The empire blinks

Countdown to Syrian attack begins

Twelve years since the false flag atrocity of 9/11, we find the Anglo-American empire once again manufacturing false flag lies and deceptions in order to justify another attack and destruction of another nation.

The 9/11 operation, the Big Lie, created the eternal pretext for endless Global “War on Terrorism” (GWOT), and the conquest of Afghanistan. The GWOT and lies about weapons of mass destruction led to the toppling and seizure of Iraq and beyond, to the continuous military provocations and the CIA-led “regime changes” in Libya and Egypt. Syria and Iran have been systematically destabilized.

But even as this murderous agenda rolls ahead with no end in sight, it fails. Central Asia and the Middle East have been sent into chaos, nation after nation gutted, but the empire is no closer to its goal of a petro-economic salvation or lasting geostrategic control. Desperate military violence and brute force do not change the fact that the days of easily recoverable oil and gas are over, and with it capitalism as usual. The world economy shows no sign of lasting recovery, and severe internal stress. The US government is bankrupt, financially as well as morally, while the disillusionment of the American populace grows.

The empire flounders in the violent trap it has created for itself.

The “war on terrorism” itself has fallen apart. Its own criminal functionaries have lost control of the narrative as well as on the ground. The CIA struggles with its own Al-Qaeda assets. Al-Qaeda struggles with other Al-Qaeda. The lie, obvious from the start, has become transparently ridiculous with the Anglo-American empire’s now open embrace of the Al-Qaeda military-intelligence assets that it has employed since the Cold War—the very assets and propaganda instruments used in 9/11. If even America’s own troops are now openly “refusing to fight for Al-Qaeda,” the jig is truly up.

The Obama presidency has been exposed. His years of continuous military terror leaves no doubt that his administration is an extension of Bush/Cheney, and worse. In the US, even the brain-addled American populace is tired. The public continues to wholeheartedly support the “terrorism” lie, but it is sick of war. As evidenced by the malaise that derailed the Vietnam War, there is only so far that a nation’s own human cannon fodder can be pushed. The masses are simply exhausted, even if the dumbed down populace cannot articulate why. Corrupt congressional “machine” Democrats continue to toe the party line for Obama, ignoring their own constituents, stumping for a new war that they undoubtedly know is criminal. But there is cost to this hypocrisy and corruption.

Most of the world outside of the continental US has known for a long time.

The situation for Syria remains grave. Syria will be attacked. The empire has been foaming at the mouth to remove the Assad government for years, and enraged that their CIA/Al-Qaeda-led attempt at a regime change failed.

It is now merely a matter of when and how the toppling of Syria will occur. The false official narrative assumes that there are indeed chemical weapons, that indeed were used by the Syrian regime against civilians. All lies. The entire scenario was a CIA setup.

The “negotiations” brokered by Russia are a delaying tactic that adds complications to the inevitable. Back room dealing between the super powers over the Syrian spoils has begun. It is almost comedic. Given that Russia is the Anglo-American empire’s main long-term adversary (along with China) for final global dominance, Russian involvement is proof that the Anglo-American empire’s hand is not only weak, but that its long-term agenda is meeting with resistance that did not exist a decade ago. Simply put, they are being outhustled.

The latest proposed deal (or charade), for the Syrian regime to destroy its chemical weapons stockpile, or risk attack, still assumes the regime’s guilt, while the actual perpetrators remain in charge of the “trial” and “investigation,” posing as the “good guys.” The odious criminality of the entire US and CIA operation in Syria, its US-led Al-Qaeda rebels, its use of chemical weapons, is the “elephant in the living room” that is never acknowledged.

Will the empire still get its next futile and tragic war? Or will it be forced to back down and lose face in the process? A disarmed and politically weakened Syria remains targeted for decapitation and partition, with Russian complicity. But when the bombs rain this time, and as the body count continues to escalate, at least most of the world will know better, in a way that it did not on 9/11/01, and what is really happening.

Larry Chin is an Associate Editor of Intrepid Report.

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