Conversations at the rich men’s club, spring 2011

Deep inside this country estate, where only the very rich and powerful are allowed in, we were able to tape this meeting held over two years ago. It is more relevant now than ever before!

Host- Good that we four can meet here every so often. I felt with the new elections coming around the corner, we should all talk. Now, since I called this meeting, and I handle and control most of the mainstream media, allow me to begin. Things could not be better for us at this time. I and my friends have been able to consistently consolidate more and more of the larger media outlets in America. We have our friends in Europe doing the same as well. Simply put, whatever spin we need we get. You probably noticed how almost nothing is even mentioned or debated as to the occupation of Iraq anymore. We do have some difficulty in getting Afghanistan off the radar of the minions here. Yet, with this newest president, things could not be better. The guy is a great team player for our interests, especially when it comes to foreign policy. Matter of fact, the kid is 100% with us on the military budgets etc. With the work that the three of you have accomplished, we have very little to worry about politically. This is a good segue for the three of you to begin sharing your experiences . . . Number 1?

#1 Rich Man- Well, suffice to say, I and my colleagues have the Republicans locked up and tightly wrapped as usual, with the exception of our friend Ron Paul. He is still being a pain in the ass for us. Yet, with the Tea Party failing to join his little crusade to counteract our Military Industrial Complex, Mr. Paul will once again be more of a distraction than a concern. The Republicans that we control, which is over 95% of them, are on board with us as far as continuing our foreign policy objectives. Translated, they will vote ad infinitem to maintain our military presence worldwide by continuing the military occupations along with our close to 800 bases. Of course, whenever the word terrorism comes up, our folks in Congress are good for whatever hundreds of billions it takes to combat it. Domestically, we have what we want so far as cutting government services and entitlement spending . . . so long as it has nothing to do with the Pentagon. Thanks to you and your media control, we even see more and more television commercials honoring our troops and the hard work they perform . . .

Host- Sorry to interrupt, but did you all see the new Budweiser commercial with the young GI returning home? You know, the commercial where he arrives at the barn outside his home, and they have a surprise party for him? Great shot of the dad greeting him at the door, holding a bottle of Bud, and then handing his son a Bud as they embrace. Great for the morale of the minions.

#1 Rich Man- Loved it! Anyhow, we will have our candidates all in tow pretty soon into 2012. Great choices for the minions to make . . . of course, with a little help from you dear host.

Host- Ok, let’s go onto the next category, our Tea Baggers, as they like to be referred to. #2, what is the latest?

#2 Rich Man- Well, I was able, with a little help from you, dear host, to orchestrate an entire movement that lashed out at big government and at Obama and his party. We took the ‘birther issue ‘as far as we could, again with the great aid of your media friends. Then, we used the health care reform debate to really cut apart the Democrats. They lost so many seats in national and local elections because of the Obamacare plan. Thank goodness the minions didn’t realize that the Democratic reform bill was great for our friends in the private insurance racket . . . I mean business. It gave us a typical win-win situation, because the Obamacare plan refused to include any real progressive planks, for instance a Medicare for All public option. Honestly, if it was included, we may have even lost some of our own minions to it. After all, it did make sense and we have to admit that it is long overdue. I mean, all the other industrialized nations have some sort of similar plan. Thanks to #3 and his Democrats, we did not have to encounter it at this time. We still managed to get many Tea Party candidates elected, and . . . most importantly, we were able to move the Republican Party further to the right, which . . .

Host- Which moved the Democrats further to right of center in this foolish game they all play . . . which we created, Ha Ha!! Ok, finally #3, how are things progressing?

#3 Rich Man- Could not be better! Let’s see, we have military spending ready to move even higher, especially with all the covert black budgeting there is. We have the counterinsurgency in Afghanistan replacing the one we had for so many years under Junior Bush in Iraq. Then we have this newest humanitarian intervention in Libya which does so much for our oil interests, as well as to stop the cycle of Middle Eastern nations having valid pro democracy uprisings. Our host, as ingenious as he is, got the liberal and leftist mainstream media to buy into all this. You all know the Rachel Maddow cable talk show, right? Well, she has this label as being the most leftist of them all on air. On her March 21st show she said that Obama, when announcing our attacks on Libya, did not do the chest thumping that Bush did when he preemptively attacked Iraq. This, to Rachel, was an effort to ‘change the narrative of US foreign policy.’ So, she supports her Democratic president on bombing and killing Libyans. We can sleep easy that she and her other mainstream liberal cohorts won’t dare go after Israel for what it does to the Palestinians. Love her for that! Another great job we are doing with the Democrats is this whole tax situation. As you know, for decades the Democrats, under our influence, continue to bundle those earning a few hundred thousand dollars a year in with those earning millions and gazillions. They keep urging an increase for anyone earning over, $ 275,000 a year. Great way to keep many working stiffs and small businesses from supporting Democrats. Who doesn’t think that he or she can one day earn that much? Love our Democrats!

Host- So she and the other liberals on air and in the press are behind their Democratic president on all this?

#3 Rich Man- Oh, they have some ‘disagreements ‘with him on things, but Obama is still the greatest thing since cottage cheese to them. George Clooney and other Hollywood liberals are organizing big dollar fundraisers for him as we speak. So, all the rhetoric about the illegal and immoral invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya are, as Ms. Pelosi would say, ‘Off the table.’ Plus, we have lots of big dollar fund raising for Obama 2012. Even this whole new movement to protest the state budget cuts and union givebacks has failed to include the military occupations or the military budget. The Democrats have indirectly tagged antiwar protestors as not ‘supporting our troops in fighting terrorism . . . ’ They do it indirectly as opposed to the Republicans and Tea Baggers doing it directly. Who cares?

#1 Rich Man- Ha Ha, so that we ‘fight them there so they won’t come here.’ Love it, especially with Memorial Day coming up. We have to get both political parties and the Tea Baggers out in large numbers to salute our troops and support their ‘mission.’ Ha Ha!!

Host- Aren’t we lucky to be living in America? I mean, even in some banana republic we could never accomplish what we have accomplished right here. Remember the words from Hyman Roth in The Godfather movie. He said ‘We’re bigger than US Steel.’ I say we are now bigger than the Roman Empire.

Philip A Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn, NYC longshoremen. He is a free lance columnist (found on, The Intrepid Report, The Peoples Voice, Information Clearing house, Dandelion Salad, Activist Post, Dissident Voice and many other sites worldwide). Philip works as an environmental products sales rep and has been an activist leader since 2000. In 2010 he became a local spokesperson for the 25% Solution Movement to Save Our Cities by cutting military spending 25%. Philip can be reached at

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  1. Satire? Well, yes, but so close to the truth!! Good one, Philip

  2. competition for the Onion.