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2020 election deniers still clinging to conspiracy theories after Arizona debacle

Arizona’s review found Biden won, but raised new doubts. Meanwhile, a closer look at Cyber Ninjas’ report finds false claims and accounting errors.

“Truth is truth and numbers are numbers,” said Arizona Senate President Karen Fann on Friday, September 24, as she summarized the most important finding in the long-awaited report from the body’s pro-Trump contractors to assess the accuracy of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, where two-thirds of Arizonans reside. Continue reading

Arizona Senate poised to report that Biden beat Trump in state’s 2020 election

The top private funder of the 2020 election review has taken to social media to complain that Arizona politicians are white-washing the report—which upends the “big lie.”

The team of Arizona Republican state senators, legislative staff, and advisers finalizing the Cyber Ninjas’ report on the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County are preparing to say that Joe Biden legitimately won the election, according to the largest funder of the Senate’s mostly privatized election review, former CEO Patrick Byrne. Continue reading

Arizona mystery: Did Cyber Ninjas Botch another 2020 presidential recount attempt?

Pro-Trump contractors who hope to take Arizona-style audits to other states show continued incompetence with public records.

Did the Cyber Ninjas botch another attempt to recount Maricopa County’s 2020 presidential ballots—an attempt that, so far, has escaped wide media coverage? Continue reading

Growing chorus of Republicans criticize Arizona Senate’s 2020 election ‘audit’

Meanwhile, a long-awaited report by the Cyber Ninjas is held back—the pro-Trump election investigators have COVID-19.

The effort by former President Donald Trump and his ardent supporters to delegitimize Arizona’s 2020 presidential election was supposed to reach a turning point during the third week of August. But as has been typical with this hyperpartisan effort, the pro-Trump contractors empowered by the state Senate’s Republicans faced another delay, ducking an anticipated reckoning with facts and critics. Continue reading

Arizona Republicans are fanning Trump’s 2020 big lie, and spreading confusion about how votes are counted

A lack of an easily understood vote-counting process creates a void filled by disinformation.

The “big lie” that President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected is not going away. One reason is Americans who care about their democracy are not learning how votes for president in 2020 were counted and verified—neither from the big lie’s promoters nor from most of its fact-driven critics. Continue reading

Inside the Arizona right-wing election ‘fraudit’

Trump’s agents produce more propaganda, not proof. Meanwhile, outside auditors are poised to release more evidence of the election’s accuracy.

Two competing efforts to assess the accuracy of Arizona’s 2020 presidential election results have reached dramatic turning points as July began. An effort led by Republican state senators and pro-Trump activists has erupted in a new wave of false claims about the presidential election results. Meanwhile, an outside effort led by experienced election auditors was poised to release the most detailed factual data yet by which the integrity of the election could be assessed. Continue reading

As Republicans stall election reform in the U.S. Senate, democracy comes under greater strain

Both parties are vying to change who votes and how ballots are cast.

For now, the U.S. Senate Republicans have blocked sweeping election reform. They argued that America’s elections are not in crisis and are best run by rules set by states. Meanwhile, in capitals across battleground states, numerous Republican legislators have been claiming elections face numerous threats and have passed dozens of laws, the most aggressive of which curtail voting options, newly police the process, and empower party loyalists at post-Election Day counting stages. Continue reading

As Arizona wraps up hand count of 2020 ballots, new questions about accuracy arise

The state Senate’s contractors created 15 subtotals. Outside auditors examined 10,341.

The hand count of 2.1 million paper ballots from 2020’s presidential election in Arizona’s most populous county has reached a turning point. Inside Phoenix’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the last boxes of ballots—said by observers to hold the final votes that lifted Joe Biden to a 2020 victory in Maricopa County and statewide—have been manually tallied. Continue reading

Arizona analysis shows that many Republicans did not vote for Trump in 2020

At least 75,000 Arizonans voted for Republican candidates, but not for Trump.

About 75,000 Republican-leaning voters in Arizona’s two most populous counties did not vote to re-elect President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, according to an analysis of every vote cast by a longtime Arizona Republican Party election observer and election technologists familiar with vote-counting data. Continue reading

Arizona Senate’s hand count of 2020 ballots unlikely to match official election results

The recount process lacks precision at key junctures, possibly embedding errors and inaccuracies.

The Arizona Senate’s audit of 2.1 million fall 2020 ballots has been extremely controversial since its inception. As recently retired Arizona Republican U.S. Senator Jeff Flake reiterated on May 11, its premise is based on “the ‘big lie’ that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.” Continue reading

Republicans in Arizona Senate hope to expand 2020 audit as Justice Department may shut it down

A former secretary of state wants a deeper look at digital voting records, but the DOJ appears headed to court saying the exercise violates federal laws.

Arizona’s Republican-led Senate is looking to expand its post-election audit of 2.1 million ballots in the state’s most populous county while Arizona’s Democratic secretary of state and the U.S. Department of Justice appeared headed to federal court to shut down the post-election exercise. Continue reading

Election researchers reveal that flexible voting options boosted 2020 turnout

In the 2020 presidential election, 66 million Americans voted with a mailed-out ballot after most states loosened restrictions on qualifications to vote by mail to make voting safer in the pandemic. Another 36 million people voted in person at an early voting site before Election Day after many states expanded this option. Continue reading