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‘Smash and Grab Palestine’ policy announced by Israeli government

“Palestine smashed against the wall of reality,” said Israeli Minister Bennett on June 2, after a Palestinian unity government was sworn in Ramallah. Unusually violent, the statement reflected an Israeli change of attitude towards Palestine. Continue reading

When Lucifer’s Farm and a free-fire zone attack Palestine

Forgetting how many of the West Bank settlers are Americans is easy. At least, until you listen to their Hebrew or hear some of the nicknames they give. “Havat Lutzifer” is a good example. It is a made-up name combining the Hebrew “Farm of” with the Hebrew closest pronunciation of the Western name for Satan, “Lucifer.” Continue reading

Is Israel about to set off the Middle East’s ultimate TNT?

In relentless obsession, Israel is attempting to ignite the Middle East’s ultimate TNT. In the last days of September 2013, newly released data shows that the effort is escalating dangerously. Continue reading

Egypt outlaws Muslim Brotherhood

On September 23, 2013, the poker game between Egypt and Israel reached a nadir when an Egyptian court outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood. Recently deposed President Morsi is affiliated to them. Continue reading

Ultra-orthodox face conscription as new Israeli law advances

Jewish legalism is not my cup of tea; I favor coffee . Yet, from time to time, it is useful to remember the unjust fastidiousness of legalism. Continue reading

Chemical duel

The soldiers were trapped between slow moving clouds of the grey-green poisonous gas. Those closer to the chlorine cylinders felt a distinctive peppery-smell and metallic taste before the poisonous element stung their throats and chests. Those of their friends standing further away panicked as the green-death silently swallowed their friends. Continue reading

Netanyahu prolongs law banning mixed marriages

Most Israelis do not understand the concept of illegitimate laws. A law may pass through all the tedious process of legislation. It may be approved by the Knesset Legislation Committee, and afterwards by the Knesset’s General Assembly. It may be published by “Reshumot” (Israel’s official publication announcing new laws) and afterwards be brutally enforced by civil servants. Everything may look “kosher” on paper, and still the law can be illegitimate, demanding automatic disobedience by the public. No government can pass a law violating Human Rights, which are International Law since 1994. No government operating under the Criminal Law system can legislate laws claiming to prevent a future crime. Not even Netanyahu’s Government can. Yet, he did just that. Continue reading

Israeli anthrax developer resigns

Dr. Avigdor Shafferman, Director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) since 1995, resigned on April 4, 2013. He sent a letter to the institute workers in which he explained: “In the last two years, the institute development tendencies changed. In 2013, I was forced to reduce the budget by over 4%, including the firing of workers. Two weeks ago, we were asked to prepare ourselves for another reduction in the budget, which will have deep repercussions. I cannot be part of this.” The real reason for the unprecedented step was different. Continue reading

Obama codex is state terror

When I decide to be insolent—like in this article—it is in the form of words. You may read them until you find something offensive and then drop the article. If I were preaching impertinently, you could stand up and leave the room. This straightforward technique works superbly with the unpleasant people that make their raison d’ètre to harass others . Continue reading

Likud: ‘Hubris and urine’

Negotiation Theory can be as colorful as the Bible; both favor hard to forget metaphors. Continue reading

Treason Season

Treason Season has begun in Israel; following the elections, Netanyahu is conducting negotiations to form a stable coalition. The result is not only parties throwing their ideologies into holes deeper than the Dead Sea, but also politicians seeking justifiable ways to switch parties. What is clear is that the next government will be a coalition of barely-related parties; these days we enjoy a rare opportunity to disclose additional Israeli politicians with Judas blood in their veins, who until now were deep underground, disguised as distinguished members of the Zionist elite. Continue reading

State of Israel forced the sterilization of Ethiopian women

In which language should one speak to be understood? On January 27, 2013, Israel formally admitted having injected Ethiopian-Jewish women with venom against their will, so that they wouldn’t get pregnant. Israel brought them to Israel in a propaganda program aimed at showing the world that Jews are not racists, and then applied Nazi techniques to ensure that they wouldn’t reproduce. Continue reading

We the People; you the Liar

The combination was electrifying. On the screen, a leader was obviously being isolated from his people; endless commentaries on the security measures of the event had been broadcast during the preceding hours. “It is the last time he will walk among the people as a President,” an anchor had oddly announced. Yet, he was separated from the people by a moving wall of heavy armored vehicles. The edition played odd tricks; looking at President Obama walking along Pennsylvania Avenue, I could listen to excerpts from his inaugural address. “We the People,” he kept saying, quoting the first words of the USA Constitution. The effect was grotesque. Continue reading

Palestine’s next step

Donors reverse Netanyahu's financial attack

Predicting things in the Middle East is dangerous and foolish. A zillion parameters clutter the equations transforming any such an attempt into an exercise in futility. Yet, the day after the acceptance of Palestine as an observer state by the UN, I predicted in Israel and Palestine go to War that this time Palestine will circumvent the fiscal blockade imposed by Netanyahu. Continue reading

Will Israel force a Palestinian exodus?

The device was useless. The mortar-variant improvised by the Mikveh Israel agricultural school had been provided to the Palmach troops in Safed and Jerusalem; it became the ultimate proof that Jewish farmers couldn’t be trusted. The odd device fired shrapnel enclosed within a grenade-like warhead; it was dreadfully inaccurate to the extent that it endangered the troops using it. Continue reading