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A tale of two mobs

How the GOP abandoned democracy and became an accomplice to insurrection, and what must be done now.

In 1923, Hitler and the Nazis stormed a beer hall in Munich, Germany, from whence they planned to overthrow German democracy. The putsch failed ignominiously, and Hitler was briefly jailed. Continue reading

Q & A on the G.O.P.’s call for elder sacrifice

It’s now officially a matter of reasonable debate whether we should kill old people to avoid a recession.

The second highest office-holder of the great state of Texas, Republican Lieutenant General Dan Patrick, recently proclaimed on Fox News that lots of senior citizens would be willing—or should be, anyway—to sacrifice their lives to coronavirus in order to save the economy for their grandchildren. Continue reading

Reagan sold your future, Trump will too

White working-class voters should think twice before electing another flag-waving, immigrant-bashing, billionaire-enriching politician.

A generation ago, many white working-class Democrats bought into Ronald Reagan’s promise of a better nation. Eager for “morning in America”—and swayed by fear that advances for black people would come at their expense—they didn’t see that the shadow of a long sunset was creeping over their lives. Continue reading