CNN ratings plunge as anti-911 truths hit an all-time high

Call it what you will: twisting the facts, denying the expertise of several thousand architects and engineers; it’s all about using yellow journalism to demonize 9/11 truth and truthers. And Jake Tapper took aim on his “The Lead,” leading to new lows in so-called “coverage of AE911Truth’s 9/11 Museum brochure that’s sold at the September 11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero in New York City.”

The pamphlets imitate the design of the official story, containing key scientific forensic evidence which indicates that the three WTC Towers were brought down with explosives and incendiaries. Unlike the official version, the photo on the cover of the AE pamphlet shows the Twin Towers and Building 7.

The Tapper report is an off-the-wall hodge-podge of all the meaningless slogans and anti-conspiracy-theory talking points that constitute mainstream media’s continuing attack on the 9/11 Truth Movement. It didn’t take more than a couple of seconds to surmise how Tapper was going to maul the story. But an introduction called “What’s your assessment of the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) hypothesis,” that AE911 Truth staff, (in this case Judy Wood and Jesse Ventura), set right. Read closely the last last-four pages of the short pieces that follow to get the true story, including a testimonial from Ed Asner.

But it is Richard Gage, who created and led the architects and engineers movement; himself an architect experienced with designing tall buildings. His 20 years of experience in the field help shape his presentations to people all over the world about what really happened on 9/11, most prominently the words of Larry Silverstein, issuing an order “to pull it [his Building 7],” which he confessed to two years later on the public television piece, “Rebuilding America.” Building 7 was an internal demolition Gage points out, which came diwb in free fall to the ground in 6.5 seconds. This could only happen if the proper supports for each floor of the building were removed, causing a weakening of the entire structure.

What’s more, the top European expert on controlled building demolition, Danny Jowenko, was first to spot Building 7 as such. Unfortunately, he was killed in an auto accident not long after. Also, Silverstein received an additional $500 million to rebuild his Building 7, taller and wider. In fact, it was the first building rebuilt in the entire reconstruction of the World Center. The original contained the largest CIA office after Langley. Other tenants were the Securities Exchange Commission (which contained all the Enron files and other high-profile Wall Street cases. The FBI had an office and other high-profile agencies kept offices in it.

But unfortunately, Silverstein had the last laugh on everyone. His Liberty Building soars ominously into the sky like a spear launched by dark underground forces. As of today and yesterday, I saw him (all smiles), being interviewed as a match-maker. He took a card and made light of it, saying he has made “a match or two after 50 years of marriage, so as to be the head of the table [wink wink], and we cut to some weird looking woman who says, “CEOs of big law firms or Lloyd Blankfein don’t want to go on blind dates.” These men want women ready to be wives.

Aside from the misogynistic, feudal overtones, it was a disgusting sound/picture bite. So, returning to the Tapper report, we tighten the yellow journalism noose on CNN’s bad guys and praise the good guys like Richard Gage. What’s more, let’s fill the bookstore with the works of David Ray Griffin, America’s most prominent 9/11 scholar, and offer up the truth to keep the Memorial Museum of 911 a genuine source of truth. But the museum has already received criticism from victim family members, firemen, policemen, first responders, et al. unfortunately, an opening party was held for it, wherein merry was made: drinks, dancing and entertainment, which didn’t sit right with the above.

Let’s fill the museum with those wonderful artifacts of truth: from the “New Pearl Harbor On” to his latest: 911;” Ten Years Later When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed.” That would be the least we could do for the lost, yesterday in America and today all around the world. And remember CNN for what it is: one of the leading enterprises of disinformation around the world.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer and life-long resident of New York City. An EBook version of his book of poems “State Of Shock,” on 9/11 and its after effects is now available at and He has also written hundreds of articles on politics and government as Associate Editor of Intrepid Report (formerly Online Journal). Reach him at

