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The anatomy of a psywar

Intra-Taliban warfare hits the streets of Kabul

The latest series of bomb blasts in and near Kabul has exposed large holes in the official reporting on the war, including the mission itself. Nothing is as it seems in Afghanistan. If anything, the bombings have exposed the two official lies in the previous statement—that the bombings are by the actual “Taliban”—and that Mullah Mansour is the successor to Mullah Omar. The bombings are evidence of the authors of the Kabul bombs and proof that Akhtar Mansour is NOT the legitimate, elected successor to Mullah Omar. Continue reading

Obama is luring the world over the nuclear threshold in Ukraine

So many of us are still so childlike in our belief in “America,” the ideal, that we continue to sit in silent awe on the sidelines, waiting for someone, anyone, to explain to us how it is that our America consistently produces presidents who eagerly tear through the world like bulls in china shops, destroying heirloom governments without hesitation, in their zeal to create new, subservient mini-states. Continue reading

At what point will Putin bend under Obama’s Ukraine extortion?

Have we reached the point where American economic warfare against Russia has become so painful that Putin has to stop standing between Bashar Assad and Obama? With the “one-two punch” of punitive banking and oil industry sanctions, followed by plunging oil prices, the American aggression is starting to bear evil fruit. Continue reading

Israel’s high-pressure Leviathan gas 4 miles down and too costly to develop

Israel is having problems trying to profit from the Mediterranean gas field that it has been trying to steal from some of its neighbors. Drilling has been stopped since May 3, 2012, (SEE: Leviathan Oil Well Drilling Postponed) by Noble Energy’s “Homer Ferrington” rig, which had been working in the Leviathan gas field. Drilling stopped because of the unexpected high gas pressures encountered at the greatest depths. Continue reading

The real “moral obscenity” in Syria’s civil war is how we started it

Which is the greater moral obscenity? The fact that more than three-hundred civilians have been killed by chemical weapons, or the undeniable fact that over 100,000 Syrians have been killed by various means (most of them civilians), in a premeditated plan to create civil war in another sovereign nation? Continue reading

When the hummus hits the fan, Israel will choose Bashar al-Assad over radical Islamists

Once again (just as in the recent US Embassy bombing in Ankara) a spectacular terrorist attack takes place in Turkey and the government immediately blames another obscure Marxist terrorist group, that they have conveniently resurrected from Turkey’s distant past. Continue reading

Branding Musharraf’s submission to drones as a misunderstanding, instead of a double-cross

With a welcome return of their last military dictator, the politicians of Pakistan are playing the roles assigned them, helping the CIA reform its corrupt image and the Pakistani people to forget all of their own Establishment’s previous lies. Continue reading

Pakistan’s ‘red lines’ that America crosses every day

The government of Pakistan claims that there are “red lines” which drones and ground soldiers dare not cross (US urged not to cross ‘red line’ in Fata). This is another lie. In reality, US drones (and possibly “private contractors”) cross those lines every day. Just another day in the multi-faceted psychological war games, that are fought-out in FATA every day. Continue reading

India/Pakistan détente went into the ground with Mullah Nazir

The military-dominated politics pushed by Hafiz Saeed are identical to those of the actual “Taliban,” who were nice enough to provide America with a convenient excuse to wage experimental techno-warfare in Afghanistan (SEE: Rightwing alliance is revived; Pushing Pakistan’s Buttons–or Shit Rolls Downhill). Continue reading

UN Security Council unanimously approves another armed intervention against another American “Islamist” terror

After witnessing the same deadly, hypocritical scenario unfold over and over, I am just now beginning to see the real genius that went into the Pentagon’s “Take-over-the-World Plan.” This is how you manage to wage war upon the entire world, more or less simultaneously, with nothing more than an all-volunteer force and implied threats. When Pentagon/CIA agents, or their corporate counterparts control all news, then it becomes possible to hide entire real wars, or to “simulate” non-existent conflict. Continue reading

Prince Bandar’s wake-up call

It feels like something sinister has just occurred, but it may be a long time until we figure out just what that was (SEE: Saudi Appointment Suggests Bigger Regional Ambitions). When dealing with the Saudis, nothing is as it seems. Trying to understand the Saudi royal family is something like trying to decipher a hidden code. What does the advancing of Bandar Bush to the top job in Saudi intelligence services really imply? Continue reading

Hillary finally brings bureau of spy/diplomatic liaisons out of the closet

Hillary Clinton finally brings the secret military/State Dept. covert operations out into the open (SEE: Clinton Goes Commando, Sells Diplomats as Shadow Warriors). This is the logical outcome of a process started long ago, during the Reagan administration, when Congress put restrictions on the CIA’s shadow wars in Central America. It was then that this so-called “smart policy” began, thereafter, all of the CIA’s illegal operations were contracted out to private interests. Continue reading

Is the Whirling Dervish of TAPI politics finally spinning America’s way?

