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Why would Republicans and Democrats vote to confiscate small businesses?

If I told you that federal lawmakers are about to forward a bill to the floor of Congress that would empower a government agency to go into towns all over the country and say to small businesses, “We are taking the land you are on and selling it to a large corporation, which spent millions of dollars lobbying to get this land, so that they can build a business that is needed more than yours,” would you be angry? Continue reading

Libya, gas prices, and the big payday at your expense

Another triumph for The Money Party

The average price for a gallon of gas rose 30 percent from $2.69 in July 2010 to $3.49 as of March 6. Most of that 30 percent has come in just the last few days. Continue reading

American manufacturing slowly rotting away: How industries die

I wrote in a previous article about why America’s manufacturing sector, despite record output, is actually in very deep trouble: record output doesn’t prove the sector healthy when we are running a huge trade deficit in manufactured goods, i.e. consuming more goods than we produce and plugging the gap with asset sales and debt. Continue reading