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Will India ever be a ‘real’ super-power?

When you live in India, it is almost impossible to go a single day without reading something about corruption. Bribes, kick-backs and ‘gratuities’ are a daily part of living here. Continue reading

Class or crass: India’s middle class

One of the biggest culture shocks I am now experiencing relates to what is considered to be “class” or behaviour that represents economic and social status. It isn’t something I saw much of when I was backpacking, but now that I am settled into a rather middle class life in Mumbai, I am really struggling with what appears to be considered appropriate behaviour amongst the middle class here compared to what I have grown up with in Australia. Continue reading

Is it time for the girl in India?: Satya Mev Jayate

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how India had turned me into a feminist after seeing and learning about the treatment of women here. Many people have spoken to me about this post since in person, via Twitter and on Facebook. One comment that came up a few times was that my tone was one of hopelessness. This wasn’t the intention, but I certainly did feel like no matter how much the statistics and facts clearly show that women are in danger in India, so little seemed to be done about it. Then Sunday happened. Continue reading

How India turned me into a feminist

I have a confession to make, I am a feminist. Nine months traveling through India has made me a feminist and this is me coming out of the closet. Continue reading