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  1. Tony Vodvarka

    I am often left speechless when, discussing 9/11, someone responds with the usual, “but how could such a vast conspiracy be covered up?” Of course, it hasn’t been covered up, it is simply ignored. Consider the collapse of the Salomon Building, WTC #7, then probably the most secure building in NYC with the largest FBI and CIA offices outside of DC and the Mayor’s emergency bunker. The “smoking gun” of this collapse has been staring the American people in the face for thirteen years! Anyone with functioning eyesight can clearly see a conventional demolition by explosives. The idea that ordinary office fires could cause a perfectly symmetrical free fall collapse is beyond ludicrous. There is no possible benign explanation for such high-tech operations take weeks to prepare and only a very few are capable of setting it up. Yet, there it is, and has been all these years, but where are the questions that should have been asked long ago? A few months ago, I was talking with an old colleague of mine, a retired NYC Fire Department Captain, and asked him about WTC #7. He seemed to know little about it so I pulled up a clip of the collapse on YouTube. He saw the obvious immediately and then asked me, “Is this being investigated?” That someone to whom 9/11 should have been of the greatest personal importance for many reasons had never seen or read anything about this obvious smoking gun (and hasn’t discussed it since) demonstrates the power of our media to erase history and, worse, the degree to which our fellow citizens are able to deny inconvenient facts.

  2. Jerry Mazza

    Re Tony Vodvarka: Tony, you’re right on the money. But maybe that’s the issue: that CNN is losing major audience share (money) and has to take desperate measures to recapture it, making up lies, i.e. creating pamphlets that imitate the so-called “coverage of AE911Truth’s 9/11 Museum brochure that’s sold at the September 11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero in New York City,” while the books of the leading writer on 911′s America’s books (David Ray Griffin) are waiting to be read.

  3. Karl Golovin shared a link to this article on facebook with following poignant and haunting commentary:

    “While in NYC on Sunday for the JFK/records related panel involving Jim Leasar, Jerry Policoff and Jefferson Morley, I visited the 9/11 “museum” and memorial for the first time. As one who worked that fall at the trade center and landfill sites, I was allowed complementary admission. I shared emphatically with all the museum staff on the topic of WTC-7 and the nonsense that two planes and their jet fuel accomplished all that happened in NYC that day. To walk through A GIFT SHOP that encourages such a misguided and sentimentalized perspective on that day was profoundly disturbing, as was standing by the – I don’t know what to call them, fountains/ hole’s in the ground where the towers were – as hundreds walked through in a purely patriotic/nostalgic/sentimental truth-oblivoius FOG. I stood leaning on the 2-3 foot wide stone rail (on which the names of the dead are engraved) that surrounded the first “pit” I came to, cushioned by my day pack. A security guard came up and told me to move the pack, accusingly and rhetorically asking me whether I was being disrespectful to the dead by having my pack up on the railing. I put my day pack on the ground and told him the dead would be better honored by focusing on the truth of what happened that day, not just nostalgically emotionalizing and almost worshipping the dead. I explained having worked at the trade center/ landfill sites in the fall of 2001. He went off and, a little while later, I noticed he was standing a dozen feet behind me, and had brought over an NYPD officer – as if I was – what? – a “security threat?” (well, if talking about the truth poses a security threat, then – yes, I suppose:). I engaged the officer on the truth of matters and inconsistencies of WTC-7 in particular. His stoic response was “everyone’s entitled to their opinion.” I reminded him that both of us had taken oaths to protect/defend the Constitution, and that we would better uphold that oath by telling people the truth, than comforting them with lies. It is repugnant what a focal point for nostalgic, truth denying sentimentalism is represented by the two fountain/holes in the ground, the “museum” (WTC-7 omitted from scale model of WTC complex – but appears in map/diagram on floor adjacent model) – and “Gift Shop.” Oh, did I forget the guys hawking $20 9/11 “programs” on the sidewalk nearby? Simply amazing.”

  4. Jerry Mazza

    Re Jonathan Mark.
    Dear Jonathan, I’m proud of how you comported yourself and stood up to the hokum purveyors. You set an example for all of us who see through the veil of lies and inconsistencies surrounding the new 9/11 museum, and as others also see through the circumstances of the event: that two planes brought three towers down. Put your pack wherever you want to. It’s still a free country. And damn it, we’re going to keep it that way.
    Best regards,
    Jerry Mazza.
    Associate Editor.

  5. Just wondering; why did Dr. Strangelove “cared” to bring down the buildings with a perfectly symmetrical, controlled demolition? One answer may be, he meticulously tried to evade the possibility of a tilt over of the buildings all over the area that would have caused more damage and cost more lives obviously, but then overall this made the incident less believable which seems like a contradiction considering he didn’t care for any lives in the first place.

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