It had to eventually happen—Afghan politics have come full circle, and then some. It was only a matter of time before the TAPI pipe dream would once again be offered as a solution to the Afghan conflict. The Taliban are once again being handed the keys to the kingdom in exchange for partnering with Western oil giants as the means for ensuring TAPI pipeline security. The last time we heard the snake charmers make this offer was in 1996, when Marty Miller of Unocal tried to convince all the factions that the “pipeline was a conflict resolution process.” When this approach also failed to keep all parties satisfied, speculation arose that Unocal or another consortium partner gave secret support to the Taliban, in order to push-out the Northern Alliance forces of Ahmad Shah Massoud from their northern sanctuary, the location of the finalized pipeline route. What will happen this time, when the Taliban or the mega-corporations prove to be unmovable and the whole diplomatic episode is exposed as another charade? Karzai is a marked man, just as Rabbani before him was marked for termination by the medieval Taliban. Continue reading

The obscenity of humanitarian warfare

America and NATO have done a very bad thing, a perplexing thing–they have blurred the lines between war and peace, by turning “humanitarian intervention” into a tool of aggression. It is now logical to view all American humanitarian aid, in all of its forms, as the first stage of aggression, America’s foot in the door to meddle in the affairs of national government. On a sliding scale, with national subversion (under the cover of humanitarian intervention) on one end, and full-scale superpower “blitzkrieg” on the other, we can see the outlines of the modern distortion of humanitarian aid into a tool of war-making in a simple line, depicting levels of American military aggression. Continue reading

‘October Surprise,’ as Obama plays the Saudi card

“Trump believes Obama has secret deal with Saudis on oil prices‬.” If Obama does ask the Saudis for this pre-election favor, then it will compound the debt that he already owes the royal family for taking the lead in the Arab Spring psyop and for fronting the anti-Iran operation. Look for gas prices to go through the roof after the election. Continue reading

Investing your future in a poison peace process

The Indian analyst who authored the following piece, India, Pakistan, and God’s geostrategic will, is probably giving an accurate assessment of his government’s opinion of the current status of the Pakistani military, even though both his opinion and the projected government position are probably miscalculations or misinterpretations of Pakistani gestures. He interprets recent moves and counter-moves by the Pak. Army and its “Islamist” paramilitary forces as signs of weakness, thereby justifying taking advantage of the new “peace process” as an opening for India to seize-upon, in order to exploit those perceived weaknesses. Continue reading

Profit ‘bubbles’ are unnatural interruptions of life-sustaining distribution systems

China, the hope of the global economy, is headed for a hard crash, as it experiences some of the hard truths about capitalism, in a series of economic bubbles that are set to pop. Continue reading

Conquest by assimilation

Our passive-aggressive foreign policy ensures that we do not create too much resistance to our plans by forcing ourselves openly upon other weaker nations. We tend to sort of back through their doors, sort of sidling in, in a crab-like sideways motion. The “internship” programs run by the State Dept., as a primary instrument of subversion, are perfect examples of this process in action, here and here. Continue reading

The ideology of the loser is not a winning strategy

The more that we observe our fellow man, the more obvious it becomes that humanity is unable to understand the problems that it causes for itself. If humans do not have the intellectual capacity to recognize most of their problems as being self-generated, then they are obviously incapable of correcting any of these life-threatening obstacles to the progression of mankind’s advancement, on their own. Continue reading

Washington’s Silk Road pipe dream

If arrogance and over-confidence had any real power or actual value, then Hillary Clinton could envision and create a New World Order all by herself (SEE: Washington’s Silk Road Dream). Continue reading

The real war vs. the illusions

In the complicated calculus of the men who would plan our destinies for us, if we would only let them, it is often hard to fathom which line of reasoning represents their dominant thinking on any strategic subject. In Afghanistan and in Pakistan, it is getting harder to distinguish between the minimum acceptable goals for the Empire and less desirable, though ultimately acceptable conditions for ending the war. In particular, thinking of the “pipeline wars” (which American corporations seem to be losing, badly), if America is projected to fail miserably in its plans for Central and South Asia, then what secondary objectives is the Empire preparing for the region? Continue reading

The CIA/ISI soap opera in South Waziristan

The American/Pakistani/British shenanigans in S. Waziristan are once again exposing the old patterns–America makes more demands, unidentified militants attack Frontier troops, British press releases misleading disinformation (SEE: Deadly militant attack on Pakistan security checkpoint), making the reality of the situation nearly impossible to understand. In addition, the press is now starting to claim that the attack actually took place in N. Waziristan (SEE: Eight soldiers killed in N Waziristan militant attack), possibly to create the impression that the reported N. Waziristan offensive had begun. Continue reading

Obama’s great reversal is the key to the psywar

The United States, in 2011, is in a strange, sad state. The people stand (or sit), sick and divided, despairing over the fact that we cannot force logic upon our friends and relatives, seeing them wallow in the nothingness of political delusion. Half of the people believe in the official national narrative being spoon-fed to us daily by Washington. The other half is certain that the “official version” of all recent key historical events is a lie, intended to mislead the misinformed American people into going along passively with the great national lie. Continue reading

The tragedy of Fukushima may be mankind’s greatest hope

The Tragedy of Fukushima is not yet fully known, at least not in terms of the long-term effects of the radiation released today and tomorrow, perhaps for mankind’s entire “half-lifetime.” Continue reading

If the script calls for credible ‘bad guys,’ then invent some!

The best-laid plans of America’s sickest minds are unraveling before their bloodshot evil eyes. The further the CIA mind-twisters stretch in trying to make their crazy “militant Islamist” scheme work somewhere in the Muslim world, the more the edges ravel on the magnificiant whole-cloth of lies that they have so lovingly woven for us. We should all be allowed to smile just a little when the CIA’s dumbest “mind-fuck” plans fail, if it were not for the fact that they have gambled our futures on their plots. Continue reading