Ukraine and Latin America: Same neocon cabal behind political disruption

(WMR)—The neocons are as an influencing factor in America’s foreign policy today as they were during the darkest days of the Bush administration. The coup d’état by globalist bankers allied with neo-Nazis and Zionist cadres in Ukraine is linked through several neocon operations in Washington, DC, to the aggressive push by the United States to topple progressive governments and politicians in Latin America.

And with the arch-neocon former U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, Jeffrey Feltman, now serving as the Undersecretary General of the United Nations for Political Affairs, the United States can enlist the United Nations and the “Slippery Eel,” the name South Korean journalists applied to Ban Ki-moon, to provide cover for its covert operations in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, and other targeted nations.

Feltman works hand-in-glove with other neocons, such as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, the wife of arch neocon from the Bush era Robert Kagan of the infamous Kagan family of “New American Century” advocates; U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt; and Daniel Rubinstein, the special envoy for Syria who helped punish Russia for the retrocession of Crimea by kicking out the Syrian embassy and consulates from U.S. shores. The U.S. neocons who continue to influence U.S. foreign policy act as a “cabal” in the truest sense of the dark and sinister school of thought from which its name in derived: Kabbalah, a doctrine which can best be described as Machiavellianism on steroids.

It is because of their belief that any ends justify their means, individuals like Feltman, Nuland, Pyatt, and others have no problem supporting the neo-Nazi takeover of Ukraine’s internal security, defense, justice, and other critical agencies. Giving neo-Nazis control over Ukraine’s national security infrastructure hastens the possibility of armed conflict with Russia in many contested areas of the region, from Crimea to eastern Ukraine and Odessa to Transnistria in Moldova. To ensure events are steered in the direction the neocon cabal want them to be directed, “former” members of the Israel Defense Force are providing consultation to the neo-Nazis now running Ukraine’s security and law enforcement ministries and agencies.

Coordinating U.S. foreign policy between Ukraine and Russia on one hand and Latin America on the other, are non-governmental and para-governmental organization ideolgical heirs of similar extreme right-wing organizations that operated on behalf of the CIA, the “Captive Nations” initiative, which employed many World War II-era Nazis and fascists among Eastern European émigrés in the United States. Today it is the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Freedom House, American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Hudson Institute, and the National Endowment for Democracy that are assisting individuals like Nuland, Pyatt, and Feltman in carrying out the neocon policy of destabilization and violence to further the aims of an imperialistic U.S. foreign policy, a policy little changed from the Bush to the Obama administration.

One neocon who spans the generational transition from the Cold War era to the present “Cold War II” redux is Paula Dobriansky, who was placed in charge of the Bush administration’s “Freedom Agenda” as the Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs and Democracy Promotion. It was during her tenure at State that the U.S. attempted to oust Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in an abortive coup. Dobriansky and her fellow neocons from the Bush administration, Dov Zakheim, Eric Edelman, Robert Kagan (Nuland’s husband), Eliot Cohen, Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, and Dan Senor, all major league cabalists in their own right, now help provide the “talking points” and other propaganda services relied upon by their cohorts inside the Obama administration.

Dobriansky today is a fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center but she got her start in neocon politics when her father, the founder of the “Captive Nations, Dr. Lev Dobriansky of Georgetown University, an anti-Communist émigré from Ukraine, was calling many of the shots against the “Evil Empire” during the Reagan and Bush I administrations. Paula Dobriansky served on Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council and as an assistant director of the defunct U.S. Information Agency during the George H W Bush administration. Her father, as the founder of the right-wing National Captive Nations Week Committee, which employed a number of ex-fascists and Nazis from Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic states, Hungary, and Romania, also was close to a number of Zionist organizations and their leadership.

Lev Dobriansky was a true cabalist from the Kabbalah mold—he could deal equally with Nazi war criminals who helped exterminate Europe’s Jews, many members of his Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, while supporting the efforts of the Campaign for Soviet Jewry, which advocated strong sanctions against the Soviet Union for its Soviet Jewish emigration policies. As a member of the wartime Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA, Dobriansky worked under OSS chief William Donovan in running many Ukrainian SS officers and their Ukrainian Nazi collaborators to safety in the United States and Latin America via the infamous “rat line” used by the OSS’s Operation Paperclip. Many of these Nazis later found employment with the Ukrainian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, over which Lev’s daughter Paula had oversight as the assistant director of the U.S. Information Agency under Bush 41. Dobriansky’s death in 2008 was mourned by many of the products of CIA- and George Soros-financed anti-Russian and pro-globalist “themed revolutions,” including Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (who is married to Katherine Chumachenko, a Reagan administration colleague and friend of Paula Dobriansky) and Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

Up until his death, Dobriansky was active in operations aimed at toppling Russian President and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin from power. He was an ardent supporter of the themed revolutions in Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and abortive “color revolutions” in Moldova and Belarus. His friends included American Enterprise Institute-trained and current Polish Foreign Minister and chief NATO sabre-rattler Radek Sikorski, who is married to the neocon former Washington Post editor Anne Applebaum and many of the second generation of Cold Warriors inside the Radio Free Europe/Liberty structure. One of them, Paul A. Goble, continues to talk about “Captive Nations,” but these are inside the Russian Federation itself: North Caucasus, Middle Volga (Idel-Ural), and the land of the Cossacks. The fascist and imperialistic rhetoric by the neo-fascists and neo-Nazis in the employment of the U.S. propaganda structure pose an existential threat to Russia, a threat that a clear majority of Russians will support Putin to eradicate at its very roots.

