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Mr. Fix-It

Joe Biden is embarking on the biggest government initiative in more than a half century, “unlike anything we have seen or done since we built the interstate highway system and the space race decades go,” he says. Continue reading

The freedom to freeze

Texas’s prevailing social Darwinism was expressed most succinctly last week by the mayor of Colorado City, who accused his constituents—trapped in near sub-zero temperatures and complaining about lack of heat, electricity, and drinkable water—of being the “lazy” products of a “socialist government,” adding “I’m sick and tired of people looking for a damn handout!” and predicting “only the strong will survive and the weak will perish.” Continue reading

Unrigging the GOP’s minority rule

The Republican Party is shrinking. It’s lost the popular vote in seven of the past eight Presidential elections. Since Trump’s attempted coup, more Americans are abandoning it every day. Continue reading

No compromising with the GOP cult

I keep hearing that Joe Biden has to govern from the “center.” He has no choice, they say, because he has razor-thin majorities in Congress and the Republican Party has moved to the right. Continue reading

Trump is history. It’s Joe Biden who’s changing America

While most of official Washington has been consumed with the Senate impeachment trial, another part of Washington is preparing the most far-ranging changes in American social policy in a generation. Continue reading

Cancel perks for the worst US president in history

How should the nation respond to an ex-president who has incited an insurrection, brought our democracy to the brink of destruction, and left so much pain and suffering in his wake? Continue reading

Biden must not surrender

Ten Senate Republican have proposed a COVID relief bill of about $600 billion. That’s less than a third of Biden’s plan. They promise “bipartisan support” if he agrees. Continue reading

The sedition that nobody’s talking about

The sudden lurch from Trump to Biden is generating vertigo all over Washington, including the so-called fourth branch of government—CEOs and their army of lobbyists. Continue reading

CEOs’ newfound concern for democracy is bunk

The sudden lurch from Trump to Biden is generating vertigo all over Washington, including the so-called fourth branch of government—CEOs and their army of lobbyists. Continue reading

10 bold moves Biden can make without Congress

We did it. We took control of the Senate from Mitch McConnell. Even so, Republicans may still be able to block key parts of Joe Biden’s agenda. But there are plenty of critical policies he can and must enact without them. Continue reading

Why Biden can’t govern from the center

I keep hearing that Joe Biden will govern from the “center.” He has no choice, they say, because he’ll have razor-thin majorities in Congress and the Republican party has moved to the right. Continue reading

Accountability for the attempted coup

Call me old-fashioned, but when the president of the United States encourages armed insurgents to breach the Capitol and threaten the physical safety of Congress, in order to remain in power, I call it an attempted coup. Continue reading

Good riddance to a terrible year

About the only good thing that can be said about 2020 is that it’s over. It was an annus horribilis. Continue reading

Trump’s vilest legacy

Most of the 74,222,957 Americans who voted to reelect Donald Trump—46.8 percent of the votes cast in the 2020 presidential election—don’t hold Trump accountable for what he’s done to America. Continue reading

Trickle-down economics doesn’t work but build-up does—is Biden listening?

How should the huge financial costs of the pandemic be paid for, as well as the other deferred needs of society after this annus horribilis? Continue reading

Bezos, McConnell, and COVID capitalism

As a former secretary of labor, I often receive mail from workers with job complaints, who apparently believe I still have some authority. But the email I received a few days ago from a worker at Amazon’s Whole Foods delivery warehouse in Industry City, Brooklyn, New York, was particularly distressing. Continue reading

Joe Biden’s biggest challenge

“Life is going to return to normal,” Joe Biden promised in a recent address to the nation. He was talking about life after COVID, but he might as well have been making a promise about life after Trump. Continue reading

Biden says he’ll take on inequality. Good! You need to hold him to it

“It’s time we address the structural inequalities in our economy that the pandemic has laid bare,” President-elect Joe Biden said last week, as he introduced his economic team. Continue reading

Trump’s final days: Who stood up to him?

We always knew Trump would contest the election results. He’s spreading wilder and wilder conspiracy theories about non-existent voter fraud. Of course, these claims haven’t held up in court because there’s zero evidence. But the integrity of thousands of people responsible for maintaining American democracy is being tested as never before. Continue reading

The dangerous seduction of “going back to normal”

“Life is going to return to normal,” Joe Biden promised Thursday in a Thanksgiving address to the nation. He was talking about life after Covid-13, but you could be forgiven if you thought he was also making a promise about life after Trump. Continue reading

How Mitch McConnell’s do-nothing Republicans are killing you

The Senate adjourned and left town without even trying to pass a COVID disaster relief bill. By the time they return today, based on current trends, an additional estimated 16,000 Americans will have died from COVID-19. Continue reading

Profiles in cowardice

Financial regulators subject banks to stress tests to see if they have enough capital to withstand sharp downturns. Continue reading

The real reason Trump won’t concede

Joe Biden has decisively won the presidency. There is no way for Trump to overturn the results of the election, and his campaign’s post-election lawsuits have gotten dismissed left and right. Continue reading

Georgia runoffs: How you can help flip the Senate

The battle for the Senate is far from over. Continue reading

Who wins from Trump’s final travesty?

Leave it to Trump and his Republican allies to spend more energy fighting non-existent voter fraud than containing a virus that has killed 244,000 Americans and counting. Continue reading

Debunking Trump’s post-election lies

Even though Joe Biden won the highest percentage of the popular vote for any challenger since FDR in 1932, the Trump campaign is fighting in courtrooms across the country in a desperate attempt to overturn the results. Continue reading

Trump’s last attempt to steal the election won’t work

Joe Biden has won. He will be our next president. Continue reading

Can Biden heal America when Trump and his allies don’t want it healed?

In case you missed the news, Joe Biden was elected president of the United States. With almost all ballots counted, Biden has over 75 million votes and Trump some 71 million. The Electoral College isn’t even close. Continue reading

The stock market is not the economy

Whatever happens to the economy—jobs, wages, the hardships so many are facing—the stock market seems to be in a world of its own. Why? Continue reading

Reversing the GOP power grab

Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation as the ninth justice on the U.S. Supreme Court is a travesty of democracy. Continue reading

What happened to the Voting Rights Act?

This country has a long history of disenfranchising and suppressing the votes of people of color, particularly in the South. But in 2013 the voter suppression efforts of yesteryear came roaring back. That’s when the Supreme Court gutted key provisions in the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Those provisions had stopped states with histories of voter suppression from changing their election laws without an okay from the federal government. Continue reading

How to stop Trump from stealing the election

Trump is likely to claim that mail-in ballots, made necessary by the pandemic, are rife with “fraud like you’ve never seen,” as he alleged during his debate with Joe Biden—although it’s been shown that Americans are more likely to be struck by lightning than commit voter fraud. Continue reading