Netanyahu warns Obama: Don’t be fooled by Iran

While the world may be warming up to Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took an unwelcome message this week to the White House and the United Nations: “Don’t be fooled by Tehran’s new leadership.”

What was Bibi thinking? That it’s better that the U.S. should be fooled by Israel, which sucks up $3 billion U.S. dollars for arms every year, and uses its D.C. lobby, AIPAC, to influence every member of Congress in order to get Israel’s way. Netanyahu contends Iran is using conciliatory gestures as a smoke screen to conceal an unstopped march toward a nuclear bomb. Should we forget the smoke screen Israel has used since the early 60s to cover up their nuclear facility at Dimona in the Negev desert, fully loaded with nuclear warheads, estimated at some 200–400, now in the aging and leaking facility.

Netanyahu will go on delivering strong words of caution—and fresh intelligence—in an attempt to persuade the U.S. to maintain tough economic sanctions and not allow the Islamic republic to develop a bomb or even move closer to becoming a nuclear threshold state. Well, here are some words of caution concerning Netanyahu’s worries: Israel infiltrated Iran’s present nuclear reactors with the Stuxnet virus, a virus so vicious it could trigger a chain reaction of explosions in Iran’s reactors and consequently a third world war. That’s how cautious Israel is.

“I will tell the truth in the face of the sweet talk and the onslaught of smiles,” Netanyahu said before boarding his flight to the U.S. on Sunday. “Telling the truth today is vital for the security and peace of the world and, of course, it is vital for the security of the state of Israel.” Look at this hypocrite asking about the security of the state of Israel (supported by $3 billion U.S. dollars a year for arms), and calling it vital for the state. Every time he gets a U.S. check, he smiles like the Cheshire cat, ready to pounce on the mice who believe his two-faced pronouncements.

Israeli leaders watched with great dismay what they derisively call the “smiley campaign” by Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, last week.

What dismayed them? That they listened to the new leader of Iran’s attempt to make peace in the region for all its countries? In fact, Rouhani delivered a conciliatory speech at the United Nations in which he repeated Iran’s official position that it has no intention of building a nuclear weapon and declared his readiness for new negotiations with the West.

Capping off the visit, Rouhani and Obama held a 15-minute phone call as the Iranian leader was traveling to the airport. By the end of the call, the first conversation between the nation’s leaders in 34 years, Obama was suggesting that a breakthrough on the nuclear issue could portend even deeper ties between the U.S. and Iran. U.S. and European diplomats hailed a “very significant shift” in Iran’s attitude and tone. The preceding sentences are what is disturbing Netanyahu so much. Only he and his fellow Israelis can shout war words from their bunker mentality, thinking up new reasons that Iran must be silent.

For Netanyahu, such success for Rouhani is nothing short of a nightmare. For years, he has warned that Iran is steadily marching toward development of nuclear weapons, an assessment that is widely shared by the West because of Iran’s enrichment of uranium for medical purposes and its repeated run-ins with international nuclear inspectors. This is exactly what the Israelis have been doing, while marketing their nuclear materials and weapons to other nations.

They supplied Apartheid South Africa with nukes for twenty years from the 1970s to the 1990s. They are the ones not to be trusted; the ones that have spied on America more than any other country, and whose Mossad likely had a hand in 9/11. Bibi himself, right after 9/11, was asked if he thought this would be good for Israel. He said, “This will be good for Israel, this will be good . . .” Of course, since Muslims were being blamed for the awful crime.

The Israeli prime minister contends Rouhani’s outreach is a ploy to ease international sanctions and buy time. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. Thus, having said what I have said in opposition, why should I believe Netanyahu and not Rouhani? Why should the world’s thinking about Iran be colored by Israel’s dark nuclear angst? Yet, American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) continues pounding the fear and war drums.

Israel considers a nuclear-armed Iran an unacceptable threat, presenting repeated Iranian mistranslated assertions that the Jewish state should not exist. Statements like those made by Ahmedinejad, the former leader of Iran. The statement did not literally say ‘Israel should not exist’; rather the original statement in Persian said “that it would collapse.” Also, specialists such as Juan Cole of the University of Michigan and Arash Norouzi of the Mossadegh Project, pointed out that the original statement in Persian did not say that Israel should be wiped from the map, but instead that it would collapse.

Something was lost in the translation. Of course, Israel has a long list of other grievances against Iran, not to mention Iran’s resentment of the inhalation of Palestine, while citing its support for its hostile Arab militant groups and its development of long-range missiles. Also, Israel has alleged that Iran has been involved in attacks on it and targets in Europe and Asia. Somehow Bibi has forgotten the Settlers’ Movement stealing as much of Palestinian land as is left to steal, and to build a Wall between what’s left of Palestine and Israel, to make it almost impossible for Palestinians to survive.

