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‘Child actorvism’ and the extinction agenda of neoliberal racists

There is no shortage of social justice causes trumpeted by the West† with a revolving medley of “child actorvists” at the forefront. The logical observer may question whether these endless multi-billion dollar campaigns have had any tangible effect at all, except in serving as a stalking horse for mass-mediated interferences in the affairs of other nations. Continue reading

US blunders have made Russia the global trade pivot

The year 2019 had barely begun before news emerged that six Russian sailors were kidnapped by pirates off the coast of Benin. It was perhaps a foretaste of risks to come. As nations reel from deteriorating economic conditions, instances of piracy and other forms of supply chain disruptions are bound to increase. Continue reading

Why China will win the artificial intelligence race

Two artificial intelligence-driven Internet paradigms may emerge in the near future. One will be based on logic, smart enterprises and human merit while the other may morph into an Orwellian control tool. Even former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has foreseen a bifurcation of the Internet by 2028 and China’s eventual triumph in the AI race by 2030. Continue reading

India-US bonhomie: Time for a reality check

The ongoing India-US rapprochement has been couched in terms of a pact between the “two largest democracies in the world” and similar superlatives. While geographically-challenged Americans may be forgiven for not recognizing their immediate northern neighbour as both a larger nation and a better democracy, mnemonically-challenged Indian pundits should nonetheless subject India-US ties to trend-based reality checks. Continue reading

A $21 trillion global Pandora’s coffer?

As US federal debt approaches $21 trillion in a matter of months, an eye-popping equivalent amount seems to have gone cumulatively missing from government coffers over the past two decades. Continue reading

Sex, scholars and the syphilitic superpower

A civilization where women and children are sexually commoditized is one in terminal decline. The next enduring superpower will be one that had successfully shielded its women and children from the ongoing epidemic of mass-mediated sexualisation. Any futurist worth his salt will vouch for this axiom, as well as note the inverse correlation between the enfeeblement of the current superpower and the procession of phallic chevrons that accompany its military compulsions abroad. Continue reading

An American paradox: Pillorying fake news while promoting false flags

The United States is a schizophrenic asylum of extreme paradoxes: While its internal politics reverberates with fake news-mediated recriminations, Americans yet find merit in the same disinformation machinery that facilitates false flags abroad. Continue reading

Sinister twilight in the desert: The coming end of Wahhabism and its aftermath

Growing volatility in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) does not augur well for the planet’s future. If current levels of entropy persist, the result would be a fossil-fuel induced global pandemonium. The mainstream and alternative media are of little help in making sense of the larger regional issues at stake, and one would have to resort to a risk foresight methodology—as the author did—to game out possible denouements. The following narrative represents one such end-scenario. Continue reading

Will Erdogan resort to regional nuclear blackmail?

The failed “military coup” in Turkey last month is still replete with discrepancies, insinuations and outright lies. Disinformation and recriminations continue to swirl like an impenetrable black hole, blotting out cogent questions over the innumerable bloopers in this poorly-scripted geopolitical drama. Continue reading

A legal imbroglio in the South China Sea

The rhetorical war between the China and the United States over the South China Sea dispute is increasing in tempo and magnitude by the week. The US is wasting no time, resource and effort in sponsoring seminars, talks and think tank confabs to drive a wedge between China and other claimant nations in the region. Ambitious young ASEAN scholars and diplomats, anxious to boost their resumes and post-retirement corporate prospects, are actively being lured towards this end via the offer of generous stints at prestigious American universities and think tanks. Continue reading

Is the UN relevant to Greater Eurasia anymore?

On April 24, Armenians commemorated the 101st anniversary of the 1915 genocide that consigned 1.5 million men, women and children to a torturous end. The Anglo-Saxon world, which was battling the Turks during this period, appeared powerless as another 700,000 Assyrian and Syrian Christians, 350,000 Greeks and an unspecified number of Syrian Muslim intellectuals were killed at the hands of sadistic Young Turks and their Kurdish errand boys. Continue reading

Greater Eurasia vs Greater Eurabia: The fault-lines emerge

Two centuries ago, the Austrian statesman Klemens von Metternich astutely observed: “Asia begins at the Landstrasse.” Nations east of this Viennese street, were already exhibiting parochial undercurrents that were contrarian to Western thought. This fault-line remains with modified contours, exacerbated by the trifecta of EU failures in its immigration, economic and foreign policies. Continue reading

Can Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) be used to create hit lists?

Are Internet trolls now actively moving from the realms of attention seeking, stalking and character assassination to social media-facilitated terrorism and murder?

Recently, a US professor had mailed me enquiring about the possible misuse of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to intimidate people who did not subscribe to the mainstream political narrative. She was concerned about the ramifications. Continue reading

Malala revisited: The fraudulent iconism of ‘children’s rights’

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—Is Malala Yousofzai a Western foil who masks the ongoing holocaust of children in the Islamic world? This analysis provides a counter-narrative to the mainstream perspective and is dedicated to Ali Mohammed al-Nimr who faces imminent decapitation and crucifixion in Saudi Arabia. Continue reading

For want of a Pink Parade, Crimea was lost

Did President Obama’s gay rights obsession lead to a redrawing of international borders?

KUALA LUMPUR—Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a distinct dip in the United States’ LGBT posturing after Crimea’s reunification with Russia? Continue reading

US pogrom parody featuring Narendra Modi

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept. 26, 2014—The timing of this summons was impeccable, and I presume this was intended to issue a subtle carrot-and-stick ultimatum to a key BRICS partner. This is not the first time the US had tried to splatter Modi with mass murderer gobs. Perhaps Washington hopes that some residual stain may prove fertile in the United States, within that dung called the collective American consciousness. It is the type of consciousness that induced the genocide of 200,000 Syrians, many of them minorities, women and children after the US attempted to remove the only leadership capable of protecting them in the region. And simply because the Saudi Wahhabi masters of the United States demand these orgies of death! Continue reading

MH17, Gaza and the “genius” of Western propaganda

Not a month goes by without the West invoking yet another affront to humanity, another crime against humanity, another wave of sanctions, or yet another UN Security Council resolution. This is what North Korea would be like if it is ever armed with social media. Continue reading