Homegrown terror

A husband and wife terrorist team went on a killing spree last Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada, killing two policemen in a pizzeria and a civilian in a nearby Walmart store.

Why do I label them terrorists? Because no one else will. If they were Muslims, what do you think the headlines in our media would look like?

These two lovebirds were evidently part of the group of gun toting gangsters that were present on Clive Bundy’s ranch a couple of months ago. Clive Bundy, if you remember, is the wealthy rancher who uses public land to feed his cattle and refuses to pay the nominal fee. In a showdown with federal agents, several supporters joined Mr. Bundy and forced the agents to back down and release Mr. Bundy’s cattle.

Yet, no one to my knowledge has been arrested or charged as of this date and Bundy has yet to pay the government the fees he owes for many years of using federal land for his cattle.

And, look what we have. Jerad and Amanda Miller decided to murder three people and then take their own lives. Has anyone raised concern about our homegrown terrorism? Have we yet undertaken to investigate white Christian Americans for potential terrorist activity?

I am not going to limit my review of terrorism to ordinary citizens. No, my friends, we have the continued militarization of our police departments throughout the country along with an enormous increase of violence by police against ordinary citizens.

During the Obama administration, police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns, nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines, hundreds of silencers and armored cars and aircraft. Police departments are adding more firepower than ever, using federal grant money to buy armored cars and other tactical gear from the Pentagon.

It feels like our police departments are preparing for war. Who will this war be against? From my perspective, it seems that the war has already begun. What started as the use of mace and pepper spray against peaceful demonstrators has continued to grow in intensity. More unarmed citizens have been shot and killed by police than ever before. The rationale for these shootings is that the police felt threatened. The standard operating procedure seems to have evolved into a shoot first and explain it later.

The courts have also been reluctant to find for those people who have been victimized by the police and after a few weeks of suspension, these perpetrators are back at their jobs “protecting” us.

Under the growing violence by police against the citizenry, I find their increased possession of military level armaments very disturbing.

Yet, despite all this, no one seems to want to label what is occurring as state sponsored terror. While we continue to emphasize Muslim jihadist terror, we are under attack and threat from out fellow white brothers and sisters, both within the system and outside the system.

And, then there is the NSA surveillance which allows the government to monitor almost everything we do. The NSA, together with our military and police, have quietly imposed a fascist, police state upon us, a police state sponsored by the Obama administration.

So what do we do about it? Vote for Hillary, a proven war-hawk? Is that all that’s left for us?

Dave Alpert has masters degrees in social work, educational administration, and psychology. He spent his career working with troubled inner city adolescents.

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