Shame on the U.S. Supreme Court for making a mockery of the First Amendment

Shame on the U.S. Supreme Court for making a mockery of the First Amendment. Continue reading

‘Astral City’

One should view Wagner DeAssis’s 2011 Portuguese film “Astral City” . . . especially great for those of us who dissent against injustice. Isn’t that a contradiction some would ask? Perhaps, if dissent is meant to be the sole possession of atheists, agnostics and 100% humanists. Yet, for those of us who study the teachings of many religions, especially Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism to name but a few, maybe belief in a spiritual universe and the need to speak out against injustice does in fact go ‘hand in hand’. Continue reading

And the TSA incompetence beat goes on . . .

As I wrote earlier this month, TSA incompetence and stupidity—combined with American populace passivity—are causing thousands of people to miss their flights. The amount of time travelers are supposed to allow to get through airport security keeps ballooning—from one hour to two hours to, now, three hours before their flights. And that’s for domestic flights, mes amis, not just international ones. Continue reading

Organized misery is fascism

Just about one half of the year 2016 is in the world’s history books. The 16th year of the 21st Century, a century that was supposed to usher in a new era of democracy, opportunity, “green thinking,” and income for all, has thus far been a bust for much of the citizens of the world. Some 40.8 million displaced people roam the continents of the world due to the effects of climate change and the fallout from varying degrees of conflict/war ranging from the War on Terror and War on Drugs, to covert-overt regime changes in Brazil, Ukraine, Egypt, Paraguay, Iraq, Libya and Honduras. Syria remains a work in progress. Continue reading

Soros not the first to stir up ethnic nationalism inside Russia

Although global hedge fund mogul George Soros and his non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have attempted to stir up ethnic nationalism inside the Russian Federation since the end of the Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) began such troublemaking as early as 1953. Continue reading

Lesser of two evils vote is counterproductive and morally corrupt

There’s probably never been a US presidential election where both likely nominees are more despised by more people. Millions on both sides plan to vote for the least despicable candidate. Do you need more proof our political system is corrupt to the core? Continue reading

The art of the double-dealing megalomaniac

Savannah State University in Georgia will offer a three-credit course this summer, “The Trump Factor in American Politics.” The professor is Dr. Robert Smith, who says the students will read Trump’s policy statements and excerpts from Trump’s books, and then discuss his political philosophies. Continue reading

When saying ‘I’m sorry’ is not enough

It’s getting more and more difficult for me to look in the mirror, for what do I see? Continue reading

European Union, not Brexit, threatens peace and stability

Britain’s David Cameron has it backwards, warning Brexit threatens continental peace—calling support for the move “reckless and irresponsible,” risking Britain’s economic stability, leaving it “permanently poorer.” Continue reading

Evolution, revolution and the troglodyte eruption

Finally, after three-plus decades of unmitigated adventurism, both domestic and global, the [economic] chickens are coming home to roost in this 2016 presidential election. And this time around we can indisputably state that “the economy matters.” And it matters much more than at any other time in our nation’s history. Why? Continue reading

Why Trump can lie and no one seems to care

The GOP candidate gets away with outrageous, contradictory statements because the mainstream media and the public let him.

Donald Trump is a serial liar. Okay, to be a bit less Trumpian about it, he has trouble with the truth. If you look at Politifact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning site that examines candidates’ pronouncements for accuracy, 76 percent of Trump’s statements are rated either “mostly false,” “false,” or “pants on fire,” which is to say off-the-charts false. By comparison, Hillary Clinton’s total is 29 percent. Continue reading

Zionist Israel hides its crimes behind its smears of truth-tellers

Several years ago two very distinguished American scholars wrote a book, ‘The Israel Lobby.’ Continue reading

Obscured American: Noam the straying Hasid

Last year in Leipzig, Germany, I met a young woman who had just returned from Chicago, where her family lived in tony Lincoln Park. She had also studied at Williams College in Massachusetts, where tuition alone was near $50,000. Germany was too white, she complained, and she was ashamed of the anti-immigrant attitude shown by many of her countrymen. For Christmas, she went to Palm Springs, California. Though only in her mid-twenties, she had traveled to dozens of countries. Continue reading

‘Print the money’: Trump’s ‘reckless’ proposal echoes Franklin and Lincoln

“Print the money” has been called crazy talk, but it may be the only sane solution to a $19 trillion federal debt that has doubled in the last 10 years. The solution of Abraham Lincoln and the American colonists can still work today. Continue reading

The great leap backward: America’s illegal wars on the world

Can we face it in this election season? America is a weapons factory, the White House a war room, and the president the manager of the neoliberal conspiracy to recolonize the planet. It exports war and mass poverty. On the economic front, usurious neoliberalism; on the military front, illegal wars. These are the trenches of America’s battle for world domination in the 21st century. Continue reading

Kill TTIP now

In his May 9, 2016, speech to European medical professionals, Michael Hudson points out that the result of TTIP for Europe will be the privatization of health care systems with the associated much higher costs. Continue reading

The ghosts of ’68 haunt the election of 2016

A slender, long-forgotten work of fiction foresees the rage and frustration of Donald Trump's America.

