oppose. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Scoundrels and reparations

Reparations should not be a topic for national discussion until there is something akin to a consensus among black people about what to demand and how to do it. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Remembering April 4th

Dr King understood that drawing a line in the sand against imperialism was necessary to bring about the radical changes he wanted to see in the United States. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Julian Assange and Robert Mueller

Russiagate has imploded, but the Democratic Party still wants to stifle dissent and make certain that there will be no WikiLeaks in the future. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The permanence of white supremacy

Discussions about white supremacy should amount to more than kumbaya moments of interpersonal harmony or hand wringing when lone gunmen go on the periodic racist rampage. Self-identified white people have always posed dangers to every other group. Most of them living today haven’t carried out murder with their own hands but that does not mean that they or their countrymen and women can’t be held to account. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Russiagate and Democratic defeat

It should now be clear to all honest and sane people that the only collusion was between the corporate media and the Democratic Party to spin a phony tale. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Venezuela reveals America’s sickness

The Democrats agree with Trump that Venezuelans have no rights that need be respected by the United States.

Does the United States have the right to decide who governs Venezuela? The answer is a simple and resounding “No.” Those who respond in any other fashion are followers of the discredited doctrine of Manifest Destiny and are equally discredited themselves. Reactions to the Donald Trump coup attempt are quite revealing and prove that this country is indeed very, very sick. We can now see that most politicians are either cynical cowards who will go along to get along, or are true believers in imperialism like Trump and his presidential predecessors. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Kamala Harris: The fix is in

Harris’ own father called her out for identity politics and stereotyping Jamaicans, but the corporate Democrats are betting she can derail Bernie Sanders with Black voters.

It is painfully obvious that Kamala Harris is unprepared for the scrutiny that comes with waging a presidential campaign. But it is equally obvious that her lack of gravitas may not matter at all. The fix is in as the old saying goes. She is the choice of the Democratic Party leadership, the black misleaders, and their partners in corporate media. They will give her cover whenever she needs help. Gaffes and comical pandering at the expense of black voters may not hurt her chances at all. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Black voters used to destroy Bernie Sanders

The ever-rightward moving Democrats are using their most reliable constituency to thwart Sanders. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Democrats are the McCarthyites

The unceasing torrent of Russiagate lies turns Democrats into war hawks and causes liberals to spout nonsense that was once consigned to the fringe right wing. It’s worse than the old McCarthyism. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Trump, Democrats, and international fascists attack Venezuela

Trump’s attempt to overthrow the Venezuelan government has been joined by fellow fascists around the world, including most of the Democratic Party. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Kamala Harris destroyed black lives

Harris has spent her career locking up black and brown people. She should not be allowed to shake hands, kiss babies or walk into black churches without being taken to task. Continue reading