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My Beit Daras, my Nakba: Two Palestinian intellectuals reminiscing about their destroyed village

Dr. Ghada Ageel and Dr. Ramzy Baroud have more in common than their scholarly research on Palestinian history and politics. They are both refugees, and the direct descendants of Palestinian refugees who have been expelled from their historic village of Beit Daras at gunpoint during the catastrophic events that led to the Palestinian Nakba of May 15, 1948. Continue reading

A people’s historian: Ramzy Baroud on journalism and history and why ‘Palestinians already have a voice’

When it comes to Palestine, we often see a dichotomy between mainstream media platforms—which are essentially molded out of a Zionist narrative—and a counter-narrative, produced by a young generation of highly educated Palestinians which try to reach new audiences, tear down the limits imposed by the dominant rhetoric and take center stage. This generation of intellectuals tries to define its role in the aftermath of the Oslo fiasco, now that it has become clear that the US-sponsored ‘Peace Process’ as the sole criterion of conflict resolution is dead and gone. Continue reading