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Trump & Co.’s vile anti-immigrationism

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director L. Francis Cissna displayed an odious hostility to liberty at a press briefing this week when he tried to associate immigration with terrorism. Continue reading

The American way of war

The most striking fact about the United States of America is not its supposed founding principles—more often lauded than observed—but how often “the greatest country on earth” has waged war. Continue reading

An idiot abroad

I’ve got a few leftover thoughts about Donald Trump’s trip to Europe. (Here’s what I said about the Middle East portion.) As usual, I oppose both Trump and his mainstream critics. It’s possible for both sides to be wrong in a dispute. Continue reading

What a perverse presidential incentive system!

All I can say is we’ve got a hell of a political system on our hands when the surest way for a president to win the adoration of those who thought him a dangerous, ignorant, narcissistic, erratic, and bullshitting blowhard yesterday is to drop a bomb or fire a cruise missile today. Continue reading