Watching the mad, mad, mad, mad world that is the 2016 presidential campaign, I was trying to remember a presidential campaign that was as jaw-dropping, at least in my lifetime, and easily settled on 1968. Continue reading

The show must go on

I thought I’d write about it. And then I thought I’d write about something else. And of course today there’s another something. There always is. By the end of this piece, I may be chasing a tangent that’s unrelated to the paragraph following this one. Continue reading

Is the UN relevant to Greater Eurasia anymore?

On April 24, Armenians commemorated the 101st anniversary of the 1915 genocide that consigned 1.5 million men, women and children to a torturous end. The Anglo-Saxon world, which was battling the Turks during this period, appeared powerless as another 700,000 Assyrian and Syrian Christians, 350,000 Greeks and an unspecified number of Syrian Muslim intellectuals were killed at the hands of sadistic Young Turks and their Kurdish errand boys. Continue reading

What’s up with this new anti-Semitism?

Growing up in New York City, I didn’t have to face the level of hate and anti-Semitism that existed throughout the Western world. But, there really is no escape from hate no matter where you live. Continue reading

American horror story: The shameful truth about the government’s secret experiments

Fool me once, shame on you. Continue reading

Beware Israeli doublespeak: A Palestinian perspective on Britain’s ‘anti-Semitic’ controversy

There is a witch-hunt in the British Labor Party. Britain’s Opposition party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is being hounded for not rooting out alleged anti-Semitism in his party. Those leading the charge are pro-Israel Zionists and their supporters within the party, members who are mostly allied with the former prime minister, the largely discredited pro-war Tony Blair. Continue reading

How the Electoral College could make Paul Ryan president in 2016

Just when you thought you’d heard everything about this year’s chaotic race for the presidency, you might want to go back and look at the 12th Amendment. It could, among other things, make Paul Ryan president. Continue reading

Troubling development: Pentagon allowed to supply military gear directly to Homeland Security Dept. for ‘war on immigrants’

The amendments were passed by Congress in late 2015.

Amendments to a controversial Pentagon program to sell military gear to domestic police forces have quietly extended the scheme to provide war on terror weaponry directly to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Continue reading

France imposes widely despised anti-labor bill by decree

On top of punishing austerity, new rules imposed benefit business exclusively at the expense of worker rights. Continue reading

Walgreens partners with pharma to sell more psych drugs

Just as the public is digesting the fact that former chairman and CEO of drug giant Genentech, Art Levinson, is now the CEO of a new Google life sciences venture with Big Pharma and that he also serves as chairman of Apple Inc., there are more insidious “partnerships” between Pharma and top corporations. Walgreens has now announced a “partnership” with Mental Health America, an advocacy group so steeped in Pharma money, it was investigated by Congress. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Sanders supporters can bring down the Democrats

Donald Trump’s ascension to the Republican presidential nomination has created an enormous rift between the Republican elites and the rank and file. This process is a welcome development that could lead to the end of that party. Continue reading

The tyranny of Trump

Author and blogger Andrew Sullivan fears the Republican candidate's rise is ‘an extinction-level event’ for democracy.

A provocative, lengthy essay about Donald Trump in New York magazine by writer, former New Republic editor and blogger Andrew Sullivan has sparked discussion and debate around the country. Continue reading

Why do people in the West still believe the official lies about Syria?

Well-documented facts pertaining to the 9/11 wars, all supported by sustainable evidence, have barely made inroads into the collective consciousness of Western media consumers. Continue reading

Brazil’s lower house speaker backtracks on annulling impeachment vote

A same day article explained US-manipulated dark forces wanting President Dilma Rousseff impeached without just cause hit a speed bump on Monday when lower house interim Speaker Waldir Maranhao annulled the vote against her because of procedural irregularities. Continue reading

America’s TTIP ‘Trojan Horse’ being forced upon Europe

According to a tranche of 240 pages of confidential negotiating documents on the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) leaked to Greenpeace Netherlands, the Obama administration has been pressuring the European Union to allow the importation of hormone-tainted meat and genetically-modified food products in return for easing US import tariffs on European automobiles. Critics of the TTIP claim that it is nothing more the companion Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) on steroids, as far as granting multinational corporations unlimited powers to override national and supranational laws. These include those of individual EU member states and the European Union itself. Continue reading

An American original: John Kerry a life-long ambitious and dishonest failure

John Kerry is, besides many other unpleasant things, a rather ridiculous man, and he has managed to prove that proposition time and time again. Continue reading