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The lie of ‘precision’ bombing drones on (what we’re up against)

While I was participating in a demonstration against predator drone warfare at the U.S. Armed Forces “Career” Center at Times Square, I watched the passersby closely. From the brief conversations we provoked, I garnered the unsurprising news that plenty of Americans have been conditioned to accept the concepts of targeted assassinations and presidential kill-lists—all in the holy name of national security. Continue reading

Earthlings unite?

It is the duty of the oppressor to divide, to differentiate, to cultivate and promote false distinctions and then profit from the inevitable false conflicts these distinctions provoke. Continue reading

5 reasons why technology can never be neutral

It’s repeated so often that few of us even stop to question its validity: “Technology is neutral. It’s only as good or as bad as those using it.” Continue reading

Always do the right thing (because 99 is not 100)

If every American were to make every single lifestyle change suggested in the film, An Inconvenient Truth, it would only result in a 21 percent decrease in carbon emissions. In fact, while the average human produces 2500 pounds of waste per year, the average per capita waste output is 26 tons . . . because 97 percent of waste is produced by agriculture and industry. Continue reading