On Sunday, Israel announced the September 11 arrest of a Belgian-Iranian businessman on espionage charges. Who is the man, and where’s the proof that he is spying? The Israelis do more spying on more countries than any nation.

Netanyahu says the new Iranian leader must be judged on his actions, not his kind words. And how must Bibi be judged? On his pronouncements of doom regarding Iran? In the meantime, he says sanctions and other international pressure, including the threat of military action, must be increased. Sanctions should be applied to Israel for how it has swallowed Palestine and murdered its people. The Israeli kill ratio of Palestinians is exponentially higher than Palestinian kills of Israelis. He has likened Iran to North Korea, which used the guise of international negotiations to secretly develop a nuclear weapon.

North Korea has had its own problems and conflicts with the U.S. that inflicted permanent wounds between the two countries. In short, they are afraid of the U.S.’s military power and their lack of commensurate power to respond to an attack or being bullied politically.

Netanyahu appears to enjoy widespread domestic support for his tough approach. Most bullies like to hear themselves threaten others. Israel’s Channel 10 TV released the results of a poll Sunday night showing that 78 percent of respondents don’t believe Iran wants to resolve the nuclear problem. Fifty-nine percent said they do not think the U.S. will reach an agreement with Iran, while just 29 percent said they expect a resolution. The station did not say how many people were questioned or provide a margin of error. Of course, do you want Israel’s Channel 10 to tell the truth about anything, to us or its own people? That’s verboten.

Zalman Shoval, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. who now serves as an adviser to Netanyahu, said the prime minister would present Obama with “some very hard facts” based on intelligence showing that Iranian behavior has not changed. I’d love to see them and know from whom they were obtained. I don’t trust Shoval or Bibi as far as I can throw them. And I’d like to throw them out of the U.N. for their hypocritical opinions and genocidal treatment of Palestine, now considered the largest open concentration camp in the world.

Similarly, in his speech at the U.N., “Netanyahu will make it very clear that Israel and the world at large should continue to be on guard,” Shoval said. Yes, we should be on guard of Israel. According to the Abreu Report, The “Samson Option” is at the very heart of Israel’s doomsday agenda.

Abreu wrote, “The political entity known as Israel considers its existence to be guaranteed not only by virtue of a book of divinations and magick, but also by virtue of a final solution: the Israeli final solution? This is the guaranteed nuclear destruction of not only perceived enemies, but also friends [Sans Intention Comique] who fail to render aid.”

Ponder that for a while as Bibi pontificates . . . And think of the below paragraphs:

“If the existence of Israel were threatened tomorrow, the German-donated Dolphin-class submarines that Israel has in its possession will be used to target cities all across Asia and the Middle East. It may just be the case that Germany has once again provided the means for another Holocaust, this time global. The United States itself would also likely be attacked for failure to prevent the destruction of that political entity created through partitioning by European colonial powers. During the Six Day War in 1967, Israel decided to speed up the inevitable: a massive war with its neighbors.

“During that 6-day period, Israel attacked the USS Liberty, sending a direct message that should the world not side with Israel, that everyone could be liable to attack. Few observers make the link between the brutal attack on the USS Liberty and the Samson Option, but even the survivors of the USS Liberty attack believe that it was a deliberate act of war by Israel against the United States.”

You bet it was. And Lyndon Johnson looked the other way. But there’s more . . .

“The US “learned its lesson, however, and in 1973 quickly came to Israel’s aid once it faced annihilation: ‘The country’s military situation following the Egyptian and Syrian surprise attack during the 1973 Yom Kippur holiday was so desperate that Prime Minister Golda Meir—as intelligence service reports have now revealed—ordered her Defense Minister Moshe Dayan to prepare several nuclear bombs for combat and deliver them to air force units.’ At the time, Israel did not have submarines capable of delivering nuclear weapons, so the threat of Israel starting a global nuclear holocaust has only increased. That increased threat was none more evident than in 1991, when Israel mobilized its nuclear weapons in response to the possibility that Saddam was going to drop chemical weapons on a populated Israeli center, thereby proving that they believe that the best way to deal with a psychopath is being a psychopath yourself.”

Abreu adds, “And indeed, there is a reason why we should be petrified of a nuclear Iran. If Iran were to establish a Samson Option of its own, it would mean that a sustained conflict between the two pariah states will plunge the world into a nuclear winter. There is a reason why the Israelis are so afraid of Iran: they fear that the Iranians could threaten the world as callously and as madly as Israel does.”

