The GOP platform draft: The stuff nightmares are made of

Draft platform includes language that disavows the rights of women, same-sex couples, trans people, Palestinians, immigrants, and more.

While negotiations over the Democratic platform were riddled with controversy over how far the party would go in its support of progressive climate and economic issues, the Republican platform, by contrast, takes a sharp rightward tack, particularly on social issues such as LGBTQ equality and reproductive rights. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Why we need black anger

The entire world witnessed American police murder, but time stopped for black people when Alton Sterling and Philando Castille died on camera. Alton Sterling was killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, shot to death as he lay subdued and helpless. The trauma of that moment was still fresh when Philando Castille was shot after he told police he had a licensed handgun. His partner Diamond Reynolds was composed enough to film the scene. Castille lay dying but she understandably felt compelled to address his killer as “sir” as she and her four-year old child were treated like criminals. Continue reading

Being Black Palestinian: Solidarity as a welcome pathology

Last year, I wrote an article that made many readers unhappy. As soon as it was published, I began receiving messages of abuse and angry, threatening calls. Continue reading

Is a race war brewing in the United States?

There’ve been violent clashes between whites and African Americans over the decades, but the idea that black America would rise-up en masse is a preposterous proposition in most people’s minds. Absolutely unthinkable! Continue reading

A global exit: Secessions and breakups occurring everywhere

The globalist elites are clearly worried. The Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom was believed by the elites and their media to be heading for the UK remaining in the European Union. The political prognosticators and television chattering class were dead wrong. The UK is exiting the globalists’ top experiment for global governance, the increasingly-federalist European Union, and other members are poised to follow with their own exit referenda and withdrawal from a postwar monstrosity crafted in the 1940s and 1950s by industrialists, bankers, and outright fascists. Continue reading

Britain’s Iron Lady 2.0?

Described by a former associate as “hard as nails,” perhaps Theresa May is the second “Iron Lady of the Western World” designate, what former prime minister Margaret Thatcher once called herself. Continue reading

Don’t just blame the cops: Who is responsible for America’s killing fields?

The latest shootings—in Texas, Minnesota, Louisiana, Illinois, New York, Missouri and every other state in the nation—are symptomatic of a psychotic outbreak by a nation that has been waging a war against its own citizens for too long. Continue reading

Violence begets violence

Interesting how right after the UK’s Chilcot Inquiry (on the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq) came out, we had news of more police-related killings here in Amerika. Many would offer the rebuttal that one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Well, allow me to explain my theory. Continue reading

Are you planning your retirement? Forget about it; you won’t survive to experience it

The Israeli agents who comprise the neoconservatives, a collection of war criminals that control US foreign policy, have already handed you your death certificate. The neoconservatives have far more power than they have intelligence or humanity. Continue reading

The war on weed, part II: Monsanto, Bayer, and the push for corporate cannabis

California’s “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” (AUMA) is a voter initiative characterized as legalizing marijuana use. But critics warn that it will actually make access more difficult and expensive, squeeze home growers and small farmers out of the market, heighten criminal sanctions for violations, and open the door to patented, genetically modified (GMO) versions that must be purchased year after year. Continue reading

US-sponsored genocide in Syria

From the republic’s inception, America waged genocidal wars without mercy, rule of law principles discarded, conquest and dominance sought at any price. Continue reading

Blair is culpable, but Iraq wasn’t his war

All knives may be pointing at former British prime minister Tony Blair for dragging Britain into an unnecessary war with catastrophic consequences, but he was by no means its mastermind—and neither was the UK the chief protagonist. Continue reading

The Democrats ignore the 500-pound lobbyist in the room

In all of the 35 single-spaced pages of the Democratic Party’s platform draft, there is just one mention of lobbying. Continue reading

Blacks, cops and a sinking economy

In “Ethnic America,” Thomas Sowell observes, “American pluralism was not an ideal with which people started but an accommodation to which they were eventually driven by the destructive toll of mutual intolerance in a country too large and diverse for effective dominance by any one segment of the population. The rich economic opportunities of the country also provided alternative outlets for energies, made fighting over the division of existing material things less important than the expansion of output for all, and rewarded cooperative efforts so well as to make it profitable to overlook many differences.” Continue reading

The right to vote—effectively

With their government under the control of corporations and special interests, the People of the United States may think they have the right to vote, but, unfortunately, they do not. When the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written, the authors intentionally omitted this very significant detail. They failed to include the right to vote, and the error has never been corrected. Continue reading

The new immoral age: How technology offers new ways of killing people and of destroying the world

We not only live in the computer and digital age, we also live in a profoundly immoral age, in which the use of violence against people has become easily justifiable, nearly routinely, either for religious, military or security reasons. Continue reading

Legal experts raise alarm over shocking use of ‘killer robot’ in Dallas

'The fact that the police have a weapon like this . . . is an example of the militarization of the police and law enforcement—and goes in the wrong direction.'

