Now hear this!!

I do a lot of reading, gathering information and opinions that one does not find in the mainstream media. As a result, I have come to this conclusion: WE ARE IN A STATE OF WAR!!

I’m not talking about Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, or Iran. I’m talking about a war that is taking place right here in the United States. The minority elite, the top 1% or 2% (very wealthy) has declared war on the working class and our government has allied themselves with them to declare war on the citizens of this country.

Some might say that I’m overreacting or being hysterical. I think not. How would one explain the lobbying of the propertied class for tax breaks and the attack on our Social Security, minimum wage, union organizing, collective bargaining, and public institutions in general. They are looking to privatize education, the post office, the military (privately operated corporate armies), the prison system, or anything which will provide opportunities for greater profits. Once privatized, these institutions will no longer have public oversight. Guess what that means.

And then, we have our government’s war on us. Our president, a constitutional lawyer, has taken it upon himself to decide who shall live and who shall die, who shall be arrested and who shall be imprisoned. By signing into law the National Defense Authorization Act, President Obama has given himself the authority to order the assassination of anyone he deems a threat to the U.S. If not an assassination, he can order their arrest and incarceration without charges, without a trial, and without time limits. This includes U.S. citizens. What happened to our constitution?

Also, for your consideration, we have the NSA, CIA, FBI and the rest of the intelligence community’s alphabet soup surveilling, not only our suspected enemies, but our allies and our own citizens. The last I heard, this was unconstitutional and I’m not even a constitutional lawyer.

In a democracy, whistleblowers are crucial. They help us stay aware of the abuses and often crimes committed by our government. But the Obama administration has chosen to pursue them as traitors and instead of charging those committing crimes, they have charged those who have exposed the crimes. The government has tried to intimidate journalists who would consider exposing the crimes being committed by government officials thus compromising our so-called freedom of the press.

We can no longer talk about democracy. We now live in a police state with police departments being armed with military level weapons, and with police abuses and crimes becoming prevalent and normalized. The people no longer have the right to demonstrate peacefully in opposition to government policies. The police have shown a willingness to act violently against demonstrations, using pepper spray, mace, etc. When we talk about American Exceptionalism, what exactly are we talking about?

As our president says after every speech, “God bless you all, and God bless the United States of America, I wonder what God thinks about what is happening in the United States.

Dave Alpert has masters degrees in social work, educational administration, and psychology. He spent his career working with troubled inner city adolescents.

One Response to Now hear this!!

  1. How clever of Dave Alpert to notice that there’s a war on!

    There certainly have been sufficient clues, as Alpert enumerates, and I suspect that it would have been difficult, if not entirely impossible, to have gotten him to freely and voluntarily vote for such obscenities.

    Fortunately, the Framers of our counterrevolutionary Constitution had the foresight to ensure that only the 1% would control policy, and that people like Alpert would, at best, have the privilege of casting ballots that didn’t have to be counted, for candidates who couldn’t be held accountable during their terms of office–which is the only time they have sufficient power to cause irreparable damage.

    As the late Walter Karp explained in his classic primer on US politics, Indispensable Enemies, one of the ways in which the two corporate-funded major parties maintain their iron lock on elections is by fielding the most evil candidates they can find. However evil the candidate of one party may be, the candidate of the other party will always be a greater evil. That leaves statists with the choice of voting for a party that cannot possibly obtain a majority in Washington D.C., or of voting for one of the two most evil candidates the corporations could find and fund. There would be a third option, that of not voting at all, but statists aren’t willing to forfeit their precious right to vote, even when they know it to be as toxic as Fukushima.

    And after all, isn’t it the State that has given us all the so-called benefits of our modern lifestyle? To not believe in the State, to imagine that our government isn’t basically benevolent and, despite a few flaws that are badly in need of reform, exists to serve our interests, would be like not believing in Santa Claus.