The tragedy of starting a war on Syria

First, we have a purported dictator bad guy Bashar El-Assad inviting Doctors Without Borders to hospitals around the country, shortly after claims were made that 1,000 people were chemically gassed and 300 of them died. Why would he be willing to make himself culpable and vulnerable if he committed the heinous act? Sounds like a false-flag operation to me.

And then we have that footage of the victims in the hospital, half-naked women and men kicking their legs, children dead or crying. Is it “Welcome to my funeral parlor hospital,” Assad is saying to the world. I gather you’re looking for sarin gas. Not here.” But who will believe this man, this event in spite of the many warnings made from the West that there would be hell to pay if he did such a thing. Was Assad a madman, a sadist, a Frankenstein? Did he look like one? No, he was trained as an eye doctor.

This is like inviting Hans Blix from the UN Atomic Inspection agency to see if Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMD). In spite of the fact that Blix looked for WMD for weeks, he found nothing. And then he left with no evidence. Yet, Colin Powell went on international TV with some blurry aerial maps and pointed to specific places where WMD were being made. Sorry, not there. But it was so easy to have the public believe it.

Here was a former venerable joint chief of the military expounding his vast knowledge. How could it possibly be empty? He was lying, is how, lying his brains and conscience away. That’s how. Because he was part of the Bush cabal that wanted to go to war with Iraq to obtain its oil wealth. Sheer greed was behind it all, and viciousness, because Bush’s “daddy” was in Hussein’s gun sights once.

But let us move back in time to Agent Orange, which we used copiously in Vietnam to destroy people, crops, animals, and all vegetation. Millions may have died in the process, including American soldiers who were affected. Yet no president warned us that we would be attacked for doing this. After all, we were the city on the hill, covered with American Exceptionalism like the corpses of all mentioned above. But don’t take my word for it. Let illuminate the dark like only they can:

“There are images from the US war against Vietnam that have been indelibly imprinted on the minds of Americans who lived through it. One is the naked napalm-burned girl running from her village with flesh hanging off her body. Another is a photo of the piles of bodies from the My Lai massacre, where US troops executed 504 civilians in a small village. Then, there is the photograph of the silent scream of a woman student leaning over the body of her dead friend at Kent State University, whose only crime was protesting the bombing of Cambodia in 1970. Finally, there is the memory of decorated members of Vietnam Veterans Against the War testifying at the Winter Soldier Hearings, often in tears, to atrocities in which they had participated during the war.”

The soldiers brought the genetic effects of the Agent Orange home with them and when they hit the love bed so anxiously, passed their twisted genes on to their wives, to make strange looking fetuses that may have never made it to term, and if they did, everyone wished they hadn’t.

Similarly, with Iraq, we had the clever idea of using depleted uranium to coat arms. It gave us far more bang for our buck and also sank into the enemy’s DNA as well as our soldiers’ DNA. The DU still had a radioactive ion working in it.

Let me get a bit more technical. Let me go to Uranium Weapons Cover-ups a Crime against Humankind. “Munitions that contain low-grade uranium 235, insufficient to trigger nuclear explosions, are chemical radiological weapons. They contain other toxic-radioactive elements and have indiscriminate effects. They are illegal by virtue of international conventions, laws and customs of war. When used in populated areas or in the presence of numerous troops (enemy or friendly), they become weapons of delayed but mass destruction (WMD). Fatal consequences of depleted uranium (DU) armour-piercing ammunition emerged in veterans and civilians after wars in the Persian Gulf and the Balkans. While the victims remain neglected, hundreds of tons of uranium from weapons developed in recent years against hard and buried targets have polluted Afghanistan. Up-coming war scenarios involve larger chemical-radiological contamination potential.

“The military, governments, and nuclear and weapon industries fail to or inadequately disclose the effects of uranium weapons, and manipulate inquiries of international health organizations. The media act as a propaganda outlet for these groups. The purpose of Information Operations behind the propaganda is to influence perceptions and actions of foreign and domestic public, governments, and intelligence. A spiraling group self-deception perpetuates the propaganda for fear of liability and criminal responsibility. Covering up information on war crimes and crimes against humanity, and military and foreign policy based on such information, are crimes themselves.

“Independent researchers urge priority actions to reverse the cycle of deception and human suffering because of deception on uranium weapons: (i) weapon inspections to determine which ones contain uranium, (ii) target inspection to identify those hit and contaminated by uranium weapons, (iii) health monitoring and support for target communities in uranium-contaminated areas, and (v) fundamental review of all research that was so far restricted to DU instead of uranium weaponry in general.

The weapons clearly violate humanitarian law, even in the absence of a specific treaty barring their use. The violations related to the use of the weapons are sufficiently grave to be classified war crimes or crimes against humanity, which would impose legal liability and criminal sanctions on the users as well as fair compensation and other remedies for the victims of these weapons. A treaty banning uranium weaponry is not necessary, but preparations for one could be exploited to duck responsibility. Even beginning the process to draft a treaty could be used by the US to argue that any ban on uranium weaponry in light of existing customary law is null and void. The US uses public pressure for an anti-DU treaty to bolster its position and to argue against the existing ban. Unsuspecting activists play into the US position and seriously undermine all anti-uranium initiatives.”

