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The impact of destructive information

The 23 of November, according to information of Security Department of Uzbek Republic, the clandestine group of extremists’ organization “Katiba Tauhid val Jihad” was uncovered in Tashkent region. Continue reading

Aspects of labor migration from Uzbekistan and its psychological vulnerabilities

Studies on migration from Uzbekistan were first conducted in 2008 with the assistance of UNDP of Uzbekistan and published in a book, “Labor Migration in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Social, Legal and Gender Aspects.” Continue reading

‘It’s impossible to fight with this system . . . ’

An interview with Viktor Mikhailov, director of the Center for the Study of Regional Threats of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Continue reading

An international impact assessment for sustainable flows in transboundary rivers in Central Asia is needed

In Central Asia, the problem of the rational use of transboundary water resources is the key to the welfare of the population and to the possibility for sustainable development of the national economy in the region. Continue reading