As news emerges that police officers in Dallas, Texas used an armed robot to kill the suspected shooter in Thursday night’s ambush, experts are warning that it represents a sea change in police militarization that only heightens risks to human and constitutional rights. Continue reading

Clinton drops baggage; conservatives looking for another scandal

Three weeks before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Hillary Rodham Clinton unloaded heavy baggage. Continue reading


Despite Donald Trump’s dismissal of climate change as a “hoax” conceived by China, Politico reported that Trump’s applied for permission to build a seawall to prevent erosion at Trump International Gold Links & Hotel Ireland in County Clare. Rising sea levels also are encroaching on Trump’s south Florida Mar-a-Lago property, and according to a risk analysis prepared for The Guardian, the grounds could be a wading pool for 210 days a year because of tidal flooding. Continue reading

Intrepid Report really, really needs your help

So far this year, donations from readers have been down, leaving us with a $2,000 budget gap that must be closed if Intrepid Report is to continue publishing. Continue reading

Evidently, this was not news that was ‘fit to print’

Has anyone heard that U.S. mayors, members of the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM), denounced President Obama and NATO for conducting war games along Russia’s border and possibly provoking a nuclear confrontation. Continue reading

If you like Obama, you’ll love Trump

Oh what fun we have with the nonsense that flows out of the mouth of Donald J. Trump. The man is suffocatingly banal, racist, dishonest, inarticulate, uninformed, uneducated, narcissistic, a bully, just plain stupid, and an asshole (or in the immortal words of my people—a schmuck!). I would guess that as the boss of his own enterprises for many years, with the power and the habit of firing people, he eventually became deeply accustomed to not having his thoughts seriously questioned or challenged, to the extent that he really believes the crap that comes out of his mouth and doesn’t really understand what others actually think of him. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Republicans reject Trump

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, did not intend to be in the position that others coveted so badly. According to one former campaign staffer, he planned to finish no higher than second place behind one of the establishment candidates. Little did he anticipate that his appeal to white nationalism would mean more to the Republican rank and file than proposals to cut taxes for rich people or defund Planned Parenthood. Continue reading

People above politics: Political deal will not hamper the Turkish-Palestinian bond

Hyped emotions, and political opportunism aside, the Israel-Turkey normalization deal, signed on June 27 is unfavorable for Palestinians—and for Gazans, in particular. Continue reading

Programmed to kill: The growing epidemic of cops shooting dogs

Almost two years after the firestorm that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, when a white police officer shot an unarmed black teenager and militarized police descended in a brutal show of force to quell local protests, not much has really changed for the better. Continue reading

Ahistorical and deluded, with fireworks

The Dinh Dynasty lasted only 12 years and ended in 980, but in the 20th century, there were around a dozen plays about one of the Dinh queens, Duong Van Nga. When I was a kid in Saigon in the 1970s, a folk opera about her could pack a theater night after night. In 2013, an elaborately produced 12-part series about Dinh Tien Hoang [Dinh the Celestial King] appeared on TV. Posted on YouTube, it has generated many comments. In 2015, a dorky, hour-long animated film was made about the king’s childhood. Continue reading

Chilcot report far short of judgment day for war criminal Tony Blair

The long delayed Iraq Inquiry Committee Chilcot report took seven years to complete, filled 12 volumes, yet excluded what’s most important—declaring the 2003 Iraq war illegal, flagrantly violating international law, destroying the cradle of civilization, raping it for control and profit, and demanding accountability for those responsible. Continue reading

Missing the biggest story about Trump’s Twitter images

It's no accident that Trump's social media feeds keep using neo-Nazi imagery; he's actively courting hate.

Over the holiday weekend, major media rightly piled on about Donald Trump’s recent recycling of neo-Nazi imagery—in particular his Hillary-hating blast featuring a six-point star affixed onto a heap of $100 bills. As both The New York Times and The Washington Post prominently reported, Trump cut and pasted neo-Nazi images from the Internet when he unleashed the latest round of his Twitter barrage at Hillary Clinton as “most corrupt candidate ever.” Continue reading

Ghutra is not a weapon!

Even if Donald Trump doesn’t manage to lord it over the White House, Trump-ism is certainly alive and well in Ohio. A respectable 41-year-old Emirati businessman, Ahmed Al-Manhali, wearing national dress, was recently physically assaulted, insulted and humiliated by police officers outside the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Avon purely because someone objected to his Arab attire. Continue reading

How Big Pharma preps you to buy drugs you probably don’t need

Look out for unbranded advertising and claims of a ‘silent epidemic.’

Did you ever wonder why new medications so often debut right after awareness of the condition they treat increases? It is no coincidence. The tactic is called unbranded advertising and “disease awareness,” and drug companies spend more on it than they do for regular advertising. Continue reading

Corporate-fascist workforce training for the Hegelian state: The real meaning of Bruce Rauner’s cradle-to-career education

Last year, the union-busting governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, took his corporatist agenda to a new level as he pushed to rewrite the mission statement of the University of Wisconsin system by erasing the phrases “search for truth” and “improve the human condition” and overwriting them with a new objective for the college: to “meet the state’s workforce needs.” Just south of the Wisconsin border, Governor Bruce Rauner is touting a similar “cradle-to-career” overhaul of education policy in Illinois, which will deemphasize traditional academic studies while prioritizing corporate workforce training through privatized charter school curriculums. Continue reading

A legal imbroglio in the South China Sea

The rhetorical war between the China and the United States over the South China Sea dispute is increasing in tempo and magnitude by the week. The US is wasting no time, resource and effort in sponsoring seminars, talks and think tank confabs to drive a wedge between China and other claimant nations in the region. Ambitious young ASEAN scholars and diplomats, anxious to boost their resumes and post-retirement corporate prospects, are actively being lured towards this end via the offer of generous stints at prestigious American universities and think tanks. Continue reading