November 22, 1963—the day America started dying

For the first time in decades I bought a copy of the National Enquirer at the grocery checkout today to read an article claiming to know the actual second shooter of John F. Kennedy, based on what they say is credible evidence proving it was a conspiracy of the CIA, the Mafia and right-wing Cubans in Florida.

The actual shooter they say was a right-wing Cuban exile in Florida—Herminio Diaz—who had been a hit man for the mafia in Cuba before the revolution—who shot Kennedy from the front from the “Grassy Knoll”—a spot from where several eye witnesses said they saw puffs of smoke at the time Kennedy was shot. The National Enquirer ran a picture of Herminio Diaz. I can believe it was him.

I saw on another checkout stand a few days ago in another tabloid a picture of Lyndon Johnson saying “I did it”, according to his mistress.

November 22, 1963 was a day that shall live infamy throughout history. It was the day the good and the true America started dying. It was the day right-wing power mad psychopathic fascists violently took control of the world to do things their way.

Kennedy was no saint in his personal life but he intended to do the right thing for all people. The world would be a much better place today had he lived. He intended to get the US out of Vietnam as soon as possible; he intended to increase the taxes of the oil industry in the US, and he intended to increase his efforts for world peace, such as the Peace Corps.

I think the National Enquirer, as sleazy as it is, told the JFK story about as true as it can be told in its current issue. I think that the probability LBJ had something to do with killing John F. Kennedy is close to 1.0.

Richard John Stapleton is an emeritus professor of business policy, ethics and entrepreneurship who writes on business and politics at and on Facebook.

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3 Responses to November 22, 1963—the day America started dying

  1. I don’ know what, “1.0″ means … I don’t know if that is meant to say Johnson did have something to do with it, or Johnson had nothing to do with it. I always thought Lady Byrd was very happy glad to assume the position of First Lady of the USA–but then, that it was I thought. I don’t know the reality of it. But … I do know, have seen on the internet messages from old man Bush telling the CIA where he was (supposed to be that day) and then also on the internet statements of him claiming that he does not remember where he was or what he was doing the day Kennedy was shot. And … I’ve always thought of him as a, “right-wing power mad psychopathic fascist [...who would do anything] to take control of this country to do things his or the fascists’ way’ and, certainly did when his son was up for election.

  2. Tony Vodvarka

    I would urge those, like myself, who have managed to maintain a patriotic curiosity about this assassination after fifty years to go to YouTube and watch Fletcher Prouty (who in 1963 was a Colonel in the Pentagon in charge of Air Force support of CIA operation) discuss the “tramp” photos taken by a press photographer in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. Three people “arrested” in a box car in the railroad yard behind the grassy knoll are being marched to the sheriff’s office (never to be heard of again). One is a dead ringer for Charles Harrelson (who died in a federal prison a few years ago serving a life sentence for the paid assassination of a federal judge) and another looks very much like Howard Hunt, one of Nixon’s “plumbers”. Walking by them is a figure that Prouty positively identifies as General Edward Lansdale, the man who wrote the book on special warfare and who engineered the military coup in the Philippines in the 1950s. This was confirmed by Marine General Krulak, commander of American forces in Vietnam, who asked Prouty, “What was Lansdale doing in Dealy Plaza?”. Indeed.

  3. Google Mossad+jfk assassination