Obama’s CT scan has Washington buzzing

(WMR)—President Obama’s two medical examinations, both on December 6, has Washington buzzing. Any time the president of the United States has so much as a cold, speculation begins flying about the state of the president’s health. Obama has been suffering from a persistent sore throat and he was examined at the White House in the morning by an ear, nose, and throat specialist from the Fort Belvoir Medical Center. The Fort Belvoir doctor used a fiber optic endoscope to examine Obama’s throat. Continue reading

Israel’s worst enemy is Netanyahu

A gale of international disapproval, far from softening Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hardline stance towards Palestinians is having the opposite effect. It reminds me of one of Aesop’s fables. The wind and the sun were in dispute as to which was stronger. They noticed a traveller wearing a cloak. Whichever of us can force the man to remove his cloak is the winner, they decided. The wind blew hard but the man wrapped his garment more tightly around him. When the sun shone brightly, he took it off. Continue reading

America’s children: The trials of growing up in a police state

After a year dominated with news of police shootings of unarmed citizens (including children), SWAT team raids gone awry, photo ops of militarized police shouldering assault rifles while perched on top of armored vehicles, and reports on how the police are using asset forfeiture laws to pad their pockets with luxury cars, cash and other expensive toys, I find myself wrestling with the question: how do you prepare a child for life in the American police state, especially when it comes to interactions with police? Continue reading

Racists circle their wagons

As the furor escalates around the shooting and killing of unarmed black males around the country, white people have decided to circle their wagons and focus us on the “real” problem. What do you mean, the “real” problem? Continue reading

Israel’s Gaza war continues

State terror is official Israeli policy. Gaza war never ended. Israel breached ceasefire terms straightaway. Repeated violations occur. Continue reading

Most ‘transparent’ administration in history will be more opaque for next two years

(WMR)—President Obama billed his administration as the “most transparent” in the history of the United States. After six years, the Obama White House has become a micro-managing executive and, according to Washington insiders, is about to become even more secretive. Continue reading

The annual avariciousness assault and a non-existent war upon Christmas

It’s now been about a week after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Continue reading

Thinking is an expensive occupation

Raising unsettling questions and providing disturbing explanations seldom meet with accolades. For example, Guy McPherson is a University of Arizona scientist who has been studying human disruption of the environment and climate for 30 years. Many human caused disruptions have developed into local or regional disasters, but now the question is whether the planet itself is endangered. Is human activity bringing about human extinction? Continue reading

Is it time for a revolution?

There is hope that the people of this country are finally rebelling against the corruption in our economic and political systems. The murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, ignited a community to action. They demanded nothing more than justice and predictably did not get it. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Ferguson’s reckoning for Obama

For nearly six years black Americans have supported President Barack Obama overwhelmingly, only to be treated with disdain. He has gotten away with this disrespect because of misplaced allegiance to racial solidarity and racist attacks against him. But the day of reckoning may have finally arrived via Ferguson, Missouri. Continue reading

The Brown/Garner killings are about a larger state of official terror

First, they’ve come for the people of color. Continue reading

Goon cops murder at will

Another goon thug gratuitous murderer has been let off by a grand jury and a prosecutor. Read the condolences offered by NY mayor Bill de Blasio, officer Pantaleo and the Obama Puppet: They are so sorry about the collateral damage of protecting the public from criminals and terrorists. But our society would collapse if people are allowed to sell on the street untaxed individual cigarettes out of a pack. Without the death of innocents, none of us would be safe. Our safety depended on the NYPD murder of Eric Garner, a father of six who was a threat to no one. Continue reading

The Mockingjay of Palestine: ‘If we burn, you burn with us’

Raed Mu’anis was my best friend. The small scar on top of his left eyebrow was my doing at the age of five. I urged him to quit hanging on a rope where my mother was drying our laundry. He wouldn’t listen, so I threw a rock at him. Continue reading

American war machine ramping up for revenge

U.S. media role is to pacify the nation

According to Stars & Stripes, United States Air Force Captain William Dubois—30 years old—was killed when the F-16 he was piloting on a mission against the Islamic State crashed. Marine Lance Cpl. Sean Neal, 19, of Riverside, California died in Iraq from a noncombat related injury. Marine Cpl. Jordan Spears, 21, of Memphis, Ind., was lost at sea while conducting flight operations in the North Arabian Gulf. Continue reading

Boots on the ground and bats in the belfry

The current global monster, Putin, so designated by corporate USA, is a heroic figure to much of the world. Continue reading

Qatar is the oasis where neocons and Jihadists find comfort

(WMR)—America’s Middle East version of NATO, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which will become the GCC Plus if Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco join, is quietly celebrating the return of the Saudi, UAE, and Bahraini ambassadors to Qatar after a diplomatic row triggered by Qatar’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Apparently, the 34-year old Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, who succeeded to the throne after the 2013 abdication of his father, Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, agreed to limit the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar. Continue reading

US resorts to illegality to protect failed policies

In a blatant and massive market intervention, the price of gold was smashed last Friday. Right after the Comex opened on Friday morning 7,008 paper gold contracts representing 20 tonnes of gold were dumped in the New York Comex futures market at 8:50 a.m. EST. At 12:35 a.m. EST 10,324 contracts representing 30 tonnes of gold were dropped on the Comex futures market. Continue reading