Lev Dobriansky, like his daughter and her neocon pals, also had an interest in supporting Latin America’s worst fascist regimes. Lev’s leadership of the American Security Council, based in CIA-lousy Culpepper, Virginia, brought him into close contact with other members of the extreme right-wing World Anti-Communist League (WACL), including Madison Avenue advertising executive Marvin Liebman, and members of the John Birch Society, including Spruille Braden, the former U.S. ambassador to Argentina. Another WACL alum, Roman Zwarycz, became a close adviser to President Yushchenko after the 2004 “Orange Revolution.”

Liebman’s history matched that of so many of the fathers and grandfathers of today’s neocons. Formerly a member of the Young Communist League in New York, Liebman eventually became the brains behind the American media’s “Red Scare” propaganda operations. Liebman, an arch-Zionist, hated the Soviet Union for its alleged harsh treatment of Jews and he supported the terrorist Irgun in its campaign against the British mandate authorities in Palestine. Liebman also was opposed to UN membership and U.S. recognition of mainland China, which he referred to as “Red China.” Liebman converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism, a path taken by so many other right-wing Jews, including columnist Robert Novak, CNBC host Larry Kudlow, and Rite Aid owner and right-wing cause deep-pocketed donor Lewis Lehrman.

And Liebman had a big secret. Just as with those who are calling for sanctions against Russia today over Ukraine today, Liebman had another reason to despise the Soviet Union in addition to its alleged Jewish emigration policies. Liebman was a closeted homosexual who “came out” in a 1990 letter to his close friend William F. Buckley. Many of those cabalists who are currently calling for sanctions against Russia over Crimea have other motives and they include a pathological opposition to Russia’s policies against government advocacy for and recognition of homosexual lifestyles.

Dobriansky would also establish a close relationship with another right-wing émigré from eastern Europe, Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser. Dobriansky and his daughter became champions of arming radical Islamist guerrillas to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and later the Russian government in Chechnya.

Lev Dobriansky is said to have acted in a U.S. government “official capacity” in Chile from 1975 to 1976, a few years after the CIA helped to topple and assassinate Chile’s socialist President Salvador Allende. There is reason to believe that Dobriansky was working in Chile for the CIA in support of Operation Condor, which targeted leftists across the southern cone of South America who opposed the fascist regimes of Augusto Pinochet in Chile and other dictatorships in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil.

From 1982 to 1986, Dobriansky served as the U.S. ambassador to the Bahamas. However, there is evidence that Dobriansky was helping to coordinate the delivery of CIA money to Nicaraguan Contras and El Salvadorean death squads through international bank branches in Nassau, while his daughter Paula was tending to the details of what would become known as the “Iran-Contra” scandal from her perch inside the Reagan National Security Council. Lev Dobriansky and his daughter were close to the former chief of El Salvador’s intelligence service, Roberto D’Aubisson, the head of the largest and most notorious death squads, Union Guerrera Blanca. D’Aubisson was one of the conspirators behind the 1980 assassination of the Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero.

While Dobriansky was in Nassau, two of his WACL colleagues served as U.S. ambassadors in Central America: Lewis Tambs in Costa Rica and Alberto Piedra in Guatemala.

Concurrent with State Department involvement in the coup against the democratically-elected government of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is the current neocon campaign to destabilize the democratically-elected government of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela; the undemocratic ouster of Bogota’s former leftist guerrilla and democratically-elected mayor Gustavo Petro by the CIA-supported Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos; an attempt to overturn the election of leftist former guerrilla Sanchez Ceren of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front in favor of Norman Quijano of the ARENA party, founded by death squad leader D’Aubisson: and corporate media smear campaigns against Uruguayan President Jose Mujica, a former leftist Tupamaro guerrilla; Ecuador’s leftist president Rafael Correa; and Bolivia’s progressive president Evo Morales.

Massive amounts of neocon cash have been delivered to the neocon cabal’s main hope to replace the Chavistas of Venezuela: failed presidential candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski, the grandson of alleged Jewish Holocaust survivors from Poland.

Among the lobbyists in Washington for the Ukrainian junta in Kiev, including its neo-Nazi members, is the NCSJ, the former National Campaign for Soviet Jewry, one of Lev Dobriansky’s closest allies. NCSJ provided lobbying support to acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk during his recent visit to Washington and has maintained close liaison with Pyatt in Kiev.

America’s foreign policy toward Russia and eastern Europe, along with Latin America, has been taken hostage by the same sinister cabal of neocons, neo-Nazi collaborators, and global bankers who have, since the 1950s, hijacked American foreign policy in the Middle East.

Update: To the list of anti-Russian cabalists, we can also add Jacob Lew, the Treasury secretary who is helping to formulate and enact U.S. sanctions against dozens of Russian officials and businessmen, and U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman. Both are earnest Zionists and advocates of the return to a Cold War stance with Russia.

Trade sanctions against Russian government officials, businessmen and the Bank Rossiya, which are authorized by President Obama, were drawn up by Tresury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Major input for the sanctions list came from David Cohen, yet another Zionist neocon, who is the Under Secretary of Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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