Charlie Hebdo update

Readers, with the exception of neoconservative William Kristol, appreciated the questions I raised about the Charlie Hebdo affair. Europeans sent me videos and news reports from Europe. Continue reading

Early morning thoughts

Even had I not had the flu, I would not have attended or participated in the mass psychosis billed as “Je Suis Charlie” following the murder of journalists, cops, and deli patrons last week in Paris. But I did watch a lot of the live tv coverage of these strange events, and a few images keep coming back to mind. Continue reading

On praying

I read several articles that Stanford researchers have found a cure or “potential treatment” for Alzheimer’s. And, yes, there’s the possibility of reversing the mind-robbing disease. Continue reading

Je suis CIA

Since 9/11, the imperial playbook has consisted of a favorite and time-tested tactic: the false flag operation. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Charlie Hebdo: ‘Je suis white people’

Don’t kill white people. After all is said and done, the Charlie Hebdo outrage, the hashtags, and the million person marches amount to that simple but very powerful dictum. In the eyes of the governments that do most of the killing on the planet and the corporate media who act as their scribes, there is nothing worse than targeting even a handful of white people for death. Continue reading

War begets war: It’s not about Islam; it never was

It is still not about Islam, even if the media and militants attacking Western targets say so. Actually, it never was. But it was important for many to conflate politics with religion; partly because it is convenient and self-validating. Continue reading

Kiev’s big lie on ending Donbas conflict in two weeks

Washington runs things in Ukraine. It newest colony. Kiev’s illegitimate puppet government serves its interests. Ruthlessly exploiting its people in the process. Continue reading

Lonesome Yanks

I was sitting in the Friendly Lounge, one block from my Philly apartment. Next to me was a 59-year-old man, Robert. Seeing my wedding band, he confided, “You’re lucky to have somebody to go home to. I always had a lover, a boyfriend, but I haven’t had anybody in ten years. And it’s not the,” and he suddenly dipped his head down near my crotch, “but the support, you know. I can’t just go home and say to somebody, ‘Bitch, I love you!’” Continue reading

Je ne suis pas Charlie

The extremely dark and unexamined underside of the Charlie Hebdo affair

We hear much about bloody events in Paris being an attack upon Western traditions and freedom of the press, and I am sorry but such claims are close to laughable, even though there is nothing remotely funny about mass murder. It certainly is not part of the best Western tradition to insult the revered figures of major religions. You are, of course, technically free to do so in many Western countries—always remembering that in many of them, a wrong target for your satire will get you a prison term for “hate crimes”—but it does represent little more than poor judgment and extremely bad taste to exercise that particular freedom. Continue reading

Charlie Hebdo

The Charlie Hebdo affair has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation. The attack on the cartoonists’ office was a disciplined professional attack of the kind associated with highly trained special forces; yet the suspects who were later corralled and killed seemed bumbling and unprofessional. It is like two different sets of people. Continue reading

Fox News’s ‘experts’ are blatant propagandists and liars

Only the most ignorant consider Fox News to be a legitimate news network. And when it comes to issues dealing with terrorism and Islam, Fox News is not only a font of disinformation and blatant propaganda but also flat out lies. Continue reading

Charlie Hebdo fallout in America

Civil liberties in America and Europe are gravely threatened. Already seriously eroded. Continue reading

You have the right to remain obnoxious

Here in New York City, the past few weeks have been fraught. First, in early December, protesters took to the streets to protest a Staten Island grand jury’s decision not to indict a policeman involved in the choking death of African-American Eric Garner. The police were attempting to place Garner under arrest for selling loose cigarettes. Continue reading

Lies, lies and damned lies: The new Republican House of Representatives is insane and character disordered

I just read the following in the Statesboro (Georgia) Herald in its issue of January 7, 2014, in an article containing 36 column inches, about half a page, extolling the wonderful pageantry of the Republican takeover in Washington, with the largest majority in 60 years. Continue reading

The CIA radicalized French Muslims

The decision of the Central Intelligence Agency to fund, train, and arm Afghan mujaheddin fundamentalists against the Soviet Union and the socialist government of Afghanistan in the 1980s led directly to the radicalization of French Muslims. It was the CIA’s support for the mujaheddin assistance network known as “Al Qaeda,” or the “database” as revealed by the late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, that facilitated the expansion of Saudi Wahhabist influence over Muslim communities not only in France but around the world. Continue reading

Spitting on other people’s prophets is not a Western value

In a BBC interview following the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Jewish Chronicle writer David Aaronovitch advised those who do not approve of ‘freedom of speech’ to ‘move to Pakistan.’ It is not surprising to find a Zionist Jew advocating voluntary cleansing; after all, expulsion is a Jewish nationalist favourite adventure. Judging by Aaronovitch’s endorsement of elementary liberty, I am happy to announce that the appeal for freedom of expression is the immediate and very positive outcome of the disastrous events in Paris. Continue reading