The Palestinians have managed to topple another Israeli Government

Occasionally Israeli political and military leadership fail to survive Israeli wars. PM Golda Meir and her Chief Of Staff (David “Dado” Elazar) were sent home after the 1973 blunder (Yom Kippur war). PM Menachem Begin lost his sanity after the first Lebanon war (1982). Defense Minister Amir Peretz and his Chief Of Staff, Dan Halutz, were treated harshly by the Israeli media following the 2006 defeat in Lebanon. PM Benjamin Netanyahu is now paying a price for the recent Israeli disaster in Gaza and the Palestinian uprising that followed. Continue reading

Wayne Madsen Report editor on the TSA’s SSSS list

The first clue that something was amiss before my early morning flight to DC National Airport from Tampa was the fact that I could not collect my boarding pass from the airport check-in kiosk. I was also curious that I didn’t receive the typical pre-boarding email from JetBlue. Continue reading

What about all those white riots?

Imagine if America’s racial experience had occurred in reverse. What if our homeland had been “discovered” and “settled” by strangers who used genocide to achieve their colonial objective? What if our children were then taken from us to have their culture, language and very defining essence erased in distant boarding schools? Continue reading

Climate change challenges: Support the environment or the U.S. military?

Having lived through the 1991 Desert Storm bombing and the 2003 Shock and Awe bombing in Iraq, I tread carefully when speaking about any danger greater than war that children in our world might face. I won’t forget children in Baghdadi hospitals whose bodies I have seen, wounded and maimed, after bombing campaigns ordered by U.S. leaders. I think also of children in Lebanon and Gaza and Afghanistan, children I’ve sat with in cities under heavy bombardments while their frightened parents tried to distract and calm them. Continue reading

Only in America

What happens in the United States of America when a white police officer shoots and kills an unarmed black male teenager? (It is not limited to teenagers). Continue reading

The man in the bathtub, December 1, 1940

He was born and raised in a little town just outside of Licata, Sicily. By the time he was 18, the young man was accepted into university in Tunisia, a far more scholastically advanced place than the Sicily of the early 1900s. Upon graduating, he decided to do what many young Italians chose to do, and he emigrated to the United States. Continue reading

New G20 rules: Cyprus-style bail-ins to hit depositors and pensioners

On the weekend of November 16, the G20 leaders whisked into Brisbane, posed for their photo ops, approved some proposals, made a show of roundly disapproving of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and whisked out again. It was all so fast, they may not have known what they were endorsing when they rubber-stamped the Financial Stability Board’s “Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks in Resolution,” which completely changes the rules of banking. Continue reading

High drama is a way of life for Egyptians

Life in the most populated Arab country is an emotional rollercoaster. Two revolutions in almost four years and a slew of both elected and caretaker leaderships have triggered instability. But serial surges of adrenaline have taken their toll. Most are aware that the promise of western-style democracy is unlikely to manifest within the foreseeable future, but they are fatigued by the highs and lows and have gained an understanding that security and stability must take priority over idealistic ambitions. Continue reading

Obama: A placebo for civil liberties

Barack Obama has served as nothing more than a placebo for steadily-eroding civil liberties in the United States. Continue reading

The fog of empire

Have you noticed lately how often you hear the expression that someone is ‘in a fog ‘? So many of us are walking around in some lethargic state as we go about our business. There is no sense of direction as many just ‘go through the motions’ of existence. Truly, they are lost in the fog of empire. Continue reading

Postcard from the end of America: Taylor, Pennsylvania

The sixteen-year-old’s consciousness was percussive with recorded music, as usual, when the train slammed into him, and it’s not clear, even now, if it was suicide or merely absentmindedness that killed this boy. (To have your inner life constantly stunted or suffocated is already a form of death, but had he lived, this incipient man may have eventually outgrown his three-chord addiction.) Continue reading

Jeb Bush and the crimes of Brickell Avenue

(WMR)—Prospective 2016 GOP presidential contender Jeb Bush has always felt more at home in the glass towers along the shores of Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami than he has in the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee or the White House during his father’s and brother’s administrations. That is because Jeb, in his youthful days as a “businessman,” cut his political teeth in behind-the scenes CIA drug smuggling, savings and loan rip-offs, and covert Central American wars. Continue reading

Voting as an indicator of democracy?

For decades the working stiff has looked to the Democratic Party for salvation and protection from the Republican Party. And, let’s face it, we do need protection from a party that has claimed the rich and famous as its constituents. Continue reading

Fish show drug effects and we’re drinking the water

You don’t have to see a doctor to imbibe a witch’s brew of prescriptions pain pills, antibiotics and psychiatric, cholesterol, asthma, epilepsy and heart drugs in your drinking water. They are found in many public drinking water systems says the Associated Press. Also found in drinking water is the toxic plastic, Bisphenol A. Some of the Bisphenol A comes from plastic bottled water which people, ironically, drink to avoid tap water risks! Continue reading

Ukraine: Waging war during economic crisis conditions

Ukraine is an economic basket case and then some. Illegitimate US installed putschists wage naked aggression while effectively bankrupt. More on this below. Continue reading