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Nothing is more personal than the right to control your own body

Roe doesn’t just protect abortion rights. It’s the keystone that keeps politicians out of the most intimate aspects of our lives.

The personal, as they say, is political. And there’s nothing more personal than the right to control your own body. Continue reading

Banned books should be required reading

The people who want to ban ‘Maus’ or ‘The 1619 Project’ are the ones who need to read them.

In January, a Tennessee county school board voted unanimously to ban Maus, a graphic novel by Art Spiegelamn about his parents’ experience in Auschwitz, from school classrooms. The ban, which complained about profanity and (mouse) nudity, came shortly before Holocaust Remembrance Day. Continue reading

My disabled life is worthy

The loss of disabled and chronically ill lives due to COVID-19 is no less tragic or preventable.

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, there’s been a disturbing caveat to the casualty reports. Many of the dead, the reports say, had “comorbidities”—other conditions that left them especially vulnerable to the virus. Continue reading

Time to put an end to the nuclear age

2020 has been hard enough. The last thing the world needs this year is nuclear weapons.

On September 26, 1983, Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov got an alert that a U.S. missile attack was imminent. Continue reading

I take hydroxychloroquine. Please don’t hoard it.

To prevent hoarding and protect public health, we need to move towards universal care and lower-cost drugs.

The best birthday present I got this year was a refill of my medication. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be much to celebrate, but the coronavirus has upended the ordinary. Continue reading

Stop the spread of liquefied natural gas—before it’s too late

A liquefied natural gas disaster could make an oil spill look like a picnic.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a potential disaster in the making. That’s the conclusion of a new report by Physicians for Social Responsibility, which surveyed an abundance of research on LNG’s threats to public health. Continue reading

Don’t forget: Nuclear weapons are an existential threat

A new study shows just how bad a nuclear war could get. We need a plan to eliminate this risk permanently.

There’s a growing awareness now that climate change is an existential threat to humanity. Inspiring movements are demanding solutions, and politicians are scrambling to offer them. Continue reading

This EPA rule change could kill thousands

Mercury regulations save 11,000 lives each year. Now, the EPA wants to weaken them.

While Americans were quietly preparing to ring in the New Year, the EPA gave families a deadly present to start the year off wrong. Continue reading

Future generations will mourn what the EPA did on 9/11

The White House wants to clear the way for frackers to release more methane, which poisons communities and torches the climate.

September 11 is already an annual day of mourning. But while the nation grieved over victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency announced a plan future generations may well grieve as a tragedy in its own right. Continue reading

What’s at stake if Brett Kavanaugh joins the court

If Americans lose the right to privacy enshrined in Roe, they'll lose a lot more than abortion access.

President Donald Trump has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Why should you care? Because everything from reproductive rights to voting, education, and health care is now at stake. Continue reading

What real tax reform could look like

We don't actually have to cut taxes on the rich, slash services for everyone, and blow a hole in the deficit.

No matter our politics, most Americans have a beef with taxes. And it’s no wonder. Continue reading

Prison labor is slavery by another name

Across the country the largest prison strike is taking place, vowing to ‘finally end slavery in 2016.’

Right now there’s a national movement mobilizing to raise the federal minimum wage to a living wage of $15 an hour. But imagine if instead of earning even that much, you could only earn a few cents an hour. Continue reading