The police threat is too high

The hypocrisy of American police is beginning to bother even law and order conservatives. The New York Police Department is rivaling the black community in Ferguson in keeping alive the murders of their community members. Continue reading

The fix is in

Sports have always been a keen reflection of the greater culture of our times. The Roman Empire was a devouring beast that ate up countries like its lions ate up the Christians in the Roman Coliseum. Rome’s violent aspect was mirrored by the so called ‘sport’of gladiator fights to the death (much like the new game in town, Ultimate Fighting, also done in a ‘cage’), or the chariot races which resembled rush hour down 7th Ave in NYC. Thus, when sports take on a more violent nature or focus, it must reflect the mindset of its greater culture. Interesting how pro football replaced baseball as our national pastime right about at the height of the Vietnam War. Continue reading

Hebdo vs Al Jazeera: A tale of two journalisms

Press freedom has been under attack with the deaths in Paris of nine Charlie Hebdo employees, including editor Stephane Charbonnier, and the continued incarceration in Cairo of three Al Jazeera journalists. The circumstances of the victimization of the journalists are starkly different. Continue reading

The December 2014 payroll jobs report

On January 9, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a quarter of a million new jobs were created in December. Continue reading

A textbook case of willful distortion

HarperCollins says it’s sorry. It says it regrets not including Israel on a map of the Middle East in an atlas it published and distributed in the Middle East. It says all remaining copies of the atlas will be pulped. Continue reading

Are we really talking about freedom of speech and expression?

When I was growing up in the Bronx, at a very early age, I learned that what makes this country special is that we honor one’s right to free speech. But I also learned that one could not say what you want to, when you want to, and where you want to. Continue reading

TSA logic: Carry on water, get groped; run guns, get a pass

We’ve only been saying it for years. Continue reading

MKO’s and Mossad’s mortifying ignominy in Iran

In their abortive effort to assassinate another Iranian nuclear scientist, Israeli officials only sustained desperation and disgrace in their dastardly elimination campaign against Iran, which was apparently in sync with ISIL’s inhumane brutalities inside Iraq and Syria. Continue reading

Hebdo attack rife with ‘false flag’ clues

The reliance of governments and non-state actors on carrying out “false flag” terrorist attacks, which, in the modern-era, began in Europe with the 1980 time-bombing of the Bologna train station that killed 85 and injured over 200, is beginning to yield predictable clues. This is certainly the case with the three-man professional military assault carried out in a precision manner by three alleged Islamist terrorists on the Paris editorial offices of the satirical journal Charlie Hebdo. Continue reading

Charlie Hebdo and Tsarnaev’s trial: Cui bono?

There are two ways to look at the alleged terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Continue reading

Is it a religious war in Europe or just another false flag operation?

The massacre in France was a devastating crime against freedom and the right to laugh. Continue reading

Id as ideology

Whew. I’ve been on a Netflix rip-roar binge, watching episodes of a Spanish drama series, Grand Hotel. Packed with deliciously devious characters, the story begins in 1905 when Julio travels to see his sister, a maid at the hotel. On arriving, he learns of her disappearance, that she may be dead, and decides to work at the hotel to investigate. He sees Alicia, the daughter of the hotel’s proprietor. It’s love. And taboo. Continue reading

Canada’s quiet coup: How a CIA off-shoot helped install Stephen Harper as Canada’s prime minister

The biggest threat to Canada’s national security is internal. It is the offshoot of an extraordinarily successful—because it remains largely undetected—coup that imposed itself on the country with the federal election of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) in 2006, and solidified its impacts with the election of a Conservative majority in 2011. Continue reading

Pumping up fear over selective terror while ignoring state terror

Selective terror achieves political & psychological goals that state terror does not

Dianne Johnstone asks the rhetorical question at CounterPunch, “What do you say when you have nothing to say?” in regard to the I Am Charlie “terror” attack in Paris. Hers is an emotional response, exasperation; there is plenty to say that is quite rational. Continue reading

Welcome to the Matrix: Enslaved by technology and the Internet of Things

If ever Americans sell their birthright, it will be for the promise of expediency and comfort delivered by way of blazingly fast Internet, cell phone signals that never drop a call, thermostats that keep us at the perfect temperature without our having to raise a finger, and entertainment that can be simultaneously streamed to our TVs, tablets and cell phones. Continue reading

It’s time to pay our taxes

Fellow Americans, we have come to that time of the year when we must anti-up and pay the piper. Continue reading