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Child abduction and sex trafficking are major problems in the US

The abduction of hundreds of Nigerian school girls by the extremist group Boko Haram in recent months has received a lot of attention through social media outlets. This tragic situation has rightfully created outrage, but many human rights activists have lost sight of the fact that human trafficking is also happening in the United States on a grand scale. Continue reading

The Jean Seberg files

Born in Marshalltown, Iowa, on Nov. 13, 1938, Jean Seberg was a young girl who loved the cinema and her aspirations reached beyond the fields and factories of her hometown. She acted in local theater productions and after high school she studied the dramatic arts at the University of Iowa. Continue reading

Obama’s hypocrisy regarding Nelson Mandela

The self-serving admiration professed by Barack Obama for Nelson Mandela is one of the most hypocritical displays in recent memory. Continue reading

The fast food industry—blaming the victim

The Fast Food Industry is a strange predator that satisfies its ravenous appetite for profit by stealing from its employees and then blames them for being in dire financial straits. Continue reading