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What happens after the massive demonstrations in every city?

As society continues to unravel, there will be more and more massive demonstrations in major cities over issues such as the never-ending wars, environmental catastrophes, lack of jobs, and inadequate healthcare. These increasing protests will occur when large numbers of people realize that our elected leaders only represent the one percent who financially help get them elected and re-elected. Our currently elected leaders are not public servants who represent us, the 99 percent. Continue reading

Radical egalitarianism can save the planet, the world, and our souls

Worldwide radical egalitarianism can save the planet, the world, and our souls. We have to examine the whole world and see how it can work together in harmony like the cells and organs of a healthy living body. Instead of nations competing with nations, we can find ways to work together with cooperation and love. We each should make the same ecological footprint. It’s only fair. Continue reading

Have we ever been great?

When we shun all lies and disinformation and value openness, honesty and transparency—that will be a great achievement. Continue reading

Let’s make the whole world happy for the first time

Let’s make the whole world happy for the first time. Let’s start all over—new country, new diet, new everything. It is conceivable. A stress-free world is needed, and it is possible to achieve. What is the truth that makes everything fall into place? We are all spiritually connected, as the parts of the body are physically connected. We are all one and we should live in that oneness. Continue reading

Leftists and rightists agree: abolish the CIA

Some leftists and rightists agree that our country has been hijacked by the CIA. According to Kevin Shipp, ex-CIA member and author of the book From the Company of Shadows—the CIA and the NSA represent the Shadow Government which is at the top of the pyramid, and the military-industrial-congressional complex represents the Deep State that is below the Shadow Government. Kevin Shipp has made several YouTube videos. The two I list here and here show him speaking to audiences that could be described as conservative constitutionalists, but some progressive and leftist websites are also encouraging readers to watch these videos. Continue reading

Integrating Karl Marx and Abraham Maslow

The most important lesson that Karl Marx taught us is his surplus theory of value, which essentially says that if workers create wealth for a company, then it is only right that they should share in the increased profits. Richard Wolff is probably the most prominent Marxist economist today. Do a YouTube search of his name and you will find entertaining and educational videos of his Marxist message. Richard Wolff argues that when technology doubles the profits, it would be possible to have workers work half of the time instead of laying off half of them. What still happens is that the extra profits go to CEOs and corporate shareholders, not the workers. Continue reading

Focus on the solution: Publicly finance the largest political parties

Two, long, boring years before every presidential election, we hear a constant barrage of empty promises. Candidates will say whatever voters want to hear, but then once elected, they change their views and do a position switch. The result is that we get the same old prototypical leaders over and over again. It happens because “the system is rigged,” as George Carlin said. Our so-called “democracy” is a sham, a big joke. Voting does not change anything significantly, and it is understandable why many individuals do not even vote or vote for a third party. Continue reading

Third parties of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

There have been many thought-provoking articles in the alternative news lately. Robert Reich says all current members of the Democratic National Committee should resign so that we can have a new democratic party. Noam Chomsky says, “Trump’s win puts government in the hands of the most dangerous organization in world history.” Bill Gates has argued that we need socialism to save the planet. Robert Scheer says this [the election result] is “the revenge of the deplorables.” Chris Hedges exclaims in an article, entitled “It’s Worse Than You Think,+++++” that “Widespread social unrest will ignite when Donald Trump’s base realizes it has been betrayed.” Continue reading

Capitalism, imperialism, and the lies of Western culture

There are many things about our Western culture and history that perpetuate capitalism, imperialism, consumerism, and racism. Continue reading

Bernie—new hope for the United States and the world

Bernie has now won the New Hampshire primary! Watching Bernie Sanders debate Hilary Clinton on MSNBC just a few days before the New Hampshire primary, I couldn’t have felt prouder of Bernie. He is our best available option, even though his foreign policy, especially toward Palestine, leaves much to be desired. Some have rightly argued that it is a contradiction to be antiwar and also supportive of Bernie. But if Bernie gets elected, there is a greater chance that in the future a true antiwar socialist can get elected. Continue reading

A plan for posterity: the presidential election of 2016

Here is a plan for posterity: Bernie Sanders for president, and Dennis Kucinich for vice president. Continue reading

How to create the ideal government and society

This article is not specifically about the exploited working class, the disappearing middle class, or the still-controlling ruling class. Instead, it is about describing how local, state, and the national governments can be improved, preferably under a new national constitution. It is not just about government; it expresses my worldview on several topics. Continue reading