Returning to the present, “Over the years, Israel has released a string of shifting assessments about how close Iran is to producing a weapon. Last year, Netanyahu presented a cartoon diagram to the U.N. showing that Iran would enter the final phase of weapons production by mid-2013. Israel has since backed off that assessment. They should have. The cartoon diagram made Bibi look like a fool, a fool who talks about and believes in a Samson Option as if it were a board game.

Netanyahu’s intelligence minister, Yuval Steinitz, said international pressure forced Iran to slow production. But nothing has slowed down Israel from increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons.

While American officials are well aware of Israel’s concerns, they say there are no plans to reverse this latest diplomatic push. Pity! Why not put Kerry on this one and the rest of the big brains at State.

Two senior Obama administration officials said that the U.S. expects Israel to be skeptical about Iran’s overture, and that the U.S. is similarly skeptical. And I’m skeptical about the whole bunch given the state the U.S. is in today.

Obama will try to convince Netanyahu that the U.S. won’t consider lifting sanctions until Iran takes concrete actions to show it is serious about a verifiable, transparent agreement, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter with the media. With whom will they discuss the matter?

Obama sought to assure his Israeli counterpart that if the U.S. reaches a deal with Iran, it will ultimately advance Israel’s security interests by resolving the nuclear issue without the need for military intervention. So Obama is publicly confessing Israel has a nuclear arsenal, enough to share with Iran?

Yet, “Obama’s bottom line remains that Iran can’t be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon, the officials said.” This is called “face-saving” at any expense.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer and life-long resident of New York City. An EBook version of his book of poems “State Of Shock,” on 9/11 and its after effects is now available at and He has also written hundreds of articles on politics and government as Associate Editor of Intrepid Report (formerly Online Journal). Reach him at

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5 Responses to Netanyahu warns Obama: Don’t be fooled by Iran

    Question: “What was Bibi thinking? That it’s better that the U.S. should be fooled by Israel, which sucks up $3 billion U.S. dollars for arms every year, and uses its D.C. lobby, AIPAC, to influence every member of Congress in order to get Israel’s way.?
    Poinr 1. The answer is, YES!
    “Telling the truth today is vital for the security and peace of the world and, of course, it is vital for the security of the state of Israel.”
    Point 2. Today? Telling the truth TODAY IS … VITAL FOR … How about the truth at all times is vital for the peace and security not only of Israel and the United States but also for THE WORLD! If you didn’t tell the truth yesterday because it was convenient for you not to do so, why is it convenient for you to “TELL THE TRUTH [REALLY!!!!]” today!
    Zalman Shoval, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. who now serves as an adviser to Netanyahu, said the prime minister would present Obama with “some very hard facts” based on intelligence showing that Iranian behavior has not changed.”
    Point 3. Let’s see — In the year 2000 when we were all expecting the Y2K VIRUS TO HIT US, the Bushes gave us all the blue print for stealing elections. I think that in itself is a Y2K virus not acknowledged as such by many. They also gave us THE BLUE PRINT ON HOW TO LIE IN THE PRESENTATION OF HARD CORE FACTS THAT ANOTHER COUNTRY INTENDS TO DO THE UNITED STATES [AND OTHER COUNTRIES] HARM. Well … guess what! It seems that Netaanwhawhoo studied and learned something about presenting “hard core facts on intelligence.”
    How does that old saying go? “Fool me once … etc”

  2. Excellent article.

    Keep in mind that the covert operations against Syria to eventually get to Iran will continue. Hopefully, their works will keep being exposed.

    Keep up the good reporting. So needed, and I enjoyed every word.

    Hope all is well.

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  4. RE E.T. Bush was reaching for, “Once burned, twice learned.” Apart from that this wandering commentary picks at the apples of wisdom from this article, including its knowledge. But I can’t quite follow it. If you work out something simpler and more direct, let me know. Otherwise, thank you for writing.
    Jerry Mazza.

  5. RE Mel: As to your question, remember when Mohammed Mossadegh was the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 until 1953, his government was overthrown in a coup d’état orchestrated by the British MI6 and the American CIA. It was for Mossadegh nationalizing the oil companies and redistributing said oil, wealth and land. Kermit Roosevelt and his CIA couldn’t bear that defeat against the U.S.A. So they imprisoned him for the rest of his life. The West seems to inherently fear Iran ever being a free and democratic country.
    Thanks for writing,