So, had Assad invited Doctors Without Borders to his country to show his handiwork with chemical weapons? Was he so naïve, so dumb, so ready to meet his undoing, perhaps his maker, that he saw the coalitions forming, China, Russia, and Iran on his side, Israel on the other, certainly not frightened by the West? Yet,Lebanon was receiving some 13,000 refugees a day to protect, and about to ask for aid. Was Assad behind this all? And why was John Kerry, a former war hero, speaking in the tortured rhetoric of the State Department, heaping all these allegations on Assad?

Moreover, why was that idiot David Cameron spewing all this unproven non-evidence and being shouted down by his own party when he asked for “a decision to be made?”

And above the entire chorus of idiots, including the pope, France’s president, and most of Europe’s leaders, was our own, President Barack Hussein Obama, wanting, get this, “to fire a shot across the bow of Syria.” That was just hello. And then what? There Was Boehner and a Republican Congress crying for Obama’s head and butt if possible. Would Mr. Drone Man would bomb them all, every last citizen, to make sure he taught a lesson to those chemical fiends that did the deed? Were they Al Qaeda, were they our CIA, who released photos a day before the event occurred, indicating this was another nasty false flag operation, another Libya, with its leaders about to be butchered and the nation he ruled, reasonably contentedly, till the No-Fly Zone from NATO was constructed and 100,000 Libyans died.

Was this the kind of future Obama wanted for Syria, as for Libya, as for Somalia, as for Palestine. But this time that “shot across the bow” could bite the U.S. deeply and painfully. This isn’t some game of chance we are playing with our people at deep risk if something, anything goes wrong. This could be the trigger for Armageddon. Didn’t this damn fool realize what he is doing, president or no president?

This isn’t spewing a fancy future, a few words, some uplifting speech, created for folks to celebrate Martin Luther King’s Million Man March. The movie is over Barack, Carter, and Bubba. You aren’t drawing those super crowds. You’re in the crapper.

This was reality calling, the worse kind, a chemical weapons’ war. Get it, understand the gravity of that. This wasn’t a slap on the wrist. This was poison gas, the kind that some sonofabitches, not Assad, started.

Why was Assad clearing ships out of his harbor and bringing in his Navy. This guy either had balls of steel or was/is an honest man trying to hold his country together. I believe the latter. I do not believe the U.S. powers who are angling for more war, more Pentagon appropriations, more pork for the pockets of appropriation committees. In this case, more was less. Less leadership, less truth, less compassion for a wounded people, less heart and soul for the dying, the panicked, less of everything human, and more of everything inhuman. Keep it and let Syria live.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer and life-long resident of New York City. An EBook version of his book of poems “State Of Shock,” on 9/11 and its after effects is now available at and He has also written hundreds of articles on politics and government as Associate Editor of Intrepid Report (formerly Online Journal). Reach him at

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3 Responses to The tragedy of starting a war on Syria

  1. I can’t thank you enough for having the energy to spell out in detail just some of the many reasons an attack would be insane. I thank you as well for your passion in getting out the truth. Let’s hope we emulate the Brits and forego this madness.

  2. Randall Tillotson

    Where’s the leadership in this B.S. you’ve just posted? You think we don’t know the facts? You are insulting our intelligence! What’s your answer on how to stop this mass murderer from killing again? Why do you NEVER write about how to stop these criminals? You’re just another impotence writer that no Viagra can help.

  3. harold burbank

    thanks jerry for another bunt, truthful article about usa interests in the mid east. it is hard to prove rumors, but the rumors are that russia (putin) considered bombing saudi arabia in retaliation for a usa attack on syria. agreed, there is yet no firm public proof that chem weapons were even used in syria, let a lone proof of who sourced them, if they were used. the uk voted no.

    the UN has not investigated. it is against syria’s interest to use them. there is no usa interest in syria (if there are any at all beyond humanitarian ones) worth sparking ww 3 there with a usa missile. so all of the hype so far adds up to 1 thing for the long time follower of mid east wars: israel and saudi arabia are both puppet and master to the game of regime change in the region for major corp interests there. i am tied of that ‘analysis’ too. eventually even these psychopaths must understand that they cannot win such a war, which will come to nuclear blows from russia, china, perhaps india, and of course the usa. it is a mad circus, all of it. i have been thinking since 9-11 therefore that the ‘deep politics’ have a bigger agenda. i am not religious per se, but i think the bible does speak to the end game. if the clear outcome of this mess is an eco-political disaster, who benefits? only 1 who would mock god, i would argue. and who does the bible say that might be? did the species learn nothing since the birth and death of christ?

    apparently not yet. god save the children. and if the bible is right, He will. got my popcorn out, ready for that episode as the horrific mid east saga continues down its foreseeable road to – intervention? hoping so anyway. god bless you jerry for the writing you do!