A case of plausible deniability

Something is fishy.

I started to smell a rat with the sarin gas attack in Damascus.

I suspected it wasn’t Assad but didn’t have enough information to form a clear judgment on who was behind the attack.

The smell got worse when the British parliament voted to withdraw support for a “coalition” invasion of Syria in a final push to depose Assad.

No one tells the British government what to do. Most certainly not the British people. Parliament did not overnight become a rational, ethical institution independent of the War Machine. And Obama did not overnight morph into a peace-loving statesman who goes to Congress and the American people asking for permission to do anything. Something was up, I suspected there was a plan, I just didn’t know what it was.

I know now.

Assad was not responsible for the sarin gas. Everyone knows that. My Syrian friends tell me that. We can speculate on who was. but it’s hardly relevant. What is relevant is the fact that the whole episode has been swept under the rug. There’s a reason for this. If the US and NATO had enforced their will by implementing a no-fly zone resulting in Assad being deposed and the truth ever came out about who had perpetrated the sarin gas attach, which it would have (sarin gas, like all chemicals, is traceable to its source) the entire edifice of the doctrine of “The Responsibility To Protect” (R2P) would have been compromised and revealed as the sham which it truly is.

Someone had set Obama up for a fall just like Colin Powell was suckered into standing up in front of the world at the UN with bogus proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Obama was suckered into drawing a “red line” in the sand and then had to find a way out when it became clear the risk to his credibility was far too great. What matters is that they had to go to Plan B.

Plan B:

1. Find a way out of the immediate pickle without losing any more face. This involves finding someone to blame. Getting a weak stomach just when the war machine is geared up is not taken lightly in imperialist circles; we’re talkin’ about serious money here. And who better to blame than the spineless do-gooders in the British Parliament? The softies caved just when we needed them most. ( Not Cameron though—he fought the good fight.)

2. Now it’s Obama, the diplomat’s, turn.

“It wasn’t me. I wanted to go in. It was those panty-waste Brits. This calls for a national dialogue! We’ll take it to the ‘people’, we’ll take it to Congress!”

3. Enter Vlad, the Peace Maker.

“Diplomacy—nothing else will work. It worked with the Muslims in Chechnya, didn’t it? It will work with the Muslims in the Middle East!”

4. Diplomacy! Diplomacy! That’s what we need. Let’s get the United Nations involved. And the entire European Union. Let’s go to Geneva!

5. Enter George Galloway, on “The Keiser Report,” taking credit for the “historic” vote in parliament which turned the tide on 800 years of European colonialism. He and Keiser have all they can do to contain themselves as Keiser announces that the vote in parliament to deny Cameron his war is Syria has “changed the course of history”.

6. And, as long as we’ve turned the corner on this violence thing, why don’t we make peace with the devil himself?

Why don’t we make peace with Iran?

7. No matter that bringing Iran back into the IMF “community” would re-draw the geopolitical map of the entire world.

No matter that Obama throws BiBi under the bus.

No matter the House of Saud is handed the death sentence. (You ain’t seen the Arab Spring until it comes to Riyadh.)

No matter this whole arrangement levels the playing field between the US, Russia and China.

8—Enter Pepe Escobar with his shit-eating grin on RT-Cross Talk to announce that a “New Great Game” has emerged and the world will never be the same again. “Bye-bye House of Saud”

9. Enter Obama: ” Don’t look at me! I didn’t bomb Iran, the Ayatollah was my friend. I can’t tell Israel what not to do, it’s not my fault Israel acts with impunity, and besides, Bibi and King Saud have been friends for years.”

But Israel would never bomb Iran—Iran would retaliate.

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